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Hayden Christensen: Vanishing on TIFF Street with Thandie Newton!

Hayden Christensen: Vanishing on TIFF Street with Thandie Newton!

Hayden Christensen is all laughs and smiles at the premiere of the new movie, Vanishing On 7th Street, at Ryerson Theatre during the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday (September 12) in Toronto, Canada.

The twosome was accompanied on the red carpet by director Brad Anderson, producer Celine Rattray, costar Jacob Latimore, and producer Norton Herrick.

If you missed it, watch the Vanishing on 7th Street trailer!

25+ pictures inside of TIFF attendees Hayden Christensen and Thandie Newton

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hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 01
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 02
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 03
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 04
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 05
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 06
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 07
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 08
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 09
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 10
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 11
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 12
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 13
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 14
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 15
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 16
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 17
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 18
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 19
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 20
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 21
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 22
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 23
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 24
hayden christensen tiff thandie newton 25

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42 Responses to “Hayden Christensen: Vanishing on TIFF Street with Thandie Newton!”

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  1. 26
    MissAnthropica Says:

    Picture 22 in the slide I saw it.
    Calm down lol
    It isnt Rachel if that is what you mean.
    Look at her hair it is too dark,
    Rachels hair is half brunette half copper blonde at the moment and dont you think if it was Rachel the paps would of gotten a picture of her no matter what considering all the recent hype of the end of their relationship.
    Its just some girl probably a fan or a Rachel want to be trying to grab Haydens attention. He looks a little taken back by her and not in a good way.

  2. 27
    MissAnthropica Says:
    See thats what her hair looks like. Alot lighter.
    Now no one has to go on a crazy i hate the ex rage its all cleared up.
    Back to Hayden which the post is about!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 28
    Lilith Says:

    This will bring back memories for some Hayden or Rachel fans

    See that is what staged relationships look like… looks familiar doesnt it? Ill give you one guess .lol
    If you guessed that Hayden and Rachel were fake…
    then guess what
    you got the right answer…. ding ding ding we have a winner!!!


  4. 29
    H728 Says:

    PLEASE, for God’s sake, just leave the topic about Hayden’s old relationship alone, OK? It has been over for more than a month!
    This thread is about Hayden and his new movie. Can people just stop beating the dead horse over and over again?

  5. 30
    Lora Says:


    Wow, you made my day lol. And amused me a good deal. I do not hate RB but I am glad they split. Relieved actually lol.

    I think it was then a kind of practical joke of one of RB’s fans. She really looks like her not only hair, style but even in body proportion lol!And yes, Hayden looks far from being “what -luck- running- into- you”.

    By the way, have you seen my post # 175 to you here??

    You also mentioned “body language” in one of your posts, can you recommened something to read about it as I am absolutely ignorant in that field, sorry to admit.


    Hay, guys, do not be that vulnerable about mentioning RB. I am far from being her fan, but I am trying to be reasonable. She happened in his life as well as he in hers. And there is no way to stop people from references. People always compare. Always. With past or current girl/boyfriends. You can not avoid it. No matter we like it or not HC and RB names will be linked for ever now. Do not take it too close to heart lol.

  6. 31
    MissAnthropica Says:

    @Lora: Just checked that post and saw your comment there. I didnt know there was bad blood between Jake Gyllehaal and Hayden. That is brand new news to me.
    I know Hayden and Jake were in play together in London for a summer I believe back in like 2001 or 2002 but I never heard Jake Gyllehaal didnt like Hayden.
    Im a rather puzzled to hear that o.0?
    I doubt Jake either way is planning anything with Rachel though, doesnt seem his style and his people practically screamed when asked about the rumor of him and Rachel that it was NOT TRUE was their exact comment. LOL Guess Jake’s people wanted to make that perfectly clear lol

    People will probably compare or bring up Rachel for awhile when talking about Hayden and the same for Hayden when Rachel is talked about. But their relationship wasnt exactly headline grabbing except for on JJ and a couple of other sites, Main stream media didnt bother with it much. So I dont think this is going to be a ” BENNIFER” thing that will never go away.
    Actually in five years depending on how both of their careers go people will most likely have to be reminded they were together. It happens with gossip over time people move on and forget.
    I am sure though that Hayden fans will be compareing whoever Hayden is linked with to Rachel for better or worse for a little while though.

    But like I said depending on how their careers go and who they end up with will determine how much people ever remember the two of them ever being together to begin with.
    Kind of like how alot of people forgot Jake Gyllehaal and Kirsten Dunst were ever together but they know Jake Gyllehaal and Reese were, Jake Gyllehaal ‘s relationship with Reese was more A list and high profile and after his career started to climb.

    So if Hayden’s career is back on the right track the way it seems to be and he evolves into a Alist leading man in Hollywood and has a more high profile relationship with someone of the same level then people will more likely remember him and that person than Rachel and him.
    Just saying
    Same could go for Rachel I suppose if she ever manages to get her career started again which I am doubting since she seems to doubt it as well and is focusing only on fashion.

    I think that picture of the fan or whatever she was and Hayden looking well less then happy worse case freaked out might have been a set up by the photographer themselves.
    They do that sometimes.
    Make it look like something it isnt in hopes to sell their photos for more money rather then the petty cash rate they would usually get and hope no one looks into it till later or buys them anyways and uses them regardless..
    Considering the angle of the photo and the from behind her only point of view so you couldnt tell who it was at first it is very possible that is what someone was trying to do. Sell fake ” exclusive” photos.
    Slimey of them to do that but what can anyone except they are papparazzi they have no souls lol

    As far as the body language stuff I will see what links I can find to a site or book if I can find anything that might give you some basic starter information on the subject. I personally found it to be an interesting subject when I first studied it.

    Like how a persons hand gestures can give them away even if they are controlling their voice and facial expressions and the rest of their body. Most people forget about their hands and give alot away when doing so.

  7. 32
    MissAnthropica Says:
    I am going to hell for this I know for saying this… but I think its a good thing in an odd way.
    Hayden actually has a pimple mind you it is rather small lol Figures.
    You know what this means though?
    He’s human!!! and wasnt created in a lab to be a “super actor boy” being of handsomeness.
    I know…..
    Im going to hell for pointing it out. I’ll save all the site visitors a seat dont worry. lol

  8. 33
    MissAnthropica Says:

    I could see how some people might for a second think this was his ex with all the bags in her hands lol
    Bilson was best known for shopping more so than anything else during their time together. Funny but true.
    Upon closer inspection though and I dont mean this as a diss to Bilson so any Bilson fans reading this dont flip out ok please? but this girl is a bit thinner than even Rachel is. I am not saying thats a good thing I am just pointing this out. Rachel has lost some weight recently but her legs arent that thin. Again not a diss on Rachel just pointing out what I see.
    Also she is taller than Rachel is if you look at Haydens height compared to the unknown fans and then to people around them she is clearly taller than Rachel is even in heels. Again not a diss on Rachel. Just making that clear again so no one freaks out lol

    You got to be so PC these days I swear ;p

    Joking Joking anyways as I was saying…

    Also this girls feet seem to be a tad bigger than Rachels feet so that is how I came to the conclusion besides the hair and the fact that the paps didnt chase them down that it wasnt her. Also her jeans are a little worn down on the bottom and Rachel being really into clothes she would just toss those jeans not keep them

  9. 34
    MissAnthropica Says:
    Last but not least new picture of Hayden.
    Notice the boots.
    That is just adoreable they look like he just stepped off his nearby farm outside Toronto
    . Who knows maybe he did lo
    l Seems like something he would do. Its rather endearing I think that he wore comfy old boots hes had for awhile that have just a tad of dust and dirt on them even though he knows he is going to be photographed.
    Not alot of actors would dare do that they would be too worried about what people would think about them.
    But not Hayden his look is very
    “I am going to be comfortable with what I am wearng even if you all dont like it I dont care I like my boots” lol
    Like I said adoreable, very he isnt trying too hard.
    So summing everything up dirty boots? check omg he actually has a pimple and is human ? check and a beaming look to him these days? check.
    Well except for that picture with that girl lol Not so much beaming there lol

    Well thought I would share all those with whomever cares to look.

    Btw side note if a long version of these past few comments gets posted just ignore it.
    It got put in moderation for no reason.
    As you can see not anything wrong with what I wrote.
    Maybe it was because of how long the comment was or all the links IDK lol
    So I just split up the comment into three parts instead ^.^

  10. 35
    Sammy Says:


    If I don’ see pics of her in LA or NYC then it’s safe to assume that is her in the pic. We are not idiots.

  11. 36
    searlus Says:

    @ 33 –
    So/too slimy… tsk..
    We’ll how I really wish that it was really his good-ole-for-nothing ex-fiance… so that Manakin’s ageing & gullible fans would despise him again LOL

  12. 37
    Sammy Says:

    Aging fans?

  13. 38
    MissAnthropica Says:

    @Sammy: First of all who is this “we” lol
    Speak for yourself otherwise it sounds nutty.
    There…….., see Rachel’s hair is the still half brunette half golden and does not match that girls hair from the other day.

    Case closed.

    How easily some fans of Hayden get bitter again I swear lol
    Their loyalty is a joke sometimes.
    Either like the man or dont but dont freak out just because of one picture.

  14. 39
    Lora Says:


    Fair remarks! Yes, I see it now perfectly well that the girl is not RB. Thank you!

    And I also was much amused by Hayden’s old-look-style boots. Sweety. This is his way to say “F*** off ! to fashion abusers and feel comfortable.

    Since Jake Gyllenhaal longtime hatred towards HC is brand new news for you I throw some light on it. I tried but did not managed to find a proper link where JG exposed his attitude to HC but I really feel disgusted to repeat what he said even in my own words. In short, JG claimed that HC and hygiene are not friends to put it mildly. He said it after taking part in that play “Youth out there” in London. But the only thing that is really filthy and stinks is the way JG tries to spot HC’s reputation. How low! A worm.

    I never liked JG but now I despise him. By the way, when I watched the film ”… mountain” (forgot the name) with him and Heath Ledger in the lead, I laughed all way round, nearly fall down from a chair. It is supposed to be a drama I guess? I can not help it I can only laugh at men kissing each other. I do not support gays. Disgusting. And I am not sorry. Why such crap gets Oscar??

  15. 40
    MissAnthropica Says:

    @Lora: Oh yes I remember that Hayden stopped showering on purpose as much during that play he talked about it in an interview, something to do with trying to look flithy like the characters in the play did.
    I imagine Hayden was not the only actor that did that for the play…. if Jake is such a committed actor he shouldnt bash another actor for going deep for a role.
    Alot of stage actors do all sorts of odd things while in a play some are also afraid of bad luck as well. Some wont shave or wear the same shoes everyday while in the play etc etc So Hayden might have been going that route.
    For Jake to bash him like that….. I am surprised for Jake to sink that low and diss another actor for his method in a play you would think he would respect artistic sacrafice not pick on it,

  16. 41
    Lora Says:

    @MissAnthropica: Oh, now I see. Hayden did it for pupose to portray the character. I thought JG just made it up bc of plain envy. A blow below the belt. An insect. Anyway.

  17. 42
    piss drinking Says:

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