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Nicki Minaj - VMAs Performance Video

Nicki Minaj - VMAs Performance Video

Nicki Minaj performs onstage during the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday (September 12) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old rapper performed her single “Your Love” and “Check It Out” with Black Eyed Peas’ frontman

During the actual ceremony, Nicki joined Katy Perry onstage. Host Chelsea Handler referred to them as “boobilicious” and “bootylicious,” respectively. Hah!

Katy and Nicki presented Eminem with Best Male Video for “Not Afraid”! (Em wasn’t in the house, he had to fly to NY to perform with Jay-Z!)

WHY DO YOU THINK was wearing a black face?

Nicki Minaj – VMAs Pre-Show Performance Video

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Weber from Brazil

    I like Nicki’s songs
    but her ass looks SO FAKE
    butt lift forrrr sure

  • Weber from Brazil

    butt lift surgery*

  • rhonda

    this was WORSE than the circus, I take it back, I liked the circus! this was A little better than amateur night at your local high school.

  • Jaxx

    I don’t know, looks to me like the giant butt goes with the giant thighs and hips.

  • http://Website Stella

    <3 Nicki! I wish she performed on the show and not the pre-show.

  • EDH

    the wanna lady gaga..cant stand her

  • EDH

    ^wanna be

  • E. Norma Stitz is a T.O.O.L.

  • http://@rynenorton Ryne

    That reminded me waaaaay too much of Lazy Town. and an awkward black barbie. just… yuck. GO HOME NICKI NINAJ.



  • waffle bowl
  • ms bar jolie gaga

    she is so whatever!

  • Shayablackbarbee4eva

    Nicki Minaj IS A GODESS. DONT BE HATEIN. Her booty is real, yes white people i know it’s hard to beleive that not everyone can have a pancake ass. Go hate on Justin Bieber or Lady gaga haters. Haha.Wow! Buttlift surgery!? Fureal? You guys think just because some people have good looking attributes, it gotta be fake or enhanced! Get the F*ck outtahere!

  • ms nina black

    im sorry but sooner then every body thinks she is gonna fall off da map an no 1 is gonna care bout her any more like she cant dance an her songs make no since whos gonna keep listening 2 da same b s over an over

  • Ginger

    So she’s that aggravating high pitch kiddie-voice rapper that I hear on the radio??

    Sorry, Nicki Minaj, you can never be or be better than Lil’ Kim.

    And what the phlunk are you rapping about? Worst rapper I’ve ever heard!!!

  • Will

    She looks creepy and funny, at the same time…

  • BAyLeeBitchh!

    AMAZING! haters you can kill yo self!!

  • ROC

    Oh I see, it’s okay when Blacks paint there faces black, but not when whites do it ? Who showing signs of racism now?

  • english people…

    Did any of you people go to school? Good god, learn how to write.

  • Violet

    @ROC: it was to match the outfit dumbass, why does everyone have to associate everything with racism/being offensive..the black paint was part of the outfit

  • gAY-z


  • Will

    @english peopleā€¦: In that case, your sentence should be “Did any of you people has ever go to school? Good god, learn how to write!”

  • Babii

    I liked it!!! She is not trying to be like Lady GaGa, yea right. She’s jus a character. And this performance was fun and silly. It really helped me not to take her so serious and jus hv with the music. I like her a whole lot more after watching this. She is really jus an actress.

  • Babii

    I also loved Will.I.Am’s swag!!!!!!

  • SHANAID-Sineadx

    HATERZ are yal jealouse because uz aint geettin the attention wiv a big bootaay. like she says haters you can kill yo self bcuz uz iz the shiz, white trash.Kiss kiss xx

  • you dont need to no

    so wat if she got a buttlift? wat does it matter.?

  • doc

    uhmmmmm wtf does she say at the end shes incomprehensible like are u kidding me is this what raps at right now.. ok major props to will i am cus the beats rocking but wtf nikki minaj die a burny death

  • CaptainGrammar

    @Will: FAIL!

  • kendra


    good question. whites always did want to be black huh?

  • Myia Canidate

    @ROC: Well caucasian idiot, white ppl are just that, white people and not black! Y would a white person wanna paint their face black anyway!

  • nickii minaj sis

    dont get me mad gurl i from trini and i will personaly find out where u livin and killl ur cunt bitch u will seee hmmmmmm watch out


    She is so funny hahahahahahaha come on Mz.. Minaj for the comedy! This performance reminded me of this old movie called B.A.P.S. with halle berry

  • Nickilovefan

    I love so much miss pretty(nicki minaj) .lil kim is ugly and nobody knows her like a famous.nicki is the best 4ever.lil kim can’t rap,i prefer a dog instead her,she hates nicki bcuz nicki is better than her.lil kim has no talent,who knows her may be dogs,cats and monkeys who look like her.people who comment against nicki are crazy a..S hol..

  • lovelyeyes0726

    Okay for real someone said she had big hips open up your eyes thats what black men like and some white one’s to let me ask you this is she so bad and fake why do i she so many girl or woman tryin to b like her hell if i had her money hell i would get me a lil more ass 2 :) all i’m sayin is don’t hate life is to short to be hatein on sumthing u wish u had

  • DeeDee

    Seriously….. That chick is hella weird

  • loveroflife

    I love her…everyone should celebrate difference and uniqueness…she has talent and spunk….She gets my stamp of approval..

  • Shaqule BaRbie Fantic Freak

    why do you guys have to hate i mean wats a barbie to do my ass is fake and im a boy ken barbie bytch afford one den holler at ussssseeeeeeeeee

  • Shaqule BaRbie Fantic Freak

    why do you guys have to hate i mean wats a barbie to do my ass is fake and im a boy ken barbie bytch afford one den holler at ussssseeeeeeeeee


    mannnn yalll just haten on nicki she is doin itt yeah


    mannnn yalll just haten on nicki she is doin itt yeah

  • http://Justjared Shonte

    How would you know if she got a butt lift? You may have one yourself. Dont judge people on the way they look

  • http://Justjared Shonte

    what u said made no sense

  • http://Justjared Shonte

    ha every body im bi but fake or not i want to hit nikkis ass

  • Tyler

    I like most of her music and I think she’s gorgeous, but I have to admit that she looks ridiculous here. If she was trying to look like a fool, mission accomplished.