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Kanye West's VMAs Performance -- VIDEO

Kanye West's VMAs Performance -- VIDEO

Kanye West suits up in red and performs his new song “Runaway” at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday (September 12) in Los Angeles.

“You’ve been putting up with my s”” for way too long,” the 33-year-old rapped. “Let’s have a toast for the douchebags. Let’s have a toast for the a——s. Let’s have a toast for the scumbags. Let’s have a toast for the jerk—s. Baby, I got a plan. Run away fast as you can.”

The song is off of Kanye‘s upcoming album, Dark Twisted Fantasy, out Nov. 12. Watch the VMAs closing performance below and a preview of the “Runaway” video below that!

Kanye West’s VMAs Performance — VIDEO

Kanye West – “Runaway” Video Preview
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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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    you know what! after all this taylor swift thing! i just can’t stand kanye!!

  • christy

    douchebag, asshole, really classy lyrics. but what would you expect from a classless person such as this douchebag, asshole, fatass!


    @christy: LOL! @christy: WTF??

  • Jase

    He was actually hilarious unlike Taylor

  • xoxo
  • um………..
  • Erin

    Loved it.

  • Sacha, 22

    These videos work so slow for me ;_____;

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    Taylor “I’m a frail victim” Swift needs to thank this man over and over and over again. Without him, what would be her relevance. I love how she replayed his walk on from last year before she sang. Can this girl move on already? Or at least have a decent new song. She is a very sweet adn stunning girl who just can’t sing. She HAS to play the Kanye thing otherwise she has no relevance and frankly needs singing lessons (and less fluffier songs).


    @christy: Uh because Taylor’s song was just sooo classy lol!

  • K.


  • Dave Alves

    I hate him.

  • wwe

    you go kanye!!!!

  • Brittany

    @BRAULIOTOOW: After all this taylor swift thing. I cant stand neither one of them but I give kanye props lol

  • Hey, get your facts straight

    @ms bar jolie gaga:

    Taylor owes the douchebag absolutely nothing. You people for the life of you cannot Goggle Taylor’s career before this, she is ALWAYS popular and sells a ton of music.

  • Not so.


    She has more class than West, always has and always will.

  • Not so.


    So you’re an ass like West then? Good to know.

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    So if she owes nothing to Kanye then why replay the incident from last year before performing? Why is she milking it as if he had committed some violent crime against he? Does she ralize young women have real problems in the world besides some man stormed the stage when I am receiving my in fact undeserved award? Is she serious? She needs to get over it. Seriously. He did not assault her violently. Seriously? She needs to stop and get some singing lessons instead. She was lame tonight. Lame and boring.

  • zoz

    Yeah I loved Taylor’s lip singing. Perfect performance Kanye.

  • Erika


  • Jokergurl

    I didn’t really know what to think of it, it was awkward and it seemed like the only people cheering were the fans, not too many of the artists that I saw anyway. Both Taylor and Kanye’s songs were both strange considering the implied context. Taylor’s song was about forgiving Kanye? Maybe? condescending a bit though? and Kanye’s song was about giving a-holes a break? admitting he was wrong? or something I don’t know. Awkward….

  • justsayno

    I dont care about the performance but its the happiest hes looked in a long time

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …his performance was probably the best of the night. everything else was a bit lame.

  • Mary

    I’ve never really had a problem with Taylor Swift, never really formed much of an opinion on her. So when she was interrupted last year I felt bad for her, but the performance she gave the other night was a major turn-off I think. It was VERY condescending. The song was very preachy, what is this BS with the “You are an innocent” Seriously WTF? It was a little like “We are all children of God, and we are all innocent, and I forgive you because I am such a good person” Honestly I kind of just want this girl to shut up. YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM TAYLOR SO STOP ACTING LIKE ONE! You’ve won many awards, have hundreds of thousands of fans, you manage to be very successful while only have mediocre talent. You are lucky so stop with all this pity me bull! What Kanye did was rude but shouldn’t have “ruined” the event for you. You still won an award, got 1000000x more air time than you would have if it hadn’t happened, therefore getting more fans and attention. It was a major career boost.

    There are real victim’s in the world. While you are lingering on about how someone interrupted one of your acceptance speeches, people are suffering from real problems. Move on and appreciate everything that you have.

    In regards to Kanye’s performance, it made him 1000x more likable in my opinion. . Also last years events had a much larger effect on Kanye than on Taylor. He lost major fanbase and everyone was against him. He seemed real. It seemed open and honest and had an edge to it. After last night I am team Kanye. We all mess up sometimes.

  • ugh

    there’s nobody more corny than Kanye… What a cornball with all those lady necklaces he was sporting. That red suit was clashing with his skin tone. Not a good look. Is he still wearing those doofus glasses with the venetian blinds on the lenses?

    The only person who was good was that Florence from Florence and the Machine. She saved the show.

  • jackie

    that whole show sucked. LL was the funniest and the biggest talent gaga didn’t perform and CHER would have stolen the show if she performed. Eminem was good but Riri looked like a clown and taylor swift can’t sing either. If you like someone shouting douchebag and asshole kenya is about all the TALENT you can STAND.

  • Da Truth

    All yall kanye haters’ can go some where!!
    everybody makes mistakes even you!!
    kanye is one of tha best!!!


    this is what you call the meaning of a lowlife gutter n—ger that is so dumb he cant even talk has anybody heard him speak ? duh duh duh everyone is laughing at him not only that red ridiculous outfit his jewlery oh please turn the page just another ghetto n—ger looser hope he gets shot and dies a slow death the world would be a better place without him and many many many more of his kind you guys know what i mean and its the truth!!!!!!!!!

  • a big piece of s–t

    thats what he is a dump of a load nothing else and hes a racist everyone knows it

  • douchebag

    KANYES the douche here and also the lowlife n—ger hate him hope he does get shot couldnt agree more

  • Bela C.

    Let’s hear it for the douchbags!


    yes and KANYES the king of the douches

  • ha

    black people are awesome.
    - they’re constantly criticized, ridiculed for everything they do, treated as criminals, called every disgusting name in the book but they still come out with a smile and get the job done.

  • Michelle


    EXACTLY…. and I love the racist commenters on here who seem to think kanye’s the classless a**hole, they really need to look in the mirror. They”re all just jealous beacause a “ni-ger” has more money, success, power, and CLASS then they will ever have in their lifetime. LOSERS… if anybody should kill themselves it should be them.

  • Ashley

    Who was the other guy singing with Kanye??

  • Ashley

    who was that other guy singing with Kanye?


    I think kanye ‘s gonna win either way, and lose either way
    winning public love = loss, because most people love to hate him
    if he doesn’t care, then people will continue to dog him

  • Shanay

    I think Kanye West is a douchebag a$$hole and I’m black. Does that make me racist?

  • longchamp

    kanye may well be a douche. that still doesn’t change the fact that even a douche is more likable than a perpetual victim…

  • franco

    I don’t like him at all

  • keets

    I hate his music.I am black and thik he’s a fricken azzzzzz.

  • @33

    and just what job is it that they black ppl get done?

  • Carly

    ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz boring song, boring performance.
    Kayne is done.

  • shuggah

    Kanye sucks! he came out strong had us all going through the wire and talking bout goldiggers, but since his mom died, he’s been ridiculous. this song is ridiculous. this is not what we should teach our kids. this is not what we should deem fit for music period. and people are really feeling this song. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! GET IT TOGETHER KANYE!!!

  • BodeanLifestyle =)

    iBet half of you people saying you hate kanye are probably Racist . He is the best lyricist and taylor swift in my opinion didn’t deserve that award . iKnow its messed up how he came about it but that is kanye for you . if you didn’t know he speaks his mind whether we like it or not . Taylor needs to move on its not like he took her award out her hand or cursed her out . She needs to move on and you guys need to stop hating on Kanye west . Simple

  • Chrissy


    She’s hardly acting like a victim, Kanye yes made a mistake, but of course there was going to be consequences, what he did was, lets be honest quite an inconsiderate/rude thing to do! Then did not let it go, with countless tweets about it.

    Taylor’s song was condescending, but at the same time she was trying to show she forgave him, even if it came out as condescending there were good intentions.

    She moved on from what happened, okay she did a couple of interviews, but thats the media they’re gonna ask questions but she didn’t exactly want to answer them, and in some cases she didn’t.

    For me Kanye is just attention seeking and it is him who needs to move on.

  • sabaya

    Cory Monteith is looking hot as usual!