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Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Teaser!!

Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Teaser!!

Check out this amaaaazing teaser for Willow Smith‘s “Whip My Hair”!!

The 9-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith recently dropped by Power 106’s “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” and chatted about how she’d always known she wanted to be a performer!

“I would go with my mom on her tour and I would look at her and I would just love what she did, so I was, like, ‘maybe I should do that!’” Willow shared. “So I did!”

Willow Smith – ‘Whip My Hair’ Teaser
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87 Responses to “Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Teaser!!”

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  1. 51
    Anastacia Says:

    it’s actually not that bad x)
    but aynway… she’s too young

  2. 52
    B. Says:

    Michael Jackson??!! Don’t think so.
    By the way, I am sure that Michael (RIP) would have a word or two to say about the emotional and psychological damage caused to him by being transformed in a star as a child, don’t you think?!
    Jada, Will, ever heard of LiLo, River Phoenix and many others, even Britney for a while?
    You don’t need for your children to be out there, you’re rich already, no?
    Just my two cents

  3. 53
    Jade Says:

    There is something REALLY disturbing and creepy about this. First of all, the song made my ears bleed. Literally. It’s horrendous. Secondly, whatever happened to letting kids be kids? I am pretty sure pedophiles are having a field day over some of the photos in this video. Great parenting Mr and Mrs Smith. Truly.

  4. 54
    Anny Says:

    I predict she’ll be strung out on heroin by the time she’s 12. Will and Jada are going to hell for pimping these kids. Sad.

  5. 55
    Jesus Lohan Says:

    I whip my heart like a WH*RE LOL

  6. 56
    Curious Says:

    I remember Jada saying on Oprah how she was pleased that her daughter’s beauty wasn’t based on her hair. That’s fine. What I wonder is why parents today aren’t teaching their children to be individuals. I taught my children not ot be followers but independant thinkers. Even if it means standing alone, be you own person. If you listen at little Willow, I suspect you might hear Rihanna. If you look close enough, I suspect you might see a little Rihanna wannabe. No judgement or critism intended, just an observation.

  7. 57
    Curious Says:

    Please excuse the spelling. I meant “independent” thinkers.

  8. 58
    SHe has the It Factor Says:

    This girl has Star Quality.

    Fierce Pics! Go Willow!

  9. 59
    lisa Says:

    I guess no one on here has actually seen and interview with Will and Jada Smith, they are the most down to earth , amazing parents….they have been keeping their children grounded.
    They dont go into things lightly, they decided together as a family.
    They dont push their children, they let them grow. Its pretty amazing, school is first, then fun. Find these things out before assuming how they are.

  10. 60
    hateradedrinkerstaypressed Says:

    I love this teaser. Willow is talented and beautiful little girl. 3million youtube hits in 5 days…..whip it girl!

  11. 61


  12. 62
    Eininable Says:

    She sings much better than rihanna and she is 9. Cute talented girl. :) Don’t be so serious, she’s just a kid!

  13. 63
    mailey Says:

    i like the song, but gosh.. she is only 9. feel like she should just chillax and.. u know, play in the playground, i dunno.

    i like the star in her one hairstyle tho. id rock that.

  14. 64
    jensenLUVER tanya Says:

    y da heck is she already dressin and performin lik a teenager??? her behind should b in school & bein a little girls. shes lik 9 yrs old. i luv her parents but i think they need 2 cool it wit their kids. let them b kids……

  15. 65
    tzitziki Says:

    So, every kid can have a career as long as their parents are famous.
    Got it.

    Now Jared, I know it’s a long shot but if you could find out what are the sunglasses Willow is wearing in the first pic I would be so so grateful. I searched and searched but I couldn’t figure it out. Thanks.

  16. 66
    tracy Says:

    why does it sound like Rhinna singing this song…
    flash in the pan child, but ride the gravey while it lasts honey

  17. 67
    TorontoDiva Says:

    A little young for all that ‘gimmickry’. her look is wear her, rather than the other way around. song has a good hook, so there will be pop success. but then it better be good, cause she’s got it all going for.

    again, a little young for all this going on.

  18. 68
    pep Says:

    She is way too young for this stuff. She won’t end up having a childhood.
    I think the parents are pathetic for allowing this to start so young.
    The child has not gone thru puberty yet and yet is dancing and trapsing around like an adult. Seriously where are her boobies so she can let them hang out. Don’t tell me they won’t be. if they don’t grow fast enough for her will Jada allow her to get boughten boobs. At the rate things are going wouldn’t doubt it..
    Another lost Hollywood kid down the tubes.

  19. 69
    Bruce Says:

    It is nice to have opinions but Willow Smith is not anyone on this board’s child. With that said, her parents have the ultimate say in what their CHILD chooses to do. This talented little girl is singing and dancing not robbing and killing. For those of you that seem to wallow in negativity, what are your children doing so that we may judge them?

  20. 70
    steve Says:

    @Ulike: Not sure what you are smoking but it must be potent.

  21. 71
    steve Says:

    No, Just No…..

  22. 72
    STFU Says:


  23. 73
    Bella Says:

    It’s amazing how much negativity people like to pass on. how can you pass judgment on the parenting of will and jada? do you know them personally? can you say they are exploiting their child? what if it’s her wish to dabble creatively in the singing as a hobby? how do you know she’s not having fun at her age and still going to school? do you know her personally?

    why not focus on yourself rather than criticizing others? it’s people like that who make this world a lot worse than it really is.

  24. 74
    april Says:

    seriously? why are people getting so heated about a young girl singing a song? just because she didn’t go the “disney route”, and has very successful influential parents, doesn’t make any of this wrong. one life to live right? shes young and knows what she wants. shes got plenty of life in front of her to make her own decisions. what you people think doesn’t matter. please, go worry about your own kids and your own problems before you judge anyone else.

  25. 75
    UaebAriek Says:

    @april: I agree.

    Who are we to judge saying that Willow’s parents should let her be a kid and that she’s too young. What if this WAS Willow’s idea and her parents are doing what they do best, supporting her ideas and letting her be how she wants to be.

    I mean honestly, we never really know what’s going on with their family. Though in my opinion, I can’t picture her parents forcing her to sing a song, let alone make a video. If it’s truly something that Willow enjoys doing, what is there to really complain about? :)

    This song is quite catchy and I love it.

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