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Dianna Agron & Alex Pettyfer: BeverLiz Cafe Couple

Dianna Agron & Alex Pettyfer: BeverLiz Cafe Couple

Glee starlet Dianna Agron and her British boyfriend Alex Pettyfer share a romantic breakfast out at the BeverLiz Cafe on Saturday (September 11) in Beverly Hils, Calif.

The cute couple later browsed for some new furniture, a motorcycle and a puppy!

You can next catch Dianna in the sophomore season of Glee, which kicks off on Tuesday, Sept. 21 @ 8PM on FOX! And you can watch both Dianna and Alex on-screen in their upcoming sci-fi action flick, I Am Number Four, out February 2011.

20+ pictures inside of BeverLiz Cafe couple Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer

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dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 01
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 02
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 03
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 04
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 05
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 06
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 07
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 08
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 09
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 10
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 11
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 12
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 13
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 14
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 15
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 16
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 17
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 18
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 19
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 20
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 21
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 22
dianna agron alex pettyfer beverliz cafe 23

Credit: JPerez; Photos: Limelightpics
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  • I love malibu

    I think his actual age is 20 but I mean he does look older, I don’t know, doesn’t he though? I would say he was around 24 or 25 if I didn’t know his age. am I the only one who thinks that?

  • whatwhat

    @I love malibu:

    according to wiki & imdb his bday is 4/10/90. so, ya he’s 20. dianna is 4 years older than him….awkward.

  • Shelly

    This is one ridiculous Showmance. Alex is enjoying the paps attention and taking advantage of it. Great Job Dianna looking like a fool with a 20 year old kid.

  • I love malibu

    I take my comment back. I was looking at some of the bad pictures first before I made that comment. but then I looked at some of the others and he does look younger than I assumed. idiot me.

  • MissAnthropica

    Skipping along,…. jumping in the air,…. shopping for a little itty bitty puppy… …….
    this is one of the most obvious staged relationships in a long time and these days that is truly saying something, and that something isnt a good thing.
    Of course they have never admitted to being together officially so once the film comes out next year and the showmance ends… technically they can claim they never said they were together so they never lied.

    She doesnt really need to do this at this point in her career work is everywhere for her and she is in demand for the moment.
    Alex on the other hand is a basic unknown with Beastly delayed yet another year and not expected out till after I Am Four’s release next year. He is milking this for all it is worth. Rather revolting to watch.
    Whats next matching clothes and necklaces?

  • another day

    I had a good laugh when Giuliana Rancic busted her on the Emmy red carpet when she tried to dodge this question about her and Pettyfer – she said “you’re in your first year of being famous – you can’t give me a blow off answer about dating! You aren’t big enough!”. He seems kinda cute but goofy. And at that age – four years is a big difference. I love her on Glee, wonder what she’ll be like in other roles.

  • charm

    I wouldn’t necessarily ship them but I think they’re cute and in love – enjoying each others company

  • Pettygron

    maybe people should stop worrying about their age and think that they’re actually in love. They’re adorable together! Dianna is so gorgeous and Alex is hot as hell. haters back off

  • kittie

    the new Heidi and Spencer of 2010.

  • Daisy

    Love her dress its sooo pretty and her boots are cute, but I wish she would stop with this showmance stuff .She is going to ruin her image and become just known for being another attentionwhore and she is better than that. Well I hope she is :(

  • boston61

    He is so good looking no one will notice her when they are together. IMO

  • http://j ivanka

    he is too hot for her, this relationship looks so staged

  • just because


    OMG lol please take that back. It’s a horrible thing to say.

  • ………..seriously?

    I can not believe this gorgeous SWEETHEART is with this f****ing ARROGANT TW*T.

    He is repulsive! So full of himself in interviews. Wth does she see in him ? Honey you can do sooo much better!

  • Seth

    Alex Pettyfer is an attention loving douchelord.

    No one likes him over here in his hometown.

  • http://www. V

    I have no idea who he is but Dianna is so pretty. Love her outfit.

  • Ben
  • jojo

    Dianna is gorgeous. Alex is cute. If he is using her for Stateside publicity then he is a tool but for now I kinda think they are adorable and request more pictures. Thanks.

  • lol

    You know your getting old when you see pictures like this and can only think ” PR romance” Hopefully I am wrong. If I’m right I hope it works and they can get kids excited to see their new movie next year. The studio really wants to make it into a franchise.

  • amanda

    haters need to back off!!! they are cute together. if it was a showmance they would be going to red carpet events TOGETHER every other night! so far they hgone out in public with eachother like 2 times. I love her dress!

  • Shelly

    lol…Alex is only using Dianna to get the paps attention. He wants the publicity and has no problem being fake.
    Any movie that needs a PRomance to sell tickets never make it at the Box Office. Jennifer Aniston knows all about that.

  • lol

    LMAO @ Shelly… It’s like every main couple in every movie lately is in LOVE until the movie comes out and

  • Shan

    Why so many haters? They look really happy and sweet together. I met Dianna last summer and she was honestly one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and I wish her nothing but the best

  • Shelly

    I’m not hating on anything. Just calling out an blantant PRomance that is going on here. Dianna is a sweet person but that does not mean she is above selling herself for a movie. I thought she was above this crap but I was naive about her.
    Honestly, she has made a huge mistake with this and she will learn the hard way.

  • Who cares

    Who care neither will amount to anything. She can’t sing and her acting is mediocre at best.

  • what a joke

    Who the hell is this guy? ALEX GIVE UP NOW! YOU WILL NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING! parading around? Skipping?! what a douchebag. When he’s not looking like a complete PR sell out he looks way too arrogant. And I thought she was into girls?! Is anyone else really confused about why they’re even attempting to pull this fauxmance off????

  • Scam!

    I have on good authority that alex has a very serious gf who he met over the summer. This is totes PRomance and I’m sure once dreamworks gets his name out there enough this scammy manipulating showmance will be over and viola his actual gf will come out of nowhere.

  • wth

    i thought dianna was above this pr bs its disgusting and so obvy a showmance if this is how this alex guy is starting off his career i already hate him what a tool

  • christopher451

    When you say SHOWMANCE you are tipping your hand that you are a Achele shipper, and therefore a crazy person. You fool no one.

  • omg

    i def agree this is a fake relationship for publicity but OH EM GEE THIS GUY IS EFFIN’ HOTT!!!!!!!! if he’s even halfway decent at acting he’s gonna be huge! Speaking of huge i wonder if he is ;) lol!

  • distgustin

    PRomance & sellouts

  • no way

    In my mind, I don’t think they are together, I mean look at how he acts in front of the camera? and then he quickly grabs her hand to show the paps they are “together” and look at Di’s face! she looks like she’s so annoyed that he is jumping around everywhere. It wasn’t until he grabbed her hand that she smiles probably because she is relieved he is not acting like a douche anymore and is doing what he’s suppose to be doing; acting like a NORMAL couple. What an idiot. An immature idiot lol

    There is no way Dianna would go for someone that immature..

  • lol

    @christopher451- You do realize that term was around long before Glee was even thought of?.lol Your are older than 15 right? Don’t get all butthurt just because people are calling it as they see Happens all over Hollywood.

  • uh no?

    their body language is so off! even the pic where his arms around her he isnt pulling her toward him she’s still straight forward no intimacy whatsoever he’s manhandling at best he actually looks really clumsy and immature

  • haha!

    They don’t kiss because it is most likely not a real romance. I mean of course we didn’t get a photograph of every single second they spent hanging out but if they would have kissed the paparazzi would have ,guaranteed, gotten a picture. But they didn’t. Which shows that it’s fake.

  • lame

    just another day at the office for these two


  • shania

    Alex is an absolute arrogant egotistical person no one ever likes him back in Britain and his hometown you guys can keep him there what is looks without a good personailtty ey.

  • maila

    They look cute together! Hope they are happy together.

  • CornerSoul

    Oh the bitter and twisted female race that flocks to these websites.

  • sunny

    He is so gorgeous but skipping, REALLY?! What is all this about!

  • mae cruz

    cute couple :)

  • Ellie

    Honestly i think it’s a little sad that their relationship is being written off as a showmance. It may well be, but no ones knows yet. From what I’ve seen Dianna’s not a huge fan of the paps or press so I can hardly see her making up dates for them. I’ve never followed Alex or his work so I can’t speak for him. So what if they’re going out and looking at puppies and motorcycles, if it weren’t for the hand holding it could have been my guy friends and I hanging out.
    I think they’re both pretty people and judging by their smiles they seem to be having a good time. So let’s just leave it at that?

  • Lian
  • Eden

    @Lian OMG! they were really kissing! Good thing you found these

  • Daisy

    Personally I think it is fake for atleast one of them
    . If her fans dont think she would get into a fake relationship then the only answer is that she doesnt know it is fake and Alex is playing her. That is what it does look like, This isnt his first pr relationship his last was with Emma Roberts ( Julia Roberts niece) and it didnt end well for the girl.
    She will find out the hard way I guess.
    Btw even if Dianna isnt the kind of girl to like press attention it may not be her choice studios are becoming more and more aggressive with their marketing and now it seems fake relationships are a requirement for all new films. The game always has to be played in hollywood and the rules often change and get worse. There are more fake relationships than there were just 5 or 6 years ago and in another 5 or 6 years from now there will be even lower standards and even more obvious fake pr relationships. Its just the way things are now and if she wants to have a career the girl will have no choice but to go along with the powers that be in the industry.
    Doesnt means Dianna likes it it just means she will have to go along with it without a choice. Alex on the other hand looks like he enjoys it. Yuck.

  • amy

    I hope these two aren’t for publicity/PR.
    But these pictures (even those kiss pics) look really staged and acting up for the paparazzi. Whatever though, its their lives.

  • really???

    so a few pictures are released, everyone calls it out as fake and now suddenly theres additional “kissing” pics released?! this screams PRomance!!!!!!! The studio has these poor kids in so deep on this thing that they probs dont even know what to do at this point, i feel for them. Marketing is bullshit, if a movie is good, people will see it, this is bs.

  • fake

    It just seems suss that all of a sudden Dianna stops really talking on twitter/tumblr just as the first lot of pics came out, then she acts all coupley with him in pics but refuses to even admit she’s dating anyone to the press. I mean really if she was being discreet and secretly dating Alex it would be different, but you don’t go to Hollywood hotspots and spend the whole time holding hands with your new man or acting sickenly lovey with him if you don’t want your relationship to come out. It just seems to be a carefully structured ‘we won’t say we’re together but we’ll keep the intrigue up’ PR stunt and I honestly would not be shocked if they ‘broke up’ as soon as the movie came out to create drama, or they break up a little while after the movie comes out.

    Like I said, to me it seems like an ochestrated piece of PR but that doesn’t mean I lose respect for Dianna. It’s part of the business and even someone as sweet and genuine as she is will get caught up a little in that.

  • Shelly

    Showmance 100% and I hope their PR continues to read the comments that call them out for being FAKE. I have no more respect for Dianna and they can both keep on putting on a great show for the PAPS.
    Anyone in a real relationship would never play it up in front of the paparazzi. Actually anyone with class and some respect would try to be as private as possible.

    Keep embarrassing yourself Dianna with the douche. It is highly entertaining and looking forward to other people continue to call this out as a PRomance and a horrible one at that.

  • enough

    anyone with half a brain can tell that this is PR. The more we call it out as fake the more their PR is going to scramble. Not even 12 hours after this post, *kissing* pics surface?! Like those were missed or something? Other gossip sites like this aren’t even publishing this story because it’s so fake and everyone knows it. They just need to stop already! So let’s everyone pretend we believe and stop calling it out so they can move on from this story.