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Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Teaser!!

Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Teaser!!

Check out this amaaaazing teaser for Willow Smith‘s “Whip My Hair”!!

The 9-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith recently dropped by Power 106′s “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” and chatted about how she’d always known she wanted to be a performer!

“I would go with my mom on her tour and I would look at her and I would just love what she did, so I was, like, ‘maybe I should do that!’” Willow shared. “So I did!”

Willow Smith – ‘Whip My Hair’ Teaser
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willow smith whip my hair teaser 01
willow smith whip my hair teaser 02
willow smith whip my hair teaser 03
willow smith whip my hair teaser 04
willow smith whip my hair teaser 05

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  • yup

    lol what a funny lady. Does her mother have success??? Because Ive never heard a song of her

  • WC

    beat it brat

  • lou

    Jaden is cute. Willow not so much. Truth.

  • Music 101

    I really wish that celebrities would let there kids be kids instead of turning them into actors/singers at such a young age.

  • Ulike

    Born to be a star! I actually like the little song lol. She’s pretty adorable.

  • Joanne

    shouldn’t she be at school.

  • sillyme

    I still think she’s kind of young to be doing this, because of her parents, she will be a star. Really, any of these kids of celebs, their future in the entertainment business is set – Shiloh, Suri, Nahla, all these kids, it’s like the world can’t wait to get a hold of them. I still like that Madonna waited a little longer before letting Lourdes get out there.

  • Jenny

    She dresses like a teenager. She just needs to slow down and enjoy her childhood.

  • JC

    I really hope she doesn’t become popular and every kid starts trying to look as idiotic as this kid.

  • me and my oppinion

    i’m sure her being a singer was not because her parents made her do it… if you grow up around actors and singers, 9 times out of 10 you will want to do the same thing. she is influenced by successful people what is wrong with that? after all she could be looking up to a prostitue, a hoe, or a drug dealer. as long as its something positive i’m all for it!!

  • JR

    “Check out this amaaaazing teaser ”

    are you kidding me? this song sucks, the whoring out of this child by the Smiths, and the outright hocking of her and outright shameless display of selling of and promotion of her “talent” in exchange for cash on this website, is despicable.

    Total garbage.

  • Drew

    That picture of her at 2:10 is just… so wrong. With the mouth open like that and the “sexy” look and all… You’d expect a pic like that from an ADULT singer, or maybe even one of the older teens, but from a 9-year-old??? That’s so inappropriate. Yuck.

  • OMG

    I adore kids, but this girl is horribel
    Doens’t she have a mother and a father?
    Why they just don’t leave her be what she is: a girl, and children?

  • ka-blamo

    This is so bad it hurts me.

  • gia

    omg how terrible is this kid go back to school brat.

  • missy

    we have set the bar so low, this passes as talent. Did you watch the MTV awards? next year this little freak will probably join the rest of the “freaks”

  • bubbaness

    Oh, Jared. Your taste in music is abhorrent. And it’s SO obvious who pays you to get exposure here,

  • Bela

    This is very catchy and this is not necessarily a good thing.

  • Bela

    @sillyme: Madonna waited until her kid was 12, that’s not much better.

  • annab

    This kid looks hideous…but rich celebrity kids do what they want and their parents approve of it.

  • Status Quo

    She’s talented…..I was really looking forward to being mean..but, guys she’s really talented. She can sing or at least carry a tune. She reminds me of her Dad…ugh. She makes me want to have kids soon. Ugh, F my biological clock….

  • JR

    Jesus H. Christ…

    I forced myself to watch the entire video…did they *HONESTLY* post a picture of Willow Smith, crossing “Abbey Road” as part of the teaser? I had to freeze the picture and go back, to make sure i really saw what i saw….you just know JayZ and Will and Jada were behind that…the arrogance of these people knows no bounds.

    what the hell has the world come to?

  • fierce lol
  • missy

    they were comparing her to Michael Jackson last week. I love Michael, he had TALENT!



  • Jase

    @missy: Who’s ‘they’?

    she does have a lot of vocal talent, beat and swagger for a nice yr old, kudos

  • Pepek Nonok

    Is she trying to be Rihanna? her style is a RiRi copycat

  • Cat

    Bwhaaa …Give me a break. i’d slap that kid silly before i would let her run the show acting like a 20 yr. old at age 9.
    Hollywood Brat!

  • lala

    um why can’t she be a normal little girl? why does she have to dress so stupid?

  • Caroline

    She has a nice voice. not bad at all !

    ..I guess she doesn’t need to go to school though.. Will &Jada could have waited another couple of years to show her around !

  • lala

    she’s not gonna have any hair if she keeps changing her style every week.

  • cmh

    um, autotune much? This was horrific…tuned to death and still awful.

  • Laaal

    LOL!! That ugly n.i.g.g.e.r. girl is a joke!!!! I hope she dies on a car accident

  • Joise

    @Laaal – you are an ugly racist! wishing death on a little girl and calling her the N word!? I hope Jared deletes your hateful comment! people like you deserve to die, not innocent people who have done nothing wrong.

    Miley cyrus started at 9, where are the complaints?? i agree that willow shouldn’t dress like a teenager and maybe her lyrics should be more kid friendly, but she has every right to try a singing career as miley cyrus!

  • T Pain

    Looks like Jada is trying to live the life she never had through her daughter….so sad. Just go to school, finsih school, then at 18 do whatever you want.

  • She-whom-shall-not-be-named

    On the GEORGE LOPEZ show, Jada Pinkett-Smith justified their daughter’s scrutinized hair style on Willow’s wish to immitate her grandmother who is bald. Nice PR from the Smith”s camp.. I’m sure grandma wears funky extensions on top of her head and she helped spread the fashion tip to numerous celebrities eg Rihanna , cassie etc who put out the trend!


  • teilor

    yall need to stop hating. just because yall suck don’t mean everybody else suck. i love the smith family. you go girl.

  • pr person

    THis CHILD should be in the JJ Jr. section.

  • sala

    The disturbing part of this is that she is the same age as President Obama’s youngest daughter Sasha!
    Will and Jada should just let her be a child. It’s one thing to embrace your child’s interests in music and another to be signing her to a record label

  • Willow Needs Boobs

    um when is she getting her boob job? Must be soon.
    Pathetic..true,.. they should have made her wait ontill she was at least 12 or 13.

  • lame

    Unbelievable! Aren’t there child labor laws that protect under aged children from being pimped out by their parents! I think the egos of some of these Hollywood stars are so out of control! The child probably is seeking approval or fears rejection from her parents so she is going along with the gig. Since her parents are famewhores,(neither of them has done anything of consequence recently), this is probably the only way the child can get their attention.

    This song was so electronically enhanced! It is simply outrageous that anyone could possibly even think for one nanosecond that she has the makings of a Michael Jackson. I am so fed up with the entertainment industry thinking that a good marketing campaign can pass off lack luster talent!

  • pippy


    How’s total bs.

  • Lucie

    She should be in school and act like a 9 yr old girl.
    Having fun with friends. Another star kid without a normal life.

  • http://justjared, precious

    I admire a Child who knows what they want and works hard to achieve it. This young girl is very beautiful and smart. Keep doing what you love to do and forget or better yet don’t focus on the negative because the comments about beauty isn’t a commit its just plan old jealousy. I hope she didn’t step on nobodies pride. Its not about what you say to this young child its how you say it very mean and unjust. Whatever Willow does, what concern is it of the persons who have nothing positive to say.

  • She-whom-shall-not-be-named

    like how Jada little momma always try come off as casuall, effortless when she chats about her family’s characters to hide the prospects of their well ‘calculated’ PR and rebuttals to bad press. On Geroge Lopez show she claims her recent nude cover was approved by Willow before she allowed Essence mag to use it for the July 2010 cover. another plot to give the inpression their children are free-spirited and independent..In her oppinion she wanted to empower her daughter — apparently teaching her about stripping off clothes at such a young age(not!). I hope Willow does not get the wrong message to consider another avenu if her music career does not take off well!

  • zooni

    it’s really sad poor willow such a young age doing that COME ON !!! JADA AND WILL WAKE UP !!!!

  • Annabelle

    Stuck up!!!!!
    Slut in the making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larissa

    Disgusting. Parents who encourage and allow a child, CHILD, to be marketed out as a prop and sexualised in such a hideous manner are committing a form of child abuse. Goodness only knows what sort of life she has in front of her, but unhappy vacuousness would be a pretty safe bet.

  • sarah

    i love the song ,shes got a good voice but…shes only 9, like seriousy?! 9…she should be enjoying her childhood, some parents need to learn how to say no and not give their child everything they want. And the way she dresses……and her hair!!!!!!!! Seriously.

  • eeered

    is that a teaser for a MV
    its just a