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Bar Refaeli: U.S. Open Finals Fan

Bar Refaeli: U.S. Open Finals Fan

Bar Refaeli arrives for the Finals of the US Open at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center on Monday (September 13) in Flushing Meadows, New York.

Rafael Nadal played and beat Novak Djokovic in 4 sets. Nadal has now won all four Grand Slam tournaments at least once.

Last week, Bar celebrated 2010 Fashion’s Night Out at the Armani 5th Avenue, where she took over 500 personal photos with customers in a digital photo booth in New York City.

FYI: Bar is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Jewelry 18K Yellow Gold Heart necklace.

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  • zzzzz

    Slow day, Jared? Nothing better to post about?

  • Sylvester Malone

    Bar Refaeli is really gorgeous and sensual. Israeli perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.

  • tal

    really i think she’s so hot!

  • gig

    what is she stalking nadal now?It said in the NY post she “showed up”at a restaurant he was eating at and goes to all the tennis matches.Too bad his girlfriend is beautiful and classy.This woman seems like such trash.

  • Ori

    Dont you all think its odd that ONLY JustJared reports on Bar Refaeli when she enters a club or an event. Tzipi is this you pushing it or you just paying for the PR via your model agency or the NY PR firm

  • Rosie

    Is it true Teddy Sagi the billionaire bought her a car in Israel ? A mini cooper, what a…my cousin in israel said that every guy with money in Israel dated her and bought her gifts, here in new york baby we call that gold diggin lol

  • uff

    Black bra under white clothes…tsk tsk, she should be back to basics instead of insisting with this supermodel BS.


    @Ori: ya know i dont got anything against her but why is she on this site always seriously why ? she isnt a model i never saw gisele or kate moss or naomi act as a photobooth girl ..what campaigns does she have ????

  • blah

    Here we are again with this Superstalker.
    Goldigger alert!


    Well, well, funny to see this wannabe in action, trying to land another most eligible bachelor.
    Didnt she learn anything in the past 5 years?
    They are not going to marry you, my dear, you have “goldigger” printed on your forehead.

  • Michelina

    Thanks Jared for the new pictures! It seems that Bar is quite interested in Rafael. If I were Leo, I’d be a little worried, lol, lol. Just kidding.

    @Rosie: hasn’t school started yet? Why are you spending time on someone you have no clue who she is…… instead of inventing stories, go and study how to write. Or better, go and post on someone you like. Losers and jealous envious bashers are so pathetic.

  • Monique

    I wonder where does this will lead: Bar and Rafal.

    Leo, you better check on your gf!

  • Bar Fan

    Congratulations to RAFAEL! He is such a champion. No wonder why Bar enjoys watching his games.

    I have to admit that these two would make a lovely couple.

  • @11&12

    … like Leo cares! LOL! He is way better off without her so why should he be worried?

  • july

    Leave Rafa Nadal alone! he and his girlfriend are adorable together!

    bar and leo break up?

  • ax

    she probably knows leo is about to trade her in so shes trying to line up a backup plan as a tennis girlfriend.Too bad nadal was just on regis talking about his girlfriend.sorry bar.And its so obvious she is trying to get Rafas attention.Unlike leo,nadal wouldnt be caught dead with this chick.

  • viky

    im not trying to be mean but she really doesnt look like a model.and she looks 35 years old is she?

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    She is STUNNING! What a gorgeous woman. Leo’s soon-to-be wife and soon-to-be mother to his beautiful children She is a real woman not a MANLY man woman.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    She has such an amazing complexion. She looks angelic in white. She is so womanly unlike the manly man models with my little pony face. LOVE Bar.

  • lol

    @ bar jolie gaga: `manly models`? I wonder who are you referring to? Typical BR fan! Obsessed a little? LOL!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    gosh they even look alike! meant to be. my little pony manly man wish she looked like this. poor bridget. love bar:

  • lindz

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga:

    aww we all know gemma ward, freja beha, and iris strubeggar are the hottest models live, lol. along with jamie bochert.

  • rich

    looks like a school teacher. very average

  • cali girl

    clearly these comments are bars mother sitting on pins and needles praying her daughter gets pregnant with leo so that they can actually have a life.Without leo her and her family have no money or fun or parties or status or exciting vacation.He is the meal ticket.Maybe leo likes that.sick.sick.sick.

  • lol

    lol how old are majority of Bars fans? 12 year old tween girls. they are so team edward/team jacob. grow the f*ck up!

  • Erin

    this plain jane fat faced average girl has nothing on a true beauty model like Edita Vilkeviciute . no one wants this B level , 3rd rate model.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    These little girls can’t accept that Leo will NEVER be with them. He is with Bar. Accept it. Stop hating her because she is with the hottest bachelor on the planet. You all only wished you looked like this gorgeous blonde with the cat’s eyes and great shape. She was the one on the cover of Sports Illustrated not you all! Accept it haters.

  • unclassy

    this bi*ch looks like someone pooped her out. lol she has no structure,. soo..BLAH is the best way to describe her.

  • shewishes
  • wawa

    Does she have a weird nose or is it just me?

  • heystinkypitts

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga:

    hey miss stinky pitts you really give the nice Bar fans a bad name you know that? enjoy your girl, you are truly a psycho. lol maybe she should date you…also Leo’s fans are Bars biggest haters. not other models fans, they can care less bout this chick.

  • lally


    yes very weird. its flat like someone sat on her./ she is so smashed looking.

  • Beautycheck
  • ROD

    Bar can never compare to exotic beauties like Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio,Ana Beatriz Barros. Thats why she isn’t in demand as them. SUCKS FOR HER and her lame immature fans! haha

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    #31: Yes, Leo’s fans are Bar’s biggest haters. Why? Because they are dying with envy. Leo – hte stud – is with BAR BAR BAR. Yes, if I was not a straight girl I would totally date her. Matter of fact, I would date her straight or not. She is THAT beautiful. Leo is not interested in you and never will be. Get over it. Bar is the hottest model BARNONE! lol. Love her! So Angelic. Leo has come to his senses and picked a drop dead gorgeous nice family girl to spend his life with. My boy is so smart!

  • @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: thats why he will never but a ring on it!!!! Yes I agree with you! Leo is VERY smart!!! Good going Leo!!!

  • most

    I think she is not that much. Nothing super. But most of all, she doesn’t look smart.
    Maybe the mouth, always open like she is smelling s…, those small eyes, it’s just me or she really looks dumb?

  • sea

    Hideous sunglasses

  • sam

    you do know rafa invited her right? thats why she went to his matches. Congrats to rafa!!!! he deserved it!!!! he has so many celebs fans charlize was also there, bar looks pretty

  • mmmmaybe

    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga is CLEARLY a relative of Barf..Seriously how lame ?!!…It is simple, if she gets pregnant from leo she makes dough if she dont she goes back to israel or grabs some rich alternative like that billionaire teddy sagi who bought her a car, flew her on his jet and bought her mother a porsche jeep in israel as it was reported in the press. she is pretty though you all cant deny that, c’mon. maybe not ‘modelesque’ but she is very beautiful, no taste, no style, no finesse, no class, no culture and no brains…BUT….great body! she is simply using what her mama gave her !..btw i heard her mother used to be warren beaty’s ho back in the mama like daughter i guess..

  • lmao

    Ms Bar Jolie u okay in there? lol she is an ok looking girl but wow you are taking it to a whole other level. Obsessed much?

    and um if leo was so enthused with her, why hasn’t she ever been taken to one of his events or premieres with him? or put a ring on it yet? I’m sorry I think he is STILL leo the playboy. Bar cannot change that apparently. so you get over it!

  • tinkerbell

    So that’s how she could afford the Mini Cooper ! I was wondering—we’ve definitely seen her drive it. Accepting gifts from a man is pretty who r e-y.
    I think she is definitely on the make here. Hope so !

    AND Sagi bought her ugly mother a Porsche jeep? That’s pretty heavy. There are definitely strings attached there.

    Hope she is out scouting ! I just want her to move on. If she is with the hottest bachelor in the universe–where is he….havent seen them together in like, what a month? He owns a place in NYC right ?

    “Pure Israeli perfection” – hah. What is “Israeli perfection” a girl with a nose job, lip job and fake boobs, who dyes her hair and doesnt give a damn about Israel? And what is “pure” about it?

  • tinkerbell

    @gig: @gig:

    what is she stalking nadal now?It said in the NY post she “showed up”at a restaurant he was eating at and goes to all the tennis matches.Too bad his girlfriend is beautiful and classy.This woman seems like such trash.

    Yeah, it seems like it. Will be interesting to see what happens. MAybe she wants to be a “Mrs” like Brooklyn Decker !

  • tinkerbell

    @Michelina: Thumb up Thumb down -4

    Thanks Jared for the new pictures! It seems that Bar is quite interested in Rafael. If I were Leo, I’d be a little worried, lol, lol. Just kidding.

    Michaelina, you’re known barf troll, probably her Mom. Is that what this is about -trying to make Leo jealous? Cause it aint gonna work ! Or maybe just get more buzz????

  • tinkerbell

    @sam: you do know rafa invited her right? thats why she went to his matches. Congrats to rafa!!!! he deserved it!!!! he has so many celebs fans charlize was also there, bar looks pretty

    He probably did that to be polite. I definitely see some machinations here…not sure what…pay back to Leo or a back-up plan….her trolls have been hinting about Rafa since she went to Spain months ago. He is attractive. Maybe just to generate “rumors.” Gag.

    Maybe she just does like tennis—-I could understand taht. I like to go to track and field events. But it does seem fishy.

  • vivien

    I like her watch. and at first her sunglasses made me think she had a uni brow lol. but she is a very pretty girl.

  • Nikki

    @Ms Bar Jolie GAGA;

    You know, it is soooo obvious that the losers here are Leo DiCaprio’s fans. The ones who used to lilke seeing Leo with that horse faced Brazilian model. But that was ages ago. Wake up! Bar is Leo’s woman now. She has been for the last past five years. HELLO????

  • lol

    @Nikki: 5 years minus the break ups! HELLO!!! Do the math! Again: can you give an intelligent answer why you need to bring in and trash Gisele again? Leo moved on, Gisele moved on so maybe you could grow up and do the same??? It is pretty lame and pathetic that you need to bring Gisele down to prove how great BR is. That`s all you have? If I was BR I wouldn`t be proud to have fans like you…

  • ela


    only 1 break up- june 2009-november 2009.

  • lol

    @49: I’m not so sure there was only one breakup but whatever makes you happy… :)