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Orlando Bloom: 'Musketeers' with Miranda Kerr!

Orlando Bloom: 'Musketeers' with Miranda Kerr!

Orlando Bloom gets very close with his pregnant wife, model Miranda Kerr while on set of The Three Musketeers on Thursday (September 16) at Residenz Wuerzburg in Wuerzburg, Germany.

The 33-year-old actor hugged Miranda tightly in between a break from filming while other costumed actors looked on.

Earlier in the day, Orly was spotted in full costume with co-stars Milla Jovovich and Christoph Waltz.

Miranda and Orly are expecting their first child early next year!

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  • xo

    She is so insanely beautiful!

  • om


  • http://j ivanka

    he always looks more into her than she into him

  • bubbaness

    They’re very sweet.

  • lexy hates bilson

    What a cute couple! All the best to them especially with the new baby!!

  • Annie

    Make up 4 the paps pics.

  • Awww

    So cute .. they look so into each other .. God Bless!

  • badgirl

    Miranda looks cute and very good. I hope them to make wonderful children

  • aww

    They look so sweet and happy!
    They are going to make such beautiful babies!
    LOVE them together!

  • smiley

    I’m jealous of that baby already.

  • reba

    @ivanka: Girlfriend! That’s how a man should be into a woman:) Media says otherwise, but who controls media – men! Women are in charge of our relationships; not the other way around.

  • Bela

    This child will have a huge head and very deep dimples.

  • an oldie

    Awww, the “pregnancy glow”. Orlando looks so proud.

  • Mel


  • JM

    They both are glowing. Best wishes for their new family.

  • He’s so hot!

    What an beautiful couple! I love this little moment where we don’t know what (naughty) thing he’s saying to her :)

    They sure do look happy to me too. Love them!

  • @14

    MARRIED and with a baby on the way, and you are STILL claiming ‘showmance”?
    My goodness you are pathetic.

  • M

    She must be like “honey, I love you, but stay away from me while you are in that costume, lol”

  • @bela

    there’s nothing more adorable then a baby with deep dimples! That would be just too cute!

  • lol

    aww that kid’s going to be so cute

  • Nikki

    It is such a pleasure to look at these two. What a beautiful, happy and great couple. She is adorable. I love them.

  • Really?

    @Mel: shut up Kate, no it isn’t.

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    Gorgeous couple, and what a beautiful baby they will have. They certaintly deserve all this happiness.

  • @22

    That was great!
    These two make such a sweet and loving couple.
    The baby is lucky to be brought into a family with such gentle and warm parents. Not to mention gorgeous and rich. Their child will want for nothing, but be taught to never take things for granted. They will teach the child(ren) to give back to the world as they do.
    i can’t wait to see theor beautiful baby!

  • ihatebooks143

    wow thats so sweet!!!<3 You can clearly see that Orlando really loves her!!!

    But there are still people that choose to see what they want to see, and choose to believe what they what to believe..

  • mmm

    I have to wonder what he is whispering to her? :)

  • MissAnthropica

    I am trying to figure out if that is a earring Orlando is sporting for the part in the film. If it is an earring not sure they really work for him ^.^

    They look happy to be honest and time will tell on the rest.
    . Just let them be happy in the mean time. ^>^

  • comes out smelling like a rose

    Just cause this girl got herself knocked up doesnt mean its gonna erase the past. 3-4 years he was her ticket out of obscurity and she made good use of that; linking his name to her youtube video’s for hits, having her publicist drop coy hints to the media, accidentally waving her blackberry (that had a picture of them kissing) to the paparazi, and then oops, again, to a journalist. The paparazi “finding” him outside her appartment when she was still completely unkown… (How the hell did they know where she lives?) the list is endless and and so are her fingerprints all over the internet. Blegh, having friends and family posting all over the boards back in the day. Stirring up shit and dropping “insider” saying she was gonna meet up with him when and where. She might have gotten smarter in her PR games, but that doesnt mean she doesnt play them.

    And then after all of that she goes around playing “I’m so fiercly private but hounded by the paparazi” card, cause thats what all media smart people do. She’s a famewh0re, she knows it and its all big case of lady doth protest too much. I never really cared for Orlando but it is sad he bought her BS.

    Have fun giving this comment thumbs down -it doesnt change a damm thing.

  • Carol

    @comes out smelling like a rose:
    For someone that never really cared for him you sure know a lot about him.
    Chronicling the last 3-4 years! Bit stalkerish don’t you think?

  • mindy

    i love orlando! so happy to see him making a big action movie again. he is so much better than sam worthington or jake gyllenhaal and has been in all of the biggest movies of all time. and the fact that he isnt in Pirates 4 is ridiculous. hasnt gerry bruckheimer learned his lesson with prince of persia? casting an orlando wanna be! there is only one orlando!

  • lynn

    lovely couple i love them !! she is gorgeous with or without make-up ! and he is a great actor !!

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    So great to see Orlando and Miranda so happy. They are a great couple and I wish them all the very best in life, as they truely deserve.

  • Dorky styles

    Orlando’s a good-looking man but I HATE that silly hairstyle he’s required to have for the film. (Reminds me of the ‘Elvis Presley pompadour’ from back in the 50′s.) Men’s fashions in particular were simply awful during that time period. At any rate it will be nice to see him back on the big screen again. He really seems to be in love with Miranda, he’s so attentive and affectionate.

  • @28

    “I never really cared for Orlando but it is sad he bought her BS.”
    And you think we buy your BS? You sound like a typical bitter women, who not only cares for Orlando, but is obsessed with him and his relationships, and twists and turns everything into your deluded way of thinking.
    Step outside, for some fresh air, and realize there’s a whole world outside there, go and live it. Your whole speech about how terrible Miranda is, does not reflect badly on her, but instead reflects badly on you. Grow up. Geez, you’d think it was the end of the world, or something. Give us a speech on something that’s actually affecting the world.

  • @33

    Over on IMdb they’ve found a portrait with a similar hairstyle, and an earring, so it is arguably of the period. But it will be hard to act past it and put the character across as “so cool you can cut him into chunks and put him in your drinks” or however they put it. Just hope it works.

  • @28

    You have just recited the delphi agenda. Thanks for putting it all in one place.
    Unknown? She was a fast rising model and a working for VS BEFORE she met Orlando.
    Claiming that anyone that says nice things about her are friends, family or paid employees. That’s an old one. Gee, I know that she has BEEN ON THE FORBES LIST OF HIGHEST EARNING MODELS THREE YEARS IN A ROW!! but how could she afford to pay the THOUSANDS of people who follow her on twitter or facebook, or post on NON-ANON boards? She must be wealthier than we think. Or you are WRONG. Hmmmm, I think that I will go with the latter.
    Famewhore? For a famous model who has been of covers of some of the most respected fashion magazines, AND who is dating/engaged/married to one of the most famous men on Earth, they don’t get photographed very often. They are rarely caught out (unless you believe that they only leave the house once every two weeks). Not to mention the fact that their wedding was ABSOLUTELY PRIVATE. No Megan Fox ‘oh, the paps just happened to be there’ pics. NOTHING. If she was a famewhore, don’t you think word would have ‘leaked’ out about the ceremony? See, you are wrong again.
    BS? Everyone who knows her says that she is sweet, kind, warm and friendly. Sounds like good wife material to me. Orlando is said to have those same qualities. Is it BS for him, too?
    But my favorite bit was “got herself knocked up”. Hmmm, as far as I know, a woman can’t get HERSELF knocked up. It takes the active participation of a man. Orlando, in this case. And he may have gotten her “knocked up”, but he married her because he loves her. An emotion that you have yet to experience.
    And as has been said before. Until you let go of all of this negativity in your life, you will never find love.
    Good luck with your life. You are going to need it.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    Love this couple wish them the best I see the Delphi loons have to bring their misery here.

  • LOL!

    The delphidiots are so desperate that they are recycling their old insults.
    They are married. They are happy. Abnd they are about to bring a beautiful baby into the world.
    The delphi loons are left twisting in the wind, and I LOVE IT!!!

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    LOLOLOLOL Leave it to the Delphi psychos to call a marriage and baby that are a product of a THREE years old relationship “fake”.
    They have to explain to me how can you fake three years a marriage and baby. I understand not liking it but can they at least make sense when they try to insult them?

  • @28

    The thing is that it is a fact that they got married in private and she really is pregnant; and that whole story you said that her family and friends post everywhere, that she controls youtube (LOL), that she flashes anything in front of the paps or that she told them where she lives are all part of your imagination.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    @28 WTF I just read that nonsense so now every person on the internet who doesn’t damn Miranda Kerr to hell or thinks she takes part in crimes or that wears a pillow or that doesn’t at the same time say that she trapped him with the “pillow” is related to her? What the hell I am from Albania you moron I like Orlando Bloom since 2004 strangely enough I didn’t care or watched Lord of the Rings or Pirates I saw Troy because of Brad Pitt and because Greek literature fascinates me and I like Homer Iliad is to me an incredible masterpiece so I saw it and fell “in love” with Paris LOL when I did my research I found out he dated Kate and I liked them as a couple but the woman I liked him with more is Kirsten Dunst the woman pushed his buttons and brought something in his eyes I felled Kate failed to. Kirsten didn’t take off Penelope well… I don’t know what that was all about so here comes Miranda well first I was neutral but I thought that her being a lot younger , a model and someone who had just broken up with her boyfriend she would be just a fling but a year passed and well the Delphi idiocy came to life and I still couldn’t give two sh***ts about Miranda Kerr but damn reading their theories and them bashing her for breathing but most importantly her family who had nothing to do with their hate for her their vulgar insults that I can not repeat screaming Dingo while Orlando was filming a movie trying to do his job well that did it for me MIRANDA KERR HAS A BIG FAN IN ME AND SOMEONE WHO WILL ALWAYS BE HERE TO DEFEND HER AGAINST YOUR INSULTS AND NONSENSE I WILL BE HERE TO LAUGH AND POINT AT YOUR LUNACY SO MIRANDA HAS ONLY YOU IDIOTS TO THANK FOR ME BEING A BIG TIME FAN.

  • @41

    Yeah, them thinking that it was funny to yell out insults WHILE HE WAS WORKING just showed how pathetic they really are.
    That was low, even for those idiots.
    That board wide stupidity, added to their unrelenting hypocrisy is what has made them the biggest joke in the fandom.

  • awww

    They are just too cute for words.

  • @28

    Have fun giving this comment thumbs down -it doesnt change a damm thing.


    Nothing needs to change, honey. The truth remains the truth and you remain an idiot.

  • @44

    I love you.

  • Pixie Girl

    Cuteness!! They will be such an adorable family once they baby arrives.

    I’m also wondering what he is whispering to her. And I wonder what she thinks of his costume. lol It’s pretty extravagant!

  • flag boy

    @16 He’s saying “hey babe, want to feel my sword” =)

  • @47

    But I think that she already has.
    She is pregnant after all.

  • flag boy

    @48 You can never feel a long, hard, sword too many times. lol =)
    Especially if it’s Orlando’s!

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    @42 That was disgusting and a new low for the loons yelling things at him while he was working they should be ashamed the pathetic thing is they found it funny.Every time they make me experience second hand embarrassment . They should be ashamed they could be Miranda’s mothers they should be embarrassed of them selfs maybe that is why they went private LOLZ.