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Blake Lively: 'The Town' Hits Toronto Film Festival!

Blake Lively: 'The Town' Hits Toronto Film Festival!

The star-studded cast of The Town pose for a portrait session during the 2010 Toronto Film Festival at Hyatt Regency Hotel on Friday (September 10) in Toronto, Canada.

Co-stars Jon Hamm, Rebecca Hall, Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, Blake Lively, and Chris Cooper were joined by producer Basil Iwanyk and author Chuck Hogan, who wrote the original novel.

“With his follow-up [to Gone, Baby, Gone] Affleck proves he’s no one-trick pony,” writes one reviewer. “It’s just as smart and well-executed as Affleck‘s last, and with him back in front of the camera too, it delivers on all that promise of Affleck‘s earlier career as an actor.” Kudos, Ben!

FYI: Blake is wearing Preen‘s Bloom Blouse and Obi Pants.

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Credit: Jeff Vespa, Jason Merritt; Photos: Wireimage, Getty
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  • Jay

    I didn’t get why Blake is in the title. Isn’t she the last important character in the movie? lol

  • Leila

    icu Jon Hamm

  • Jay


  • Alison

    The title should be Ben Affleck: ‘The Town’ Hits Toronto Film Festival!

  • Deets

    Ben is ageing well. I never thought he was that good looking before but now i think he is very hot!

  • Becks

    Jay and Alison, exactly my first thought. Heck, Jeremy Renner alone had 12 award wins and 9 nominations for The Hurt Locker. Blake? Not even close.

  • T

    Blake’s Boston accent is so embarrassing to Boston people

  • N.

    Glad to see Affleck is finally getting recognition for the talent he is. So sad that his career got derailed for a while because of the J-Lo paparazzi fiasco. Gone, Baby, Gone was such an amazing effort, looking forward to seeing The Town as well. Renner in the cast is a huge PLUS.

  • true story

    wow she covered up! good work.

  • anon

    Blake Lively is just there as a c lister. no one will be talking about her acting when surrounded by the type of actors in this movie.

  • yum

    Jon Hamm is on the verge of superstardom. I see only one more year for him in Mad Men before he goes full time into movies.

    I see Oscar nominations for Affleck. Lively is the only person that does not belong up there. She’s the least relevant person. With all those people, you put up a thread with her name?

  • goop

    Look how far apart Blake and Ben are! Interesting…

  • Heather

    Have people read the reviews for this movie? She and Jeremy Renner are getting all the buzz for it, critics are saying they are the best actors in the movie so hush haters :)

  • benny

    Ben’s publicists are very busy in Toronto keeping Ben far away from Blake at all times. Ben iis not allowed to be seen anywhere near Blake, she is more temptation than he can handle.

  • Ally


    I’m pretty sure that Blake has free will and can say no to him at anytime. She is not his little play toy that his handlers have to keep him away from.

  • JJ

    wow she’s wearing a blouse and not a revealing her boobs top like she did at the green lantern press conference

  • JJ


    ive read interviews that didnt even mention her name

  • Heather


    Interviews aren’t reviews. Every review I have read for this film has praised Blake’s performance as, along with Renner, being the greatest in the film.

  • cleo

    what reviews have you been reading? I’ve read every one out there and of the half that actually mention her they say that she was good and unrecognizable, and that her role is kind of like Amy Ryans but she’s not really at that level.

    I get she’s doing a decent turn here and after her horrible appearance on Gossip Girl I guess everything she does will be seen as good, but her fans calling her ‘amazing’ and ‘exceptional’ both here and in Pippa Lee (where she was the weakest link in the cast) are delusional

    I don’t think she’s all that bad, with the right script she can work but she will never be an actress, a movie star maybe if she chooses the right part but not an actress.

  • Cheyenne

    Blake is a child whereas Ben is a grown man. If anybody should be kept away from Ben it would be Rebecca Hall. She is closer to his age and bears a strong resemblance to his wife Jen Garner (who by the way is way cutter than her). She seems to have a major crush on him and I heard she came between Sam Mendez and his wife. She also might be trying to get close to Jon Hamm.

  • Judy

    Blake is so gorgeous ,that’s it

  • XviD + TV
  • Deets

    @Cheyenne: Exactly. He’s been giving rebecca the heart eyes too

  • Dayana

    Very cute girl.

  • true story

    Review here:

    “Blake Lively plays Renner’s sister and Affleck’s on-and-off girlfriend, taking a note from Amy Ryan‘s Bostonian transformation in Gone Baby Gone. Her role doesn’t have the same breadth (as Renner), but it is of the same caliber.”

  • no

    The whole cast is blah! A big flat liner snooze. JLo never hurt Ben’s career. Ben’s lack of charisma and appeal to the public is the ONLY thing that hurt his career. Many talented actors have mixed with the wrong women, but it hasn’t hurt their careers one bit. His best pal Matt Damon married a bartender/stripper but that hasn’t hurt his career one bit. Matt is a well-respected actor.

    If anything, Ben’s current wife, who is about as exciting as a brown paper bag, will hurt his career. Ever since he got with Garner, he looks like he had the life sucked out of him. At least with JLo, he looked pretty hot and happy!

  • nicole

    Like Marc Anthony is a prize.Right!..He just about ended her career .Her only option is reality shows now.What a shame.She was the sh@t back then when she was part of Bennifer, now she’s just married to one..LOL

    Oh please! if those rumors of him having an affair with Blake and Rebecca were trut then he would be having an affair with the whole cast.He was flirting with Jon hamm and Jeremy too.He flirts with everybody.That’s just the way he is.

  • boston61

    John Hamm better hurry up he looks 10 years older than he is. Ben Affleck has a rat face like his brother.

  • Sheri

    Ha,ha, hardly

    He wasn’t named sexiest man for nothing
    This the definition of rat face

  • natalie

    I haven’t seen Ben A.S.S.lick in quite some time. Not that I’m missing much. I don’t find him attractive at all. I never understood what JLo saw in him.

    On another note, Rebecca Hall is a hottie. Yum! I want to see more of her, and just a dash of Blake Lively.

  • aubrey

    Being from Boston, all I have to say is that Blake Lively’s attempt at a Boston accent is so forced and terrible, it was like nothing I’ve ever heard before. It may be the worst I’ve heard since mystic river. Why she is getting so much buzz for the movie is beyond me, she had a total of about 7 minutes of screen time.. thank god because if I had to hear her slur her words together while completely leaving out every vowel in the alphabet for longer than that I would have put screwdrivers in my ears.