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Brian Austin Green: Megan Fox is My Better Half in Parenting

Brian Austin Green: Megan Fox is My Better Half in Parenting

Brian Austin Green opens up to Details magazine in the publication’s October 2010 issue!

Here’s what the 37-year-old actor had to share:

On his new role in Desperate Housewives, as a buff contractor: “Sweaty guy with a hammer. A lot of tank tops. I’ve got to say it’s a whole new world for me. I’ve never played a hunky guy. There was one day when I had to take my shirt off. I must have done 400 push-ups. I feel like I understand the pressure that women go through. I feel, like, all-woman at times.”

On making Megan Fox a stepmom: “She is absolutely my better half in parenting. She just gets it. It’s instinctual for her.”

On if their relationship was on-again/off-again: “We’ve been together for six years. Find a picture of one of us with any other boyfriend or girlfriend‚ I challenge you. You’ll only find pictures of her doing press with Shia LaBeouf or me with my son. That’s it. We never once dated anyone else or did anything else.”

For more from Brian, including how he deals with paparazzi, visit!

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52 Responses to “Brian Austin Green: Megan Fox is My Better Half in Parenting”

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  1. 26
    Pinkrose Says:

    Respect to them both regarding their relationship. So different from “Young Hollywood” and she is “young”. They seem very secure in each other and have never pretended otherwise. Now, if she could only keep her clothes on and stop messing up her face..

  2. 27
    Sweet Guy Says:

    @JT: He’s METALLO he can do anything.

    Brian loves his wife and just spreading the love. Megan career is fine.

    I never thought I would say this but Megan Fox is not stupid she picked the right guy. The world is just noticing now, gosh we are slow.

  3. 28
    May Says:

    I liked his interview with Details a lot,not much Mel Gibson part,Megan does that too in interviews,looks like they are trying to survive in Hollywood.

  4. 29
    jen Says:

    It’s about time people stop hating on Brian, I’m so sick of reading that he is spending Megan’s money and such. Brian was with Megan way before her fame shot up but I guess everyone forgot that. It’s cool to see that most of the comments on here aren’t bashing Brian anymore:)

  5. 30
    jaye Says:

    Dp, you need to take a sedative. For someone who says ‘who cares’, you seem to be working yourself into a fit. That actor at the premiere of Jennifer’s Body was a co -star Johnny Simmons; she kissed him on the cheek on a press junket, so what? No one in his right mind would think that is ‘dating’. No need for you to feel sorry for Brian’s child; no one is complaining but you and others who have no clue about their personal lives.
    There hasn’t been a spark of negative comments about this couple except on blogs from people who don’t know them. Nothing has been printed to cause anyone to think that either he or Megan are bad parents or bad people for that matter. Hate the man and woman if you like, but try the truth when making statements as fact.

  6. 31
    lilly Says:

    met brian a couple of months ago and he was absolutely lovely. really down to earth, genuine and interested in the fans.

  7. 32
    Original 90210 The Best Says:

    Gutted the man speaks the truth. I hope this shuts down the new 90210 once and for all, I dislike it so much.

    It’s only half way decent when the original cast members show up. Can the writers of the new show also stop fcuking up the history of the show.

    David Silver speaks I’m listening not worth the watch.

    Derek Reese tells me Megan Fox is a good stepmom I listen.

    Matello is villian bring him back and Derek Reese.

    Suddenly, I feel like a desperate housewive after reading this interview with Brian Austin Green. I see how he get’s the ladies the man ROCKS.

    I’m happy he’s married but a little bit of me thinks no that man’s hot he can do better than Megan Fox.

    Brian Austin Green should appear in blockbuster movies he can so handle it. David Silver is a long time ago, can’t believe he wasn’t given the chance to be the Green Lantern because of his past work on 90210. I know Mr Reynolds will be excellent but still it’s got me thinking now. He’s hot enough to take any hollywood lead and can act.

  8. 33
    George Says:

    About that challenge Brian did, What do you think, is it her???, it´s not Robert Pattinson, i think he´s David Gallager, not sure either, but it sure looks like her!!!

  9. 34
    George Says:

    Here are more to be sure…

  10. 35
    burt Says:

    @George: he means before they started dating, obviously, i mean its pretty clear

  11. 36
    Andie Says:


    Get your facts straight. She was 17 years old in those pics you posted. She was dating David at that time.

    She started dating Brian when she was 18.

  12. 37
    Andie Says:


    Get your facts straight. She was 17 years old in those pics you posted. She was dating David at that time.

    She started dating Brian when she was 18.

  13. 38
    brian other gf Says:

    found pics-

  14. 39
    Sar Says:

    It’s so funny,2 years ago ppl were saying he is too old for her,she is too hot for him ,he is a loser,why is she with such a loser and now that everybody hates Megan she became plastic and even ugly and he suddenly became hot.It’s hilarious how one day you are hot and another you are not,and you are never good enough for others no matter how hard you are trying.

  15. 40
    angel Says:

    he’s hotttttttt megan is lucky.

  16. 41
    JT Says:

    From the interview he hates to be famous,she is sick of it.
    Go and do something else,nobody is forcing them to do that.

  17. 42
    No hating just love Says:

    @brian other gf: Between you and George your getting pretty desperate.

    Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have never said they haven’t been in previous relationships but in their current relationship nothing has ever occured to cause major concern.

    We all know that if a certain star is snapped with someone they are automatically going out with them sometimes it can be true but he’s stepping up and saying not regarding their relationship.

    The link you posted did you actually read the comments they are just work colleauges. Brian was suppose to star with her in the below show but it never happened. Another fine show that never got of the ground. These executives that make the final decisions on which shows to be aired sometimes what planet are they on.

  18. 43
    Brian Says:

    @Sar: Only the small minded people thought he was a loser.

    The rest of us with glasses could see he had talent, was constantly working and has been working for over 30 years and was getting hotter as he grew older.

    People got blinded by Megan Fox and that’s why the hate came from.

    Beautfiul ladies like Megan Fox come and go there’s only one Brian Austin Green. Whether you love him or hate him he does make an impression on you. I say he’s been generally quite positive.

  19. 44
    Sar Says:

    I loved 90210 but I don’t see him different from then,he looks the same to me,I don’t see him hotter,just older.I think celebrities are manipulated so much by others so that’s why one day they are hot and another they are not.The day everybody loves you,you are hot and everything even if you are not,the day they hate you,you are ugly,dumb and a loser.Yes,beauty come and go,but even if you have talent you come and go because you are never good enough.I think his acting skills are good ,Megan is bad at acting in my opinion,they are two pretty normal and nice people without anything extraordinary to me.
    And how is it possible to hate ppl because of beauty?

  20. 45
    Brian Says:

    @Sar: I agree with majority of your comments. It’s the media game that’s played out constantly who’s hot and who’s not and talented etc.

    His acting skills are good, it’s just a shame he hasn’t had the opportunity to showcase this in major movies during the past years.

    However, I have enjoyed his TV work over the years, he was really funny as Chris in Freddie. It reminded me a little bit of the relationship between Joey and Chandler in friends. I always thought if Chris ever met Joey that would be dangerous and very very funny.

    And how is it possible to hate ppl because of beauty? It’s sad but it clearly happens. Some people just don’t want the best for Brian Austin Green. Why did everyone think he was a loser for no good reason? Why your life is better than his? Just because he was with Megan Fox?

    Look at the Youtube entries when people thought they had split up, it’s some of the highest viewing. Clearly, some people were jealous that they were together i.e. how could David Silver get a girl like Megan Fox and truly happy when they thought they had split up.

    People are trying to find proof now look at George and brian other gf posts etc. I’m sure other websites stating the same things too.

    Whatever the level people think, more importantly they are happy. You can’t beat a higher level than that famous or not.

  21. 46
    klove Says:

    I don’t think people hate MF because of her beauty but because of her unlovely personality.Blake Lively is young and beautiful as much as MF but she has nice personality and charisma.

  22. 47
    Lilianne Says:

    So if they’ve been dating for 6 years then that makes her 18 and him 31 when they met. Hmm…all I can say is gross and eww. She was a BABY and him practically a dirty old man at the time of their meeting. I wouldn’t advertise that if I were him. It always sickens me to see such a big age gap between girls and older men. Practically child molestation in my book. I know many won’t agree…it’s just my opinion.

  23. 48
    Little Suzie Says:

    “Age ain’t nothing but a number”, sang by the late great singer Aaliyah.

    Megan Fox was LEGAL at 18 years old when she hooked up with Brian Austin Green.

    Beyonce and Jay Z, 12 years
    Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster, 26 years
    Barbara Hershey and Naveen Andrews, 21 years
    Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, 15 years
    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, 16 years
    Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor-Wood, 26 years
    Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn, 35 Years
    Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher,14 years
    Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer,13 years
    Elvis and Priscilla Presley,10 years – Elvis met her when she was 14 years old

    Megan’s family have never said anything bad to my knowledge about Brian Austin Green and as you can see from the above it happens.

    Brian Austin Green is not the first guy to date an 18 year old lady and will not be the last. At least they built a relationship in the end and so far has lasted.

  24. 49
    Kat Says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Megan’s acting nor her personality. But Brian sure seems like a down to earth guy and it’s gonna be fun to watch him on Desperate Housewives.

    I really liked him together with Tiffani Amber Thiessen (she’s still a beauty) back in the days. Her or Vanessa Marcil always seemed a lot more mature and a better match for Brian. But it’s his life and I wish him happiness.

  25. 50
    FlatbushBrooklynsfinest Says:

    Wow! There are so many misconceptions about Megan Fox. If Brian Austin Green continues to tell the mainstream media to challenge about Megan Fox’s ‘so-called’ infidelities, then the general public and viewers are failing miserably with their idiotic misconceptions. Those two are solid! We have never heard or seen Megan Fox partying, drinking, or showing her crotch to the paparazzi (ie Britney, Miley, Lindsey). She is either walking Kassius to school, leaving Targets, or having dinner with Bryan. I believe that Megan Fox is maternal. Why is that so hard for anyone to beleive? Because she is a sex symbol?

    I strongly believe they’re the real thing. There is nothing about their relationship that’s pretentious. I’m sure they had their fair share of problems. What relationship hasn’t? But it’s clear that their soulmates! He loves her unconditionally, and she feels the same. Best of luck to both of them….

    PS MF is a Taurus…
    Read up on Taurus women. They’re natural born nurturers of the zodiac, as well as selective, conservative, homebodies,loyal, and very monogamous.

    Brian Austin Green did challenge anyone to disprove him. He knows Megan has been 100% faithful.

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