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Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp Kiss in 'The Tourist' Teaser

Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp Kiss in 'The Tourist' Teaser

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp share a kiss in this 20 second teaser clip from the trailer of their upcoming thriller The Tourist!

The trailer for the film about a female Interpol agent (Jolie) who locates a criminal with whom she once had an affair is expected to arrive soon! Johnny plays an American tourist who is used by Angie‘s character as a dupe to reach her goal.

The Tourist will hit theaters on December 10th!

ARE YOU EXCITED to see the full trailer for The Tourist?

Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp Kiss in ‘The Tourist’ Trailer Teaser
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  • dr who

    can’t wait!



  • sera

    Thought I would be first. Wow!! I can not wait. This looks like a great suspense film. Angie looks gorgeous. Johnny looks kind of geeky but cute.

  • F

    Its going for a North By Northwest type of film.

    Its action/comedy/romance/thriller.

    I think this movie was what The Killers, The Bounty Hunter and Knight & Day were trying to do but failed.

  • Jay

    I can’t wait to check the full trailer and the movie itself. I’m so excited about it. The movie sound incredible from what we’ve seen so far. And the little kiss…OMG! To die for!

  • elizabeth

    Wow first page. Hello to all JP fans. Here’s another most awaiting movie from our lovely Angie. Cant wait. and of course cant wait to hear all the JP comments. Wow another premier and we will see Angie again. Ok folks Dec 10 plenty of time to save money (to see it more than once…to support our Angie)

  • lovejoliepitt

    Man, I can’t wait this is going to be great !
    Love angie and johnny ! Wow !!!!

    God bless the jolie-Pitt family

  • adriana

    ohh… I’m so excited!!! Angie and Johnny’s, one of my few favorite actors, movie is coming this December. I thought I have to wait until summer of next year for The Tourist. The trailer-teaser looks great!!! Go Angie!! Go Johnny!!! And not to mention the red carpet for this movie promo…. Angie & Brad, Johnny & Vanessa… there will be hotness overload.

  • Damn

    @F: that’s what I was thinking. Johnny is funny In the little clip I’ve seen. I’m excited to this see the entire trailer Tomorrow

  • OMFG

    So looking forward to this movie.
    I hope it’s good.

  • mrzn

    I’m excited!

  • loyal

    Love Angelina, can’t wait to see this movie. We all know how happy the JPs are but it will be kind of fun to see Johnny and Angie’s chemistry,.

  • queen bee

    WHOHOOOOOO!!! A new thread!!….


    Angelina looks GORGEOUS!! Johnny Depp is in all his glorious hotness too! (I didn’t think he was gonna give off as much sex appeal, but he’s bringin it…..) Angelina’s laugh and voice is sooo seductive in the clip, and Johnny is looking at her like he’s in Awe! …

    ..with all that said, HE’S NO BRAD PITT!! BRAD PITT’S CHEMISTRY WITH ANGELINA IS OFF THE HOOK !!! I don’t think the Depp pairing will top that!….but it will come close…

  • sweetness


  • Passing Through

    I’m confused – I thought Johnny Depp’s character was supposed to be an American Tourist. In that scene on the train he sounds like he’s doing a British accent.

  • http://j ivanka

    i only care for johnny in that movie:) cant wait

  • Marcelina

    Only good things can happen with Timothy Dalton in a movie.


    Another blockbuster for Angelina Jolie. Support The Tourist in December.

  • Damn

    Gah wish we could
    Block the brad Pitt fans from commenting on this one. Go back to the other thread and
    Crap your extra large pantelones for plastic Pitt there, freakazoids. Leave JD to us who enjoy his voice and is gorgeous self.

  • Damn

    Hope angie has a sex scene with rufus Sewell. Wishful thinking ha

  • queen bee

    I’m a little surprised by the movie being so funny…..Johnny seems to like making fun of himself in situations in a movie….Angie seems to be holding her own too.

    I like the way she delivered her line…”…you mean ravish-ING?…”. I love when she does a little comedy with her lines. She was great in “Life or Something Like it” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” when she tried to mix her humour in with the lines.

    In this movie though, I think she will be mostly mysterious, beautiful, and intelligent. Her accent sounds British…if I’m not mistaken…

  • luvangie4ever

    Woohoo! Yes, exceptionally ravishing! I can’t wait!!!!!

  • yep


  • trollie

    another bomb

  • niwatori

    It looks sooooo good. I love her face when she says “Do you mean ravishing?” lol (She’s breathtakingly beautiful too)
    Can’t wait to watch this. Roll on December.

    Last but not least Hello to all JP fans and supporters.

  • Art Imitates Life

    “used by Angie as a dupe to reach her goal”

  • Jack

    I will be watching Jack Black during the Christmas Holidays!

  • Am I Exited?

    well….about as exited as a half drowned Pakistani who has no F-ing idea who Skeletina is

  • big deal

    EXCITED to see The Tourist?
    as exited as Shiloh is to go dress shopping

  • G

    ^ exited? moron! LOL

  • Tippy

    I can’t believe all of the info i didn’t know about from that old marriage .
    Tkx to all of the fans who went back thru the years. I guess i shouldn’t care now all these many years later but it was so interesting i hardly got any sleep since yesterday morning..
    It’s funny thinking about it tonight but i copied and saved so much of it because i have been a fan since Brad chased Angie down in 05 . I was so tired from reading i knew i would forget some of it so took the easy way out in the end.

    Maybe it gets on some peoples nerves if they have kept up to the JP info but when you havn’t and they are your fav stars i loved it. It was like reading a book at times only i knew when reading it here it was written by posters you can trust.

    Thx Great posting.

  • Diapered brad

    @Art Imitates Life: Yeah, hope she throws pittstain out with his dirty diapers that the bodyguard says he likes to wear. Bleck

  • Bunny


    It’s been a while since I’ve been here and had bunches and bunches of reading and catching up to do here at JJ. Missed all you guys and your kick some troll buttttttt postings.

    and what’s up with just a 20 sec video and only 2 seconds of our lady speaking?? Love JD, but wish she was planting those lips on Brad even though she gets the real ( I mean real) thing at home. Boy is it good to be back with a working puter that’s all mine and on a new thread to boot. Yippee!!!!!

  • Diapered brad

    @Tippy: If you go diggin through their dumpster you might find a depends that brad pooped in so you can save for ur collection

  • G

    When is Ang going to play a mum? In real life or the big screen?

  • Agatha

    OMG i canĀ“t wait

  • Winter

    @queen bee:
    Brad and Angelina chemistry was electrifying.

  • jaye

    Sounds like this might be a drama/comedy movie. Hope it is, I love those types of movies when done well.

  • Angie

    “I have no friends, only Bradley to talk to(at),,, bwaaaa”

  • Pampers or huggies?

    @Angie: would you have friends if you had to change a grown mans diaper for his pleasure? Thank mickey the bg for that tid bit. wonder if he’s still planning on writing that book? Bwaaaa

  • LLM

    Winter @ 09/14/2010 at 10:37 pm

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    @queen bee:
    Brad and Angelina chemistry was electrifying.

    ITAWU – Winter @ 09/14/2010 at 10:37 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @queen bee:
    Brad and Angelina chemistry was electrifying.


    Love Again

  • stop spamming

    Stop spamming the thread with lies. You are wasting your time since you are going to be thumbed down!

  • andamentothat

    @Passing Through:

    PT, i thought the same thing when i watched it, isnt Johnny American in the movie? And I am not digging Ange’s lipstick color. The makeup is harsh, hoping it translates to looking better on the cine screen than my PC.

  • an oldie

    I bet the troll would trade all its friends AND family for the one Brad Pitt to talk to. Then why making fun of Angelina, troll?

  • Isa

    Angie is great actress of courses she should have great chemistry with another actor, if she couldn’t bring a mutual chemistry then it will be unworthy to watch her movies.
    For Brad her chemistry is for real that is why she have six children with him, not something for movie. With Brad, we are talking about real life, not somekind of movie that will be end after we watched it.
    I guess, only fans undertands about it, the haters comments is something that so absurd and contains stupidity.

  • Angie Fan

    - I’m in a trailer and can’t wait to see the trailer

  • busted

    Wow the freaks are losing it big time..I guess Brad and Angie still going strong drive the nuts nutter.. same name changing fool posting over and over.

    Regarding Johnny.. He is not using an accent. That is is voice.. He has a different way he talks over the years. Not sure if it is because they live in France sometimes or what, but he is not using an accent.

    The movie is a thriller and remember Angie’s character is using him and he is suppose to be this average Joe. Well can’t wait to see the full trailer.. It will do great and maybe for no other reason then the fact that people want to see them on screen together..

    I will be honest I would prefer BRAD, but oh well.

    OH.. and Brad looked so sexy on on bike.. Some of you hags really need to get off the crack pipe. find you own man and you won’t have so much time on you hands..So much time on a couple you don’t like.. What a wasted life.

  • niwatori


    Brad and Angelina chemistry was electrifying.


    YES!!! Brad and Angie’s chemistry is unique. They’re hot together :D

  • LLM

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie kissed at the Jerry Weintraub UNICEF Party.

  • XIII

    WOOW! I like angie and JD on screen!