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Zac Efron: 'Charlie St. Cloud' Madrid Premiere!

Zac Efron: 'Charlie St. Cloud' Madrid Premiere!

Zac Efron rocks a skinny tie as he steps out at the premiere of his film, Charlie St. Cloud, at Capitol Cinema on Monday (September 13) in Madrid, Spain.

The 22-year-old actor stepped out earlier in the day for a photocall.

Details for the extras offered on the Charlie St. Cloud DVD and Blu-Ray have been released – Zac will take DVD owners on a trip around Vancouver as he takes on his first dramatic role! Zac and director Burr Steers also share a conversation about their vision for the film and the character.

FYI: Zac wore the new Calibre de Cartier stainless steel watch with black face on a black alligator band, valued at over $6,000.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron at the Madrid premiere of Charlie St. Cloud

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Credit: Carlos Alvarez, Sean Thorton; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Kro

    Here in Madrid ppl was like crazy with Zac, he already left the hotel, I{m staying at the same one, i am helping with some family business here and we were at the same hotel than him, we received a call about having breakfast in the executive lounge, same place were Zac was, girls were following everywhere and Zac was with his publicist, he looked hott

  • Gui

    I see a flashy neon sign on his forehead saying: “HEY, LOOK, I’M A SERIOUS ACTOR!”.

    Take some acting classes before, Zac.

  • Stop

    Oh seriously zac, get rid of those pubes on your face.

  • Tiptoes

    Thanks Kro for sharing that.

    He looks good in that attire. I am glad he took the time to sign autographs for the many fans that waited for him.

  • U mad?

    Can’t sing
    Can’t act
    One hit wonder

    Why is he promoting that flop a$s movie? LMAO. He should thank god for the overweight white girls who idolize him. Without them, his “career” would be over.


  • pop86

    Zac looks great

  • vinha

    @U mad?: Why so bitter?

  • Malia

    I guess this needs to be posted again:

    How awesome for an award-winning director to speak so highly of Zac.

    And for you “uninformed” people posting pessimistic comments, look up some facts before you post tenuous comments and end up sounding foolish.

    Zac awards info:

    2005 – Nominated, Best Performance by a Leading Young Actor for “Miracle Run” (he was only 15)
    2007 – Won, Young Hollywood Award, One To Watch for “Hairspray”
    2009 – Won, ShoWest Breakout Performer of the Year for “Hairspray”
    2010 – Won, Maui Film Festival Shining Star Award for his overall acting ability and charisma

    And I didn’t list all the HSM or all the HS nominations and awards he racked up.

    So, suffice it to say, he doesn’t need any acting classes.

  • ZanessaFanForever

    Zac you’re looking hot as always, can’t wait for your new movies
    and movies you’ll do in the future with Vanessa.

  • Jaz

    Honesty? The beard makes him look fat in the face. I still have love for him but I’m just sayin the truth.

  • He’s part chick

    I like him and I think he looks better with some hair on his face but I am a bit concerned with how it’s growing in… Or not growing in. Some comments on another site said it was because he’s still young but Shia labouf and rpatz can grow pretty thick beards and they are the same age as zac.

  • Jesse

    He mentioned that he admires Shia Labeouf now he’s starting to look like him with the wayward facial hair.

  • U mad?

    @Malia: LOL @ you bringing up awards he won for Hairspray. Hairspray? hair friggin spray? are you kidding? and what type of serious acting did he do in that movie?

    And just so you know Young Hollywood and Maui awards are popularity contests. You want to know other Young Hollywood award winners? Liam Hensworth (yup! miley’s boyfriend), Justin Bieber, Whitney cummings, Nick Jonas etc lol some serious actors and musicians huh? LMAO. Don’t go and embarrass yourself somewhere by quoting the Maui film festival as a serious award.

    Bottom line, he can’t act, sing or do anything. He is just a gayfaced celeb with adoring fat fans. GIRL BYE!!

  • Halli

    He looks so skeezy.

  • overrated.

    Well the haters must have something to like about him since all you haters seem to keep commenting on his posts. He makes more money than you do, so its okay to be jealous. I mean, all you can do is sit at your computer and hate, hate, hate. Oh I love how we can all get along. As for his beard, he might be preparing it for his upcoming movie, ‘The Lucky One’. I can’t wait to see him it. :)

  • heretomorrow

    This generations Rob Lowe, looks wise. He is so freaking pretty.

  • Ashlee

    Zac is very handsome. He will be even more handsome by the time he turns 30. And his acting gets better with each role he does. I think MAOW was his best so far. As Phillip Noyce said, Zac Efron will be “the great American actor of the next 10 years.”

  • iopl

    @Ashlee: Okay now baby thats a bit much, I think he could become better and have a good career. Hes charismatic, handsome and has his head on straight…

  • Malia

    @U mad?:

    Wow!!! Sounds like you had a major meltdown because of my mentioning some honors for Zac. I hope you’re all right. It wasn’t my intention to send you into a fuming frenzy and cause cardiac arrest.

    Now, take a deep breath and try to remain calm. Zac’s colossal accumulation of awards—no matter how he is chosen for them—will not have any effect on your life, other than to fill you with out-of-control rage.

    And, sorry to disappoint you, but I am not fat. Nor a teen GIRL.

    Next generation’s great actor:

  • Quilla

    Hotness…with or without the beard,he still is one Hot lad

  • Sean

    For a second i thought this was Vanessa Hudgens showing her pubes again.

  • pita

    I’m looking all these Madrid premiere pictures. He has this look in his eyes like an American’s Next Top Model he smiles with his eyes.
    No Kidding !!!!!!!!

  • Zac

    HOT !!

  • Sarah

    He is still trying to take him seriously Hollywood. And still think changing the look will change anything. The least he can do is be really good actor and not make this little shit of HSM, it will not take him to the Oscars! Shia Labeouf is much better than him, we’re talking good young actors in the future will replace a Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, no comparison! Zac, have to learn very, very much. I agree with “U mad?”, his career so walking is surviving because the little girls find him cute. As if that is to be a good actor! LOL

    Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt did not behave this way and today they are brilliant actors, detail … the two are very very hot!

  • kaya

    @Sean: shut up

  • Karen


    What are you trying to say? How is Zac “behaving’? Brad and Leo were wild young guys when they were Zac’s age so you must not know much about them when they were in their early 20′s. Brad was on the prime time soap opera Dallas and Leo was on the family friendly Growing Pains—a show that catered to the young teenyboppers with the likes of Kirk Cameron and then Leo. Everyone and his dog went on about how cute both these actors were during their young days. They were not what they are today either when they were Zac’s age. In their younger days they both grew beards and di a lot to be “older”. Zac’s beard is for an upcoming movie he is about to film. You might as well stop trying to sound like you are a good judge of what talent is and trying to prove how Zac is any good. You nor I nor anyone else can possibly know what the next 10 years will bring for Zac. Time will tell but the like of directors who directed Angelina’s latest movie say they see Zac as the actor who will dominate in the next decade. Leo seems to think enough of Zac to have spent time with him more than once.


    I love Zac but b*tch looks rough!!!

  • Sarah


    Oh my god, you want to disadvantaged Brad and Leo up Zac! Leo and Brad did not start at Disney.
    Oh god, you’re asking me not to judge, like I was the only person to say this, knowing that there must be thousands of people doing the same thing. Well you wanted me to comment here and talk that he was hot?! As everyone says?! He is an actor, and the only way to judge him is seeing his movies, the criticism is there for that! He will always be remembered for HSM. He and the rest of the cast! A film that is geared toward the teenage audience. Doing a musical is one thing and do a high budget fime with great directors is another. I totally agree with you, we do not know what happened here at 10, but if he continues this way, it will not change much. He will only be one more in Hollywood. What about the beard, not now that zac is willing to change the look. Not only the beard but the hair too, it was his trademark. I think yes, he is willing to change the appearance to be taken more seriously, the reason he never was when I was doing HSM.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    hav u noticed he hasnt been smiling since he started sporting the facial hair? i luv his smile…..he needs 2 smile 4 me!!! LOLOL

  • The French girl

    He is pretty. But he is not handsome, like a real man should be. A real man is more like George clooney when he was young, Antonio Banderas… that actually looks like a man.He is too feminine.I need more testosterone in a guy!!

  • e


    Well, if the only work you should focus on would be the movies that actors does for Disney does that mean that you think Johnny Depp is a bad actor as well, since he have done the PotC movies for Disney, because let’s face it, you can’t just judge Zac based on 3 films he did for Disney and not any of his other work and not do the same with say Johnny or Nicholas Cage etc. Maybe you and everyone else should learn to think before you speak, or write. And yeah, maybe right now Zac and the rest of the cast of HSM is mostly know for that work they do but they are still young and growing in the business and as actors, and everyone has to start somehwere, I mean if you want to look at it like that then I would say that Leo will always mostly be remembered from ‘Titanic’, but after all the time that has past since he did that one and with the hel of the movies he have been aloud to do since people does see beyond ‘Jack’ and see him as an actor, but that is because he was given a chance to work on his craft and develop, which every young actor hoping to make a carer should be able to, no matter what carer they choose for themselves. So get of your high horse and prey that when you get old enough to start working yourself, that people won’t judge you before seeing what you can do. Karma tend to come back and bit you in the behind when you least expect it and positive thinking and happy thought towards yourself and everyone around you, including people you see but don’t meet will make you a much happier and peaceful person, like I said, karma happens and what goes around, comes around, so being positive towards others will make people feel postive towards you, same goes for all haters.

  • Damn

    @Karen: I agree . At least zac is dating a girl his age. Brad Pitt was in 20s dating a 15/17 year old soo…. I think zac is doing just fine and he’s not a pervert. Wow how some people try to change history

  • Karen


    Zac DID NOT start his career with Disney. He did many guest appearances on shows like ER and CSI. He did two movies Miracle Run—which gain him critical notice—-and Derby Stallion BEFORE he ever did anything with Disney. And one of the reasons HSM did well was Zac’s appeal.

    Kurt Russell did Disney movies when he was quite young. Do you think he never went on to do something better or be known for anything other than Disney movies? IF I mentioned his DIsney stuff you may not even recall the movie.

    As was pointed out Johnny Depp has done Disney movies as did Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean. Did doing a Disney movie negate their talent? This association with Disney as if that keeps someone from having any possibility of any talent is ignorant. What about Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears? Let’s not make it sound like anyone that has worked with Disney is a laugh—because it is not true.

    As far as Zac’s hair goes, do you expect him to keep that shaggy dog look just because it WAS his trademark? Leo and Brad have changed their hair as they got older. I’m sorry but you going on about his hair and keeping it as it was because it was his trademark—in the fact that it was a very YOUNG/teen type hairdo—show that you much be very young. You don’t seem “ready” to move on and mature as Zac is so you probably are still very young and not yet ready to go beyond the teen years. If you are not old enough to understand the need for Zac to evolve as he ages then that is fine but don’t try to hold Zac back and judge him so badly.

  • trinity

    Sarah, GUI, u mad?:

    all HATERS are crazy!

    ZAc efron is a young actor.. he can will be a great actor (he is!)
    WE (the Efron’s fans, family and friends)

  • Stone

    The hair-do is ridiculous, but still, you gotta love him!

  • Sarah


    Are you fan of Zac and therefore he will always be best for you, even if by chance he does something wrong. It is so difficult to discuss. Yes, I agree that Potc is a production of Disney. But look, it’s ridiculous to compare you to a movie like this to HSM. Potc is one of the best productions in film, directed by the amazing director Rob Marshall and starring the excellent performance of Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and then Keira Knightley. Look at the difference of the cast and direction Potc compared with HSM! Also there are public totally different. Jonny today can do what I want, like working for Disney, he is already enshrined in the film industry, no wonder he’s the highest paid actor in Hollywood. And Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera still? Oh god, yes they were from Disney, but look what happened to them after there: Britney has sold over 100 million albums and singles, Justin participated in the group ‘N Sync, was able to go solo (very difficult step) and on his first album sold more than 14 million worldwide, and will not even talk about the Grammy’s he already won and Christina Aguilera has sold over 42 million worldwide. They achieved all this at a young age because they can sing and has talent, and remain so today. What about Zac, so I’m coming here and expressing my opinion about his work, freedom of expression! I saw the movie “Me and Orson Welles” and found nothing interesting in his acting, actor Christian McKay attended than improve it, just you read criticism of USA Today, the Time magazine “Variety” by the great critic Todd McCarthy, “New York Post. But I think you pretty hard considering some criticisms of newspapers and magazines, since they are not praising Zac, you look ridiculous. And people are much more knowledgeable and intelligent than us. So I’m not going to be here discussing this with people who do not quite know about movies, but it was good! For memos I’ve seen the level of Zac has fans. You should have another way to support it and does not protect it as if it were the last hope for Hollywood. Many other new players will come, will always get better.

    bye people! ;*

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • amelia25

    Beauitful Zac!

  • Karen


    How silly what you said. You pointed out that all these “Disney” people like Justin and Britney and Christina have now done all these great things so why aren’t you giving Zac the benefit of the doubt that MAYBE he might be able to do the same thing? These three have have a lot of time to show what they can do. It has only been two years since the last HSM movie and Zac just now is finding his own legs. You may not like HSM but it was a hit nevertheless. Also, when Britney and the rest of them were part of the MICKEY MOUSE CLUB and were mouseketeers did that show just how much they would have to offer in the future but HSM didn’t? Yes, I may be a fan of Zac and what I am saying is MY opinion which I have as much right to voice as you do with yours. You don’t seem to want to believe anything good about him just as much as you don’t think I want to believe anything bad about him. Well, I was not a fan of Britney or Christina–and I’m still not–but I will not ever say they haven’t proven they have talent.

  • Daniel Tang

    That Sarah person dug herself into the stupidity hole by first off saying Zac started with Disney. Lack of knowledge and screaming/ranting in numerous comments show she is more emotionally charged than logical. You can never pull the wool over the eyes of Zac Efron or Vanessa Hudgens fans. These fans are loyal and know the history of these two.

    Zac is an all around, well mannered dude and that really posses off a whole bunch of insecure people. Add the fact that he has the lovely, sexy Vanessa and you get the insecure, jealous young girls.