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Ben Affleck: I Have The Best Family

Ben Affleck: I Have The Best Family

Ben Affleck waves as he makes an appearance on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing on Thursday (September 16).

The 38-year-old actor dished on what it’s like to have three ladies in the house with him!

“I am madly in love. I have the best family,” Ben shared. “I really have come right to the place where I was supposed to be. I wish it would just stop now and I would be really happy just right here because I hate to say something like that. You got to knock wood.”

“I’ve gone around and I’ve taken some rights and lefts and found myself at a place that is really wonderful and that I’m really grateful for,” Ben added.

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  • lexy hates bilson

    He’s right! He does have a great family! He’s very lucky. Glad to see he knows it! Jen is great!!

  • Adda

    He’s got a wonderful, little family.

  • Gia

    You mean she’s lucky and she knows it. She’s gone out with some losers.She’s a great Mom and all but she wouldn’t have the star power she has now if it weren’t for him.Just sayin the truth.

  • pinkydoo

    I bet Jennifer told him to say that…

  • Sheldon Ashcroft

    I hope that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have more children soon and that they have sons.

  • cacey

    It’s funny how these CRAZIES run around proclaiming how PERFECT their families are and the next thing u hear is that they r breaking up…Just SHUTUP and enjoy ur so called perfect LIFE.

  • Cheyenne

    Why are people so hard on this guy? Why can’t we just be happy for him. I really like him and hope he will always be happy in his professional and private life. Good luck Ben. You are definitely on the right track. Much love to this awesome family.

  • caro

    it’s cute because there are many ugly rumours about his marriage and his relationship with Blake Lively

    and his movie is good(my boyfriend just saw it in France)

  • LOVE

    Quick Left turn with J.Lo and a another Rig ht on to Mrs. Right Jen Garner…….. Jlo almost had him !!! ……………. He BROKE her heart !!!!!

  • shamrock7

    Great News for Ben!! His life, path, for the last few years has been focused, grounded, and private. It’s refreshing to see actors that are married to each other keep it real and not deviate outside the course of the journey.

    Look forward to seeing the movie, THE TOWN, tomorrow. Tickets in hand<3!!!

  • LOVE

    As Pitt family is falling apart, Affleck family is getting closer.LOL@ those thinking Jolie and Pitt would last longer than Afflecks.

  • ace11

    he was better off with Lopez

    but if he thinks he’s happy so be it

  • Boston

    Ben and Jennifer Garner are perfection and their children are beautiful He luck turned for the better when he married this beautiful, smart, educated, talented woman. That other trashy piece of crap Jennifer drove him to the bottle and gambling table, but Queen garner cured him. He is now the perfect family man and he gets more attractive by the year.

  • Flowers

    Ben stated in several interviews that Lopez was the worst thing to happen to him and being associated with her nearly crashed his career! get over it stupid he didn’t want JLO! He now has the woman of his dreams, the family of his dreams and his career is better than ever. Where is JLO? Fighting to be a judge on American Idol! She is a nothing LOSER! She is with a drug addict which is exactly what she merits.

  • red Socks Fan


  • ace11

    i anything Afleck almost ruines J-Lo’s career..not vice-versa

    and anyways didn’t little Miss perfect Garner cheat on her first husband as well?

  • red Socks Fan

    JLO had no career unless she hooked up with A-List men! If that’s the case why has his career risen even higher and she is a nobody. Her movies go straight to DVD and she has to end up on television. She still gives interviews proclaiming her love for him while he rolls his eyes and wishes she would just go away. No wonder poor Marc Anthony turned into a crackhead. After JLO broke up his marriage he has finally accepted the truth that she married him on the rebound and now he is struck with her.

  • Garner The Queen

    Ben and Garner are more compatible in every way: culturally, racially, and class wise. Ben is an A+, JLO was never on his high level .

  • ace11

    Racially huh?

    that’s why he and Garner are the most compatible?

    because they are both white?

    wow..that statement is totally moronic

    and i don’t see jennifer garner as having all that much class

  • Garner The Queen

    More compatible in every way, culturally and by class. They were fro two different worlds JLO was all flashy trashy, night-clubbing, bling bling ghetto. Ben and Garner are the complete opposite. Garner doesn’t go clubbing dressed like a slut. She hasn’t used men to further her own career. She hasn’t been married a zillion times. She is a lady, JLO is not.

  • #Fan

    They both ended up with their own kind, end of.

  • lou

    Garner is from West Virginia. No class there. She’s just a lucky hillbilly redneck who made it in HW as a B-lister.

  • sunshine

    @Garner The Queen:
    I think that Jen Garner and Ben are compatible, and I’m glad that he acknowledged his flaws on the path to where he is. The world would be a better place if people were not so afraid to be honest about their mistakes(if they realize they were mistakes). It’s the secrets and lies that fuel repetetive bad behavior.
    As for your “cultural, racial, class” comment, I think you are an idiot. Hopefully one day you will be able to tell people about how you “used to be” a racist bigot.

  • Monica

    I think Ben is a hypocrite, who like his brother, still sleeps around with young women looking for fame. Jennifer Garner is good for Ben because she lets him do whatever he wants to do, and is raising his girls, while he is out playing the field. Ben knows Jen is insecure of her odd looks, and bad acting (has anyone seen ghosts of girlfriend’s past???, or the invention of lying???) so she takes whatever c rap he gives her to keep on the image of a devoted wife, and the perfect wife, etc. But she is not fooling anyone. Everyone knows he Blake slept with Ben to get the part, and about the famous b.l.o.w job, and still condones him and keeps quite. Hoping that her perfect family image brings her movie roles, and so far it has been working

  • Casey

    Yeah!, for the first time he is “madly in Love”, not with jen, but with Blake Lively

  • Spring summer

    This guy has no shame, he is sleeping with strippers, starlets and assistants. And where is Jennifer, hiding in her lies, does she have any self respect?, maybe she should take advice from her friend Reese who knows what self respect means.

  • Tito

    Oh my, Ben is looking rough this days, Maybe too much booze, and girls. I somehow don’t see Ben as a devoted husband, he is more like a strip joint kinda guy, he lives like a bachelor, not like a family man. Six months here, one month there, one day he is playing dad, another he’s hooking up with a hottie. I feel terrible for Jen.

  • cranberry

    @shamrock7: Bullshitt. How would you even know about their life? The same thing could have been said about his dear brother Casey except he just paid off 2 women he hooked up with to the tune of millions to avoid a court battle. Also, how is being photographed with your kids every day being “private”?
    It sounds to me like Ben is gushing a bit TOO much, which like someone said usually means there’s trouble in paradise. People who are stable don’t feel the need justify themselves. Something’s up.

  • cranberry

    In addition, Jen and Ben are two of the worst actors in the business.

  • Cheyenne

    Careful Cranberry, you are too much into the lives of Ben Jen and your point of view is so jaded you can’t see the truth even when it’s right in front of you.

    Who in your opinion are two of the best actors in the business? Obviously you opinion doesn’t amout to a lot as these two of both in demand and do not seem to be lacking for work.

    The only problem they seem to be facing is finding the time to juggle their busy careers and family live.

    When paparazzi follow celebs who are out doing daily normal routine stuff like taking kids to school, to the park, grocery shopping or out to dine does in no way factor into whether they keep their lives private. It’s not their fault that the interest in them propels the paps to stalk them wherever they go. They never invite them or even give them any money shots for the tabloids. Oh, they have NEVER POSED TOGETHER ON THE RED CARPETcarpet at premieres. Definitely NEVER SOLD PHOTOS OF THEIR CHILDREN TO MAGAZINES FOR MONEY.

    If you insist on making a comment, at least be honest in your asssessment. Nothing further AT THIS TIME.

  • Beautiful Brad and Angie!

    LIAR! You only wish your tabloid lies would come true.
    Brad and Angelina have a beautiful, loving family and intend to keep it that way!
    God bless the Jolie-Pitt family and God IS blessing the Jolie-Pitt family continuously!
    Happy for Ben and Jen. Tabloid Liars are always trying to break them up too.

  • Shelley

    Ben completely lost his looks, he looks so fugly in here, the idiot thinks he’s hot, but he looks old and worn out. He is done in this business, he can’t act, direct nor produce. His only life line were his looks, but now they are gone, baby gone.

  • Ivette

    Crap face Ben is full of lies, dude is hooking up with Blake and group of hotties, actress wannabes. No wonder he says he is in a wonderful place now, that place he reaches when his tongue is placed between two legs.

  • Cookie_Monster

    He is surely happy having his pie then his cake too! Is it just me but he doesn’t show his hapiness when he’s around his family if that’s what he claims. When he’s with Jen and the kids it looks like an obligation for him.

  • BenFan

    Why did this turn into a JLO post? Never seen/read more ppl that can’t seem to let something go. GET OVER IT! I mean the statute of a Federal crime probably runs out, before ppl will stop mentioning JLO in a Ben Affleck post.

    Judge the guy for what he is doing now, not by the past. AND there is nothing to suggest that he “sleeps around”. No pictures, no stories, no paternity test being ordered by a court.

  • BenFan

    @Tito: Rough???? Did you see him on Ellen. Anything but rough, ragged. He was hot.

  • shuster

    “I really have come right to the place where I was supposed to be. I wish it would just stop now and I would be really happy just right here because I hate to say something like that.”


    “I’ve gone around and I’ve taken some rights and lefts and found myself at a place that is really wonderful and that I’m really grateful for,”

    What? For crying out loud, what are you saying? When you can’t make yourself clear, it’s probably because you’re not speaking from the heart. He’s not telling the truth, he’s hem-hawing.

  • cranberry

    @Cheyenne: What-freakin-ever, shy-ann. They’re not better than anybody else just because they haven’t posed on red carpets. Stars do that to promote their films – maybe the Ben-Jen don’t think their films are worth it, hmm? Most stars don’t sell their pics to magazines – the Ben-Jen aren’t special.
    Get out of their butts before they shitt you out.

  • to cacey

    what’s the matter; are you jealous??


    He is full of shittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • townie

    “I am madly in love.”

    With whom?? Blake or Rebecca. I’m betting on Rebecca.

  • lindie

    some of the people commenting here are awful. poor earth.

  • Mary

    Everything great…but I didn´t like some part of his comment…” I have come right to the place where I was supposed to be”….umm I think no one is supposed to anything unless you just think you are predestined to be happy, or to find the perfect other, and the perfect anything, I’m mean in some way I find this kind of arrogant…and it’s better in life to live it without supposing you deserve anything becouse you never know what you ae gonna get…nevertheless I think is amazing that he felt great!!

  • Candy

    Good Luck Ben with The Town.
    I’m seeing it today. I’m so excited.

  • opz

    wow… ol i can say is that i think Ben is very proud of his family. . if u check his interviews u’l see how much he adores his family . . how sweet of him. . Did u watch videos of the TIFF 4 the town???? i love that part when he say’s “my wife is here “. . .i love u & thank u somuch . . . . . .

  • gill

    JLO was a poison to his career. LOL. When he was with JLO he got nothing other than his face plastered on tabloids all the time. His movies also tanked while he was with JLO. When he married Garner, they have a private life and Ben’s career started to get better and he’s no longer on tabloids.

  • prettypretty

    Garner The Queen
    You are a racist. Cultural has nothing to do with it. JLO and Ben weren’t right for one another. She was in the press too much, ben is more laid-back. Jen G is more his type. His friend married Matt married someone of a diffrent culture and they are doing fine.