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Rachel Bilson: Fashion's Night Out with Sunglass Hut!

Rachel Bilson: Fashion's Night Out with Sunglass Hut!

Rachel Bilson hits up 2010 Fashion’s Night Out at the Sunglass Hut flagship store on Friday (September 10) in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress paired her crazy beautiful Suno dress with Brian Atwood ankle booties.

During the event, Rachel spent time meeting fans and talking with contestants for her Full Time Fabulous Blogger contest. You have a chance to win a position for $100,000 plus $1,000/month styling allowance!

25+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s FNO…

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rachel bilson fashion night out 01
rachel bilson fashion night out 02
rachel bilson fashion night out 03
rachel bilson fashion night out 04
rachel bilson fashion night out 05
rachel bilson fashion night out 06
rachel bilson fashion night out 07
rachel bilson fashion night out 08
rachel bilson fashion night out 09
rachel bilson fashion night out 10
rachel bilson fashion night out 11
rachel bilson fashion night out 12
rachel bilson fashion night out 13
rachel bilson fashion night out 14
rachel bilson fashion night out 15
rachel bilson fashion night out 16
rachel bilson fashion night out 17
rachel bilson fashion night out 18
rachel bilson fashion night out 19
rachel bilson fashion night out 20
rachel bilson fashion night out 21
rachel bilson fashion night out 22
rachel bilson fashion night out 23
rachel bilson fashion night out 24
rachel bilson fashion night out 25
rachel bilson fashion night out 26

Credit: Roger Kisby; Photos: Getty
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  • Sophie

    Are you trying to break the record for the number of times you post something about Rachel Bilson this week, Jared? Cause that’s what it’s starting to look like.
    The bottom of her dress is weird BTW.

  • tzitziki


  • ADLF

    Cute as always.
    Love RB. ;)

  • MissAnthropica

    Wow…. that dress is horrible, truly truly horrible.
    Maybe and I hope not but she is taking the Mischa Barton route of dressing the worse she can and get on all the worst dressed list. Works for Mischa, wouldnt suggest it to Rachel. Yuck.

    Also four posts on Rachel in 24 hrs…. aw calm of JJ dont be sooo obvious atleast protend to post about someone else just as much so it wont be so obvious for all of us. Hope she is paying well for all this.

  • MissAnthropica

    Btw for a girl that works at Sunglass Hut…. opps Im sorry for Sunglass Hut for lol ( same thing) why does she almost never wear sunglasses except for the one pair of black RayBans she owns that everyone is pictured in in La. She is just copying everyone else and never wears sunglasses otherwise. she doesnt take risks and doesn wear the products. Worst sunglasses style advisor ever possible. Hell Gwen Stefani and Nicole Richi even Lindsay Lohan is more well known for wearing sun glasses then Rachel is. Not a very good job at promoting their site or stores having her if you ask me, she just doesnt wear shades enough except for the same pair everyday.

  • MissAnthropica

    Why the hell is she sitting on the check out counter?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No that doesnt look really really cheap in a dress that is really really short now does it?

    Dont know who’s brilliant idea it was for her to sit up there and look tacky but I hope it wasnt Rachel’s herself because she looks really really trashy because of it.

  • Fashionista

    Shoes are cute as always with her, she always wears safe cute shoes except for those brown boots the other day ( with country girl blue dress )but lets not go into that.
    The dress here though looks like something Lady Gaga would wear and I dont mean that in a good way.
    And way too much makeup on Rachel Bilson so much she looks to be drowning in it.

  • Fashionista

    Those aren’t fans for her at the flagship store in NYC those are people that wanted to know more about the $100.000 compeition.
    Nothing drags a crowd to you like money and Sunglass Hut released the news of the compeition on purpose durings fashions night out week so someone would show up at their show. Even then the crowd is still smaller than Im sure they would of liked to get.
    I am sure one or two people are former OC fans that came to check out Rachel, but I highly doubt the little girl she is signing an autograph for would have any idea who she use to be because. The OC was canceled almost four years ago in just a few months from now and the last few episodes aired a few months after it was canceled in early 2007. The kid doesnt look that old even to have even been born yet lol.
    Will be interesting to see if Sunglass Hut manages to get some buzz around their brand because so far nothing else has worked for them and their store is on its way to closing in NYC.

  • jamie

    She looks like a ET wearing skirt. LOL

  • Sophia

    She looks rather shiney in these pictures and has too much eye make up on it looks cakey and whats with the weird pink lip stick lately.She looks worse with all the junk on her face.
    I thought she said she liked the berry colors lip trend. Bright neon pink is not a berry color and it is something you put on when you were five and you were playing dress up with your mum’s make up. Not sure what to think of the dress but I dont really like it much she seems to be trying to match her makeup to her dress… Not a good idea.

  • vlv331


    How do you know their store is about to close in NYC?

  • Erika

    She looks beautiful :)

  • whodie

    What an UGLY dress wearing by this UGLY celebrit@rd!

  • Mary

    She’s starting to look old but maybe that’s just me. She kind of looks wrinklely and worn out. I don’t know how that could be though since she does NOTHING but shop and eat lunch all day everyday.

  • jaeger

    This FARTshion Icon is wearing a cheap curtain – wowza!

  • pickles

    I don’t actually mind Rachel. I’m curious why her career never took off after O.C. She was adorable in that. She should have stuck with TV sitcoms, bcz her movie career is real dead right now. I guess that’s why she does all kinds od fashion promotions stuff. They pay her to wear their clothes and sell their sunglasses. Plus it keeps her in the public eye…in case anyone wants to hire her.

  • Fashionista

    @vlv331: I live in NYC and you can go by there any given day and not just that store but many there do not have alot of costumers. Blame the economy I suppose.Sunglass Hut though on some days is a ghost town of sorts.
    Opening chain stores and trying to expand a until recently online brand is hard enough.. doing it in this current economy is even worse,

    To be honest they need a better spokeswoman Rachel just isnt going to get people in the doors.
    Leighton Meester or Blake Lively maybe .. but they would cost alot more than Rachel does because she isnt in demand anymore like they arewith the recent success of Gossip Girl.
    For Rachel with the Oc long since gone from peoples memories she just isnt going to deliver for a brand like those two will and do right now for other brands they are the poster girls of.

  • Mumbai

    OMG! She just seems to be getting even more prettyyyy! I love this outfit! She redoes the 80′s fashion with a neat new twist!

  • http://j ivanka

    she looks really thin now, i miss her “summer” curves

  • omg

    She’s SO gorgeous! Her dress is adorable, love her!!

  • Nadirah

    I am in loooove with this dress!

    It’s so fun and flirty!

  • Viper

    This is something my teenager would wear this is not a wardrobe of a near 30 yr old. Or is she trying to be 13 i know her mentality is that of a teenager but damn if that truly proving it now.

  • David

    I love her, she’s so cute!!

    I can’t get enough of her.

    Keep it coming :)


    HC dumped her!!!!!!!!!!

  • natalie

    As always, Rachel is a cutie. Yum! However, in regards to the makeup, less is more.

  • Fashionista

    You know.. it does look like something a 19 year old would wear not something a 29 year old should wear,
    Makes her look like she is in denial of her real age she should embrace the fact that she isnt a little girl anymore not pout about it and try to hold on to yesturday. Leave these dresses to the younger stars of today like Blake Lively or Kelly Osbourne, Rihanna, and hell even Megan Fox . While Rachel needs to let her style grow up because like it or not she has to except she isnt the kid on the OC anymore.


    @Fashionista: A lot of 29-year-olds would wear these, Lexy. Grow up, Lexy.

  • Brightside

    Hahahahaha……LOL….an urk dress! I thought the girl I saw today dressed as a lampshade was hilarious….but this dress is even funnier! Geez, no wonder guys think girls are dumb….when someone dresses like this, I can see their point. Brainless females, indeed!
    - sigh – too much make up again! Won’t she ever learn!

  • Ali


  • Cindy

    I like the dress, it’s kind of cute. The bottom is odd looking though. It should be all black IMO. But she has on way too much eye makeup. I still can’t believe this is what she does now. They should make her a regular on HIMYM. Help the poor girl out. I know she probably gets a lot of money from Sunglass Hut. But she’s basically irrelevant in the entertainment industry and is doing C list jobs in the fashion industry she loves so much. I mean, come on, this isn’t exactly an ad for Chanel or one of those big beauty/fashion contracts actresses are getting. Too bad being “adorable” can’t get you a job when you’re in your late twenties. I liked her the best on the OC.

  • kAtY

    Hi guys!
    I’m from Chile and I don’t understand why people there is so nasty with rachel, I follow since I saw The O.C, and then because I love her style, to me she’s the Queen of Streetstyle.
    Thanks u guys for always being posting things and picture about her!
    Love her dress!

  • aL


    I don’t understand stupid comments like yours, even famous like Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba who has children dress like this, like younger people , is her desition, and she’s make feel good with herself that good for her!
    There are plenty of famous who are older that doesn’t wear clothes for her ages.
    Your Nick is “Fashionista” and I see u don’t know anything about fashion!

  • Lacey

    I HATE when people sit on the checkout counters. My coworkers do it at my job all the time. No one wants your ass on the surface where people work and others pay for stuff and are touching the counters. Ugh.

  • rachelwho

    Every other starlet is with Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein, Anna Wintour etc on Fashion Night…..and Hasbeen Bilson is at Sunglass Hut……give it up Rachel….

  • roory

    @Cindy: Poor poor little Cindy, what a shame you waste your valuable (sarcasm) time commenting on such a useful site, initially Rachel and DYKNY partnered together to create Edie Rose, Rachel’s first clothing line. Rachel designed the clothing line and was the spokesperson-endorser of the brand. After a while, the dressed she designed were sold out (, see for yourself the 2008 version of the site is frozen online) then another designer claimed one of the dresses in Rachel’s fashion line were stolen from her (solely because the two dresses looked a-like, this is enough evidence to start a court war these days). Rachel and DYKNY knowing that the other designer will take the issue to courts and create bad press, discontinued the line because basically no one was willing for a lawsuit/bad publicity.

    Rachel does not want a series regular role in HIMYM, that’s the problem really. She has her eyes set on theatrical films, she has several movies in the works (including a Universal film LAINEY GOSSIP just overheard in a conversation at the Toronto Film Festival).

  • roory

    @rachelwho: Ha ha ha, nice one.

    SHE can’t go to 29383 fashion night outs every day. Are you just delusional or retarded? or just simply a troll.

  • Esme

    Looks like an updated 60′s look to me. Cute. Yes, heavy on the eye makeup but that was the 60′s.
    She looks good and pulls it off.
    It’s fashion week in NYC and you wear things you wouldn’t ordinarily wear everyday.

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ get it together? How many times was she at Sunglass Hut? How much do they have going on during Fashion Week? Why aren’t Halle Berry and Jessica Alba at Ralph Lauren…HIMYM hasn’t offered Rachel a job so it’s not that she’s declined any job offers.
    This woman goes to casting agencies (see JJ archives) to get work – do you really think if a hit show like HIMYM offered her a job she’d decline.
    Here are some additional FACTS Rachel FANS fail to mention about her beloved line (which Hilary Duff has replaced her with)…oh and BTW, designers are use to having their clothing lines knocked off so there must have been more to it than just fear of being sued. DKNY surely has a legal department that could have taken on the little company Rachel stole her idea from. Especially if Rachel’s “line” was making money!
    The deal came together after Bilson contacted DKNY Jeans to see if it would be interested in collaborating with her (they probably didn’t know who she was)
    The line consists of about 15 looks including tops, jackets and denim. I would imagine EVERYTHING ON THE WEB SITE IS SOLD OUT – CONSIDERING THEY DON’T MAKE IT THE ITEMS ANYMORE!!
    Kevin Monogue (rom DKNY) said that, unlike the one-season partnership the brand had last fall with Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, called Clandestine Industries for DKNY Jeans, he doesn’t see the Bilson line as a one-shot deal. FAMOUS LAST WORDS FROM DKNY EMPLOYEE!! oh and he also declined to comment on any sort of sales expectations!

  • cutiepie

    Hating is the sincerest form of flattery, so let them hate her. If they hate her because of her career.. well that’s lame. Hating on a certain name only gives them fame. So, as long as Rachel keeps living her life to the fullest, attending fashion parties and enjoying herself then she is already better than them, so don’t hate what you can’t imitate. Rachel is beautiful, she is sophisticated, she is stylish, she is who she is. Hating on her isn’t going to make you any prettier.

  • sasha

    yeah she probably loves all her haters because they make her famous, that must be really annoying for them. i love her dress and her makeup, she pulled out something different than before, she makes it work and it looks good on her. its also really nice of her to take the time to meet up with random people who want to enter the contest. she is just wonderful<3

  • adam

    i just noticed she has really pretty hands and really beautiful dark deep eyes, they are almost alluring and hypnotizing. i always found big dark eyes the most sexiest. i really wish i could meet this girl, she just seems like my type of lady. she is perfect.

  • Jennet

    UGH im so jelous all those girls got to meet her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish i could meet her shes such a cool girl, i wish i was her
    i love you rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • brody

    i like the 11th pic of her….she just looks.. playful :P

  • jenna

    Roory ,
    If you think the haters here are the only ones who dislike Rachel, think again. Go over to Entertainment Lawyer and Ted Casablanca and read what they have to say about her. They aren’t fans either and these guys are showbiz insiders. Lainey gossip used to be a fan but no more. If you have a hard time finding the articles I’m sure people here will be glad to help you out.

    To refresh you’re memory here is the dress that Rachel wore and then copied for her collection. Imagine wearing a dress that a designer gave you and being photographed in that dress and then turning around and copying the exact dress and making money off that dress. Such a fashionista.

    Maybe if she had a bit more integrity in the way she went about her career she wouldn’t be dissed so much.

  • TheObvious

    @cutiepie: @sasha: @adam: @Jennet: @brody:

    All one pro Rachel troll.
    All brand new screen names never seen before.. talk about ” the obvious”
    If you are going to support her support her but dont troll.

  • TheObvious

    @jenna: That was when Lainey didn’t like Rachel very much anymore I remember that. Before she didn’t seem to care either way but after the dress incident you could tell there was no love lost for Lainey.

  • jenna

    She tried for a role on a TV pilot. Remember? Josh Schwartz had a pilot on CBS and was peddling Rachel as the lead actress to the studio. But CBS thumbed it down and went with Kristin Kreuk. (They replaced Kristin at the last minute with another actress but the show never went past the pilot.)

    Josh by the way is married to Rachel’s best friend. And I am sure he will keep on trying to cast her in his future projects. The majority of Rachel’s roles have been gained through her connections, whether through the husband of her best friend, or the ex boyfriend, or the ex director of the OC, and not due to acting talent.

    She is getting older and since she is mainly known for being cute and adorable and not much else she will have to compete for roles with other cute and adorable actresses who are a lot younger than her.

  • Shy

    Oh God again…. Shame on you Just Jared. Once again Just Jared IS THE ONLY GOSSIP SITE that RUNS ANY STORY ABOUT Rachel Bilson. Because she pays him. That’s how desperate and low she is.

    And congratulations! You did it. I didn’t care about her before but i officially hate Rachel Bilson now. Because you throw her worthless face everyday on this site. You are pathetic.

  • Esme


    Really? You only think you know it all. I’ve posted before though not that often. You may not agree but I have a right to my opinion too. Which post was more like a troll? The one I posted earlier or yours?


    well we know youre BRIGHTSIDE we rbs fans so just keep posting like out other fans say you must be dying 3 times and just simply GORGEOUS but keep posting we dont read any of them just noticed you now are posting as FASHIONISTA every few seconds