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Adam Lambert: Beach Brawl!

Adam Lambert: Beach Brawl!

Adam Lambert gets into a scuffle with a photographer while hanging out with his friends on Thursday (September 16) in South Beach, Fla.

The 28-year-old singer, who’s staying at The Raleigh, got annoyed with one particular photog who appeared to get a bit too close!

“Eeew paparazzi killed my peaceful afternoon on the beach!” Adam tweeted after the incident. “They’re real good at provoking, but there ain’t any pics or video of the b.s. they spew out… Haha well… I lost my temper for a sec but wow it felt great lol MIAMI!!!”

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  • Markus

    @Sonia: No offence but people like you who resort to stalking someone they’re not a fan of need a life.

  • staypressed

    @Sonia: False. He can also sing his pretty face off unlike your pathetic idol.

  • OIC.

    @Sonia: ADAM >>>>> BILLwho.

    But it’s cute that you care ;) Your resentment is DELICIOUS bb.

  • Juggs

    sonia you are so fkn annoying and strange, stfd down you pointless ugly coward :/

    ANYWAAAAY. i really wonder what the pap said cos adam usually keeps his feelings too calm and ignores them no matter how far they provoke him. they were there for over 2hrs i read, so fkn wrong.

    even when he got carchased, he kept calm on the road, and even when they were being slimy towards his girls, he kept calm. even when they make stupid comments.

    he gets 1 day off and it’s not even a day off cos tw*ts like these ruin it.
    btw to the person on pg 1, it’s one thing to look at pics on a gossip blog like you are, it’s another to cross personal boundaries, hide for hours just to provoke & get a reaction.

  • KING

    He should get a camera and shoot them.

  • Londoner


  • Spitwave

    lol funny pictures. Go Adam ! hahaha

  • Spitwave

    Sonia is just a trolling low life bitch

  • Tagrid

    Apparently the pap didn’t take Adam seriously when he asked them to leave – and didn’t take Adam’s size into consideration when he made rude comments LOL Future paps take notice! Glambo doesn’t mess around! :) Love it!

    But, who took the pics of Adam and the rude pap? Another pap? And he got paid I bet – bummer!

    BTW Adam – that hat’s not nearly as bad as those shortst! LOL

  • cindy

    This attention whore needs to go away already. He does whatever he needs to keep his name on the gossip sites. It’s all so contrived and reeks of desperation. As you can see his fan base has invaded this site to defend his behavior, when it fact, physically assaulting the paparazzo was the wrong thing to do. Any level-headed celebrity with an once of self-restraint would know better. Oh wait…Adam doesn’t have any self-restraint. Nevermind then! haha

  • Lil

    All Hail the LAMBERATOR! The new King in Classical wrestling, teaching the paps their place without a wrinkle in his clothes and with a garden hat to top it off! Fierce biyach, luv u from the bottom of my soul! Hope there are no “legal” consequences but man u are totally hilarious! Way to go, u made my day, evening and week!

  • lynn

    he is so hot but he looks so mad !! oh well that made my dad the paps deserve it !!

  • mm

    @ cindy,
    Dumb a**, now why would he tell the paps to leave him alone if he was looking for attention. He would be getting all he wanted by letting them continue to take pictures. He has been working his as off touring and deserves a day to himself. And why don’t you practice some self restraint and quit talking about sh*t you know nothing about! It’s about time you to return to your cave.

  • cindy

    Adam is an attentionhoe who looks like a nasty tranny with all the make-up he wears! He should go back to sniffing panties and making out with random grannies at his concerts. hahaha

  • jenn

    Eww, is this the guy that looks like a tranny with all that make-up on? He really does seem to love getting people’s attention. First it’s making out with random grannies at his concerts, and then it’s sniffing their panties, and now it has lead to this. Not surprised at all. LOL

  • maryann

    Love Adam more now!!!! Hahahaha…he is so sexy doing this. Adam’s got to stand up for himself this time!

  • Jeffrey

    Didn’t’ know he had it in him…….

  • Jeffrey


    Hmm @Jenn…..been watching his concert videos I see.

  • staciegirlie


    Probably. The proof? Here’s Adam’s reaction when security “manhandled” one of his young, teenage fans at one of his concerts. The video tells you in the title which part to look for.

  • staciegirlie


    What drugs are you taking? Adam has to put up with people like you badmouthing him much worse than they do other celebrities 24-7. He wasn’t trying to beat the pap up. He was trying to take his camera.

    Look at your d*mn mouth. If you were a celebrity, you would have lost your temper on the very first day.

  • jess

    Adam always makes my day XD

  • Sonia is Retarded

    Sonia you are a retard. Did you know that? of course not because you are too busy hating on others. I think you should hate yourself.. because you deserve it the most. Peeps like you make me sick.
    And BTW, get some freakin GLASSES bc Adam is BEAUTIFUL… inside and out.

  • sheba

    You go Adam!!!! next time thruogh some GLETTER on the Scun bag. It sure will make him BLIND!!!!! LOL
    Adam asked the guy to live after he has been there for an hour!!
    The Pap got what he deserves. Adam, you are a HOOT!! love ya!!!

  • Laura

    That pap must have said or done something pretty bad for Adam to go off on him. Hilarious but sad if he hurt Adam. He is such a sweetheart! LOVE U ADAM!! And don’t worry about the hat…you look good in anything.

  • Camille

    Adam just toured like 70 cities and deserves some peace and private time with his friends. If the evil papz took a pic or two and left, fine cause thats the way Adam’s life is being a celebrity.. but the jerk got what he deserved when he kept provoking Adam and for a long time. I’m proud of Adam for confronting the guy bc to me, its harrassment. But wow I have never seen Adam so mad. He’s pretty sexy when he’s pissed! lol.. but seriously I love him so much.. no matter what.
    And you haters that judge him have no clue who he is. Your ridiculous comments hold zero credibility coming from ignorance and hate. Just saying. Why don’t you spread love instead?

  • Mel

    Anyone who knows even a handful of facts about Adam Lambert knows what a good guy he is… but he’s human too! I don’t have a problem with this one bit. Yeah, he’s a lover not a fighter, but protective of himself and especially his loved ones too – if that makes him a bad guy to some, so be it. And to anyone who is reading – the dude has been infinitely patient w/ media stuff this past year, and I, again, have no problem with this. And mutha of gawd even with this thing, he was SEXY!!

  • MB

    I love him even more now!

  • Jordan

    This is so fake!

  • Shari

    @cindy and her alter ego, @jenn just love to troll Adam articles and spew the same old tired crap. There’s something truly pathetic about that. The only question is which less successful Idol alum she’s a fan of. Probably one who couldn’t get media attention if he paid for it.

    I’m sure we’ll never know the whole story about what set Adam off, but it had to be pretty damn bad – he’s usually the personification of grace under fire when it comes to the paps. Celebrities have to expect that paps will photograph them – that’s part of the price they pay for the enormous benefits they reap – but NOBODY should have to put up with harassment, celeb or not. The poor guy FINALLY gets a day off, which have been few and far between for over a year and a half, and can’t even enjoy it. On the upside…boy is FIERCE! Love it!

  • http://leoLady15 s.

    All I can say is that he is absolutely the only person that could wear that hat and still rock my world!!! LOL He is genuinely a nice person, so you know that the Paps were really bothersome. They should all be put away.

  • To @cindy/jenn

    Oh how I would love to send a little paparazzi your way….just to see if you would like being hounded and disrespected. A little ‘Pap Smear’ is in order for you,I’m afraid. Paparazzi don’t get invited to invade someone’s privacy…they stalk..they’re predators (much like you and your ilk). To say Adam is an attention hoe is typical of unintelligent spew from haters. If Adam was trying to garner attention,he wouldn’t invite the Paps into his world to invade his free time. How could that even make sense to someone like you?

    BTW,look ‘tranny’ up in the dictionary. You (alter-egos) have used it and I don’t think you have a clue (not surprising to say the least) what the term means. The ‘drag queen’ reference is often misused as well!!

    Gosh….stupid people really annoy me!!!

    And @Jeffrey….good catch….again typical of the ‘we can’t stand Adam but we can’t go a day without him’ detractor/lover!!! Waiting for and watching his every move!

  • Isabelle

    He was not getting enough attention by the media so he had to create his own.

  • susan

    1. Paps we(fans can take our own pics) so thank but NO THANKS! to yours.2. Adam don’t worry about the hat – you look HOT in that outfit-love the hat too.

  • To @Isabelle

    See above post. Read. Pay close attention to ‘Gosh…’ line. Add your name to @cindy/jenn.

    Have a nice day,DB!!

  • adamitisnky

    yes those paps R lower than WHALE SHIT! Prob. said something really nasty @ one of his friends I can ONLY imagine what they said to piss Adam off like that! Suprised he hasn’t done this sooner. It’s been coming for a long time. He can take what they say about him…but say something about one of his friends & the ALPHA DOG will defend his PACK! Way to go ADAM!!!! You are incredible!

  • mary

    The pics are so hilarious!!! I love the outfit , he was trying so hard to fit in the normal citizens. Adam Rocks!!

  • famose1

    Hahahahahha. It’s at 2:30. Hilarious. You go boy. He loves his fans.

  • sharylmj

    LOVE ADAM!! even the most gentle people have limits!! He must not have been very rough on him cuz the pap is smiling.. Everyone deserves a day off.. although I’m so glad we got to see these photos.. catch 22.. part of being famous!! GO ADAM!!

  • http://peonyispurple peony

    There’s never a dull moment in the Adam fandom. That pap was lucky that the fans were not around! He would have been skerrrrrrrrrrrrd!

  • Roxi

    Kick his ***, bitch !
    The pap had to be really pushing it, Adam is normally pretty tolerant of them.

  • wtdp

    Love how he can be so butch. Love how he can be so gay. Love him love him love him period.

    And it’s time for some laws about these stalking paps. If they did that to me or you it would be illegal, why is it different if you happen to be famous?

  • Ish

    Good for you Adam; kick that f**ker’s ass!

  • TT

    @cindy:You’re pathetic LMFAAAAAAAAAAAO.

    So f****ing pathetic and see-through. I hope you get stalked by these scumbags when you’re on the beach and car-chased like he was for 4 hours. But you won’t because you’re a f****ing NOBODY.

    No punches were thrown and no one was on the ground, it was literally HARMLESS. The dbags stalked him & his friends for hours & hurled ABUSE. No one ever sees their provoking actions that make people want to smash their windows in with umbrellas & cross red lights. When you CROSS PERSONAL SPACE like they did with Adam & his friend IT IS NOT OKAY. All ADAM did was attempt to grab the tool’s cam. People like you fall under 2 categories: stans of someone else not getting any attention or success so you resort to bitter trolling; homophobic hate-filled bigot with personal issues. Unless you’re one of the papz LMAO.

  • ………………..?

    @cindy: The f*uk? I don’t know what dreams you’ve been having but Adam has never made out with an old person lololololol. You’re so weird you can’t even troll right.


    @s: @Vj: @Sonia: @cindy: @jenn: @Jordan: How does it feel to be so stupid?

  • zsuzsi

    It is about time for someone to put these paparazzi vermin screw up BEHAVIOURS in their place i am against violence but i am against spewing hostile provoking hurtfull comments also, therefore STOP YOU LOWER THEN LIFE PAPARAZZI ! ARTIST LIKE ADAM LAMBERT KIND GOOD DECENT PRODUCTIVE MEMBERS OF OUR SOCIETY CONTRIBUTING TO OUR HAPPINESS AND CHIDLREN’S DREAMS WHAT ARE YOU DOING LEECHES AND SCUM LIKE ATTITUDE IS WHAT YOUR BEHAVIOUR IIS LIKE GO ADAM GO WE ARE WITH YOU100000000000000000000%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%.

  • :)
  • To @WHY DO YOU…..

    You forgot @Isabelle

  • Nas

    @cacey: Man why did you bring color into this?

    Nuthin but RESPECT for Lambo his voice n personality is dope. His only haterz are fans of flopped Idols, fans of that Euroband Tokio whatever their name is n closetcases. Mad respect for him, hes REAL n has talent /nohomo

  • Yasmin, 22

    @Isabelle: You must live in a cave.