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Rachel Bilson Has Saks Appeal

Rachel Bilson Has Saks Appeal

Rachel Bilson does some shopping with a girlfriend on Wednesday (September 15) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress picked up a purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue while out on her trip!

Rachel recently shared that one of her new obsessions is a $518 Rachel Comey dress available at

“She does beautiful prints,” Rachel told InStyle. “And her stuff is so easy to wear.”

FYI: Rachel is wearing Paige Denim Skyline Ankle Peg jeans in Beachwood.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson going shopping with a friend…

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rachel bilson beverly hills saks shopping 01
rachel bilson beverly hills saks shopping 02
rachel bilson beverly hills saks shopping 03
rachel bilson beverly hills saks shopping 04
rachel bilson beverly hills saks shopping 05
rachel bilson beverly hills saks shopping 06
rachel bilson beverly hills saks shopping 07
rachel bilson beverly hills saks shopping 08
rachel bilson beverly hills saks shopping 09
rachel bilson beverly hills saks shopping 10
rachel bilson beverly hills saks shopping 11
rachel bilson beverly hills saks shopping 12
rachel bilson beverly hills saks shopping 13

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  • Mimro

    Nothing against her at all, but I read InStyle and her advice is such bullocks. She knows nothing about fashion, really. And Im not one of those snobs..but really her collumn is so contrived.

  • mystery

    she can’t dress

  • stara

    r u srs?? again, didn’t you just post about this worthless trash less than 24 hrs like 3 times??? srs ur obssessed w/ her?

  • Liz

    How many erands can a person have?

  • Music 101

    I honestly don’t understand where she gets the money from to go shopping nearly everyday of the week since she barely works…

  • homeless rachel

    ahh?? actress??? really? she hasn’t been working in 2 yrs. and she can’t act.

  • Esme

    People Magazine 2010 list of the top ten best dressed is:
    Zoe Saldana – The Red Carpet Queen
    Gwen Stefani – The Hip Mom
    Rihanna – The Daring Diva
    Diane Kruger – The Runway Renegade
    Lea Michele – The Newbie
    Olivia Palermo – The Uptown Girl
    Jessica Alba – The Mix Master
    Jennifer Aniston – The American Classic
    Rachel Bilson – The Denim Darling
    Kate Middleton – The Princess in Waiting.

  • beo

    @Esme: Lol People magazine. Now Zoe and Diane have style. Rachel is just a hipster.

  • homeless rachel

    she is seriously a waste of space in posts here in JJ

  • screwed

    CONSISTENT media-whooring & good ole for nothing at its finest!

  • MissAnthropica

    @Music 101:
    Well I dont love or hate the girl but I do have a new theory as to how she pays the bill so she can shop all the time.

    She mentions random items like the eletric bicycle the other day or the dress today from the random designer and gets them mentioned in InStyle and on here when they otherwise wouldnt be and they pay her to mention their products.

    Sort of pay for mention of product which is kind of like pay for play of a song on the radio stations.

    Makes since really she gets paid by instyle for the column and then gets paid again to plug items in the column.

    Would explain why her advice is so odd and random and why you
    never see her use or wear the items she endorsed in the column to begin with
    Anways it is a new theory as to how she manages to still pull in the pay checks to pay for things.
    Because I have never seen her use the electric eco friendly bike she mentioned or wear any dress like the one she mentioned so it seems like she just mentions the items to get some attention to them and gets paid for it.

  • Ahari

    Seriously? With the economy in the shape it’s in? And she wants people to go out and spend that kind of money? On sh&t? How pathetic. Why do people talk about her? How does she have any followers at all? People who’s parents are paying all their bills maybe. But for the rest of us? She’s an abhorrent blip. I hope she just goes away. With no fan fare or attention. Because that’s what she craves, it would be fitting she disappear with no attention. It’s called Karma. I think she is a horrible person.

  • Brightside

    Just who is she aiming her fashion advice at, though? Her monied friends, the general public (many of whom are struggling through America’s worst recession since The Great Depression), teenagers? Who? This kind of advice is either arrogant or insensitive depending on how you view it….it is hardly relevant to many in America. And not at all relevant to many other parts of the world either!
    I thought Instyle was mainly a teen fashion mag and I don’t know many teens (or twenty somethings) that have five hundred dollars to throw away on one dress.
    She should try to make her advice more relevant to her readers!
    Also her life has such a monotonous, never-ending sameness about every single day of her existence it’s a wonder that she doesn’t walk around with a permanent sense of deja vu! How does she cope with such monotony?

  • crapshack

    Poor CrapChel! Already back home just after 2 days at the fashion week where the famous designers & bigger names celebs would be at the end of the week. It looks like that her zlister & famewhoooring radar were smelling like a t–u-r-d!

  • Shy

    Oh finally. There is your money cow Just Jared. Because i was beginning to worry where she’s gone. It’s been like whole two days that you didn’t post her so called “candids”. I thought that maybe she forgot to write you a check :) But thankfully she is all good and we can enjoy another series of meaningless post about this worthless idiot.

  • Shy

    Oh i missed that you already did a post about her yesterday. My mistake. But prior to that i think you didn’t do a single post about her on September 13 and 14. THE WHOLE 2 DAYS!!! I can’t believe it. And then you did 2 posts on September 15. What went wrong? Did she forgot to send you her “candids”?

  • Sammy

    It’s not like dressing well is something we all can’t do, so I don’t get the big deal.

    I would rather be famous for great acting or writing or some other accomplishment that most people can’t run out and buy and put on their backs…

  • periwinkle

    Jared you’ve got to entitled your post as LACKS APPEAL as she cant still jumpstart a career & both Jake Gyllenhall or Ryan Gosling continues to turn down her bearding/hook-up proposals to both of them LOL

  • Shan

    What does she do other than shop? Gosh what a boring life

  • empty

    The image of Shallow Celebrity as epitomized by Rachel Bilson.
    She has no redeeming value whatsoever.
    She gets no respect from her fellow actors.

    At a certain point she will no longer be an actress, but simply a wannabe socialite fashionista. Much like those other girls in those reality shows.

  • big bettie

    Jared, you and Rachel selling $500 dresses, what’s really going on, can i put a spam alert on you?

  • tzitziki

    awful shoes. so awful I had to comment. Jared enough already!

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s not REALLY giving an advice in InStyle – that’s a fashion editor. If you’ve seen her live you know she can barely speak in full sentences.
    She REALLY needs to be out there taking some acting lessons so she can get some work.


    @Brightside: Instyle isn’t a teen fashion magazine, it’s for people aged 18-48.

  • Maggie

    What a silly little life she leads. Shopping, coffee, more shopping. She could be doing better and more fulfilling things with her time.

  • To JJ

    You have to stooooooop! Enough of her!!

  • Hilary21

    The first people to comment: Lexy, Brightside, Anti..something
    you are loving these posts!! leave some room for her fans. Other names, same people under different names, it’s pretty obvious, same dialogue, same thing commented over and over again. A lot of obsessive hatred, that’s what’s keeping these posts coming, if they really bother you, why are you even clicking the post? Yes, can you any one of you answer me this question?… how about you Anti.. you seem like an intelligent young woman, enlighten me. Please, i want to know you reason being here.

  • SugarMagnolia

    Every page on here has a Rachel post. I really don’t get it.

  • lexy hates bilson

    What’s stopping her “fans” from posting?? Is it the same thing that stops them from creating a fan site or going to see her last movie??

  • lolo98

    I think she likes the “Amsterdam Original 3i” bike! Love her style and she is so a nice person. want these shoes :)