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Megan Fox: Passion Play Premiere

Megan Fox: Passion Play Premiere

Megan Fox looks white hot on the red carpet for the the premiere of her new movie, Passion Play, at the 2010 Toronto Film Festival on Friday (September 10).

The 24-year-old Transformers actress wore an Armani Prive dress along with Cesare Paciotti shoes, Neil Lane jewelry, Judith Leiber clutch, and Armani coat.

Pic centers around Megan‘s character Lily, and her relationship with Nate (Mickey Rourke). Lily is the “Bird Woman” at a circus and Nate is a jazz musician who is down on his luck.

At the BlackBerry after-party, Megan and husband Brian Austin Green watched Bill Murray jump on stage and serenade the crowd. Hilarious!

“Passion Play” Clip — Megan Grows Wings!

15+ pictures inside of Megan Fox looking Passion Play pretty…

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megan fox passion play pretty 01
megan fox passion play pretty 02
megan fox passion play pretty 03
megan fox passion play pretty 04
megan fox passion play pretty 05
megan fox passion play pretty 06
megan fox passion play pretty 07
megan fox passion play pretty 08
megan fox passion play pretty 09
megan fox passion play pretty 10
megan fox passion play pretty 11
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Credit: George Pimentel; Photos: Getty
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  • Jason York

    Megan Fox is lovely. I wish that she would do more movies.

  • Hmmm

    Oh this is the one with mickey rourke. I wanna see it. Where is her hot husband ?

  • Afrika

    H*oker chic?

  • KateFan

    Megan Fox and Mickey Rourke?
    I am SO seeing this .. I’m more a fan of Rourke’s, but Megan looks beautiful!

  • Courtney

    I may have to see it as well but personally I think she can’t act to save her life.

  • karen

    She looks lovely! Never cared for her much, but she is really maturely well.

  • Rita

    Love her or hate her, I think she’s always so exciting to see on the red carpet! She looks great, love her dress and hair.

  • lovelydee

    She looks stunning
    I love the dress.

  • Weber from Brazil

    dam girlllll,
    you got me hypnotized
    LOVE this woman… sexiest girl alive <3

  • lee

    Oh the irony of it a clip fro the movie where all she does is look beautiful and not mmuch else someone sure knows how to sell her talent. They were smart not to have her speak.. What is also ironic is that she is once again tan as hell compared to her normal pale self yet she blamed Michael Bay for her tanning. She is the one who feels the need to look every shade of orange she can. Oh and she can turn an Armani prive and to a hooker dress

  • http://j ivanka

    disgusting with all those tattoos

  • Stunning Lady

    @Hmmm: Hahaha, I was just thinking that same thing i.e. where is Brian Austin Green?

    He was there but JJ decided to miss him out? WWWWWWHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY, I’m more interested in him and his son than Megan even though they make a beautiful family.

    She does look stunning and looking forward to seeing the film especially with such great cast.

  • Vanessa

    The movie won’t be out until the end of they year, I think.
    It was already screened in Toronto…and got mainly bad reviews.
    Apparently the cast sucked at acting.
    Mickey did his typical mopey look and Megan? does what she does best, stands around looking pretty.
    I’ve read the movie script and it was amazing but seeing it from script to screen didn’t turn out well.
    Had so much potential, but the cast failed.
    Why pick Megan Fox?! I get that she’s pretty. but she’s just not a good actress. Mickey is way too old and out of Megan’s league! xD

  • gaut

    she looks great! l’m not entirely sold on the film though..we’ll see.

  • Brooke

    A few years back she was actually pretty but now she’s had too much work done. She looks so fake and hooker-ish. Yuck.

  • To vanessa

    @Vanessa: mickey even got bad reviews? I blame Megan.

  • clay

    Simply gorgeous.

  • xoxo

    Her personality is real which is why I dig her. But in contrast, her face is plastic (these days)…..shame, cos she was a natural beaut…

  • Leila

    That trailer was mesmerising but I wish she would work on her eyes and slightly awkward facial expressions a bit.

  • mickey

    She looks like she has had a face lift, which of course is unfortunate since she is still in her 20s.

  • snow

    Wow..she looks really good here. Face is back to normal. Not scary looking like when she was at the red carpet for Jonah Hex.

  • Jime

    She’s perfect without makeup, really beautiful. But with this one, and those red lips she looks fake

  • Althusser

    Nice gallery of the lovely Megan Fox! If you wanna see the rest of the cast, you can check ‘em out here:

    This is definitely one the flicks I’m most excited for in this year’s fest.

  • Female Jealousy is Back

    Megan looks great, as always. As always, the jealous women have sharpened their claws and are taking swipes. She’s a gorgeous actress, with an equally gorgeous husband, a body to die for, and a life more filled with love than you’ll have, haters.
    I look forward to seeing this movie as I like and respect both Mickey and Megan. I’m curious of the metaphorical significance of the wings, but I guess I’ll have to wait for the movie to come out.

  • Luiza


  • yo sista

    I’m sick of people saying she’s fake!!! guhhh She’s stunning ok? Stay mad

  • CanadaGirl

    Aesthetically, Megan is like Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood, and Vivien Leigh all rolled into one. She’s still growing as an actress, and I look forward to seeing her range broaden and develop.


    Megan is so beautiful. She seems like a sweet person too. I like that she seems mellow and does not go out to clubs drinking and partying. I loved Jennifer’s Body!

  • http://google Tania

    Always trying to imitate to Angelina Jolie. The same cuts of hair. The white clothes of die Angie in CancĂșn and the same color of shoes, in CancĂșn.


  • Wearing it well

    Yeah, @Tania:, I guess every woman who wears that colour is copying Angie. Not. Heaven forbid anyone wear light coloured clothing for fear of offending AJ fans. Move along, Troll.

  • whoa

    She looks amazing

  • sugar

    @AF1 Fitness: are you saying ROTF was a good movie? She is down, but not out, she will actually have to earn her roles now…if not she may have fruitful career doing syfy movies

  • Britini95

    I think she’s wearing extensions, because her hair was alot shorter at the Jonah Hex premeire, which was only about 2 months ago, but her hair looks great! Very shiny and healthy! As for the movie, I personally found the clip very inticing, I want to see it now! I know Megan isn’t that great of an actress, but she brings this charm to all her roles. I hope her abilities have improved,though. We all know about the boob/nose job she got awhile ago (which isn’t a bad thing or a big deal) As for the surgery, I think she has layed off the stuff. At the Jonah Hex premeire her lips were about to burst and at the TCA’s her face looked like it was made of rubber. But I think she has learned her lesson. She’s just a very pretty girl. She also one of those people who HAVE to have dark hair. I don’t think she could/would ever be blonde :)

  • Mary from Russia

    the world lost the beauty. at the first sight she looks gorgeous, but then you see something horse-like – big nose, big lips. I don’t know what she has done to herself, but this isn’t the same beautiful face.

  • Mary from Russia

    and of course the same facial expressions, opened mouth, tongue, tattooed shoulder. No sincere smile, shining eyes, always the same “look at me, I’m so sexy” expression. she isn’t Angelina and will never be.

  • Alexandrammm

    megan looks stunning here, lovve her dress and her makeup

  • kiki

    I think she looks good here, much less plastic and wax like than the last few times she has been photographed. I actually think she has layed off the botox and lip fillers, she looks pretty and almost normal. Good for her, I am glad she has seen the light – hopefully.

  • 23

    hahahaha ugly

  • quichie

    Looks – A+
    Acting – Eh…

    She’s beautiful, but whomever is doing her makeup needs to use less of it. It just makes her look trashy upon closer inspection.

  • mae

    Her fashion is improving, she’s beautiful here. I hope Passion Play will released in our country

  • sunny

    Who’d want to watch this!

  • goop

    Looks like another razzie nom for Megan!

  • oldfurniture

    there was a time when I thought her quite pretty, but in the she had so many surgery in the meantime that now I find her nothing but a piece of plastic and not even goodlooking anymore. she ruined herself! :-/

  • Megan El-Pigo.

    The plastic queen herself. If she just keeps her trap shut possibly she will give Micky Rourke a chance to show his acting chops.
    Everything about this used up wh0re has been overdone.
    Box the pig up send her on an airplane to some far off country where they lose her along the way.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    I love the dress she looks great .

  • Annie

    I’m seeing a bit of a young Elizabeth Taylor here! (I mean that as a complement btw).

    I think she let the lips go down a bit – looks much better.

  • shelly

    The film is getting lousy reviews. Many movie critics walked out of the theatre about half way through the screening. Megan , please fire your agents and management, pursue projects with top-notch directors and well- written material. Fox stop relying on your good looks.

  • Orion

    I think her career is over now. No new projects, blackmailed by Michael Bay, two box office disasters in a row and the highly anticipated Passion Play just got laughs. It was her last chance to prove herself as an actress. Somehow i thought she has a potential like Angelina, but now she is done. We will wait long time to hear anything about her in the future, if that will ever happen.

  • Jennet

    brightside, lexy are you sure youre not fans racheL? you two to know a lot about her , i can’t believe you guys actually do research on a girl you absolutely despise :S:S:S i just find that so funny. haha.. do you two even have boyfriends, a life? hobbies.. interests.. a family.. jobs? lololololol

  • Pinkrose

    She looks nothing like her old self. Too much surgery for 24 years old.