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Taylor Swift - 'Innocent' Lyrics Revealed

Taylor Swift - 'Innocent' Lyrics Revealed

Taylor Swift performed her new song “Innocent” last night at the 2010 MTV VMAs, which addressed her infamous interruption from Kanye West at last year’s VMAs.

“A lot of you have been asking about the lyrics to ‘Innocent‘,” said Taylor, who wrote the song. “So here they are.”

Click inside to read the lyrics to Taylor Swift‘s “Innocent“…

Taylor Swift – “Innocent” Lyrics

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  • Pinkrose

    Actually well-written. Singing still sucks. She should stick to song writing.

  • Wow, really.

    Waaah, cry harder.

  • Lara

    It’s a beautiful song. Taylor is a good girl and aI know that a lo of people might think that what Diddy said wasn’t so nice but come on, I really do believe that he was a little drunk that night people do stupid thing when they’re drunk. And he’s very regret and I think that seh

  • Mariah

    Wow, great lyrics , Taylor is always so incredible

  • Lara

    Drama Queen

  • Rita

    God, get over yourself! I felt some major fontrum for you as you were singing on tv last night.

  • mary

    Is anyone able to tell taylor swift to take a singing class ? MTV award show is a show for the whole world, for entertaining, also bringing humor and laugh to our life, not a show for mourning or depression. Am I the only one think it is very selfish way for taylor swift to perform like that in a public TV show ? At least Kanye call himself Douchbag–in a delight way, it is hilarious, he has sense of humor.

  • allison


    hahahaha, i think you mean kanye west not diddy. i get that they’re both black male rappers, but they don’t look any more alike than faith hill and taylor swift for being white blonde female country-pop singers.

  • Wow, really.

    Way to milk the attention a year LATE.

  • M

    hun, have you been to twitter? (1) Dear Taylor Swift, Kanye took your microphone not your virginity… its time to move on… 2) Dear, Taylor Swift. I’mma let you finish, but thank God you finally found someone new to sing about, so you can leave @JoeJonas alone. 3) Dear Taylor Swift. He stole your microphone. It’s been a year. Get over it. It’s not like he broke up with you on the phone or something…) when ppl ask about the lyrics and who wrote the song THEY ARE DOING SO IRONICALLY. it’s mocking.

    btw did she cut her hair?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …taylor’s fame is going down. lol


    wow.. still milking it a WHOLE YEAR LATER!
    it’s not like he interrupted her first award speech, she won LOTS of awards before that 2009 VMA award.
    stop milking it, taylor. please stop.

  • Lala

    well at least finally there was enough shots at kanye, and enough annoying taylor swift forgiving, and enough kanye calling himself a douche, that everyone can get over it and enjoy his new music

  • poor tay….milk it

    Taylor, you rode your victim mode for a year, got awards that many felt you didn’t deserve, Kanye apologized and paid his dues enough….stop milking it and move on. These women and PR agents that make women the victims for years ,….whining, playing the martyr, victim, back to the false is all a PR game. I’m surprised she didn’t try to say Kanye is gay, too. Taylor, Kate G, Jennifer, Chelsea…people see through you and your gimmicks. Enough!

  • lmao
  • Emily

    She’s annoying lol >.<

  • http://JustJared Jan

    A year ago she elegantly chose to basically ignore Kanye’s stuff and took the high road. What was she thinking writing a song about it? Doesn’t look good on her. Seriously, I never noticed what a bad singer she is..yuck….and I’m a huge fan!

  • ??

    Awwwwww!! Poor Taylorrrr!!! Why dont u ppl leave America’s no.1 victim alone. Awwwwww!!!

  • cam

    Why is it that people always give allowance and make excuses for a 32 year old drunken man, but will continue to pick on a then 19 year young innocent girl and continue to do so – as if being drunk excuses bad behavior. Kyane is known for his outbursts – were they all because he was drunk? maybe he has changed this year, but you can’t necessarily tell by his foul lyrics.

    Please give the young lady the same consideration you all want to give to a 32/33 year old man.

  • Sean

    Good grief!! Move on Swift!! You act as if Kanye molested you and took your “innocence”

  • cutie


    NO one gives excuses for a 32 yr drunken man. The public and media including all music industry gave tay swift enough awards, publicity and applaud for the whole year regarding her very dreadful live perform on TV.
    It was a MTV show last night, taylor swift’ perform and singing was very horrible to listen to.
    You tell people to give young lady the same consideration, you should tell people to give her the same critise for bad singing. Like people criticize Miley cyrus.

  • BillieJoe

    Taylor is a boring, dull robot.

    No life in her.
    She’s the most useless overpaid overrated untalented hack in the music business. I compare her to Justin Bieber; both marketed for sad desperate girls. Taylor doesn’t have a love life so she makes her videos like her fantasies. To have the perfect “love story” and happy fairytale ending with sappy lyrics.
    Makes me feel gay listening to her.

  • Chuck

    Fack you all you stupid nugger lovers who support the black crybaby instead of the young white girl.. You’re all evil!

    Nice song btw there Kanye. LMAO stupid shat! Idiots!

  • Adelaide

    I don’t think Taylor is milking it at all…in fact if you didn’t know what had happened you probably wouldn’t even know this song was about Kanye. Taylor is an amazing songwritter and what Kanye did was wrong. I think Taylor did a great job of not really making the whole thing a bigger deal than it already was. Kanye’s the one who wrote an apology song that he felt the need to share with the press…he’s the one milking it because he knows he screwed up…and his career was going downhill. Don’t get me wrong, I like Kanye’s songs, but I’m sick of his crybaby antics…just because you don’t win an award every single time doesn’t mean you aren’t a good artist Kanye. get over it. real artists don’t care about awards.

  • Pradalicious

    The most talentless singer ever!! And please, get over it will ya? Know one cares! Beyonce is much much better than her anyways!

  • Chuck

    Bad breath ape Beyonce? LAMO Want a banana?

  • Chuck

    Kanye the monkey sucks dogshat. Talentless facking hack!

  • 01AngelFace

    @Chuck: You really need to grow up and go back to school! I sincerely hope that you are a child posting this trash because if not, you need help!

  • Not so.

    Haters, get over it and blame West for not moving on. Taylor has and it kills you that there’s no drama from it anymore.

  • Laura

    Ignorant, ignorant people.. Taylor wrote this song over a year ago, they announced that before she sang it. She was over the incident shortly after it happened (I know so, because her manager hung up on an interviewer who wouldn’t respect her wishes to ‘move on & not discuss it’) She never fully addressed the incident. Kanye was the one who blew up Twitter last week in a 2 hour rant about how he’s grown up & wants Taylor to forgive him & how he “wrote a beautiful song” for her. HE brought it back into the limelight. Taylor was not even supposed to perform at the VMAs, it was last minute and NO DOUBT MTV pushed her to perform this song. Sure, a little over dramatic, but beautiful, beautiful lyrics about understanding and forgiveness. She STOOD UP for Kanye in this song. Yeah, everyone makes mistakes, but that doesn’t define who you are. This was her way of saying “Yeah, we mess up sometimes, but we can make up for it. Its time to move on.” That’s why she didn’t say a word, didn’t smile, nothing, when the performance was done. She just walked off. She wants people to let it go. She is very mature for her age. You all, are not. Give her a break. She’s an ENTERTAINER. She’s young and still has a lot to learn. Who in the world wastes their time putting down a young girl? If you don’t like her, okay that’s fine, but why express your hatred for her or say she sucks? Sorry if I don’t think that’s right. Keep the negativety to yourself, please. I don’t care how much money she/he/anyone has, that does not change the fact that they are human and have feelings.

  • oh my

    TS was suppose to perform a song with KW, but backed out at the last minute, guess she is not over it because she then came out with this song instead of performing the duo. KW rudely took a microphone away and gave an opinion, look at the way Taylor is dressed ….she acts like KW took something else with her “innocence” bit. (Did anyone see Taylor pose in her knee-hi socks and pleated skirts like a p.orn doll? called it high fashion?) This little chick knows all the tricks. Anyone that gets involved with her most likely regrets it.
    KW can own up to acting like a douche but TS is a manipulator through and through.

  • longchamp

    “You wouldn’t be shattered on the floor now”

    …really?! swifty, get over it (and over yourself). the world did – 5 min after it happened.

  • i dont get it.

    the song is saying that she understands, its an acceptance of his apologies.
    why doesnt everybody at least read the lyrics and understand what is being said before going off on her.
    she should be able to make him still look like and idiot, he thinks he’s an idiot, did nobody listen to his song last night, it was his own apology to everybody that has dealt with his shit over the years.

    i get that its been a year but i’d like one of the people on here to be on a stage in front of all their peers and for someone they respect and admire go up on stage and say that someone else should have been up there instead of you. you’d still feel it a year later too.

  • anna

    hate her guts! kanye is actually entertaining! I’d take his shit over hers any day!

  • anna

    @Adelaide: we’d know it’s about kanye because she stooped down to the level of actually showing that scene in her video! haha

  • Chuck

    Facking blacks always defending their own even when their wrong. Goddam pathetic.

    I be at least %75 who are defending KW are blacks. lamo. Banana time!

  • Chuck

    And wtf is KW doing performing at these events anyways. He can’t sing without autotune. At least TS sings like a normal person without assists.

    KW can barely rap tbh. TS plays multiple musical instruments while KW plays the turntables.

    Only black people or wiggers would support KW instead of TS.

  • Chuck


    Yeah he’d take ur ass too. You like the jungle fever huh? lmao

  • hey,K

    Hey i didnt even know it was about kanye till everyone starting their bi+ching bout it. Honestly i liked the lyrics and dnt think its another drama to get upsessed about like last years. Kanye did good as well, both did their part by what they do best and made songs. AND to the pll who think she is over paid and talentless, Oh God shut it, you know do you’d do anything to be her and live her life. I mean really..

  • BraveHeart

    Kanye West who? Why was he even on the Vma’s, He is not half the singer or talent Taylor Swift is! When can I hear the studio version of the new song ”Innocent” from Taylor Swift? The live perfomance was fantastic! But live preformances never sound as good as the studio version if they where as good everyone would just tape a live performance of themselves. I laugh at the Taylor Swift haters that say she can not sing just because she is loved bye so many. When you reach the top people want to take shots at you. Taylor Swift sold out every live show! No need to say more. Sold out every show in under 10 minutes ;-)~

  • gladimar

    LOLOL @#10 SHE SUCKS btw did she get a haircut? haahahahahah

  • Rachel

    i don’t think this song was written about kanye, but aimed at him. it was probably written about something else and then she wanted to sing it cuz it would be sorta towards him. i thought she was amazing and changed the whole view of the vmas. kanye is 31. not 32. the song wasn’t about him. and even if it was, oh well. it’s pretty traumatic to her i’m sure. people need to leave her alone and not care so much. if you hate her, forget about her. don’t go around hating on her. wasting your time on someone you hate. kbye.

  • gladimar

    I felt bad for her last year…now not so much. Not so much at all.
    And yes Kanye should be excused for being drunk or whatever, but her behavior was creepy which is worse, it’s like she’s a pedophile over a 32 year old. Leave Kanye alone Taylor stop stalking him!!!! Man, do I have to sign a plea or something..We should all, TAYLOR STOP MILKING LAST YEAR’S INCIDENT!

  • Samuel

    Taylor looked gorgeous at the VMA. She is talented and pretty.

    Kanye who??????

  • Danny

    Most people didn’t get the Grateful Dead when they were doin stuff nobody ever did in the 70′s. They breached the then known music world with … Bill Graham said, ” They’re not the best at what they do, they’re the only ones that do what they do”……..The lucky people tuned into the best music ever performed live….ever………………………………..This Taylor Swift gal is doin something on that plane in another way……….Some see it…..Most don’t.

  • Patricia

    @Pinkrose: Taylor does not need Singing Lessons! see this is the problem Kanye made last year and look at him now! ????? he’s killing his own fame. He’s lucky she’s a sweet girl… and proper! Im sure MTV wanted Taylor and Kanye to do this for rating. Its a beautiful song and Kanyes the one all HYPE and saying stuff RE: what he did……. GUITLY

  • Kristin

    Wow. Some people are such jackasses. Really, guys?

    Okay, first thing’s first, READ THE DAMN LYRICS. The song is not milking the freaking Kanye incident–it’s about accepting what he did and acknowledging that he and we will move forward. However, most people just freaking automatically assume–without READING THE LYRICS–that Taylor’s out to put Kanye back in his place.

    Look, we’re all tired of the stupid VMAs incident. The artists affected wrote songs to let out their emotions. What’s done is done. Taylor wrote a song forgiving people (Kanye) because we’re all imperfect; Kanye wrote a song saying that he’s a jerk and he knows it. OK, it’s over. YOU ALL need to get over it. Not Taylor. She’s done, but the stupid press won’t stop posting crap about it.

  • V

    how creepy


    Kayne West took to Twitter a few days ago apologizing, tweeting his booty off, saying he was broke because of what he did, his career was over, etc. and begging forgiveness.

    Swift made sure he was forgiven on TV. Where it counts.

    Swift is a smart girl.

    Once she forgave him on TV, everyone else must also forgive him.

    A Public Relations coup by her, FOR HIM.



    Obviously West wasn’t over it.

    Check Twitter.