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Alexander Skarsgard Under The Hawaiian Sun

Alexander Skarsgard Under The Hawaiian Sun

Alexander Skarsgard spotting!

The 34-year-old True Blood actor has been in Hawaii shooting his new movie, Battleship, with on-screen brother Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna, and Brooklyn Decker.

Said the fan in the picture, “Ok, it took me a whole week of filming to be able to take this pic but finally I got it…. Here it is, the Viking and I. He’s the nicest actor I’ve ever talked to. So cute and with all that Hawaiian sun on him he’s looking all toasty and beautiful. He’s so sweet of a man that you just want to kiss him and take him home with you.”

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Credit: Yamileth Palacios
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  • URGH

    Oh boo, I was hoping you would have pictures all the fans hadn’t already seen. Slacking, JJ!

  • SinSkars

    Yummy! I love my Viking <3

  • Nic

    Hahah this is great, everyone says he is so sweet!

  • muppet show

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  • Leni

    Lol that’s adorable, much respect for actors who’s consistently nice to their fans

  • R&M

    He looks better then he has in months! Finally, not so pale and scrawny. I’m liking the shorter blonder hair, too.

  • heidi

    Nice pic! Alex does look toasty–the make up folks at True Blood will have their work cut out for them (not that they’ll mind!). Love all the many stories that Alex is a sweetheart.

  • wowowow

    was he playing soccer? he’s wearing shin guards1

  • Buttercups

    I tough you will be successful and awesome, like Jon Hamm, Henry Cavill or Matt Damon, ..
    But, you’re just a swedish famewh0re.
    Alex, I want to iike you again, but you’re actions make want to puke!!
    one of your on-off fans.

  • URGH

    @Buttercups: lol you’re stupid. Henry Cavill isn’t successful.

  • Buttercups

    Henry Cavill is successful because everybody recognize his acting skills, PLUS his hotness.

  • http://JustJared KB’s analyst



  • Buttercups

    This is an open place. I have the right to make my opinion.
    I’m disapointed, so what? I not the only only one.
    I hope, Alex go to the right direction, or he would better be just a hunk swedish. ;(

  • InConstance

    @Buttercups: As far as I know, so is Alex . . . . successful for his acting + hotness. When did this change?

    And I can’t pitch the famewh-re comment you made. What exactly has he done?

  • John Doe

    Sorry, but who is Henry Cavill, and why is he relevant in a Skarsgard post?

  • east end girl

    Nothing is hotter than a man in a footie strip… Love love love me some Alex!!!!!!!

  • Finanas

    Tumblr is your source Jared !

  • Coleen

    Alex looks really good in this picture. He is so sexy! Too bad True Blood is now 9 months away…

  • TrueBlade

    He looks great! Doesn’t look like he’s missing anything or anybody, in fact he looks better than he has in months..

  • Anita H. Anjobe

    he’s a douche

  • Lilly

    Alex looks HOT! Blue is his color. He is the STAR of True Blood. His acting as Eric Northman is amazing!

  • seeshay

    he looks terrific and how nice that everyone who has met him talks about how genuinely nice he is. I vote we clone him and then everyone can have one. Do you suppose he cooks too?

  • Damn

    Damn! Alex is looking hot! Not only do we get to see him in uniform but also soccer outfit. Now looking forward to Battleship.

  • Eva


    I am sorry but who is John Hamm or Henry Cavill???

  • JM

    Hawaii agrees with you Alex. Looking DAMN HOT!

  • Cheryl

    He’s simply lovely.

  • JM

    Here’s a better droolworthy pic. Gosh he’s so dang cute without the clingon.

  • Michelle

    Good to hear that someone so HOT can be so cool to his fans. Just a beautiful man inside and out :D

  • JM

    Here’s a link to another droolworthy pic. Gosh he’s so dang cute wthout the clingon.

  • JM

    Sorry for the double post.

  • @Anita H.

    Kate is that you? We know it hurts. Talk it out if you need to. Who knows…you might even help other people in the process.

  • Peanut Gallery

    Don’t need peanuts for this one, droolworthy indeed!!

  • Just Joanie

    Gorgeous, gorgeous man! Being a nice guy is just icing on the cake. *lick*

  • @JM

    No worries! The picture so nice, you posted twice. (Except for some reason I can’t explain, I’m now thinking of the Double Mint Twins. o.O ???) Soooo loverly. He looks just…well….yeah. *sighs* That is all.

  • Gina

    He looks amazing! Love the short blond hair, tan, and clean shaven look.

  • OHVamp

    What I find so hilarious is the haters (of which they are entitled of course) who continue to post negative about him being a do*che… when for years almost everyone who meets him says how nice he is to everyone… from major star to lowly worker. Love Alexander and would pay to watch him sit a read a paper. *grins*

  • Jam

    Whre’s Kate Bosworth …you the women he is banging. jealus witces

  • Silly Bishes


    What are a stalker that you com up wit all those links of photos of AS…GET A LIFE ….

  • Silly Bishes

    Leave the clingon alone he not yours what are you four and saying “MINE” lol

  • carmelpop

    @Jam: @Silly Bishes: @Silly Bishes: are you hooked on phonics? I would respond, but I can’t answer all three of your alter egos, Jam….Did they up the meds for you dear.? It seems like your are suffering really bad. …Ring the nurses and let them know how much you REALLY hurt..

    Fricking Psycho, you even type like a stalker….please you begone, witch…

  • Silly Bishes

    LOL ……..not i am not Jam .but really you need to stop stalking i’m not the one trolling looking for every photo of Alex.

  • Jam

    Me thinks Iam no the only one wh changes posts names LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I now see you change your post name now!

  • Vrolock

    There’s a reason why Henry Cavill, has lost so many important roles, Batman, Superman, James Bond, he’s just a pretty face, I was LMAO when he was chosen as the The Unluckist Actor In The World by empire, at least skarsgad can act.

  • JM

    @ carmelpop
    Obviously Jam/Silly Bishes is having a breakdown. The writing skills are worse than usual.

  • monice


    Did he finally dumped that untalented bag of bones?

    I hope he did, he deserves better

  • Miriam


    I am sooo jealous!! Yummy indeed!! lol how lucky are those that are able to breath the same air he breaths!!! lol love Alexander skarsgard xoxo

  • Black Rabbit

    Whoa. Good to see this guy again. Haven’t seen him in months. He looks HUGE and incredible and incredibly huge! I think my opinion of Battleship just went up by about 40%.

  • Jam

    lol….are you having a conversation with you self JM with caramelpoop ….. English is not my mother laguage dea with it lol…btw i am not Silly Bishes …but if it makes you feel better to think I am Silly Bishes go for it…you al are crazy fangurls………

  • muppet show
    you have to watch this!lol

  • another day

    I don’t care if he’s playing Mah Jong with my grandmother’s social circle, hell, he’s hotter than a biscuit. Yes, as usual, JJ stole a fan tumblr shot, what’s new, but we all want to see ourselves some tan Hawaiian Tropic Skars, so I’m happy…