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Chelsea Handler Hosts VMAs -- How Did She Do?

Chelsea Handler Hosts VMAs -- How Did She Do?

Chelsea Handler hosts the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday (September 12) in Los Angeles.

“My plan was to stay sober the entire show,” the 35-year-old comedienne joked. “But in an interesting twist, I am as high as a kite. That’s the last time I do a prayer circle with Snoop Dogg.”

Later in the evening, Chelsea joined the cast of Jersey Shore in a hot tub. When she climbed out of the tub, Chelsea had spontaneously grown a baby bump!

HOW DO YOU THINK Chelsea did as a first-time host of the VMAs? She was the first woman to host the show since Roseanne Barr in 1994!

15+ pictures inside of Chelsea Handler hosting…

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • Liz

    She is ridiculous, er.

  • Tellar Vergara

    Thank God, they finally got rid of the moronic, Russell Brand. That guy is more overrated than Avatar.

  • jjj

    she was cool. she needed to do some more zingers on the celebs tho

  • JJ

    She was not funny, her jokes were stale and bombed big time. One of the worst host I can remember.

  • ALEX

    I think Russell Brand did a great job before. He has a wicked British sense of humor. As far as Chelsea is concerned, she needs to keep her jobs confined to her late show. She’s cheesy, vulgar and a c-unit and that works out great for her show but the VMA’s are on a much higher level than she could ever hope to achieve in celebrity status.

  • J

    Sorry,Jared,she didn’t take the cake tonight. And was she a little buzzed in her intro? I REALLY have come to like Chelsea lately(excuse the pun), but this wasn’t her gig. She had a few moments (her coming in and spoofing GaGa, her “wig debate” with the Biebster,etc.), but she needed to bring Chuy and her panel with her to make the hosting duties complete…LOVE YOU,CHELS,REALLY I DO!

  • kinm

    she is cool and I love her, but please, she is at least 10 years older than 35 yo.

  • Jordan

    Yawn, she was boring and tired

  • http://HOTMAIL XTINA IS AN ICON!!!!!

    i like her she was funny .i love her show.

  • Naughty_by_Nature

    Love her! is it just me but she got a lezbo vibe going on??

  • Anthony

    I only think she’s actually funny when she has someone to kind of play off of.. When it’s just her on her own trying to be funny it seems too forced and bombs. Florence,Eminem,LP were all good and Katy Perry and Ashley Greene looked hot other then that I thought the show was horrible to sit through…

  • She’s ridiculous!

    She sucks !

  • Mari

    @kinm: According to her imdb profile she is indeed 35 years old and in the pictures there she looks that age as well. But on the pictures provided her on JJ she looks close to 50 rather than mid thirties.

  • Jokergurl

    She acted a little cranky, or blitzed to be honest I can’t figure out which. She’s usually really funny in a sarcastic deadpan way, I didn’t really see that tonight.

  • Lane

    Chelsea was not herself. The material written for her was poor, the big question is why did she perform it? Her impromptu comments and comedic timing on her nightly show are always funny and on cue. This is a mystery only she can answer and I think she will in time. When she sees the playback, stone cold sober, Chelsea will be horrified. The show itself was over produced, the graphics were busy and blocked the screen. I turned it off after the first hour. The VMA show can only be described as a catastrophic bomb.

  • Sean

    She’s funny on her show but was awful tonight. Monologue tanked and her skits weren’t even funny. I expected better

  • Shanice

    Personally I think she did a pretty good job. I loved her sarcasm, although I feel her jokes could’ve been better :/ but I was def laughing for awhile and I loved the lindsay lohan skit <33. But I believe she was scripted a little too much cause she’s def not like that on her show but it’s MTV ya know, they gotta have some censorship somewhere rite…?!
    And cut her some slack guys jeez, obviously it is her first time and I think she did great :)


    Sorry Chelsea Handjob fans, the old hag is just as unfunny on a big cable show, as she is day in and day out, on her small one….
    Chelsea Handler panned as VMA host
    Comedian among ‘worst in show’s history,’ writes N.Y. Times

    By Philiana Ng
    Sept 13, 2010, 02:49 AM ET
    When MTV announced last month that E!’s Chelsea Handler would be hosting this year’s Video Music Awards, it was met with some surprise. So how did she do Sunday on one of music’s most star-studded nights?
    “She was among the worst in show’s history — purposefully out-of-touch, with brief, alarming flashes of off-color racial humor,” the New York Times said in its analysis of the two-hour telecast.
    Handler “never looked comfortable, undone by nerves, brittle material and the wattage of those around her,” the N.Y. Times concluded.
    The Washington Post held the same sentiment, noting that “a string of flat punch lines felt a few degrees below crass.”
    And even though Handler urged the crowd in her opening monologue “to be on their worst behavior,” the evening was met with little to no controversy.
    Though Handler is known for being brash and inappropriate on her late-night show “Chelsea Lately,” Entertainment Weekly made the point that Handler’s entrance — in a Lady Gaga get-up, no less — was quite standard since the singer is “the easiest and the lamest … target around.”
    AOL TV recognized Handler’s efforts, but it wasn’t enough since “most of her skits fell flat.” The reviewer even blasted the lack of A-listers at the ceremony, writing that the presenters “were decidedly C-list” and “Hollywood just didn’t show up for this shindig.”
    Who would show up when this ish is hosting? She insults everyone under the sun, and it’s not even funny – she’s just a b*tch azz’d hag. Looks like she’s taking after her ‘friends,’ and showing she’s just as boring, fug and talentless as they are.

  • yo sista

    The whole show was a joke


    I don’t know who she is but she looks washed up (like she has been doing prostitution all her life), dried up, old and kinda trash. I heard many things she said and she is vulgar.
    I beleive you need more sophistication and class for that type of show. You can have a sense of humour but choose someone with a witty one, more beautiful and with some sophistication.
    That chelsea handler is better to host p0rn awards or something in the genre. she is not fit for the VMA’s. She reeks of obscenities

  • Sam

    Chelsea kind of bombed tonight. I have no idea why, she is normally hilarious. Hosting a big show like this is not so easy,
    The set was spectacular but Lady Gaga over and over again was beyond boring.
    Enough already.

  • busted

    Bring back Russell and let this nasty HAG stay on TV..or better yet have her off TV period.. Her jokes were gross and so is she..

    How did she do? She Bombed and ruined an already Dlist show and made it Flist…

    SHE is disgusting and inappropriate for any kind of Awards’ show.. this is what happens when you bring Trash into the house.

  • http://minajbiebergaga minajbiebergaga


  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …i’m sorry, i gotta be honest.. she wasn’t funny to me. and i think she’s hilarious. that show was just boring..


    And am i the only one to notice that she has a VERY masculine body type ? Her legs are terribly manly. her flabby upper body type with no waist whatsoever and flat ass also screams : man. No feminine poise either, just crass and distastefulness.
    , If it’s the best that America can do with the pool of beautiful talented people out there, it’s sad.

  • eyeh8twilight

    Chelsea has tons of fans, but there are quite a few people who hate her and think she’s stupid (most likely because she makes fun of their fave celebs), so I’m not gonna even read the comments on here, because she’s my fave comedian and I thought shew as brilliant.

    Chelsea Handler starting the show WEARING a house was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever watched in my whole life. I thought she was well. The thing is, she’s funniest on her show. It looks like they gave her a stupid script and told her not to make fun of anyone there, especially if they’re in cahoots with MTV. She needs to be free and say what she wants to say in order for her to be funny. Again, I loved her and I hope they invite her back again.

  • sera

    She is a racist , and not funny. Just mean and please if she is 35 I am 17 again. She literally was the worst part of the show.

  • Lakme

    She reminds me of an hyena.

  • African Queen

    Wish Ellen had done hosting duties. She was already there! What a waste…

  • um

    she’s not hilarious on her show so it was not a surprise that she bombed hosting that show.

    It’s well known that they use canned laughter on her show and I’m sure those few chuckles supposedly coming from the audience were added in. After all this was a “musuc” show so they have all those trickery’s at their disposal.

  • annie

    i love cheslea but she WAS NOT FUNNY,bad jokes and material. the music was why i kept watching.

  • um

    I meant “music”

  • emma

    with all these reality show it’s a wonder no one has thought of having a America’s Next Awards Show Host competition show….. there really is a need for it……

  • Ray Mabry

    i’ve Chelsea Handler is funny in skits and when she’s just talking off the top of her head but when she has to read teleprompters or read something scripted live it always comes out forced. She basically was a victim of that to some extent at the VMA’s. They should’ve just let her say whatever she wanted. Then it would’ve went over much smoother.

  • jen

    She was sooo boring. Awful and distasteful jokes, and she is very vulgar. How anyone thinks this woman is funny is beyond me.

  • lucile

    racist, not funny and vulgar.

  • jackie

    Chelsea Hander SUCKED as did the whole VMA’s!

    of course Just Jared is screwing with the thumbs, AGAIN

  • stantheman

    I think it was a terrible performance by chelsea handler. a total flop. i hope she never hosts anything again. what’s up with her hold her mic with two hands? relax lady its not a stick.

  • katie

    Did NOT like it at all!! They need to find someone with more class and with a real sense of humor! I had a friend visiting from out of country, and this is what they see of Americans on TV. Sad….

  • summer

    Chelsea wasn’t classy enough for a show on MTV?

    I guess that makes sense. I mean anytime I think of Jersey Shore or MTV in general I automatically think class.

    Get over it.

  • Casandra Smith

    Did anyone notice her lame attempts at humor using “angry black men”, “Snoop Dog”, “Kanye”. This woman should have be bleeped or blurred for social inappropriateness. Not funny to use the theme of African American male violence as a skit bit. Just plain dumb.

  • Arielle

    Whoever fact checks for Chelsea isn’t doing their job. Sarah Silverman hosted the VMAs in 2007, remember? She called Britney Spears’ kids mistakes. So Chelsea, you’re the first female host in THREE years.

  • Alias

    Her buddy CHUY is way funnier

  • well

    I turned the channel after the first 45 minutes because of Handler’s nasty comments and crassness. She is just not funny, she tries way too hard, looks way too rough.

  • Daniel Burley

    I am a real Chelsea Handler fan and I think she did a pretty good job hosting the VMAs, especially when you consider that this was her first time and to be honest MTV is really not her audience. I’m a 54 year old black male, married with 5 adult daughters and 5 grandchildren and I’m in love with Chelsea Handler…In my opinion, this girl can do no wrong and to be honest the only reason I watched the VMAs was because of her, but overall I really enjoyed the show (particularly the opening sketch).

  • Margo

    There was NOTHING classy about that show. It was the most boring, disappointing, unprofessional, untalented show I’ve ever seen. Maybe Usher and one or two others were OK – otherwise – AWFUL. Kanye’s song was the worst thing I’ve ever heard – his mother is gonna rise from the dead to chew his @ss out!

  • Margo

    There was NOTHING classy about that show. It was the most boring, disappointing, unprofessional, untalented show I’ve ever seen. Maybe Usher and one or two others were OK – otherwise – AWFUL. Kanye’s song was the worst thing I’ve ever heard – his mother is gonna rise from the dead to chew his @ss out!

  • fryc1

    Arielle – I guess the 2007 VMAs officially didin’t have a host but there were 3 shows that had a female host or co-host. 1984 Bette Midler/Dan Akroyd, 1987 Downtown Julie Brown/Carolynn Heldman/Dweezil Zappa 1994 Rosanne Barr

  • TweedleDee

    Horrible racist bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lee

    Dont know where else to post tried JJ YuKu mega post but cant please post there

    this is my first time posting and it is really a rant against others the first loser is Chelsea Handler who grows more and more pathetic each time she opens her mouth. She has a show but everyone outshines her in the funny department and when she interviews guest she talks about herself. She is the epitome of contradictions because she makes fun of Tyra Banks ego yet she talks about how cool she is, if you have to tell everyone how awesome you are well then you are not. She brings up everyone made up trash gossip item about Angie to make Aniston look like the good girl victim. I actually never thought badly about Jen but I have found more and more that there is a reason why ANGIE fans hate Aniston and it is because they see her tactics. She goes on a show like Chelsea Handlers because of the crap that she talks about Angie which shows me how desperate and pathetic she is to have everyone keep believing Angie stole her man when all it does is further show why he was done being married to her. It is the only reason why she has a career if anyone would even call it that. I remember seeing a pic of Chelsea and Aniston and finally realized why Chelsea cannot stand Angie. I think it may be that she is the most insecure person, she talks about how great she is in bed, how great her boobs are, how funny and cool she is and brags about her slutiness but calls someone like Megan Fox(angie wannabe) a **** who has been with the same man for years or makes fun of the Jersey shore kids for their herpes and diseases brought about by having sex with anything that walks yet as I said before she details her sex life and constantly talks about her sluttiness. Anyway I think Chelsea is aware that famous people latch onto others to boost their fame and that is what Chelsea is doing. Their relationship is purely self serving. I also think that is why Angie does not care to get close to people because she is aware of this. A lot of famous people especially someone as famous as Angie would get used for her fame. I imagine being famous makes you guarded, the reason why I am talking about this is because of everyone in the media talking about Angie not having friends. I think that her mission work is something she can only share with Brad because they both are in similar situation with their fame and opportunities to do good with it. People love to demonize her and make her the villain because they believe that every story needs a good girl and bad girl but it is not the case at all/ The media and pathetic people like Chelsea want Angie to be the bad girl so they create this bad girl image because they want her to be an ‘evil’ character but she is not and so the only way they can fulfill their fantasy is by constantly perpetuating the archetypal/stereotypical character of a seductress, cold hearted, evil, friendless person is by twisting what she says. They use incidents in her past and pervert them to once again seem crazy when she has moved on and grown, they can’t seem to shake her struggles when she was younger. People grow isn’t that the point in life to learn and be better. Here is a link I don’t know how to post vides but I love it because it shows how she has gone from shy and uncomfortable to confident, mature, out spoken. Angelina Jolie on Charlie Rose, Girl Interrupted Jan 14th 2000, part 1 Its one of the best interview I have seen and love the part where she says what her mother used to say to her when she cried ” LET ME SEE YOUR SOUL”. I liked the video because she described why she does not have friend and I thought it was appropriate to. She describes why she doesn’t have friends and it is actually deep and profound that she believes that she can’t be a good friend because she travels a lot. Only someone she good and pure could actually be so selfless when it comes to what she knows and believes to be a friend. What I took from it was that she believes that friendships are important and should be made by people who are fully capable of giving. Also one a side note I know countless people who live full lives but don’t have really close friend’s only acquaintances but noting is made about it. Also not many celebs get slack of course only Angie does but most celebs best friends are their employees and associates like their hairstylists and stylists whom they pay.

    Read more: