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Lindsay Lohan - MTV VMAs 2010 Sketch - VIDEO

Lindsay Lohan - MTV VMAs 2010 Sketch - VIDEO

Lindsay Lohan gets into it with host Chelsea Handler in this video from the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

The 24-year-old actress poked fun at having to wear a SCRAM bracelet and her own troubled past.

“Pull it together! You’re a mess. Do you think anyone wants to work with a drunk? Take it from me – they don’t,” Lindsay said.

“Okay, okay,” Chelsea conceded. “You’ve turned your life around – maybe I can, too!”

Lindsay Lohan -MTV VMAs 2010 Sketch
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  • harley

    Would have been funnier if Lindsay didn’t talk so fast! It made it sound too rehearsed.

    But at least she’s able to poke fun at herself. Hopefully she really has turned her life around.

  • L


  • offtheproperty

    That’s so funny not but Lindsay is really rude like that actress playing Lindsay so producers should know they better not not want to work with her because she makes skits that could be dangerous and who knows who might get hurt when drinking gets involved or worse yet drunks.

  • Weber from Brazil

    Loved it
    LiLo looks halthier than ever *-*

  • Weber from Brazil


  • Weber from Brazil


  • offtheproperty

    I bet Lindsay checked out Chelsea big time under than bathrobe and poor Chelsea she’s just like violated once that gets going.

  • offtheproperty

    I mean drunks who aren’t drinking. Drugs and hugs and jugs.

  • marisa

    this was so funny! im glad lindsay can poke fun at herself.hope she stays on track!

  • offtheproperty

    Lindsay tearin’ it up.

  • offtheproperty

    Lindsay: Dominant bottom. Lindsay: Possession is nine-tenths of her night. Lindsay: Use all your well-learned politics. Lindsay: Shed a tear or two in prison. Lindsay: Maserati. Lindsay: Can sing so why dontcha?

  • recovering addict/alcoholic

    i personally think that she’s gonna jinx herself. Recovery is a long process, and she is no where out of the woods yet, and the fact that she’s making fun of her situation, so soon shows she’s still in denial. It reminds me of the parody E-harmony video she did and then shortly afterward she drank/ drugged/ and landed in all kinds of trouble. And ucla medical center is wrong. Just because she’s not physically dependent (didn’t have withdrawal symptoms) doesn’t mean she doesn’t have alcohol/drug problems. UCLA just set the stage for her to have another relapse. And if she does, she definitely has grounds to sue them for making her believe she’s not a real addict. Good luck lindsey….i’m rooting for you!

  • another recovering alcoholic

    Well put #12, esp. the part about UCLA-that is NOT the place to send an addict because clearly they don’t know much about addiction! They really screwed L. in the long run.

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    Chelsea: SO ANNOYING! Terrible, crass hostess.

  • anon2

    I partially agree with you #12. It isn’t that funny to publically make fun of yourself when you were JUST in jail and in court ordered rehab. On the other hand, while I am not a huge Chelsea fan anymore, I don’t think she (chelsea) would do this skit if she were not rooting for Lindsay in some way. I think it is somewhat good that Lindsay is publically admitting that no one wants to work with her because she is a drunk (and has other addictions, but they were not mentioned), but it is irresponsible for Chelsea to say that Lindsay “got her act together” because there certainly has not been time for that to have actually happened. I hope that doesn’t give Lindsay the feeling that the slate has been cleaned so that she can continue on with her addictions while thinking everyone else thinks she is sober now.

  • http://seriousbodoh seriousbodoh

    brit also made a video appearance last yr.. lindsay should find hr own way back up

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l


  • ewelllle


  • mesh

    Sooooo Funny love lindsay lohan

  • selena

    What is funny about a drug/alcohol addict, that can’t act, and makes jokes about violating the scam-bracelet and about her addiction, that she neither admited nor took the responsibility for?? I can’t understand that.. She belongs in jail, in rehab, far away from Hollywood/Shows/Clubs.

  • Dieter

    Jared, I just came on Llind’s giving the ass of Chelsea’s a slap !!!!!

  • christgage

    Does anyone know or can you find out where Lindsay got the peach colored dress she is wearing in that clip at the VMAs?