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Katie Holmes & Isabel Lucas: Front Row at Calvin Klein!

Katie Holmes & Isabel Lucas: Front Row at Calvin Klein!

Katie Holmes and Isabel Lucas take in the latest fashion from Calvin Klein at the brand’s Fashion Week presentation on Thursday (September 16) in New York City.

The ladies were joined by Kerry Washington and Julianne Moore up in the front row!

Across the runway from the ladies were Vogue‘s Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington. CK always has the best front rows at Fashion Week!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Isabel Lucas sitting front row at Calvin Klein…

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katie holmes isabel lucas calvin klein fashion week front row 01
katie holmes isabel lucas calvin klein fashion week front row 02
katie holmes isabel lucas calvin klein fashion week front row 03
katie holmes isabel lucas calvin klein fashion week front row 04
katie holmes isabel lucas calvin klein fashion week front row 05
katie holmes isabel lucas calvin klein fashion week front row 06
katie holmes isabel lucas calvin klein fashion week front row 07
katie holmes isabel lucas calvin klein fashion week front row 08
katie holmes isabel lucas calvin klein fashion week front row 09
katie holmes isabel lucas calvin klein fashion week front row 10

Credit: Jason Kempin; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Isabel Lucas, Julianne Moore, Katie Holmes, Kerry Washington

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  • Vincennes

    Katie Holmes is really stunning.

  • giz

    wow katie actually looks good here!

  • bebe

    I remember when Katie used to go to the fashion shows all the time, but I haven’t seen her at one in long time, so this is a surprise.

    BTW, Isabel filmed a movie, “Red Dawn” with Katie’s stepson, Connor Cruise.

  • trav

    Katie has that Katy Perry vibe here. Very pretty.

  • trav

    Katie has that Katy Perry vibe here. Very pretty.

  • eek

    Who is the alien beside her?

  • annie


  • katie2

    I love Katie’s hairstyle

  • Connie

    Katie was probably only allowed to go out because Diane Kruger went back to Vancouver on Monday. I haven’t seen any photos of her back in NY.
    This is the same reason that Katie could not go to any hollywood red carpet events this past season, since Diane and Josh were at all of the events. Tom Cruise is deathly afraid of Katie running into Josh J. (most of us have figured out why…cough cough…Suri…cough cough…).
    Sweet Josh picking Diane up at the airport on Monday:

  • eek

    Kerry’s lips look like an enormous swollen but#hole, esp bad in pic #3. They must be fake, nature doesn’t do that.

  • eek

    Sorry I meant pic #2.

  • sunshine

    I’m actually surprised that Diane K wasn’t at the show since she’s the face for Calvin Klein’s new perfume – Beauty (maybe she came back to NY and we haven’t seen photos yet). It would be great to see a photo of Diane and Katie in the same shot! Katie would be like a deer caught in headlights.
    Diane and JJ are so in love and laid back. Katie always acts like she’s got a stick up her behind, and her “loving” photos with Tom are so fake and posed.

  • Megan

    Isabel should smile more oftenly. Theres nothing wrong with showing your teeth

  • annie

    Such stunning pics……let’s see what all of you are going to find to pick on.
    Well , first off the mark were her lips….go back to early pics of DC, Katie has very nice lips, always has.
    Next we have the Diane Kruger comparison…..well I for 1 , would love to see Katie next to her.
    And, Katie looked 10 times better with Josh Jackson, than Diane Kruger ever will… to prove , even tho they are only DC pics and film.
    Sunshine, Connie, Suri Jackson, you all sound the same.

  • Connie

    Sigh…and we get the impression that you, Pac Man, and Star(whatever) are one and the same Scientolofreak.
    I’ll stay over here on the side of good. You stay over there with the brainwashing cultmembers.

  • Pepa

    @Connie: @Connie: You are dumb, the reason is that Tom never spends time with Katie and Suri. Hes always with his adopted children when Suri, as Isabella and Connor, is one them.

  • Pepa

    Oops @annie: This one is for you too

  • Tim Gunn talks Suri

    Project Runway
    style guru Tim Gunn takes aim at Hollywood couple Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise for letting their four year old daughter wear heels. He says “Suri is her mother and father’s dress up doll. I think in many ways she’s a fashion victim and it’s very inappropriate… I feel bad for her

    i have to agree with him

  • ummright

    Katie has the smirk on her face again. She really is so full of herself. Before tom, she was just d-list and will be again when he dumps her.

  • pr person

    Isabel Lucas looks just ‘thrilled’ to be photographed with Mrs. Crazy. Poor girl. Looks like Mrs. Crazy went with Yang…the co-designer of their craptastic fashion.

  • emmy jay

    They both look like underfed Stepford Wives with that glazed look in their eyes….have some oatmeal gals!

  • sra fulgencio

    mmm don’t think that I’ve ever seen anyone compare Katie to Diane in these posts, although it’s obvious that Diane is worlds above Katie in the class and style departments. The comparisons have been:
    Katie and Tom = fake purchased relationship
    Josh and Diane = love
    Tom = puny- pathetic- cultmaster- impotent fake bio daddy
    Josh = smart(but naive)- charming- big sexy puppy dog
    I used to feel sorry for Katie getting sucked into Tom’s game, but as time goes on the sympathy has faded into disgust.

  • raw

    @eek: Nature DOES do that. There are so many ugly people out there. Kerry’s lips ruin her face.

  • twinkie

    UGH! Katie is such a smirky, pigeon-toed slouch that is soooo full of herself.

    (laughing and throwing up at the same time) lol

  • joeyfromthecreek

    katie looks like she has had really skilled work done on her lips and maybe her cheekbones. if you compare the lips to her dawson’s days, it looks a little plumper, in areas that should be so, like her upper lips. that’s how people can tell that nicole kidman had it done too. and her cheekbones resemble jolie’s more now (i.e., more hollow) that it did joey potter, which means she either lost baby fat as she aged (unlikely since she was already older) or she had some fat removed or some pads placed in.

  • Dig Dug

    Tom must have stayed at home working on his Boy George memorabilia collection.

  • Star Fox

    That’s unproven, paranoid nonsense, #9.

    Everything that Holmes does is fake and suspicious to critics, #12.

    I’m not that person, #15.

    He should mind his own kids and so should the rest, #18.

    Ever considered that they’re not conning anyone, #22.

    She’s never had plastic surgery, #25.

  • @Star Fox

    You are such a know-it-all. You don’t know any more than anyone else posting on this blog. You are a hired minion of the cult.

    And yes she has done something to her face. And most likely had some lipo on her hips and thighs. You are male aren’t you? That means you are clueless most likely when it comes to cosmetic enhancements. Most women on this blog can tell you exactly who (regardless of whether they like them or not) has done “something” to enhance their looks. AND having worked in cinematography and have friends who work on major films — I can tell you that there are very very few actors/actresses in Hollywood that have NOT done “something” to themselves to look better on camera–and yes, this includes Holmes and Cruise.

    Aside from that, what is your problem? Who cares if they have had a nip or tuck or slurp of fat from their body? Everyone in HW does it. Why are you so threatened that they have? How does this affect you personally? Why do you care? What difference does it make to who they are? They are in a competitive industry where youth and looks are what sells. Why do you think they are any different from anyone else in the industry?

    They aren’t.

  • Star Fox

    I’m not a Scientologist or a publicist, #28.

    Why is this place flooded by know-it-all Hollywood insiders?

    I don’t nor ever said there’s a problem with that (though I hate it when people go overboard). I don’t care what people do with their personal lives, TomKat hasn’t gotten plastic surgery and am just refuting claims they have.

  • rainy

    And exactly how do you know they haven’t gotten plastic surgery? Are you their best friends? Their doctor? YOu seem to obsess about them. Well, Mr. Obessed–go back and compare pics of them now, today with pics of three to five years ago. They have definitely done something.

  • Star Fox

    I don’t know TomKat but I do they haven’t gotten plastic surgery, #30.

    I’m not obsessed. I just can’t stand seeing these innocent people being attacked all the time and not say something.

    Yeah. They’ve done something. They’ve aged!

  • rainy

    @Star Fox:

    No, Star Fox, I have to disagree with you. YOu can defend them all you like, but you DON’T know whether or not they have had cosmetic enhancements. YOU DON’T KNOW because you don’t know them.

    Please tho, explain to me how Cruise’s hair receded forward. This is supposedly an impossibility. Check his pics from say five years ago when he had lost some hair and now that area is covered.

    Please, explain this to us all. Is he a genetic anomaly–someone who suddenly grew hair back in an area where men are known to bald?

    Also explain to us all how both he and Katie’s noses have subtly become more narrow/thin. Generally within the weight fluctuations both of them have had, one’s nose doesn’t gain or lose fat. So explain to us all why their are subtle changes in the sculpting.

    And please explain how Tom suddenly had a “fat face” and then went to a very chiseled look–especially after a stay in Brazil at a very famous plastic surgeon’s home. Explain how his fat cheeks became hollow and sculpted. I’d say he had the fat pads removed–very common procedure among actresses/actors and models. If he had lost weight–just lost weight, then those cheeks would have been somewhat hollow with the skin creating jowls.

    You Mr. Know-it-all KNOW NOTHING about plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements.

    They have definitely had a few procedures and if you approached this with an open mind you would see it.

    But who the heck cares? Everyone in Hollywood does it. Katie is 31 or 32–she is OLD for Hollywood. She knows it. Do you honestly think that she is going to allow whatever roles she is able to get (whether Tommy girls money buys them or she auditions) by pass her because she won’t, can’t, or isn’t going to get a few enhancements? I hardly think so. And you can tell Tom is desperate to hang on to his younger audience. He has been doing his same-old, same-old roles lately–action star–those that gave him his fame. He is not aging gracefully as an actor at the moment in his role choices. It doesn’t matter what he does the prime movie going audience isn’t going to relate to a nearly 50 year old man jumping around as an action star! And it appears those of us that grew up on him aren’t relating either. So do you honestly think, since he seems to desperate to hang on to his youthful movie star roles, that he hasn’t had anything done?

    You are naive. You are obsessed. If you weren’t you would be able to dispassionately look at pictures from five years ago to pictures today and see the differences.

    Glad that you feel you are defending them. Notice you don’t defend anyone else except for an occasional comment. I would say that reeks, absolutely reeks of bias. You are obsessed with these people. WE all know it whether you admit it or not.