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Vanessa Hudgens Stands Up To Cancer

Vanessa Hudgens Stands Up To Cancer

Vanessa Hudgens shows her support for Stand Up To Cancer at Sony Pictures Studio on Friday (September 10) in Culver City, Calif.

The 21-year-old actress and her boyfriend, Zac Efron, took part in a star-studded PSA for the organization last month!

FYI: Proceeds from the sale of cute shirts like Vanessa‘s support of cancer research efforts – you can pick up your own at the SU2C store!

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Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • luly

    Hermosa,linda,tierna,angelical,I love her;

  • emilie

    love her!
    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
    she looks really young here!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …fcuk this ugly bish. i just seen jared leto on his bike in noho. `he’s better looking than this bish.

  • annie1st

    awww nessa you look lovely, love you for doing this good cause


    @inFamouslyCool shut up just go away and find your jared

  • Sean

    I would lick every inch of that body

  • Malia

    Good for her, participating in a great cause like this. Hope they raise lots of money to fight cancer. Bless you, Vanessa.

  • Koree

    Love you Vanessa!!!!

  • jess!

    she looks gorgeous!

  • Elisa


  • jazmin

    She’s Gorgeous!

    I’ve lost a couple of love ones to cancer. I stand up to cancer. Got same shirt she’s wearing, a white one “in memory of” and also bought a hat.

  • jess!

    are you blind?

  • birdie

    @Elisa: What an ignorant person you are, here Vanessa is doing such a wonderful thing (and she is tiny and beautiful BTW) and your comment is beyond stupid. I donated did you?

  • kgg

    How about focusing on the wonderful thing Vanessa did tonight, like participating in the Stand Up to Cancer telethon, and not what she is wearing, her hair, her shoes, etc. Get your priorities in order, please.

    And Infamously Cool, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you say anything positive on any of the threads on here, so just remember karma is a b*tch!

  • Haters Suck!

    Great cause. Great event. Great girl. You haters are truly pathetic.
    I want to get me one of them shirts.

  • nathalia

    I’m proud of you vanessa
    vanessa is beautiful
    good cause

  • JĂșnior alves

    beautiful, love you Vanessa!!!!!!!!!

  • lol

    She is so beautiful

  • BOJI

    Our gal is doing a wonderful job, lending her name and giving a helping hand towards a good cause. She’s looking great, a positive role model.

  • Stand Up!

    Its so nice to see that young people are participating in such a important cause! And the fact is that younger hollywood, like vanessa are influencing the new generation to fight and Stand up to not only cancer but many other things. Stand up to cancer and go donate cause every dollar matters!
    This is a thing to be proud of and so can we focus on just that!
    The shirt Vanessa is wearing is available online and all profits are donated to research!

  • Anne


  • florence

    Great to see Vanessa out and for such a good cause too, I hope they raise a lot of money.

  • lslsharon

    Love her.

  • yvonne..


  • G

    She looks great. There’s something different about her face. I think she lost a lot of weight.

  • BOJI

    Hate leaving this thread with a negative vibe.
    Some posters just don’t know when to quit making rude nasty remarks.
    #23, I shall correct you. You mean Vanessa is a cute earthly Angel who looks SULTRY and SEXY. I totally agree.

  • lynn

    @yvonne..: do you even know what a sl*t means u idiot ????? a slut is a women who sleeps with tons of men around her !! and vanessa has been with the same guy for 5 years now so she is nowhere near a sl*t !
    pft moron !

  • lynn

    it’s amazing what vanessa and other celebs are doing !!! this is such a great cause and great ppl + she looks gorgeous and perfectly healthy and THIN ! i love her shoes her jeans and her shirt ( ofcourse ) her hair her make-up !
    love u nessa <3 !!!

  • A Fan

    Great to see her doing a charlity work. I’m so proud to be her fan.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s such a natural beauty!

  • yvonne..

    @lynn: hahah yea like she never cheated on him….^she’s a REAL ****

  • Jennifer

    I love you nessa

  • Roory

    brenda went!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • BOJI

    Yvonne, quit name calling, my dear. It reflects upon the person itself. Either you have been cheated upon or you have done the very thing you so accuse Vanessa of. What has she done to you to envy her so?

    Be not judgemental, there are lots of other celebs who deserve your venom but not this girl. She has made mistakes in the past but nothing that deserves your poison dart. Have compassion and charity in your heart and you will find peace within. Hah, I’m getting all spiritual here. Live in Love and it will be reflected back at you ie. good karma.

  • yvonne..

    wow i did not know there was celebs worst than her…..
    from 2007 untill now i still DON’T understand why some people love her…!!
    1-she can’t sing in fact she sing like a mouse
    2-she is the worst actress EVER..
    3-okey maybe she’s “cute”but there is celebs who are way cute

  • yvonne..

    ” cuter “

  • yvonne..

    @BOJI: i’m not trying to be rude to you, i’m trying to be rude to vanessa.:Pand you are NOT vanessa soo….:)

  • xxx

    @yvonne: “Shut up”

  • yvonne..

    @XXX why?? everybody can say/ think WHATEVER they want …! why you care about what I think ?? if you love her say something nice about her(vanessa) don’t tell me to shut up…..

  • live laugh love

    hahahah haters are so pathetic!!! you seriously got nothing better to do then sit and judge and write awful things that ARENT TRUE about a person you dont even know?! sure everyone doesnt have to like her, thats fine bit to come here and write mean things and calling her names is soo pathetic! get over youself !

    vanessa looks stunning , as always:)

  • ERIK:life is bitch

    @live laugh love: ok do you know her?? you ONLY get to see her in pictures.U know NOTHING about her ….

  • Elliot

    la amo <3

  • live laugh love

    your right , i dont know her but im not writing bad things about her!?

  • pusscancer

    I cant help it… I like her

  • ERIK:life is bitch

    @live laugh love: i know you’re not:) but i’m just saying that NOBODY here knows her… i mean nobody here knows if she’s nice or bad…soo :)

  • Amy

    For the people who are hating on Vanessa,

    I really hope you do not get cancer some day ,or know a close one who does. Karma is a bit** like that. Vanessa is a caring ,beautiful, person who is working for a great cause. Shame on all of you who are picking on her while she is doing something to help those who are going through this terrible disease. Maybe you should think twice about how you act and what you say about people. What goes around comes around. Peace out.

  • Haters Suck!

    @Erik : life is a bitch
    I just think it’s better to try and see the good and say nice things about people I don’t know rather then talk crap about them. I wouldn’t like it if someone who didn’t know me just came up to me and started to insult me. However, I certianly wouldn’t mind if someone I didn’t know came up to me a gave me a compliment.

  • Karen


    With what you have said we get where you are coming from and why. Too bad you can’t understand how you make yourself look. The comment of “I’m not trying to be rude to you I’m trying to be rude to Vanessa” really sums it all up. YOU are the one who looks bad and ridiculous, not Vanessa. You sound very much like the “mean girls” in high school who decide they don’t like someone who is not in the “in” crowd—-at least not the crowd you are in—and then heap on the ridicule. OR maybe you are the one on the outside looking in—the one who is not as popular—so you are trying to insult the one you see as the most popular.

    Anyway, that’s how you appear to the older and wiser—at least the more mature minded person.

  • http://j ivanka

    she is so beautiful :)

  • Rn-224

    I am very impressed with people who have concern for others. May God bless those people.
    As a reminder … People who live with hatred has a great risk of developing cancer … so Nourish Your compassion for others and eliminate all the hatred in our hearts ..

  • Rn-224

    … She looks younger and beautiful…
    …GBU Vanessa…