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Jonathan Rhys Meyers: London Shopping Spree

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: London Shopping Spree

Jonathan Rhys Meyers spends his afternoon shopping on Marylebone High Street on Tuesday (September 14) in London.

The 33-year-old Tudors actor suited up for Fashion’s Night Out last Wednesday (September 8). Jonathan celebrated with his girlfriend Reena Hammer at the Armani boutique in London.

There are rumors swirling around that Jonathan is in talks to star in a Fantastic Four reboot, but for now he has signed on to star in Belle Du Seigneur, an adaptation of Albert Cohen‘s French WWII novel.

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  • twisted sister

    Thank you for featuring this gorgeous man

  • jean

    Oo … I cant’ wait to see him in Belle du Seigneur. It sounds so sexy. Will he have a French accent? I Love him.

  • >:[


  • luvvylane

    This guy is so talented and beautiful. He needs to be in more movies.

  • Chris

    I just love the way he walks. One of my favorite actors

  • Tudorfan

    JOhnny take off your shades and show us your beautiful eyes. So good to see him out and about

  • gifted

    The man of my dreams: Handsome, talented, and Irish. Plus he seems really sweet and even kind of humble in interviews.

  • Tina


    I hope no one gets offended by this but…………JRM is a troubled man, who is going to commit suicide soon.

    I dreamt Heath Ledger ended his life (I sobbed, I still love him R.I.P) and he did. I had a nightmare where I witnessed Princess Di’s car crash from the pavement 2 weeks before her death. There have been a number of other dreams including my personal family as well, every vivid dream has come true. Idk why it happens. But it always come true :’(

    I dreamt JRM ended his life. I wish he would go back to Rehab, maybe he can prevent it….idek.

  • gifted

    Oh I forgot. He can sing too. I love his voice

  • http://www. Jase

    @gifted: he always comes across uncomfortably tense in his interviews

  • gifted

    Tina, that’s the kind of thing you should probably keep to yourself.

  • gifted

    Jase, I don’t think so. Especially the Bonnie Hunt and Travis Smiley interviews he did this spring. He seemed really relaxed. Maybe earlier when he was knew to all this?

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Did Mel Gibson join me? So over him and his bratty behavior toward hard working folk. Brat. Dpn’t get on a plane and start screaming racial slurs at an employee that barely makes 12 dollars an hour little brat. So glad he is not a big star.

  • Carmen Vergara

    It would be good if they include Jonathan Rhys Meyers in M:i:IV.

  • sheila

    He is sexy and very talented. I can imagine him in every kind of movie and he will be brilliant.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    He, John Mayer and Mel Gibson need to retire on a bigot’s island far far away. And stay there.

  • Shani

    He’s hot. I love his lips.


    Wow he looks good. I would love to walk behind him, he has such a swagger. Sign me up for a sexy movie with JRM in it!

  • Dayana

    he looks great.

  • K

    Pity he is so ugly inside. Next

  • PL

    I just want to chomp on his lips!

  • Not fooled

    This guy is in the closet. I can tell. Mark my words he’ll come out on People magazine when his career (if you can call it that) starts to tank.

  • Regina

    Love JRM. He’s hot and talented. I cant’ wait to see him in Belle du Seigneur. It sounds a very interesting project. What about Whole lotta Sole? Has it been postponed?

  • Carol

    Lovely to see Jonny out and about. I am really looking forward to his new film Belle du Seigneur. He has great talent and good looks – a winning combination.

  • S*8hallo

    JRM perfromance weekly in TUDORS moved me to tears.
    He is such an AWESOME actor. He’s so intense and passionate that I can see it spilling over into his personal life.

    I also enjoyed him in Woddy Allen’s “MATCHPOINT” where he gave a stellar performance.

    I really wish nothing the best for him. BUT I cannot understand the racial name calling at airports. He is afterrall seriously involved with a woman outside his race…so I don’t feel that he his racist just troubled and the drinking doesn’t help. People say when you’re loaded you’re usually saying the things you really want to say /so i don’t get this at all.

    I hope JRM is continuing with therapy and getting the help he needs.

  • numbers game

    Gorgeous! Thanks Jared:)

  • Julite

    So glad to see him looking relaxed. I miss him so much. I just hope he had fully recoverd.

  • KrW

    Hey! Mr Hottness is back!!!

  • latenite

    Wonder how the employees of United Airlines are doing after his verbal abuse…..racist….his GF must not think too much of herself if she is a person of color and continues to be involved with such a racist…nice people… time always catches up to people like that.

  • http://google ladyjane

    Love him and his acting skills very much! GO Jonny, your fans are always with you! Good luck with new projects!

  • Carol

    LadyJane You are totally right, all Jonny’s fans are completely with him. We hope that he has managed to put his problems behind him and will soon be back where he belongs on the screen. His is a very special talent. Good Luck Jonny!

  • latenite

    yea you might be TOTALLY in love with him and willing to fight for your little Jonny till the end of time but……………….he will still be a racist………no matter how many people say they LOVE his pretty blue eyes and he is SUCH a GREAT actor(debatable) but at the end of the day when ALL is said and done he is still a RACIST….and no matter how hard the little fangirls try to make that go away they can’t he is an arrogant racist and he always will be. It is appaulling how people are so willing to ignore bad behavior. This excuse-making and special treatment that all the fanatics are giving him is exactly the type of behavior that an arrogant individual like him would hold in complete contempt!!!!!

  • Rose

    oooh la la! What a beautiful man! I’m trying not to like him (especially after that last airport incident in NYC) but it’s hard. I hope he learns to control his demons. That’s all we can ask of any human. By the way, I don’t believe he is a racist, a troubled guy perhaps but not a racist.

  • Carol

    I do not believe for one single minute that Jonny is a racist. It takes far more than something that might have been said when drunk to make a person a racist. I wish all the best for him. We are all human and we all make mistakes.

  • lostlater1

    Well I believe when you get into a battle of words with someone (drunk or sober) and the first thing that comes to mind and mouth is the n-word you are a racist plan and simple. Where there is smoke there is fire…

  • Liset

    He ages kinda well. A sweet man. Happy Birthday Reena !

  • {;-(

    Yea, those old racists do age well don’t they. Since standing on their pedestals looking down on the rest of us judging the rest of us by the color of our skin is about the only think they contribute to society….wonder what he thinks about the color of his girlfriends skin… vile absolutely vile…. That heartwarming sincere I’m sorry to the workers at United that he verbally abused did make me feel better about what he did though. Oh wait…..that STILL hasn’t happened yet. These people have a lot of nerve showing their faces in public…

  • gram

    Oh please is someone still going on about that gossip site claim. Seriously who knows what anyone thinks and half this stuff is made up. That’s why I only believe videos and photos .. and really try just to enjoy stars for their performances and leave the rest alone.
    Speaking of which, this guy is magnetic on screen. When’s his next film?

  • whatever

    ……and……………….he is still a racist…..

  • Camille

    Really loved his performance in the Tudors. I ran out and bought all three seasons and can’t wait to buy season four.

  • }:-O

    I can’t hear you what…..Oh…………what……………….

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers is what….

    Oh yea………………..still a racist……….

  • ANNE

    He looks great. I’m so happy so see him out and about. I’m looking forward to this new movie.

  • Anne

    Tina with her predictions of Jonathan’s demise needs to go back to practice at a carnival. Only God knows our fate. Jonny is a lovely man and gifted actor. I’m glad he’ll be working soon and look forward to his future films. May God bless him.

  • Anne

    Tina, with your comments about Jonathan’s demise, perhaps you should work in a carnival. Only God knows our fate. Jonny is a beautiful and gifted man who have many people who love and admire him

  • soso

    ….still a racist though….hope he doesn’t stick around too long…. I would never want that type of behavior to be deemed okay!!!!!! Gross really, really gross. That girl he is with really must have a low opinion of herself if she will stick with someone who has such a low opinion of people of color….

  • http://n/a Sam Young

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers has great potential but can only succeed if he dumps Reena Hammer (the Opportunist woman who called him a S.O.B. September 30,2010).

  • lulu

    I met Rhys through The Tudors. I don’t consider he is an Oscar actor although he is good enough.
    I like Meyers, but when I first saw him, something wrong came out of him, like he’s not such a good and balanced character.
    When I checked in the internet for him my instinct proved me right about his personality.
    That lady he has is nice, young and rich who tolerates his drinking and mood problems, but for how long?
    Anyway, I won’t develop a great likeness for this actor, although I believe he has and will have a fine career.

  • blahblahblah

    Yea he walks like Ben Still in his parody of male models Zoolander…even that is fake about him….

  • vany

    So much hate…laughable. Do you know him? Were you at that airport when he supposedly said the n-word? No you weren’t. But you apparently believe every BS these gossip sites are tryin to sell.
    Maybe he said it, maybe he didn’t…who knows. For example, some say A.Jolie is still on cocaine…so hey…everyone is reportin bout it – so it MUST be true !! Puhlease…

    Jonny is a great actor and above all a great guy…
    can’t wait for Belle du Seigneur :)

  • Howdoino?

    I have family members who work at JFK and were there that morning and they said he was absolutely disgusting a real vile, abusive and yes racist drunk. There were many people including my family members who witnessed his behavior that morning.. so Vany and everyone else who supports this type of disgusting behavior. I sincerely hope that you never have to be subjected to the abuse that he hurled at people on the job that morning. You people are kidding yourselfs and making excuses for disgusting behavior just because he is an ACTOR that is the height ignorance. How can anyone in their right mind condone or make excuses for that type of behavior!