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Zac Efron: Charlie St. Cloud Photocall in Madrid!

Zac Efron: Charlie St. Cloud Photocall in Madrid!

Zac Efron shows off his new facial hair at a photocall for his film, Charlie St. Cloud, at the Santo Mauro Hotel on Monday (September 13) in Madrid, Spain.

The 22-year-old actor will premiere his film in Spain TONIGHT, followed by premieres in Munich and London throughout the week.

On Friday, Zac‘s girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, joined tons of celebs in support of Stand Up To Cancer in Culver City!

20+ pictures inside of Zac Efron at a Charlie St. Cloud photocall…

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zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 01
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 02
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 03
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 04
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 05
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 06
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 07
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 08
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 09
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 10
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 11
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 12
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 13
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 14
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 15
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 16
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 17
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 18
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 19
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 20
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 21
zac efron charlie st cloud madrid photocall 22

Credit: Sean Thorton; Photos: WENN
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  • Eric Shinn

    I want to mouth kiss Zac!!!!!!!

  • BabyBooZanessa

    I know his Happy even without smiling.. :)

    So Hot !

  • amy

    I think his beard looks even better in these pics.

  • yets

    still the best BF in the world.

  • viktoria loves efron

    GO ZAC :D ADORE HIM <3 <3

  • efronfreak


  • athena

    I’m loving the mustache and beard…I just wish his hair wasn’t so conservative. He looks hot no doubt.

  • cissi

    zac’s sooo SEXY..^^ love him

  • athena

    How about a goatee Zac? You’d look hot with one of those too. Dangit, I was in Culver City two weeks ago…shucks…would have love to be at the Stand up to Cancer event.

  • Tiptoes

    Looking good Zac.

  • Marco

    Not many men can wear anything at all, have a beard or no beard, and always look hot. Only Zac can :)

  • amanda

    HOT oh god I’m falling in love with him <3

  • MrJeffery

    hottest he’s ever looked!

  • florence

    Love how he’s keeping his hand hidden that has the ring on, begs the question has he taken it off already, aftrer all in France he was photograped in his hotel with some woman looking out on a balcony.

    And before anyone says there’s not the photo’s are over at zanessa sweethearts, did’nt take him long to get another woman installed in his hotel room.

    Wonder who he will have in Madrid and of course London, there are always stories of him hooking up with someone in the UK.

  • Yolanda


  • Kara

    i wonder what he’s gaining so much muscle for

  • schupoo

    zac makes me wet

  • selenaefron

    S.E.X.Y <3

  • Just to let u

    @florence: post the link. I wanna see the mistress

  • yvonne..


  • sunny

    @florence: Florence, I am not a Zac fan at all and absolutely loathe his comments about his relationship “serving him” right now and that it’d be “easier ” if they called things off long ago, but I’d have to say you are reaching on this one. There are many women in his hotel room and the hotel itself, doesn’t mean he’s sleeping with them, it is promotional staff and interviewers. BTW those rings are decor and that’s it. V’s gonna have to decide on her own what’s best for her and unfortunately she thinks it’s Zac so let them be. BTW I adore Hudgens.

  • Zac

    love him :)

  • Karen

    What’s on his finger in picture #3, dimwit? And you CAN see it. So, you will have to wait yet again for some more pictures to try to pull that one.

  • lauren

    @ sunny what the hell are you trying to say?

  • lauren

    also at florance your going to get alot of shit from ”zanessa” fans,,, trust me.

  • MARIA…

    @sunny: if you “adore”hudgens go comment on her pic/posts NOT zac’s .. !!

  • Karen

    What’s so bad about Zac saying it would have been easier to call things off a long time ago? That is a statement of fact. With everything both he and Vanessa have had to go though—the lies and gossip—the have had to endure over the past few years why doesn’t he have a right to say that? They have had to endure talk about their sex life, break-ups, cheating, pregnancies, being hounded by paps—not just for pictures but having rude questions and remarks made in airports and parking lots—you name it. SO, wouldn’t you think the same thing about their relationship or yours if you had to go through this? BUT the fact they haven’t called it quits shows they are both willing to deal with what comes BECAUSE the relationship means that MUCH to them both.

    People are way too picky with every word he says, ready to jump on something that isn’t letter PERFECT and personifies the perfect “prince” on the white steed aspect. Have you ever said something that didn’t come out quite the way you wanted after it was said? You knew what you wanted something to mean but it just didn’t come out that way?

  • julie1981

    florence you need to know that this woman was his personnal french assistant for his press promo in france….

    it’s not because zac was talking and having other woman with him that he’s cheat on vanessa… he even say during the press junket that he was in love

    grow up!

  • Emma Efron

    He is hot but loose the beard plz

  • Karen

    It was sweet that in the one press conference how when he was asked if he was available he said “no” and that he was “in love”. Well, I guess he forgot he wanted to “hide” it.

  • kami

    omg, now i know for sure that florence person is s-t-u-p-i-d.
    no she is beyond stupid. any body that can come up with the crazy shit she does is nutzoid. ready for a mental ward.

    ♥ btw zac looks awesome as always. ♥

  • mike

    this from me to all zanessa fans GROW UP FOR GOD SAKE GROW UP!!

    STUPID FANS!!!(sorry but it’s true)

  • Ashlee



    Are your comments a cry for attention? Or are you just plain stupid?

  • SD

    I thinks he looks better with the facial hair, personally. He is 10x better looking than that Robert Pattinson thingy. No contest.

  • strongerme

    why does he want to look mexican now??? Anyways he’s making a killing!! lmfAo

  • …..


  • me

    honestly he looks realy realy sexy

    he gets better as he grows older
    i never thought he was sexy or cute in his HSM days but he realy gets hotter every year, he is realy starting to look like a man and not a boy

    he will be SMOKING HOT by the age of 30
    just wait and see

  • suri

    If only Zac was my bf!! yup

  • Amy


    Are you serious , or just plain stupid? He clearly has the ring on and he has women traveling with his as his ” team” so to speak. He always travels with a team for business. Most of the time women are part of that team. Stop trying to cause trouble. He was just quoted in France according to a reporter who said he told her he was not single, he said, “no, I’m in love.” Get your facts straight before you start bashing on Zac. The man is clearly deeply, and truly in love with Vanessa.

  • me

    ps: he realy is a perfect man his perents raised a good guy, i mean this man can commit to a woman.

    5 years with vanessa
    thats cool
    he realy looks like boyfriend/husband material

  • Malia

    My, Zac certainly has grown into a handsome young man. And he is so well spoken in his interviews.

  • AJP

    Does anyone know what brand his pants are? I like it.

  • Daniel Tang

    I think florence just went over the big speed bump of life and into the stupid zone never to return. Talk about a real nut case.

    Zac is not your BF florence so what’s it to you if he does or does not wear a ring? Did you give that ring to him? Did he give you one in return? Earth to florence. Get your own BF and stop being a leech on Zac and Vanessa’s relationship.

  • Hannah

    LMFAO!!!!!! He’s so ugly.

  • http://www. YUK!

    why does his hair always look greasy?

  • melissa

    @Hannah: SO ARE YOU IDIOT!!

  • Dani


  • pita

    Zac is looking hotter by the day.He is down to earth wonderful person
    with a fantastic career ahead.He is perfect.

  • susan1

    He is soooo handsome.!!!!!!Seriously has the most beautiful eyes I
    have ever seen.Unbelievable.

  • Malia

    He is even more handsome at the Madrid premiere.