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Milla Jovovich & Wentworth Miller: 'Resident Evil' Wins Box Office!

Milla Jovovich & Wentworth Miller: 'Resident Evil' Wins Box Office!

The 3-D horror film Resident Evil: Afterlife was #1 at the box office this weekend with $27.7 million, exceeding expectation and opening better than its previous three installments.

Milla Jovovich, who stars alongside Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller, thanked her fans on Twitter for their support.

“Thank you all so much for all your great comments on the film!” she wrote. “I’m SO happy you all love it! Have fun watching #RE4 this weekend! Let’s do RE5 soon!”

Takers, in its third week of release, came in second with $6.1 million. The George Clooney thriller The American raked in another $5.9 million.

FYI: Milla is now headed to Germany to shoot The Three Musketeers alongside Orlando Bloom, Logan Lerman, Christoph Waltz, Luke Evans, and Juno Temple.

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147 Responses to “Milla Jovovich & Wentworth Miller: 'Resident Evil' Wins Box Office!”

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  1. 1
    Carmen Vergara Says:

    It is unfortunate that The Romantics, Legendary and Lovely, Still were released in select cities while Resident Evil: Afterlife is the only film that was released nationwide this week and that we won’t find out how they would have done commercially if they were released nationwide. The Romantics, Legendary and Lovely, Still all have interesting casts. The Romantics, in particular, has four gorgeous actresses (Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin, Malin Akerman and Dianna Agron).

  2. 2
    S*8hallo Says:

    I saw this Friday…it was OK. I’m a fan of Resident Evil “movies”..I enjoy them.

    I’m not a fan of 3-D…I don’t like it…there should be an option NOT see to it because things were flying into my face and side vision like bugs…plus gave me a headache which is why this should be option.

    I did feel like I was riding side by side with Milla in helicopter though.
    And she was beautiful/

    I wish they’d spent more time in the prison facility with Zombies because just the idea of being locked stuck inside a vacant prison with zombies possibly roaming was scary enough. I would have like to seen more.

    I liked the cast and wanted to see more them…especially the fine-ass Boris Kodjoe ( of the new NBC spy flick) Wentworth Miller was a bad ass and Sons Of Anarchy’s Kim Coates…was well…Kim Coates hilarious and great!

    Ali and Milla were kicked butt as well. I felt the movie was too short though.

  3. 3
    jdub Says:

    Ali Larter is hot

  4. 4
    Anne Says:

    Wentworth Miller looks awesome again!!!
    The Three Musketeers again? …well if Orlando Bloom is in the movie, I’ll go see it <3

  5. 5
    llamo Says:

    Wentworth said recently that he’s fortunate to be able to choose his roles.That is so much BS!!!!!lollollol that guy is more delusional than his prison break The truth is he can’t act. His outfit is laughable and he can’t hold a gun properly cos he’s a sissy. But Ali and Milla are both great.

  6. 6
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    …`too bad it was bad. LOL …i’ve watched it online and within 5 hours i’ve only gotten through about 35mins of it. LOL …i’m sure it’ll finish it before days end.

  7. 7
    anonymous Says:

    Can’t wait to see it! I’ve loved all the RE movies. I didn’t even know they were inspired by a video game until after I’d seen them. They’re great.

  8. 8
    busted Says:

    That good, but take away that 3D and Imax money and we see a clearer picture.

    I would love to see the BO taken in perspective of the actual totals. I am a bit sick of all the 3D thrown into films to pad the BO.. I saw this and the 3D is better because it was not done as an afterthought, but still this was not that great, and will be forgotten in a few week..

    I like Mila though

  9. 9
    mailey Says:

    yay milla : )

  10. 10
    JEN Says:

    I prefered the first 2 first and last 3D movie..the glasses were annoying and it gave me a headache..

    other than that watching wentworth made it worth it..

    Love you Went :-)

  11. 11
    the truth Says:

    Hope to see it this weekend. Glad it became No.1 But i like both movies.And takers is still going strong i see. It has surpass the cost that they had to make it which was 32 million. And has made over 40 million dollars so far. Soon will be 50 millon dollars The cast should be proud are themesleves. Especially chris brown and hayden christensen. proving that people shouldn’t give up on people that make small films like that That should be a lesson for those in hollywood. To reach out to other actors like hayden and the other cast members thatwas in in it. Way to go to hayden and his cast member for a good job well done. And to Milla for her good job in her movie. Both movies are great. Guess the people has spoken about the movie takers! Both are great!

  12. 12
    Ginger Says:

    What do you guys mean you can’t see this movie in 2D? You can.. Unless you’re in a small town… but we got a choice to watch it in 3D or 2D… and I enjoy watching the movie in 3D… Love the movie and the action and the spooks!!! This by far the best Resident Evil that I like. Part 1 is my 2nd!!
    the only downside to this movie is not enough monsters and not enough fighting!!!
    I would love for Part 5 to have more action and more monsters!!

  13. 13
    Mariana de Souza Says:

    I feel that the same people who write the same things with different aliases. They are not loyal to anybody and so they hide under pseudonyms diferentes.I read some reviews that were positive in relation to the actors and some negative about the movie itself. Is that so can not please everyone. The important thing is to do well what it proposed to do. This is undeniable in the entire cast and director. The film is a success and all are to be congratulated for performance.

  14. 14
    Mariana de Souza Says:

    @llamo: Please, the actor deserves respect.

  15. 15
    Anja Says:

    I saw RE4, a good movie and Wentworth was great. He is a good actor and a lovely men!! He’s a little bit shy, that makes him so sweet!
    Not someone who predominate, I like that!!
    Wentworth……….you are the best actor I ever saw!!!!!!

  16. 16
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @llamo: The only BS is what you just wrote. Either you’re delusional enough to believe it, dumb enough to have had major comprehensions skills or idiotic enough to think you know something you don’t. I’m thinking all of the above.

    As for Resident Evil: Afterlife I really enjoyed the film, there was a nice balance between the 3D effects and the actual storyline. I would have preferred a little more interaction between Chris and Claire Redfield but unfortunately it didn’t make the final cut. Milla gave an outstanding performance as always, it’s great to watch a female who will take on most of the stunts herself, it just gives that added edge to her performance and Milla does rightfully and deservedly ‘own’ these films with Alice. I’m glad Paul was back on board for this one, having him in the directors chair is definitely a plus for these films. Ali was fantastic, if the only thing people can begrudge about her character is the way her hair was worn vs her game hair than she’s definitely on a winning streak. Wentworth gave a great performance, although there were a couple of minor similarities between Chris Redfield and Michael Scofield they were definitely two complete different characters and yes the opening joke I’m sure was well received by his Prison Break fans. I think he did a great job filling the shoes of Chris Redfield, I think he balanced his character attributions well and will be accepted by most of the gamers who had certain expectations for his character. I think Boris did a great job too as did Kim Coates and Shawn Roberts, my only real disappointment was the use of stock characters within the prison. I think hats off to Paul Anderson for the way he used the new technology. The film is enjoyable in both 2D & 3D. There is something that is appealing about this franchise, sure they are not the greatest films ever made but they are entertaining and enjoyable all the same. Each installment has always proclaimed a financial success and I’m sure this film will exceed all expectations. It has definitely left it open for a sequel and I’d be more than happy to watch another installment.

  17. 17
    laverdadduele Says:

    LOVE IT. More kick-a.s.s. movies and less romantic comedy c.r.a.p. Not a fan of 3D, but the special effects are awesome. Mila is just gorgeous, I’m not gay, but she has the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen in a woman.

  18. 18
    OZ_Girl Says:

    I can’t wait to see the film, unfortunately I have to wait until October for it’s screening here but I’ve read a lot of reviews and most are encouraging, so I hope to enjoy it, especially on imax 3D.

  19. 19
    Tokyo Shoot Says:

    More pic’s from a shoot Wentworth did whilst in Tokyo.!/album.php?aid=28822&id=147060748667824

  20. 20
    leelili Says:

    Tokyo Shoot, thanks a lot for your Went’s pics!
    I need to wait till 30 Sept!
    Wentworth is the only reason for me to watch RE4, thanks guys for telling me, he did Chris great!

  21. 21
    Elisabeth Says:

    Yeah! I’m glad to say I’m part of the movie’s first weekend success! I actually gathered 9 of my friends and family members to come see RE: Afterlife with me: they know of my crush for Wentworth and their presence added to the fun… The first time Went appeared on screen, my son and goddaughter, sitting to my right and left, started kicking and elbowing me! It was a great movie experience even though I’m not regularly into that kind of scifi/horror pic. My son, who at first, didn’t want to join us, said it was better than he expected. I hope you all get to see it.

  22. 22
    Val Says:

    Milla and Ali are strong gorgeous bad a$$es. Looks like Miller could be in better shape. Was maybe called in last minute without time for work out ;-)

  23. 23
    Mariana de Souza Says:

    I play Resident Evil in game and now I want watch the movie. I hope u work as Prison Break. Oh Wenty, Chris Redfield can stands all things, just like u.
    Here I’m waiting untill 17. Big action in 3d.

  24. 24
    GreenCAT Says:

    I cannot beleive Wentworth is freakin 38 yrs old! This guy looks younger than that! Woah!

  25. 25
    Lana Says:

    LOVED IT!!! Wentworth was awesome and lookin damn fine. I must admit Boris was quite scrumptious too. Milla & Ali both rocked it! Can’t wait for the next one!

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