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Lindsay Lohan: VMAs Appearance!

Lindsay Lohan: VMAs Appearance!

Lindsay Lohan will not only make an appearance on tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards, she will reportedly joke about her recent jail/rehab troubles.

According to E!, the 24-year-old actress was spotted at the Nokia Theatre in downtown L.A. during rehearsals on Friday. spies spotted Lindsay on the 18th Floor of The Standard Hotel in New York City around 2AM last night (September 11). She probably is flying back to L.A. right now!

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  • zzzz

    Her drug/alcohol/legal problems are not funny. She drove a car while on drugs and people could have been killed. I guess she’s not ready to face her problems, but I can’t believe they’d put her on the VMA’s making comedy of it.

  • http://j ivanka

    she can’t joke about her health

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …`of course she is.. anything for a tiny bit of position publicity. pathetic never-was bish.

  • Dieter


    Way to go Llinds !!!!!!

    This stupid judge won’t break her for something she did three years ago where nobody got hurt !!!!

  • Kelly

    she is an idiot

  • #4, are you joking?

    “Way to go Linds !!!!!!” “stupid judge” “nobody got hurt”

    You are either as hopelessly sick as Lindsey or you want her to die, taking out a bunch of people with her. Just because something happened three years ago doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter, and this woman DROVE HER CAR WITH PEOPLE IN IT, WHILE ON DRUGS! Then said “FU” to a JUDGE! SHe deserves the max punishment.

  • Jen

    Seriously? This girl is a trainwreck and obviously has MAJOR problems and they’re putting her on the VMA’s to joke about it? She needs to realize her problems and the media needs to stop glorifying her behavior. Pathetic.

  • Lindsey the Loser

    Marginal at acting, excellent at f’ing up, extremely tenacious with excuses, determined to end up dead.

  • Dieter

    #6 – the problem is, most probably, that you never worked in your entire life. When you are working you make some mistakes. Linds is no cirminal. All she wants to do is working. But I guess you don’t know the meaning of this word !!!


    Using a sick, desperate addict to raise their ratings is dispicable.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Oh yay, drunk driving is now fun! Let’s make fun of potentially killing yourself … or someone else. That is even funnier! Maybe a kid, now how much laughs does that bring? /sarcasm

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Dieter: Hate to break it to you but yes, she is a convicted criminal. That’s the law, whether you like it or not. Her crime was very serious too so regardless of whether she will turn her life around now or not, this is NOT something to joke about.

  • oh dear, Dieter

    I’ve worked since my teens like most of us and like most of us, have not done anything like what this girl has done. And, sorry, but, as per court records, she is a criminal. “All she wants to do is working”? Hahaha! Oh you silly, illiterate fool.

  • Dieter

    She had a drink or maybe two when she drove a car – she was not drunk, She did not hurt anybody. She does not do drugs – she has an anxiety issue and takes her medication as prescribed.

    The most important point: no, you are lying; you never worked in your entire life !!!

  • Dieter

    Have you ever lost a loved one to a drunk and drugged driver? Had to ID their body then live with that memory forever? I didn’t think so or you wouldn’t think this spoild little beesh is so cool and innocent.

  • liz

    This talentless, spoiled little has-been needs to go away.

  • Dieter

    I somehow got the impression that you are an idiot. DUI IS NOT THE WORST THING HUMAN BEINGS EVER DID IN THEIR LIFE. THEIR ARE WORSE THINGS.

    Linds did it. She unfortunately got caught. She got punished. She learned her lesson. Case settled. Are you retarded or what?

  • No thanks

    Bad idea. I’m sure the ratings will be huge but only because of justin berber lol

  • oh,dear Dieter

    Oh Dieter. Before you call me or anyone an idiot, you need to learn to write properly. So now you admit that Lindsey had committed a crime, and (unfortunately?) got caught. Her punishment as per the courts, is NOT finished, the case is NOT yet legally settled, and everyone here but YOU knows she has NOT learned her lesson.
    Based on your ignorance, illiteracy, use of the word “retarded”, and strong allegiance to Lindsey Lohan, I would say that you are a moron.

  • yawn


  • what?

    Please tell me this is a joke. This douchey troublemaking brat doesn’t belong on the VMA’s. They must be desperate for controversy/ratings and will lower themselves to anything.

  • oh really?

    Q: isn’t a condition of her parole that she NOT leave California? So if Jared’s spies saw her in NYC, that is a violation of her parole which means she goes back to jai right?

  • christina

    ughhh; i miss the old lindsay, the lindsay from the parent trap, the lindsay from get a clue, the lindsay from mean girls… ;O she’s been like this for five years, so in my opinion, she doesn’t even deserve the fame anymore. she’s had five years to clean up her act and she’s been taking advantage of it by becoming even worse. look at britney spears – britney cleaned up her act and is back on track; but look at lindsay – still messed up as ever. just hope she recovers.

  • Franck

    That SO Britney Spears of her !
    First she stole her managments, now a guest apprearance at the VMA’s.
    Come on Lindsay, find your own Salvation instead stealing them from miss Spears.

  • nicki

    The time slot given to this undeserving crack ho should be given to a talented new musician. Isn’t the VMA’s about music?

  • offtheproperty

    When will she learn that her jokes about her serious problems are not funny? Hasn’t she heard everyone not laughing on Letterman, SNL, Ellen, etc? I saw “Two for the Seesaw” with a young Shirley MacLaine the other day. It was bizarre how I was looking at what Lindsay should be. Shirley was so beautiful and she really put her heart into it and was truly a great young star. I don’t think Lindsay wants anyone to see her trying that hard. But that’s what it takes. I have always thought Lindsay is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful girls. I would say that is obvious. But I haven’t seen her put her heart into anything since “The Parent Trap,” which is a virtuoso performance by her and I would say a great movie primarily because of Lindsay. And sure she was good in “Mean Girls.” But the rest is all just so mailed in. She doesn’t even know what her heart is except in a negative sense. I hope she finds her way to a place in her heart where the love and generosity that are obviously essential to Lindsay — the real Lindsay — can shine through again and motivate her to achieve what she really can. I believe she will.

  • Pinkrose

    Go ahead…VMAs. Reward her for poor behaviour.

  • Jokergurl

    I thought it was a funny bit with Chelsea Handler, Lindsay making fun of herself but I just hope she’s serious about her serious problems this time.

  • Kyle Prystie

    Let her do what she wants if you where lindsey you would be trying to get your life on track and even if she goes on the mvas let her be like britney spears she got her life on track after dident the same thing also happen to drew berrymore she let her make her own mistakes to learn from

  • hmmm

    When addicts run amok and allowed by society to do what they want like spoiled children, they leave a trail of destruction that affects a chain of other people. Making her own mistakes would be fine if she was only hurting herself.

  • you’ve got to be kidding…

    The vma cameo was sooo not funny, and made lindsey look super foolish for mocking a subject matter that is the root of her demise. Comeback?? That’s how she chose to make her comeback? lmao! Recovery is action oriented, not cheap talk. And yes, shame on the vmas for using her to boost their ratings. Lindsey just got out of jail/rehab, and is in no position to be making fun of drunks as if being sober is old hat to her. If she relapses, she will look super foolish for having done this skit, so she better think about that before she thinks about picking up another drink. Imagine how much this will anger any one who has lost someone to a drunk driver.

  • lori

    I am sick of all celebs getting off because of who they are. I am also sick of hearing about them. I am not offended about making a joke about it though. Jesus what all are you innocent? Everybody f_cks up. The only difference is we aren’t all over the tabloids.