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Shia LaBeouf Stays Cool In Canada

Shia LaBeouf Stays Cool In Canada

Shia LaBeouf takes a walk with a cup of coffee around Yorkville on Saturday (September 11) in Toronto, Canada.

The 24-year-old actor recently admitted director Oliver Stone bruised his ego by suggesting he ‘wasn’t an actor’ at their first meeting. “My first meeting with Oliver, he was really expedient about killing any ego or conceit on my part,” he told the LA Times.

“He said, ‘Don’t worry, Tom Cruise wasn’t an actor when I first worked with him either.’ It was like a knife to my heart. But I went on to become the most competent and astute of anyone on set about the business out of necessity. Otherwise, I felt like a drowning man. To sit in a room with these actors … I was just the dude from Transformers,” Shia said.

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  • Carla Börjesson

    Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps will be one of the year’s best films. It is the single most important movie of the year, simply because it’s the only 2010 movie about the global recession. The script is fantastic, the cast is amazing, the director is phenomenal. Such an intelligent, intellectual and relevant movie. Eli Wallach, Jim Cramer and Donald Trump are in this as well and the film is based in New York, London, the United Arab Emirates and an Asian country. This movie is going to get a very positive reception when it is released. Oscars for all involved.

  • facts

    Can’t wait for this! Shia’s great!

  • facts

    Also……why would Oliver Stone cast Shia if he didn’t think he was any good? Shia is more natural and believable than most seasoned actors I’ve seen. That was a douchebag thing to say to him. Especially when you go ahead and throw Donald Trump in your film.

  • lola

    LOOOL oliver stone is the man … but i do love shia and do believe he is an amazing young actor

  • acb

    @Carla Börjesson: shut up

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    wow havnt seen him in a while. wat clean shaven?? NICE!!! but same o dirty holey pants. LOL hes gain weight. thought he was workin out?? Oliver Stone knows Shia is a good actor. He jus wants 2 mak Shia da BEST actor!! I think Oliver said wat he said 4 a reason. Young hollywood actors needs 2 b brought bac down 2 earth sumtimes. b put in their place. Shia is smart, he understands that. Cant wait 2 him!!!!

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    meant 2 say cant wait to c him in da movie!! LOLOL

  • the truth

    @Carla Börjesson: Don’t seem like Oscar material to me. But it will do for fall film.But the film still about making money off are other people. You know directors they just want to know why your head ‘s at the time .So you won’t get big headed when you meet them.

  • Sandra

    Two faced hypocritical snob

  • user

    He’s ugly and a douchbag, I honestly don’t get his appeal what-so-ever. And by the way, two years after the Wall Street sequel is released, will he also trash talk it and back peddle every good thing he said?

  • Sandra

    @jensenLUVER tanya: Learn how to spell idiot

  • Ugh.

    Jared no one wants to see this talent-less money hungry loser on your site. If anything go post about him on Just JaredJr where all of his loser fans with no lives can obsess over him there.

  • Pinkrose

    Sloppy-looking for a young guy.

  • pickles

    I love Shia and I’ve seen other stuff he’s done besides Transformers, and Eagle Eye, and Disturbia, etc. He was in a golf movie and he was absolutely a sweetheart. I think Oliver Stone is a douchebag to say that.

  • Ellen


  • Sandra

    @pickles: “he was absolutely a sweetheart”

    Lmao. It must be nice to live in an alternative reality, right? Tell me, what kind of “sweetheart” drives drunk and endangers other people’s lives? What kind of “sweatheart” refuses to even take responsibility for driving drunk and putting other people’s lives at risk? I glad that his hand has permanent damage because at least then he won’t be able to give the paps the middle finger with his crooked fingers. Shia’s the d-bag, not Oliver, because Oliver was right, Shia isn’t an actor then and he won’t be one now. Unfortunately for Shia, you can’t buy talent. Shia is so beyond ungrateful and selfish its amazing. But hey, at least all of his loser 40-something year old ‘fans’ with no lives or friends can a least obsess over his ugly face and put him on some pedestal and worship him, right?

  • Jokergurl

    I want to see Money Never Sleeps because I want to to see the return of Gordon Gekko too bad it’s only PG-13 though. Oliver Stone is a tough director though he doesn’t coddle actors at all, just ask Colin Farrell who he put through the wringer for Alexander or Robert Downey Jr,, for Natural Born Killers, or anyone else who has worked with Stone.

  • Bavarian Pretzel from IMDB

    @Sandra:I worte this (I am sandra), I am sorry to Shia and anyone who is “40+ year old”. I just hate my life so badly and it is not fair that Shia is in love with Carey and I am not. I am one miserable person with no friends. Again I am sorry, will you pray for me to get better, please. Thank you, I need prayers and badly, I have such a horrible heart.

  • Yasmin

    HATE this short-tempered douchenozzle. & he has the most punchable face. Such a one-dimensional actor.

  • Sandra

    @Bavarian Pretzel from IMDB: What the F//uck? I didn’t wrote that!!! Stop pretending to be me you f..ucking freakshow.

  • Sandra

    @Bavarian Pretzel from IMDB: And by the way loser I don’t care about who he’s dating. I think he’s a loser based on his interviews and the way he acts when he’s not professionally acting. Go crawl back to IMDb weirdo and stop pretending to be me.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …`oliver stone’s a real director, unlike that douchebag michael bay.

  • Not a fan

    Carey is too good for this twat

  • klughkjg

    @Sandra: lol. okay. stay mad, sweetie.

  • Not a fan

    @klughkjg: I’m not mad, ‘sweetie’.

  • KellStar

    I remember he played a mentally challenged child is a disney movie, and he was actually quite good. Reminded me of young Leo in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

  • Not a fan

    Ohh lmao I thought that comment was directed at me not that “Sandra” person.

  • MissAnthropica

    Personally I thought Shia was really good in Disney’s movie ” Holes” along side Ms. Weaver and in Disturbia as well. Disturbia is my favorite film he has done so far.
    I dont care much for the Transformer films but that is because Micheal Bay’s film always suck and the second Transformers film just reminded the world of that.
    Indiana Jones 4 was also bad but that is because George Lucas is a hack that can only ruin his past works not create anything new that is worth anything but you can tell Shia tryed his best in the role.
    I hope Wallstreet 2 is atleast a decent film for Shia to be in with decent material and it should be just fine as long as he brought everything he could to the role.
    I do think he has more talent and drive than most actors his age and because of that drive it will probably take him far as an actor,
    Will be interesting to see what the future holds for him

  • Miley

    He’s a spoiled brat

  • boston61

    Looks like he is starting to pork up at the ripe old age of 24.

  • emma

    LoveU shiaa.

  • sayuri

    LoveU shiaa.

  • sayuri

    Vem pro Brasil. -DD

  • soyara


  • fau

    Shia is the man;

  • maria

    So cute*__*

  • halie

    Love shia. he´s amazing

  • kikaa

    shia is the best man

  • jenny

    can´t wait for WS =DDDD

  • Miley

    @kikaa: @maria: @fau: @soyara: @emma: LOL. The same Shia obsessed fan posting under names.

  • ana

    love shia and love tranformers

  • lady


  • sofia

    Damn hot

  • hilary


  • christina

    Cool. Hés hot man.

  • christina


  • sandra

    Love him

  • benjamin

    I like him!!!!

  • Arenna


  • Sasha