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Zac Efron: Charlie St. Cloud Premiere in London!

Zac Efron: Charlie St. Cloud Premiere in London!

Zac Efron suits up for the London premiere of his film, Charlie St. Cloud, at the Empire Leicester Square on Thursday (September 16) in London, England.

The 22-year-old actor wore a custom-made three-piece suit by Simon Spurr for the event! At the premiere, Zac chatted with co-star Augustus Prew.

Earlier in the week, Zac premiered Charlie St. Cloud in Munich and Madrid!

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron at the London premiere of Charlie St. Cloud

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zac efron charlie st cloud premiere london 01
zac efron charlie st cloud premiere london 02
zac efron charlie st cloud premiere london 03
zac efron charlie st cloud premiere london 04
zac efron charlie st cloud premiere london 05
zac efron charlie st cloud premiere london 06
zac efron charlie st cloud premiere london 07
zac efron charlie st cloud premiere london 08
zac efron charlie st cloud premiere london 09
zac efron charlie st cloud premiere london 10
zac efron charlie st cloud premiere london 11
zac efron charlie st cloud premiere london 12
zac efron charlie st cloud premiere london 13

Credit: Gavan/Hogan; Photos: Getty
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  • bobo ak

    oh yah hot stuff

  • shaveitoff


  • Sa5m

    Zac look good with the vest and the suit. He shoulddefinately wear the vest more.

  • Matt

    he looks like a poser no offence

  • bobo ak

    shaveitoff @ Disgusting thats you

  • LMAO

    Leonardo wannabe

  • Vj

    if you don’t shave that beard off , Zac , I am telling you , I won’t kiss you again

  • Joanne

    his eyes are so blue

  • http://www. V

    I think he looks better than ever. I never understood how anyone could find the orange, greasy haired look hot. He looks good like this!

  • tealeaf

    Hey been a long time since I was on here but doesn’t Zac look good!
    I haven’t got to see Charlie St. Cloud yet because I am staying with my mother and she is sick. I don’t have anyone to take my place so I am waiting patiently. Mom comes first. I am a fan of Zac and Vanessa and proud of all the accomplishments they have made. This is about Zac, who has worked very hard to get to where he is and I wish him all the best.

    your fan

  • overrated.

    Gosh, his eyes are stunning.

  • xoxo

    The beard is fine but the patchy tach & soulpatch just doesn’t work.
    Does Zac shape his brows? I like his suit though.

  • Emma

    I hate thin lips on guys…



  • ellen

    Ugh! He looks like a woman and who cares about him anyway. Lousy actor as evidenced by his movies bombing.

  • katie

    @THETRUTH: No he doesn’t. Rob Lowe is a pretty pretty man and looks fine with facial hair.

    So does Zac.

  • Kara

    He looks so good and grown up! Finally becoming a man.



  • savannah

    looks hot!

  • Ashlee

    Zac always looks great. Dressed up or not. So many good interviews from Deauville, Madrid and London. Nice how he always mentions the love of his life, Vanessa. And she is one of the 5 things he can’t live without. Sweet.

  • florence

    What a suprise the minute that Zac gets to London the ring comes off, well it’s not a suprise really especially after the other pictures of him covering his hand up with the ring on like he was ashamed of wering it.

    And then he goesd to the one place that he recently daid that he hates going to and that’s a club the Mahiki there are photo’s of him over at Zanessa sweethearts. So why Zac act and say as though you hate these kind of places becuase of the atmosphere, the way people are and then you go to one, and again it’s no suprise but the ring has gone. So whoever he’d gone to meet he obvioulsy did’nt want them to know that he’s got a gf.

    This is a regualr pattern for him everytime he comes to London he always goes off to a club, would’nt suprise me if this was’nt a strip club.

    So it has’nt even been a month yet and his ring is off more than it is on his finger, so why bother getting one. He obvioulsy does’nt like wearing it so why waste money on a piece that your not going to wear regular.

    No doubt information will emerg of who’s he’s hooked up with, well hope she is worth it Zac, cause one of these days your gonna go with someone else and Vanessa will wake up and dump you.

  • Haters Suck!

    Thank you, I just won two bets with myself. One, I knew someone would mention him not having his ring (FYI he had it on this morning) and two I KNEW it would be you and you’d blow it way out of perportion. You’re very predictable. Gonna treat myself to a good lunch tomorrow so thank you for that.

  • peggy


    What an ass you are. He’s wore the ring since Hawaii and he hasn’;t been covering it and he’s been steadily talking about Vanessa. I think he forgot it and there hasnt been any talk of him “hooking up” with anyone.

    And he’s celebrating a premiere jerk.

    You really need a life

  • gracemarie

    Today was the first day he hasn’t worn it – if you are going to be an idiot at least get your facts right.

  • florence

    @Haters Suck!: Your welcome and have a drink on me

  • florence

    Oh the stories will come out once he has left the UK they always do and they can’t always be wrong. Zac is not perfect although he likes to act as though he is, and his obsessed fans have put up on such a high pedestal that they and he thinks that he can do and say such horrible things and people will be all over him.

    And don’t complian about a certain type of place and then go and visit two of those places ( clubs) that you outwardly said you don’t like.

  • Queeny

    His facial hair is so thin. He’s pretty but Rpatz beard is way better . Rpatz looks so soft and fuzzy haha zacs face hair looks so sad :( lol

  • Abby

    He looks so grown up. I think its great he’s gone from Disney and is now growing up and doing other movies. A lot of stars on Disney get stuck as that teen star but its clear Zac is showing people that isn’t him.

  • Abby

    @florence: lmfao are you for real? haha.

  • Abby

    @Queeny: haha no Rob just looks home-less and like he doesn’t have a $1 to his name.

  • florence

    Oh yea I’m real and very happy with my life thanks.

    Funny though the minute he’s off going to clubs so is his ring, wonder what else came off in those clubs and more than likely later on in his hotel room.

  • florence

    @Abby: Yea I’m for real and very happy with my life and myself.

    Funny though the minute he starts hitting the clubs that his ring comes off, wonder what else came off in the clubs and in his hotel room later on.

  • Abby

    @florence: Where is this coming from? For real you HAVE to get a life of your own instead of caring so much about his and what he’s doing. If you dislike him so much why do you post in pretty much EVERY Zac post here hmmm? No one cares what you think or say so find something better to do with your life.

  • Abby

    @florence: Haha what you think he’s got some mistress in London or something? haha.

  • Mae C

    what’s up with the beard zac?

  • Janine


    Mh yeah or maybe it’s because Clubs in the UK are completely different from the ones in the US, especially LA. In the US they are all really pretentious but in the UK they are really just fun and more about the music and dancing then about people getting layed, drunk and on drugs all night. :D You’re amusing though, so keep on’s funny how u think people actually care about you :D

    I like the facial hair though… I think it gives him a sort of glamorous look, something like the twenties, especially with the vest

  • Abby

    @Mae C: The director of his new movies wants him to have it.

  • boyshateme

    This man is hilarious!! Love xx

  • Kate

    He is prettier than his girlfriend

  • Karen

    1. Hahiki is where the afterparty was held for the CSC premiere. It would look pretty bad if Zac didn’t show up for his own premiere party.

    2. The day Zac left for France or the day after there were pictures of Vanessa leaving a yoga class I believe it was and guess what she didn’t have on her FINGER??? I guess she couldn’t wait to get out there and be a free woman so nobody would know she had a BF.

    3 IF anyone does not KNOW either Zac or Vanessa has a significant other then they are brain dead and it doesn’t matter.

    4. Not in ANY country Zac has been in has he failed to wear his ring nor has there not been pictures of him showing it off. He always wears a watch when he is on tour especially when he is in another country—probably to keep up with the time at home—and he doesn’t has any watches on for the UK premiere either.

    Last but not least, guess which poster LOSES AGAIN on this site?

  • Karen


    Good to hear from you again. It HAS been a long time. I’m sorry to hear about your mom. Both of my parents are not doing well either and I have to see about them on most days. Although I have two siblings I’m not getting much help there which is even a bigger disappointment.

  • pita

    He went to Mahiki Night club with the New Girl Band Beach Girl 5 are currently on tour of the UK.Band member Brooke Adam who is good friends with Zac and vanessa.Zac invited them to go with him after the Premiere of his movie and they said we have such a great time we dances 80s music and just had fun.
    I went to the Premiere last night and he is great to us signing autograph,taking pictures.I’m so happy and excited to see him again ,God he is extremely attractive in person.

  • Emma Efron

    Zac is hot but plz shave

  • melia

    @V: I agree! He used to look plastic. Now I finally find him a little sexy at least.

  • Emma Efron

    Just cause he went to a night club doesn’t mean he drank or took drugs, he never takes those. And he doesn’t have fun at clubs & he’s not into partying.

  • florence

    @Emma Efron: Then why when arriving back at his hotel in London was he trying to hide his face and definetly did’nt want to be photograped. Go and see the pictures on Zanessa sweethearts, he and a another man are practically running into the hotel, not the actions of a innocent man who has been up to nothing after visiting a club.

  • pita

    @ FLORENCE!!

  • Math_Lover

    @florence: I want to sit and drink coffee together with you to talk about it. It’s an interesting topic …

  • fan of zac and vanessa

    @florence: Why this obsession and the relentless crusade to destroy Zac’s reputation? If you are for real, your behavior is unhealthy and toxic for those around you. Zac is not a part of your real life (and neither is Vanessa). What ever he does should not have such an emotional impact on you. And if you can truly feel this way and are really happy with your life, that is sad beyond words. May God find a way to help you.

  • lauren

    all of u need to shut up.