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Hilary Duff: Raccoon Tail Tote!

Hilary Duff: Raccoon Tail Tote!

Hilary Duff grabs a flight out of LAX on Sunday (September 12) with an interesting accessory sticking out of her Givenchy purse – a raccoon tail!

The 22-year-old actress headed to New York City’s JFK airport on her flight.

Hil is less than a month away from the release of Elixir, her debut novel with Simon and Schuster!

The 336-page book will be released on October 12, and Hil will be making appearances around the country in support of the new project.

FYI: Hil is wearing Nancye boots in slate by Coach.

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hilary duff raccoon taiil givenchy bag lax 01
hilary duff raccoon taiil givenchy bag lax 02
hilary duff raccoon taiil givenchy bag lax 03
hilary duff raccoon taiil givenchy bag lax 04
hilary duff raccoon taiil givenchy bag lax 05
hilary duff raccoon taiil givenchy bag lax 06
hilary duff raccoon taiil givenchy bag lax 07
hilary duff raccoon taiil givenchy bag lax 08

Credit: GVK; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Yolanda

    I think Hilary forgot to leave her pu55y at home!!! Poor kitty will be pi55ed when she arrives in NYC!!!!!!!

  • Quentin Conners

    I hope Hilary Duff does more mainstream movies from now on, particularly, more dramas, tries to reach her full potential as an actress and tries to win an Oscar.

  • Yac

    she looks good

  • Martina

    Hope its fake, if not, she’s and unconscious/thoughtless bitch! hope Peta gets her in that case

  • essie

    love the bag, would be great for a laptop.. but i also hope that tail is fake…

  • Bela C.

    Unbelievable how people get book deals because they’re famous and tons of people writing books cannot get these deals.

  • sfghj

    Hot as usual

    Hoping for Fashion Week / Spider-Man / Elixir related events soon

    I believe in Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat

  • George

    My girl *-*

  • Brightside

    I seriously hope that it is not a real raccoon tail…can’t stand people who kill animals for fashion. Understand the need to eat meat, sort of…but not the fur for fashion thing.

  • sfghj

    Maybe she’s following gaga’s advice?

    I’m still confused for the reason behind meat dress

    She says we must fight for our rights or our rights would be just as few as the meat on our bones?

    so we have to eat a lot to get our rights? it seems like a message for overweight people to be treated normal

    otherwise, for fat people, we have lots of rights already, so its all good.

  • Lucas

    Of course is a fake tale, guys. Hilary wouldn’t wear a real raccoon tail

  • Dave Alves

    What really matters is that Hilary is such a diva.
    Can’t wait until Spiderman and A Dolphyn’s tale.

  • Joise

    who is her hat by?

  • how careless

    Even if the tail is fake, it’s not “cool”. It represents a dead, beautiful animal.

  • sam

    she’s not trying to be “cool” w/ the tail.. it’s just a bag, get over it
    hilary looks pretty!
    wonder if she was headed to fashion week? or is that over?

  • Fur is out

    The fur bag is so ghetto. I’m surprised Hilary would like it.

  • Silly Hilly

    What’s with the plucked pheasant feathers and the animal tail? Is she returning from a hunting trip?

  • Silly Hilly

    Feathered cap.
    Tights and costumey boots.
    Dress over tights.
    Survival bag.

    All Hillary needs to complete her Robin Hood costume is a bow and arrow.

  • lol

    It always amuses me when people come out to express their ‘outrage’ anytime someone wears something like this.

    Your argument is automatically invalid unless you’re a Vegan who has never worn leather or ANYthing that comes from an animal in your life.
    It’s up to the individual, not you.

  • Amber

    Well SHE looks cute but I am not crazy about the purse!

  • Vitor Porto

    Of course is a fake tale, guys. Hilary wouldn’t wear a real raccoon tail [2]

    Hilary is such a perfect girl, so beautiful and great soul. HOT, amazing. GO GIRL!

  • careless

    #19, our arguments against wearing a racoon’s tail is valid regardless of whether we’re vegan or not. There is no excuse for trapping and killing a wild animal for its fur, just for a useless, vain fashion statement.

  • Marieme

    I’m with you #14.

    My immediate reaction is you stupid, ignorant bi tch! She’s worn fur before, so I think we all have a good idea what’s what. Dumb sh it.

  • sam

    Selfish. No empathy for others if you wear fur. Bad as Hennifer Lopez. The bag is innane anyway. How gaudy!

  • Miguel Karam

    She looks so cute!

  • diana

    @how careless:

  • Sahar

    I wish who ever wears real fur that person goes to hell. Fur is death your fur had eyes, face and heart shame on these people who wears real fur. I love Peta. They should really get that shit.

  • furlovingmeateater

    Shutup. I think it’s cute. Don’t like it? Suck it up. I’m against violently abusing animals, but PETA does nothing to grace animal loving communities. There are printed documents and investigations on PETA having killed domestic pets given up to their shelters (despite being supposed “no kill” shelters) because they believe death is a better alternative to being someone’s loved pet. Is that what you believe in? Isn’t that heresy to the whole mainstream ideal of PETA being the savior of animals worldwide?
    Wake up and do the research. All you who get so easily offended by a raccoon tail should wake up and care more about other important things. You’re probably some young adults or teenagers under the veil of PETA.
    Btw, in case my name didn’t already tell you, I ilke fur and eating meat.
    Aren’t I a big scary monster?
    Do leather seats in a car bother you as well? What about the tasty packs of jello you eat? Made from horse bone. Yeah, get smart and research your arguments and learn to backup your opinion in an educated way.