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Brian Austin Green: Megan Fox is My Better Half in Parenting

Brian Austin Green: Megan Fox is My Better Half in Parenting

Brian Austin Green opens up to Details magazine in the publication’s October 2010 issue!

Here’s what the 37-year-old actor had to share:

On his new role in Desperate Housewives, as a buff contractor: “Sweaty guy with a hammer. A lot of tank tops. I’ve got to say it’s a whole new world for me. I’ve never played a hunky guy. There was one day when I had to take my shirt off. I must have done 400 push-ups. I feel like I understand the pressure that women go through. I feel, like, all-woman at times.”

On making Megan Fox a stepmom: “She is absolutely my better half in parenting. She just gets it. It’s instinctual for her.”

On if their relationship was on-again/off-again: “We’ve been together for six years. Find a picture of one of us with any other boyfriend or girlfriend‚ I challenge you. You’ll only find pictures of her doing press with Shia LaBeouf or me with my son. That’s it. We never once dated anyone else or did anything else.”

For more from Brian, including how he deals with paparazzi, visit!

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52 Responses to “Brian Austin Green: Megan Fox is My Better Half in Parenting”

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  1. 1
    jen Says:

    this man is incredibly sexy

  2. 2
    jen Says:

    this man is incredibly sexy

  3. 3
    wintr Says:

    Love this guy already.

  4. 4
    electric scissors Says:

    Haha … 90210 for the win!

  5. 5
    WinAgrammyNotAVMAThenwellsee Says:

    wasnt he a hunky guy on 90210? the f*ck is he talking about? lol he sure is hot and with that wifey he carries what do you call a couple thats a dilf and milf?

  6. 6
    dp Says:

    who cares? When was the last time this dude was relevent? As for the challenge Megan was kissing a dude at her jennifers body premiere with a rose in her hand; the same wasy she did for shia. So I guess that counts and the challenge was met and brian just lost. PLus who hasnt seen mega farse naked? Thats all she can do. I feel sorry for the kid though; he’s got two lousy assed parents whose only talents are prostitution.

  7. 7
    S*8hallo Says:

    Green has matured into a fine actor!

    I remember when he played Donna Mills’ son on KNOTS LANDING! I Never got into 90210…but Green really proved he has acting chops when joined the cast of FOX’s Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles with Lena Heady, Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau.

    That show was GREAT and short-lived…just beginning to pick up steam and find an audience when fickle FOX pulled the plug.
    Green was so damn cool and bad-ass in this show…wish him luck…even though I cannot stomach Desperate Housewives.

    Even Knots Landing had better drama than this show.

  8. 8
    LadyB Says:

    Any 90210 fan knows that he was not the HUNKY guy in 90210. Remember, he started out as a nerd/DJ who did everything he could to fit in with Brandon/Kelly/etc. and to become part of their group. He finally was accepted but he still wasn’t the hunk.

    BTW, am I the only that sees that “better parenting” as a diss to Vanessa Marcil. That’s how I see it, but maybe’s it’s just me. He’s been good to Megan. Megan should count her blessings. A lot of men drool about hot and famous women but most men won’t date them or marry them because of their insecurity.

  9. 9
    Emma Stone where is Penn Says:

    Well let me tell you… when it started… 90210 original Brian was on
    the show and Vanessa Marcil just broke up with her fiancee Tyler
    Christopher..You know him he was married to Eva Longoria for
    2 years from General Hospital..!!! Any way Brian and Vanessa dated
    for long time and had CASSIUS…THEIR SON…NOT MEGAN’S …
    So what happened Ms Marcil..who married Carmine aka Danny from
    CSI New York.. every where she goes to promote the fact that she is

  10. 10
    allison Says:

    @Emma Stone where is Penn:

    couldn’t that just be the fact that paparazzi don’t follow vanessa marcil like they do for megan fox?

  11. 11
    yeah Says:

    This guy is definitely handsome and it’s nice that MF plays an acitve role in raising her stepson.

  12. 12
    deuce Says:

    sexy. ’nuff said.

  13. 13
    sea Says:

    “Find a picture of one of us with any other boyfriend or girlfriend‚ I challenge you”
    That’s really sweet and unusual!

  14. 14
    Mary from Russia Says:

    I didn’t know Megan helped raise his son. But she herself is too young… She was only 18 when they met. And she seems very insecure, obsessed with her appearance and plastic surgery, it’s obvious. I don’t think she was a real step mom to Cassius. By the way, on every photo Brian is with his son, Megan never even holds the child’s hand, she only seems to worry about covering her face, or to make “I’m so sexy’ expression. I think this is Brian who takes care both of his son and wife.

  15. 15
    sunny Says:

    Marcil gave birth to his son, just because they are not “together” anymore does not mean that she isn’t relevant in the son’s life. I’m sure Fox didn’t do the diaper duty or care for his son when he most needed nurturing as an infant. Vanessa’s never photographed.What’s he trying to prove because Fox and him never officially dated other people? She still publicly dissed him by saying she wasn’t the marrying type and they weren’t engaged. How is that something to be proud of. All that aside, I wish that little boy the best, sounds like he’s gonna need it.

  16. 16
    envy Says:

    @LadyB: A lot of men drool about hot and famous women but most men won’t date them or marry them because of their insecurity.

    I think those are the slutyfriens

  17. 17
    mari Says:

    I think you should all calm down a bit. He is comparing HIS parenting to Megan Fox parenting and not to Megan’s and his ex.

  18. 18
    HOT HOT HOT Says:

    Can I just say firstly, I could kick myself for not noticing how f**cking truly HOT Brian Austin Green is. I have no chance but hell he’s f**cking nice and a cool dude.

    Everything he states in Details magazine is completely true I have a new found respect for him. I always liked him anyway, and wasn’t that stupid when people where going on that Megan was too good for him. Look at the talent he picked up before her, best record in Hollywood.

    Megan Fox is a lucky so and so to actually have him.

    Agreed, he didn’t start out as f**cking sexy in 90210 it took about the 5-6 season to get his freak on but it was surely worth the wait. I don’t even bother to watch the new 90210 is just simply crap. Brian Austin Green just confirmed it too guess he’s not going back then hahaha.

    I heard they made Donna and David separated in the new version – WTF, to me they will always be together i.e. married. Original 90210 will always rule and will be talked about in another 20 years time.

    I have to say, I watched Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and I will admit I cried just a little when the show ended. The worst mistake Fox network ever made for a TV show. That show was simply brilliant and his character Derek Reese was just mmmmmmmm = badass (a talented actor missed by Hollywood on the big screen).

    Check out this link to see how hot this guy is:

    I’m looking forward to seeing him in Desperate Housewives kick-ass season but yeah Knots Landing was a great show too.

    For people making something out of nothing, Brian Austin Green didn’t say that Vanessa Marcil was a bad mother, he just simply stated that Megan was a fantastic stepmom.

    Like how Vanessa Marcil will have an interview and state that her new husband is a great stepfather. It’s not a competition people as the key thing is Kassius is an extremely happy and content little boy.

    Also, just because Vanessa Marcil is not followed all the time it doesn’t been she is not in the child’s life. That’s just plain silly to think that.

    I wish both recent happy couple the best of luck.

    Ps: Kassius will take over Hollywood when he grows up, great looking boy.

  19. 19
    tender Says:

    @Mary from Russia: I agree with you. When I read that comment I couldnt imagine. I think that her wish is to have that motherhood instinct because that makes you look sexier

  20. 20
    Damn Says:

    @Emma Stone where is Penn: I’ve always been a fan of Brenda … Oops inmean Vanessa and I thought she would have been a bigger star by now. Unfortunately for her she had to go back to general hospital and the show is horrid. The rumor is she only went back to gh because james franco , but guess what?. Not even Brenda or James Franco can save the ratings from tanking. The characters have been ruined and the q’s are gone. as far as im concerned ….Put a fork in it, General hospital is done!

  21. 21
    Kellie Says:


    Nicely said. You took the words out of my mouth! :)

  22. 22

    Brian is not hating on the birth mother. Where the hell are these comments coming from.

    General public are shocked to see that he is a good guy and there’s actually nothing to hate so they are creating stuff up.

    The man looks fine and happy with his family what’s the problem.

    Brian also mentioned in another interview that both families regularly meet up as Kassius likes to put on little family performances for both families.

    Vanessa Marcil is still HOT and Megan Fox is HOT there’s no problem in Brian Austin Green life, we do need a book so we can find out how he does it.

    Brian as Metallo in Smallville was such a great experience to watch hope he comes back for season 10.

    Desperate Housewives I will be watching.

  23. 23
    bitch Says:

    I want to steal Megan Fox’s bf. He looks so sweet and in love that hes too irresistible for me

  24. 24
    Robocup Says:

    What the hell he is talkin about! I effed Megan 33 times for the last five years. I told her to keep her blow up doll mouth shut!

  25. 25
    JT Says:

    What’s now?Brian to rescue Megan’s career?
    Stop trying already,do something else.

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