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Nicole Kidman's New Film Scores Standing Ovation!

Nicole Kidman's New Film Scores Standing Ovation!

Nicole Kidman sits on the panel at the press conference for her new movie, Rabbit Hole, during the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival held at the Hyatt Regency on Tuesday (September 14) in Toronto, Canada.

The Rabbit Hole premiere was sold out and received a standing ovation at the end.

One movie critic writes, “Kidman is the true standout here, outmatching [co-star Aaron] Eckhart scene-by-scene to the point that it’s almost a problem, but [Dianne] Wiest is also terrific in her quiet but key role.”

Adds another, “Kidman‘s performance recalls her great work in To Die For, a movie that her fans still cite as a cult favorite.”

Sounds like a winner for Nicole!

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman‘s Rabbit Hole press conference…

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nicole kidman rabbit hole standing ovation 01
nicole kidman rabbit hole standing ovation 02
nicole kidman rabbit hole standing ovation 03
nicole kidman rabbit hole standing ovation 04
nicole kidman rabbit hole standing ovation 05
nicole kidman rabbit hole standing ovation 06
nicole kidman rabbit hole standing ovation 07
nicole kidman rabbit hole standing ovation 08
nicole kidman rabbit hole standing ovation 09
nicole kidman rabbit hole standing ovation 10
nicole kidman rabbit hole standing ovation 11
nicole kidman rabbit hole standing ovation 12
nicole kidman rabbit hole standing ovation 13

Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • lela

    she’s so beautiful!

  • Mia

    HATE this frigid selfish phony Republican.

  • Londoner

    @Mia: I do too, lol.

  • Jason

    @lela: she looks like a witch. at least her botox went down a bit

  • laurie

    Her face lift came out good!!!

  • Orwell

    Oh look at the little Kidman haters here… Kidman is getting great reviews for her performance in ‘Rabbit Hole’ so they are getting all nervous and very very angry. ‘Frigid’, ‘selfish’, ‘phony’, ‘witch’. Very mature and intelligent comments, as always. I guess you guys have to release all that hate you feel inside. What better target than a woman like Kidman who has everything: beautiful, intelligent, talented, happily married. I can’t believe Jared allows your pathetic comments on his site.

  • pasty phony

    How are your kids Nic? O ya you wouldnt know or care now would you.

  • Robert

    You people are so PATHETIC…
    The article said how terrific Nicole was in the movie and the only thing you write is about her botox.??.. ..
    Well if that makes you feel good…

  • andres

    She looks amazing.. so natural….

  • Orwell

    Um ‘Pasty phony’, you do realize that Nicole Kidman doesn’t read this site, right? And don’t you think attacking someone you don’t know about her mothering skills is extremely low? Because you don’t know Nicole Kidman. It’s all in your head, my dear. You don’t know her. Now, go take your pills.

  • Gillian

    Can’t act. She also looks angry when she has Botox.

    Bet she’s jealous of Sandy Bullock’s successful year- and Sandy’s older too!

  • vox

    She is a very good actress, no question about it, but she should stop the botox, lip injections or whatever it is that makes her look so unnatural.

  • web

    OMG ,i keep surfing the Net and can’t find any bad review .they all rave Nicole ,clap

  • Orwell

    @Robert: They attack her because this article says she’s great in ‘Rabbit Hole’. It’s that simple. There’s so many positive things said about Kidman’s performance in this film . The haters (the crazies from the E! boards) can’t stand it anymore. What you’re seeing here is them completely losing it. Quite pathetic and sad to witness.

  • caro

    @andres: yes, her lips are so “natural”

  • little my


    Envious hypocrites, Sandra Bullock uses twice as much botox and doesn’t get picked on, yet Nicole has to bear the brunt of you hate filled attacks. Time to crawl under rock for a couple of weeks, Nicole is garnering raves for her performance in Rabbit Hole. .

  • well

    Great job, Nicole!

  • smokie

    wonder why her eyes are always red?

  • Candice

    This movie looks good. I don’t understand the hate for such a classy lady. Jealousy? Nicole looks fab!

  • Galey

    I really like Sandra Bullock but she has had as many movie bombs as Nicole. I think all “Great Actors” go through ups an downs. Nicole is extremely talented. I guess I am naive but I wonder who are the haters? They are so extreme that is almost seems pathological. I think she is beautiful inside and out. She tries to keep her private life just that especially when it comes to her children. I for one hope I can do as much for the less fortunate as Nicole does. I am excited to see her in her new movie.

  • ohnicole

    her emotions look trapped in her face in the first photo…let me out, let me out…I’m trying to show I’m laughing.

    eeks. I was a fan of her acting but actress shouldn’t be allowed to use botox and she’s the worst of ‘em. I wish Keith would tell her to stop.

  • ohnicole

    and p.s.
    I’m not “hater” (oh when will that *stupid* term die…um people have a right to have opinions or like and dislikes)
    or jealous (of what exactly? other than money…sure it would be lovely to help friends and family in these hard times). So enough with the you must be jealous or a hater if you think NK excessively uses botox or can’t act or isn’t pretty or whatever else.

  • Just the Haters

    It’s just the middle age hags from the E board. They troll boards and write negative comments about Nic because she married Keith Urban and that screwed up their fantasies. Nic has more beauty, class, intelligence and talent in her big toe than the haters but the biggest difference is Nic and Keith have a life and they obviously do not. Isn’t that right, Sue who spends all day logged into the E board?

  • “L”

    @Just the Haters:
    If it wasn’t for Keith, Nicole and the haters, Skewer Mistress would have no life and nothing to do with herself. It is a nice day today. Go out and get a breath of fresh air, and maybe you’ll be lucky to see some real human beings when you go out your door.

  • laverdadduele

    Frozen in time.

  • anon

    let me get this, Sandy got the “LET’S GIVE HER SOMETHING, SHE’S BEING AROUND THE BLOCK A LONG TIME” award, and all of a sudden everyone is ‘JEALOUS’ of her career. Well you dope heads get this no one in Hollywood will pick Sandy’s career (OSCAR OR NOT) over Nic’s!!!!! FACT.

  • zao77254

    To die for, Eyes Wide Shut, Birth, Birthday Girl, Dogville, Fur, Margot…. and now this. She’s at the top of her game in indie, arty films.

  • boston61

    I have never understood why people think this woman is beautiful. She is striking because she is tall and I think she was photogenic when she was young. But now. YUCK!!

  • What?

    @Gillian: Sandy looks like Michael jackson

  • What?

    @little my: so true . I never understand how bloggers like lainey call Nicole granny freeze but they just love sandy frozen face bullock

  • How stupid

    The skeptics are trying to convince JJ readers that there’s one person outing them. Oh they wish! BAHAHAHAHA!

  • dani

    I’m glad she returned to the Indies. Although I loved her performance in Bewitched (one of the few I guess), I think she really shines in vehicles like this. There is a clip of the movie on her FB page and she is absolutely wonderful in it.

  • irene olson

    So excited for this movie. When you receive a standing ovation from an audience, it usually means a fabulous performance. The movies so far in 2010 have been a disaster; I do not know how they can pick a movie for the Oscar. This will be a serious, sad movie, but a very good movie. Nicole Kiman is a fabulous actress and her husband, Keith Urban, is a beyond fabulous musician. Wonderful couple.

  • hopeso

    Why sound surprise Nicole is a good actress so beautiful as always good to see you nicole

  • Gillian

    Kidman is dead weight. A horrible actress.

    And just because someone doesn’t like someone’s acting or “posing” doesn’t mean that they are “haters.” It means that they are facing reality.

    The New York Times just did a story on the actresses who make money for their movies.

    Kidman isn’t on the list. Period. There’s Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts. They are not box office poison.

    I used to work at People magazine. We never put Kidman on the cover because we knew her covers never sold.

    Case closed.

  • Grace

    Nicole is such a good actress, Im sure she’ll do well this awards season. Based on the clip below, Nicole looks very Oscar-worthy in her role. Im dying to see it!

    Here is a clip from “Rabbit Hole”.

  • dani


    If you truly worked for People then you know she has been on the cover–so that “never” is not exactly a true statement. She has actually been on 12 covers which is a lot more than many actresses and actors have been. She also has been heavily covered inside.

    And if you truly worked for People, then you know she has a huge following overseas. For whatever reason, US audiences have never taken to her like the international audiences. Go check it out–you’ll find it in the financial figures for the International ticket sales. She also seems to sell DVD/Videos well in the states regardless of whether her movies do well.

    You may have worked for People, but you must have been the receptionist because you certainly aren’t getting your facts straight.

  • Nicole fan

    All you people care about is her looks, not her talent. What a society we live in. lLease stop deflecting your self-esteem issues onto Nicole.

  • Not so.


  • Babs

    I think Nicole Kidman is a true talent as an actress who really becomes one with her roles. It’s pretty sad that people on here question her looks or her as a mother. So many people judge but do they truly ever look in the mirror at theirselves…hmmmmm I guess not because they are judging………and need botox theirselves

  • Park Shin

    Another fantastic performance from Ms. Kidman yay!!!!!!
    Whether she will get an Oscar nom or not, I’m just glad that
    my fave actor (i.e. Moulin Rogue, The Others, Dogville)
    is still active in the industry.
    I really cant wait for the release of the films she has produced:
    “Rabbit Hole”, “Monte Carlo”.

  • Chelsea S

    Rabbit Hole is such an amazing script. I played Becca, the character Nicole plays, at school one year with the original theatre script. I hope this movie does the original justice!

  • vandypants

    Lainey got “Granny” from the skeptics. They send her made up stories and she uses them. One nut sent her the treatment for one of Keith’s music videos. Lainey posted it and it turned out to be completely wrong.
    Sue continues to pimp Lainey on E and Lainey keeps printing crap that makes the skeptics happy. The 13th was a REALLY bad day for the skeptics. Now THEY don’t know what will happen with Keith’s label. For “insiders” they suck….hard!

  • Warren Mallard

    Great job nikkie

  • car

    i love her she is a great actress! she takes risks, and some they don’t pay off but when shes good shes good! unlike most actors and actresses in hollywood she steps out of her comfort and doesn’t play the same role over and over. as for the movie we did the play at my college, so i’m excited to see it.

  • Sweetie

    OMFG her face is all stiff with botox. Her forehead is all stiff and no wrinkles around her eyes. Her lips eeeeuw.



    Botox doesn’t go down. You’re an idiot.


    Have you seen the clip from the festival? The movie is fantastic.

    It’s Oscar time again, but you’ll need Kleenex.

    The movie is about a their young child dying.



    Regarding Bullock’s personal life.

    I adore Sandra, but every man she has ever loved cheated on her and broke her heart. Most her life has been spent alone. Thankfully, she now has an adorable son to love.

    Nicole was controlled and broken down by Cruise, but she healed and has luckily found love again.

    Kidman’s outstanding performance here is in no doubt influenced by losing her children in real life. An unimaginable sadness, indeed.

    Both have an Oscar.

    [Both ladies are beautiful in their 40's and use quite a bit of botox and fillers, as do we all]



    People or PEEPHOLE is a tabloid.

    Kidman leads a private live and does nothing to garner that type of attention. Thank God!