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Rachel Bilson & Chace Crawford: Dinner Date with Friends!

Rachel Bilson & Chace Crawford: Dinner Date with Friends!

Newly single Rachel Bilson was spotted sitting next to Chace Crawford while dining with a group of friends at NYC’s The Lion on Friday (September 10).

“The two arrived [and left] together,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “There was lots of flirting going on between the two of them; the attraction was obvious. They kept giggling. It was very sweet.”

Rachel, 29, and Chace, 25, were also spotted at Karl Lagerfeld‘s party at the Soho Chanel boutique the night before!

Rachel and ex-fiancé Hayden Christensen called off their engagement last month.

Pictured here: Rachel and Chace at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards on August 3, 2008 in L.A.

UPDATE: Rachel‘s rep says that they are “100% not dating. She’s been friends with his manager and has known Chace for a while. It was simply a friendly dinner.” All you Chace and Rachel shippers can go cry a river now!

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Credit: L Cohen; Photos: Wireimage
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  • Yolanda

    SHOWMANCE!!!! Rachel = Beard, Chace = Gay

  • Meh

    Oh wow. She wasn’t relevant anymore so she decided to break off her engagement and start dating a guy who is in the spotlight right now?

    What an attention seeker! Pfffft!

  • Carmen Vergara

    Interesting that Rachel Bilson wants to be a cougar now. I would think that she would be more interested in older guys but women like toyboys as well. I wonder if Chace Crawford can handle an older woman.

  • Maggie

    How much does Rachel Bilson pay you exactly Jared?

  • Kevin

    lol, how much more obvious can they be? First she beards for Hayden and now Chace. Only 14 year olds are buying this is real. She pretty much confirmed he is gay not that anyone needed any real conformation.

  • SugarMagnolia

    She must have asked Josh Schwartz to set her up with him.

  • Yolanda

    @Carmen Vergara: Oh please Carmen, I could understand the cougar thing if Chace was 18. But he’s only 4 years younger than her and you can’t even tell when they’re stood next to each other.

  • SugarMagnolia

    And they do not look cute together. She looks too old for him. She should stop trying to get a new boyfriend to stay relevant and do something positive. I mean, must she act? Can’t she do something else other than acting?

  • cheryl

    Two famewho*es together… makes sense.

  • Lake

    Run Chace, while you still have a career.

  • Alison

    I think they look cute together

  • Serena

    No!!! Chace run away! Even show dating Blake Lively makes your dating status too good for this whore. There was a reason Hayden broke off their engagment! Anyway you can’t believe Life and Style! They have tried saying so much shit all the time, really jared? This is very Perez Hilton of you, and all his sources turn out wrong!!!!

  • http://j ivanka

    i like them together, and thats wrong!

  • sidony

    NO pics at all even if its an obvious showmance… who are your source Jared… Douchel & her PR gurus?!

  • Alex

    You’re too good for him, Rachel!

  • http://justJared strawberry snow

    What do I think Jared? I think the only gig Rachel can get is bearding for Hollywood homos. Sad Rachel. Really sad. ,

  • MissAnthropica

    No pics no couple and a made up story just like her rumor with Jake G and Andy Samberg this is the third time she has tryed to start a rumor about herself a some guy in less than a month without pictures and it is always proved false.
    Of course if it is true Chace would be a good match he is a attention seeker he had showmances with Ashley Greene, Carey Underwood and the list goes on and on and on.
    You know the creators behind the OC are the same people behind Gossip Girl when the OC got canceled and lost ratings they bailed on the OC and started developing Gossip Girl so maybe Rachel is hoping if she is linked with Chace she will get a part on the show.
    Probably would not happen with Leighton Meester already on there who is more or less what Rachel was on the OC but the . 2010 version.

  • MissAnthropica

    Kind of ironic they are holding a towel in that picture that says” Hayden.” on it.
    It was for when Hayden P. won an teen choice award but still ouch.
    Jared thats kind of mean using that picture.
    Cold man cold lol

  • gilmorie

    She failed on the “be@rding” so she must now try to be a “cougar” for this another invinsible showmance.
    There’s so much depth (toppled w/ sarcasm) w/ this permanent zlister’s career.

  • Brightside

    LOL – another fake relationship. She’s only interested in his fame!

  • ida

    this is the joke of the year!!!!!!!
    lies lies lies lies

  • HerCalledTheRain


  • HerCalledTheRain

    HOLLY MOLLY WHAT THE F*CK????????????????

  • Brightside

    Should have added that a girl doesn’t get any shallower….if she were a puddle a guy would have difficulty getting his toes wet! Still…he’ll learn, sooner or later!

  • jan

    Rachel’s PR will set up a hook up between Rachel and a cockroach if they think it will get her name in the papers.
    Is this all her career consists of these days? Hawking sunglasses and faux relationships?

  • Pam


  • MissAnthropica

    She could atleast try to go back to real acting and not this presswhore crud.
    I mean try she doesnt have to succeed at it just f@cking try woman god lol

  • Judy

    I love her, but not with him!
    Team Adam Brody!

  • bettie

    professional beard

  • M

    DO YOU THINK Chace Crawford and Rachel Bilson would make a cute couple?

    DO YOU EVEN LIKE Rachel Bilson?

  • duh

    she is showing up with men because hayden is seen with thandie & at parties. shes trying to 1 up him

  • MissAnthropica

    I dont hate Rachel I dont adore her either but this story made me feel a little ill and sick.
    I must admit.
    Like you need a shower afterwards just reading it.
    .If it is true or just for a PR stunt for both of them it seems well… cruel of her.

  • MissAnthropica

    @duh: Well that would be stupid since Thandie Newton has been married to the same man for years!!!!! lol

    So she shouldnt be jealous of that if anything she should be pissed he has one film at the box office right now doing better than ever expected . A
    nother on its way to a distributor and a release next year( Vanishing on 7th St.) and then he is set to start filming a third film sometime this coming winter.( The Cold)

    So thats Three films to Hayden…… sadly Zero to Rachel. I somehow think he is ahead.
    She is most likely trying to one up the attention he has right now because of his work… you know the thing she doesnt do but I wish she would get back into sometimes.Sigh.
    Atleast for a darn change of pace. You can only see so many pictures of her doing the same thing everyday and never working for several years before it all becomes very dull.

    But it most likely has nothing to do with Thandie and more to do with the movies.

  • ????


    Why do you keep posting? And what does Hayden have to do with this? He’s not with her anymore, so why do you care what guy she’s linked to and what her motives are behind it.?

  • IamBW-BWisme

    they would make a really adorable couple!! too bad her rep already denied the news :(

  • love

    Congrats!! Those two perfectly match. They are two wannabes who seem to like each other

  • JoJo

    Gooood, Rachel is almost 30, when she’ll stop behaving like a stupid teenager?


    @JoJo: Going to dinner with a FRIEND is behaving like a stupid teenager?

    JoJo, you’re fcking pathetic.


    @Meh: You’re the attention seeker, here, honey. Since when is Chace Crawford in the spotlight?


    @gilmorie: Listen gilmorie AKA Lexy Hates Bilson, stop using the term ‘INVISIBLE SHOWMANCE’, you’re making it more obvious for us to see you’re using a lot of different names to say the same BULL SH*T about Rachel over and over again.

  • MissAnthropica

    Well Chace is on Gossip Girl and he is talked about in the tabloids alot and on the major entertainment shows kind of like Rachel was when she was on the OC back in the day.
    So I believe that would mean Chace is more or less a person in the “spot light”

  • Lake

    Her people have already issued a “denial” through Us mag. Please. This is so obviously a PR ploy, they’re the ones that started this rumor so they can turn around and officially “deny” it. This is just her MO, she did it over and over when she was using, um, “dating” Hayden. She’s pathetic.

  • Alison


  • MissAnthropica

    Well US Magazine already has the denial of the whole thing so thats thats case closed. ^.^

  • jess

    Hayden is relevant now, I think Rachel wants revenge. It’s funny because Andy, Ryan, Jake and Chace are famous people, these rumors could be in magazines or TV. She wants to show that she don’t need Hayden and can get another famous actor. This girl has a serious mental problem. God blessed Adam and Hayden, they were lucky enough to see who she really is and ended their relationships. o/

  • lexy hates bilson

    OMG! What are her people going to start rumors about her and every guy she stands next to?? Why would he want to be associated with HER?? He’s got a career and he’s on magazine covers and I think he’s got himself a movie in the works… I guess her people realized NO ONE believed she’d be dating Jake G. or Ryan G.
    Again, Spencer Pratt is available and people would believe THEY were dating!!!

  • Sofia
  • Leslie

    She was out with a group of friends period. You people don’t get out much do you.

  • duh

    shes leeching publicity off another guy. she is jealous hayden is getting so much press & rubbing shoulders with better stars than she could ever mingle with without help from daddy or that director guy.

    she is trying to make herself relevant by being seen with more popular stars.

    wouldnt that make her a parasite?

  • C3

    I don’t think that photo proves they are dating. I don’t trust anything Jared prints with their pictures. That photo just shows a very happy smiling beautiful Rachel.

    If she’s dating this guy then he’d better not treat her like crap like her last boyfriend.