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Gisele Bundchen & Baby Benjamin: NYC Fashion Fun

Gisele Bundchen & Baby Benjamin: NYC Fashion Fun

Gisele Bundchen exits an SUV while out and about in New York City with her son Benjamin Brady on Tuesday (September 14).

The 30-year-old supermodel has been spending the past week in the concrete jungle taking in everything Fashion Week has to offer!

Last week, Gisele walked the runway at the Fashion’s Night Out show at held at Lincoln Center and ate brunch with her son and some friends at Balthazar in the SoHo neighborhood.

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  • kelsey

    oh beautiful, love her!

  • lala

    yes the queen is back in NYC, she must be doing a show!

  • brit

    she personifies Natural beauty. <3 she pulls off the natural look effortlessly.

  • copycat

    so she visited back to her hubby in boston to support him after his accident, now its time for queen G to do some work! awesome. she rocks

  • Golly

    oh gosh what a cute little guy, lol. and mama is gorgeous!

  • E

    cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute

  • Anon2010

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – there’s always going to be one person that doesn’t find the most beautiful person attractive. To call Gisele anything less is crazy.

  • sam

    does she ever take the sunglesses off? i guess not she knows she looks horrible without them

  • newmom

    Hotter then ten thousand suns.

  • ?

    why are gisele fans so into her? i mean she is a good model but i never understood all the adoraton around her

  • liz

    does anyone know what brand her jeans are?

  • de

    If I was going to be jealous of anyone it would be her!

  • jillyro

    She always looks a mess, she needs to buy a comb!! She is not beautiful enough to pass off that casual-messy look. She looks like a horse. She also looks like she could be Sarah Jessica Parker’s sister.

  • jenMS

    She is a beautiful woman but her ridiculous comments about breastfeeding and then her back peddling to cover her butt makes her extremely ugly in my eyes.

  • limit


    are you kidding me? she helped make the messy bed head,effortless beauty,casual look popular! (she is known for her hair, hello???? and her golden freckled skin) stfu. lemme guess you love girls with tons of makeup and perfectly primped hair that took 4 hours to look like that, high heels and mini skirts?

  • karo


    her comments weren’t ridiculous (alot of women feel the same way,go read her blog on it) what was ridiculous was the media attention it got, lol Any other lame model could have said what she said (which was beyond petty), and it wouldn’t have gotten one mention but since its GISELE the model with one name,the last supermodel,etc…it did.

  • mimi

    whoever said she cant do the messy/natural look, umm dont you know she helped make it ultra popular in the early 2000′s? LOL before her it was all about bleach blonde hair Britney Spears look, Gisele came in and made it popular to look natural again (big beachy waves,natural makeup) um like duh.

  • LADY

    Maybe it’s due because some of you are feeling insecure. I am a mother and I could not breastfeed. But I am not offended or feel judge by her comments. It’s her opinion and I know my circumstance, so there is no need to get your nursing bra’s in a bunch.

  • mimi
  • xox

    @LADY: @LADY:

    thats EXACTLY all it is. guilty conscious. I was watchiing an interview of soon to be model mom Doutzen Kroes say she is eating healthy for her baby and will not eat junk food. WOW if Gisele said that, ALL HELL would break lose! lol

  • Heather

    best bone structure and cheekbones I have ever seen on a person! Now wonder its SOOOOO coveted.

  • catwalkfan

    It would be damn cool if Gisele walked again New York fashion week!!!

    Nobody has her uberwalk!!!

  • tinyface


    I think she will because only time she goes to New York now is for work, since she doesn’t live there anymore. Its gotta be for a show. Plus all her photoshoots they come to her now. (Vogue USA team flew to her home in coasta rica,colcci team flew to boston,she shot Vogue Korea and Mexico covers by her home in LA) how cool is that? you dont even have to travel for work when you’re Gisele, she’s so wanted the professionals come to her now! lol

  • NativeNYker
  • cami

    Hope she does a show, no one walks like her! she is the best (along w/ Naomi of course)

  • Nameless

    I wish I had her paycheck, lol

  • Jess

    Fierce Queen

  • Whit


    oh go back to looking at your cabbage patch kids

  • Abagail

    Did you see her face on the LOVE cover???!!!!!!!!! nuff said!

    (she’s a goddess. none of you average chicks could take a photo like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



  • chris

    Gisele is proud of brazilian nation. she´s cute and amazing mother his baby is so sweet. gisele and camila alves( mathew´wife) are prou d of people brazil

  • meh


    Yes she has very Germanic features. The Germans claim her. With a name like Bundchen your lineage can only be German. Most Brazilians don’t look like her only in the “German town” area of Brazil will you find people who look like her. Actually people who look better than her. Her success is proof that the world has a long way to go in terms of defining what beauty is. It hasn’t changed at all.

  • lisali

    Shes always so effortlessly beautiful..girls got class.Also…. I just wanna pinch her little guys chubby cheeks..soo cute!

  • ginger


    you are so ignorant. Did you ever see Brazilian models Raquel Zimmerman,Caroline Trentini,Ana Hickmann,Cintia Dicker,Ana Beatriz Barros,Renata Kuerten? all blondes with light eyes. then there are your classic brunette types Alessandra Ambrosio,Adriana Lima,Fernanda Tavares,Izabel Goulart,Isabeli Fontana,..etc…then there are the black types like Emanuela De Paula,Gracie carvalho, Aan Paula Arujo. etc…Brazilians do not have a specific look my dear. but I have a feeling you already know this. some tard loves to say gisele is german. just makes you look dumb. If she were SO german why isnt she teaching her son or speak to her son in german? can you answer that? instead she is teaching him Portuguese and brazilian culture, get a clue. does Gisele resemble German mdoels Heidi Klum or Claudia Schiffer? NO she looks more similar to Ana Beatriz or Alessandra.


    she is totally hot and fabulous
    and good news for supporter
    she probably will walk for balenciaga.!!!

  • fran

    The Goddess is back.

  • twitter

    Gisele has big beachy waves, it becomes popular. Gisele makes sandals they are the most popular and successful sandals line in the WORLD. she rocks!

  • Justina

    If Gisele was german wouldnt german support her? lol why has she had 20 Brazil Vogue covers? why has Brazilian Vogue dedicated 2 issues to her? why didnt germany do that? why does gisele not speak german? why is giseles native language Portuguese? why is it a media frenzy when she goes to brazil as if she were madonna? why does she hardly get noticed in germany? why wasnt gisele born in germany? why was gisele born in brazil? why doesnt gisele eat german food and beer? why does she love brazilian barbecue and drink coconut water? why did gisele live in a bikini her whole life? why didnt gisele wear german girl dresses and pigtails in her hair? why does gisele love the beach and hot sun?

  • Justina

    why does when most people say the word BRAZIL a little certain celebrity model comes to mind? why does gisele dance the samba? why doesnt yodel? Face it: Gisele put Brazil on the map, not Germany, lol.

  • LADY


    Because she’s Brazilian. :))))

  • fgrd

    so the psycho Gisele is german people have arrived? where are the other usual stalkers? ms bar jolie? maybe she has an off day today her fat little fingers got exercised enough last time.

  • The French girl

    Europeans arrived in Brazil by the end of the 19th century and most of them mixed with the Brazilians that were already there(mostly south and southeast region). In the south some of them stayed in their colonies.Although ,a lot of them mixed with Brazilian people (mix native Brazilians+portuguese +spanish). That’s why they are so beautiful, in the south of Brazil . However, you can find gorgeous Brazilians everywhere, and the models are from north to south. Raica is from Rio, Ana Beatriz from Minas Gerais, Fernanda Tavares northeast,Emanuele de Paula northeast, Isabel Goulart SAo Paulo.
    The secret of the Brazilian beauty is in the mixture, cultural or racial!!Gisele is not german , she has german ancestry , but she is Brazilian, and she identifies herself as Brazilian.
    There are blonds everywhere in Brazil and some of them even have black /indian ancestry.You would never guess, in a million years.

  • Justina

    @The French girl:

    yep you said it. Almost everyone has mixed ethnicities, but they dont consider themselves that. They identify with what nationality they are (well most of the time except those Italians in New York who are 5 % italian yet call themselves italian to everyone, when really they are anything but lol)! Gisele doesnt talk about germany,and german people and german customs does she? She talks 100% all about Brazil. She made the country famous. Before her, Brazil was never talked about in the news or media. She put it on the map. she is 100% Brazilian. this isn’t even something to argue about (not to you frenchgirl, to the others who love to say she is german) they don’t sound very educated. I am a big mix of ethnicity too, but I am 100% American when it all comes down to it. End of story. A history book about Brazil will have Gisele’s pictures/name in it.

  • wexler

    Something I love about her that really not too many models possess, is her regal/aristocratic type presence. No matter what she does she always looks expensive, even when she has zero clothes one. Her face is very royal looking, like an expensive queen or something lol. She doesn’t have the modern day bratz doll bobble head thing going on which I love about her! She almost could have been a model from another era, the 50s? 20s? something. not to many popular models today have that quality to them, that is why she is #1. Karolina Kurkova does also have a rich look to her. Put a big hat,sunglasses and a chanel suit on and these girls will fit it perfectly. Other models would look like they are playing dress up with their round un sophisticated adult film star like faces. This is my opinion and this is why I think Gisele fans tend to be more mature and not of the tween age, lol.

  • Sally

    Why isn’t she up in Boston, attending to her husband who was shook up in that car accident?

    I give the marriage another two years, tops.

    Never have I seen a more self-centered person than this woman.

  • tara

    @ Sally You stupis person.
    She was in Boston . she lives in Boston
    And Tom was uninjured

    And for you and the other haters THEY WILL NEVER BREAK UP ; because they found the love of their lives with each other

  • seidenberg

    I agree with you Tara
    Sally you know nothing,

  • mara

    It’s really not fair that only one person gets to have that body :(

  • goldengirl


    Sally Gisele left her fashion week duties in New York as soon as she heard the news of her hubby, why dont you do a little research! I hardly call,calling off work to be with your hubby selfish! LOL and Tom’s team is playing New York , more and likely they will all be there or she is there to do a show because her hubby is very much uninjured. She support him for a good umm lets see, 6 or more days, dont you think that is more than enough time to spend with your uninjured husband? lol sure ya do, you just need something to b*tch about I see. next time do some better research first.

  • ritchierich

    wow surprised not to see Ms Bar Jolie yet, did she finally give up typing Gisele’s name in her search box? thats a good first step in getting help with your stalking issues. nice job!