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Sofia Vergara: I'm A Natural Blonde!

Sofia Vergara: I'm A Natural Blonde!

Sofia Vergara is red hot on the cover of Self magazine’s October 2010 issue!

Here’s what the 38-year-old Modern Family actress had to share:

On her true hair color: “I’m a natural blonde. But when I started acting, I would go to auditions and they didn’t know where to put me because I was voluptuous and had the accent – but I had blonde hair. It was ignorance: They thought every Latin person looks like Salma Hayek. The moment I dyed my hair dark, it was, ‘Oh, she’s the hot Latin girl.’ I loved it. I’d always felt a little ‘too much’ as a blonde, like a big-mouth version of Pamela Anderson. Being brunette toned me down a bit.”

On her voluptuous figure: “When I was 13, I got these ridiculous boobs. I wanted surgery. I told my mom, ‘As soon as I’m older, please take these boobs away.’ She said, ‘Sofía, shut up. When you’re 18, it will be different.’ I was like, ‘Why would I want these huge t—? I’m a 34DD.’ It’s hard to dress. No matter what I wear, I look like a stripper. That said, I’m grateful I have them, and honestly, they’ve helped me a lot in my career. And I’ve always felt sexy.”

FYI: Sofia is wearing a lavender Ralph Lauren Black Label dress inside the magazine!

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40 Responses to “Sofia Vergara: I'm A Natural Blonde!”

  1. 1
    Catchy Says:

    she’s so obsessed with talking about her naturalness. and thinks changing hair colour is such a break. come ooooon it’s just a hair colour.
    are there any really interesting topics she’s able to speak on?

  2. 2
    LOVEHER!!!!! Says:

    She’s soooo freaking hilarious and gorgeous!!!

  3. 3
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    I adore her! She’s so beautiful and talented. Can’t wait for Modern Family to come back on.

  4. 4
    Jack Easton Says:

    The always delicious Sofía Vergara is so voluptuous and sensual. Colombian perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.

  5. 5
    KellStar Says:

    She’s a beautiful, sexy woman but I’m sick of hearing about it. There’s so much more to her, like that great knack for comedy she has.

  6. 6
    I'm On a Horse Says:

    Isaiah Mustafa AKA Old Spice Guy interviewing celebs including Sofia on last night’s *white* VMAs carpet

  7. 7
    Leila Says:

    I’d never have guessed she was a natural blonde
    She’s gorgeous btw.

  8. 8
    Ben Says:

    one of the hottest woman alive

  9. 9
    Ben Says:

    @Ben: women

  10. 10
    Frisco Says:

    Now that eveyone knows who she, she can go back to her natural blonde hair color. It will make her stand even more. There are a some famous blond latinos like Charo and Shakira, although I think they lighten their dark hair to be blond.

  11. 11
    but Says:

    @Frisco: I like her hair brunette

  12. 12
    Jermaine Says:

    Can’t believe she’s 40 almost. DAYUMN.

  13. 13
    Tan. Says:

    She’s feisty lol, I love her. Has everyone seen this

  14. 14
    xio pio Says:

    Shakira isn’t a natural blond…….

  15. 15
    LMAAAAAO Says:

    @Tan.: That interview made me cry from laughing

  16. 16
    beautiful & funny Says:

    she’s perfect….

  17. 17
    GoodGirl Says:

    She is so damn right!
    It’s really hard to find what to wear without looking like a stripper!

    We do have the same problem Sofia …LOOOOOL!!

  18. 18
    jaz Says:

    she is an amazing womean with an even more amazing personality <3
    i totally get her dilemma with big breasts…no matter what u wear u look like ur trying too hard XD

  19. 19
    Cari Says:

    She’s awesome! She is a blonde… she’s super well known in the hispanic market for like 15yrs.

    Here’s her blonde:

  20. 20
    hot! Says:

    She’s fun I love her

  21. 21
    nylon-addict Says:

    I love her!

  22. 22
    lu Says:

    she’s so funny!
    love her on modern family!

  23. 23
    vanessa Says:

    i didn’t know she was a nutural blond, finally a celebrity who admits that her boobs are naturaly like that and she didn’t get them done.

  24. 24
    Melissa Says:

    Love her but no way her boobs are THAT big. I’m that big and mine are much bigger. She’s probably just a D or a full C. Who gives a **** what am I saying. I love her no matter what since she called Madonna out on her horrible plastic surgery. buhahahhaha

  25. 25
    Melissa Says:

    @Cari: Yeah those aren’t DD’s. Those are dif C’s. Why do celebs lie about the dummest ****?

  26. 26
    U mad? Says:

    @Catchy: Read the interview before spewing nonsense. It’s not just hair color. She is talking about the level of cultural ignorance in Hollywood. I don’t have the patience to simplify everything for you. Re-read the interview; the grammar is not even elevated so you should be able to get it.

  27. 27
    Alexis Says:

    I used to work at a tanning salon in Miami and she was a client there,and yes she was blonde and even prettier in person and super sweet! I am so proud of her, even with that thick accent she never took No for an answer!

  28. 28
    DB Says:

    The weirdest thing happens, as I’m reading her quotes, I unconsciously reading it with her accent in my head. It’s cool that she’s so honest about her boobs and dyed hair color are helping her career.

  29. 29
    Give me a break Says:

    Shakira is not blond hahaha You should go to youtube and find a video when she was starting her career. She had a big nose and black hair.

  30. 30
    laverdadduele Says:

    Way to go Sofia! You’re a breath of fresh air in a world full of stick-figured boring blondes. QUE VIVAN LAS LATINAS!

  31. 31
    Robert Says:

    Boring interview and woman.

  32. 32
    jen Says:

    love her. She has an awesome personality and im so happy she is finally getting recognition, she is really talented and gorgeous too.

  33. 33
    Bela C. Says:

    That is not blonde. I have seen images of her when she as younger. Her hair is a light brown color, but not blonde. I don’t know why she keeps saying this.

  34. 34
    Stone Says:

    She’d be hot bald!

  35. 35
    om Says:

    She is such a liar because Sofia had plastic surgery at a young age. She not a natural blonde. In S. America, they have surgey early.

  36. 36
    Ashland Says:

    She has this sort of naive candidness about her. No matter how outrageous or politically incorrect her statement might be she still says it.
    I agree she is super sexy! : -)

    Never would’ve pegged her as a blond!

  37. 37
    terry koester Says:

    LOVE HER ! ! ! ! ! But I have a bet going with my husband and I REALLY need a picture of her blond !

  38. 38
    vivsouthbeach Says:

    yeah, she is a natural blonde, just like I am….right.

  39. 39
    boobs lover Says:

    Sofia Vergara is the sexiest and amazing woman in the world. She is so perfect and i love her. Beautiful. Thx god she is here

  40. 40
    Nina Says:

    I agree with you…she had brown hair. She was brunette. It wasn’t even dark blonde, it was definitely brown.

    I’m not sure why she claims to be a natural blonde. Maybe the perception of blonde hair is different in Colombia (where she is from). But some women in America like to call themselves blondes when they are actually brunettes.

    She is sexy and vivacious, but I would like to see her play more than the stereotypical “hot” Latina. She is a wonderful actress but I want to see her acting out more complex roles.

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