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Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp Have 'Incredible Chemistry'

Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp Have 'Incredible Chemistry'

These are stills of Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in the trailer of their latest movie, The Tourist.

Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck told MTV that Angelina and Johnny, “just got along so well from the first moment they met that I knew it was going to be a lot of fun making this film. I probably have hours worth of bloopers where they were just laughing because they had so much fun inventing stuff on the fly and letting their incredible creativity run free.” The two had “incredible chemistry,” along with the rest of the cast.

10+ pictures inside of stills of Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in The Tourist

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angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 01
angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 02
angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 03
angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 04
angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 05
angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 06
angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 07
angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 08
angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 09
angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 10
angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 11
angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 12
angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 13
angelina jolie johnny depp have incredible chemistry 14

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  • Ozzie

    First? hehehe

  • QQQQ

    Second! LOL!

  • mindy

    Oh no Jennifer’s crazy fans are gonna hate to see Angie play the role of sexy seductress. It’s be like opening old wounds. LOL! She looks stunning. Can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  • Moses Ashford

    Only good things can happen with Timothy Dalton in this movie. I hope this film finally enables him to do more mainstream Hollywood movies more often as we see far, far too little of him and that film makers give him a chance and cast him in movies. In addition, I hope that he does more dramas, tries to reach his full potential as an actor and tries to win an Oscar.

    And I just want to say one more thing about Timothy Dalton. Timothy Dalton is probably one of the best British actors of all time and he was a tremendous but sadly underappreciated James Bond while his approach to the role is the most similar to Daniel Craig’s out of all of Craig’s predecessors. I don’t know why, in the last 15 years, no one has given him the chance to show his s**t again. He deserves a second chance. I wish there would be one god damn film maker in Hollywood that would let him fly because the man is something else.

  • Ozzie

    Angie and Johnny look so good in the stills. The trailer is amazing, am really looking forward to seeing, “The Tourist”. I really enjoyed the French version. This looks much lighter with humour and zingers!

    BTW, Jared you really should credit one of the JP posters in the last thread. Cos it’s nearly word for word…

    Hi, Neleh. Hope you are healthy and happy. Thanks for all the shout-outs.

    NAN, Keep up the good work. It drives the henettes crazy. LMAO @ loooosey pooosey manny. Good one!

    BDJ, Thanks for all the great articles you find and share with us.

    *Waving hello to all JP fans* Hope you all have a great weekend.

  • Ozzie


    LOL. Am glad it was us rather than trolls.

  • Lara

    Yay, well done Ozzie!
    From the trailer they do have fabulous chemistry, can’t wait to see The Tourist.

  • sera

    Can not wait for this movie and the wonderful pics and interviews we will get with the Depps and the JP’s. What a fun time for fans.

  • Dasha

    can’t wait for this movie, they do have incredible chemistry i’m so glad they enjoyed working together, Angie is beyond stunning and Johnny..well it’s Johnny <3

  • Abby

    The picture of them looks the same as she and Brad in Mr. & Mrs. Smith……….

  • Whamo

    Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp Have ‘Incredible Chemistry’
    They have just the right chemistry….to make a bomb.
    The last thing I see when I see this picture is chemistry….contempt perhaps but not chemistry.

    Nice accent by the Angie, you’re quite the thespian.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Whamo @ 09/17/2010 at 9:17 am

    What is your obsession with this woman. For some one who hate this woman you sure post here a lot and I mean a lot.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I hope Florian will put the bloopers on DVD when it comes out. I would love to see the bloopers.



    Can’t wait to watch.

  • neer

    Alexandra Burke says she’s love to be a ‘kick-a**’ star like Angelina Jolie
    Published: Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010, 14:14 IST
    Place: London | Agency: ANI
    X Factor winner ALEXANDRA BURKE has revealed that she wants to become the next Angelina Jolie.
    Alexandra, who is currently sitting at apex position with her new single music album ‘Start Without You’, reckons that she has ability to make it as big as her screen heroine.
    “I’ve been approached with a few movie offers over here. At the moment I’m concentrating on my music but I’d love to get into films at some point. I love action. Angelina is brilliant. I would kick-a**,” the Sun quoted her as saying.
    “I’m not in bad shape at the moment. I am currently in training for the Inca Trail. I also used to do kick-boxing with my old trainer which I’d love to get back into,” she added.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Haters are jealous that Jonhny enjoys working with Angie. They would prefer these two not getting along.

  • Ozzie

    You know what, am so sick of people knocking Angie’s accent.

    Being an ex-pat. IMO Angie’s English accent is a generic accent. Meaning no regional accent. My kids were Army brats (hate that term) and they all had similar accents to Angie’s. As is you couldn’t tell what part of London they were born and raised in. The main reason is because we moved around every 15 to 18 months. We were posted all over UK and NI, then Overseas. Only our First born was born in England, the others… Hong Kong, Cyprus and Germany. So they were raised amongst folks with all different accents. My hubby and I are Scottish, yet they have mixture of Ozzie (deliberate spelling mistake LOL) and this generic English accent. All Army kids do. Probably like their USA counterparts!

  • neer
    Sarita wants to kiss Jolie
    TNN, Sep 14, 2010, 12.00am IST
    International actor SARITA CHOUDHURY who is here in India to promote Sona Jain’s For Real bumped into the very gorgeous Angelina Jolie at a premiere abroad just before she embarked on her Indian journey.
    Sarita and Angelina have many things in common — both are passionate about travelling, and both like their kids to accompany them whenever they go. So they got chatting about their common interests before the lights went off. And though Sarita is straight as an arrow; she remarked that-Angelina is so beautiful, that if there is one woman she would want to kiss, it would be Angie!

  • Gillian

    Like this couple would be great real couple in real life.
    BTW the can see the full trailer before the Town movie

  • NAN

    Oooh Oooh! WhamothehalfmanBotoxNajimy come again for his,her Campaign to A 1 Night EZ EZ Looosey Pooosey SET UP ho huh?
    WhamothehalfmanBotoxNajimy loves that JJ give them AJ &JD new’s thread !!!

  • Zukayi

    Does anyone know when this movie is coming out???
    Gosh I really cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • knowSilvia

    omg… Its obvious that haters have no idea about what she’s been through

  • eat

    her skin barely stretches around her skull

  • Is It December Yet?

    Can hardly wait for The Tourist- even the stills looks SO AWESOME! BTW, I thought her British accent in the Lara Croft movies was really good…I’m not a linguist, but I have some UK friends & watch ALOT of BBC America!!

  • just hilarious

    Hahahaha ! I saw one of these bloopers where Ang does this strange dance and rattles her bones around, then Johnny breaks out laughing his azz off ….it was great fun to watch!

  • old Ang

    Make-Up or a Mask ?

  • flatmateann

    Since when jealousy is well seen??? Stop worrying about Angie and worry about your own poor lives

  • lylian

    her skin barely stretches around her skull
    Sweetheart, Angelina’s skin is just right for her skull.
    The problem is in your skull. Your one and only brain cell is rattling around in your skull and the reason why you are so stupid.
    (I love it when the jokes write themselves!!)

  • An Extra

    Oh, I remember this one time when Johnny was laughing soo hard after a failed take that he peed himself, then naturally Angelina went for his zipper & her diaper bag before she stopped herself.. I’ll never forget it

  • hater

    I simply love making fun of other people and make people laugh to see what they do they think about me now

  • Johnny

    @hater: Know how to write before you speak silly

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …oh look, jack sparrow showered and sobered up.. `cool.

  • lylian

    @An Extra:
    Ai YOH!!!!
    You got the story totally MIXED UP!!
    It was Johnny PEEBOY MAYER, not Johnny DEPP. And it was Jennifer Deadend Aniston who had the CLEAN UP her Butt AND PEEBOY’S.
    Peeboy wasn’t laughing at a failed take either. He just gets off on using Jennifer Deadeniston as his Piss pot.
    (Now wasn’t I funny? And I was true too. Fact is stranger than fiction and Peeboy has blogged about his peeing habits!)

  • Ang Fan

    I’m completely unaware of my projections onto the rich and famous (AJ) , but I guess that’s why the call them projections..heee

  • prettiergh

    To put things clear. Angelina makes me feel so insecure

  • sissysissy

    to Whamo, seems in your world being #2 in BO is a bomb and being #8 is a hit… so i am glad you say that “the tourist” gonna make a bomb LOL

  • Hey hey hey :)

    Angelina would be so ravishing if she gained 15-20 pounds and kept it on. Too bad control freak brad won’t let her gain weight. Only a matter of time before she wakes up and realises being healthy is way better than being unhealthy and unhappy with brad. Pretending to be happy with Brad Pitt has thinified her to sadness. It’s so sad to watch as a fan how unhealthy and skinny she’s letting him make her. Le sigh and how dare The studios that made wanted, salt, and now the tourist let her get in front of the camera anorexic. Shame on them! Like angle said people in Hollywood don’t care about the person, they only care about the money they will make from them. Even if they are selling anorexia. Idiots will still pay to watch anorexic angelina Jolie kick ass. I refuse. I will watch her again when she actually looks healthy enough to stand on her own two feet. Plus, the characters are not a love match. She does nothing but snot him yawn

  • neer

    Angelina Jolie is so accomplished in life that she unintentionally intimidate a lot of people. More often than not, people who have self-esteem issues are not happy to see someone as successful as AJ. She makes them feel more inferior. So these insecure people would rather waste their time by putting down AJ, making false statements & undermine her achievements. Instead of getting an inspiration of how they could also turn their lives positive, they want to dwell on the negative. Inferior people are not confident enough that they too can live their lives to the fullest. That’s why it’s no surprise why they hate AJ so much. They want her to be like them, insecure human beings with no purpose in life.

  • Sami

    Georgeous, talented and classy; but thats just normal for Angelina.

  • Hey hey hey :)

    Snog haaha

  • joblow

    oh why doesnt she put on like 15lbs she was one of the most beautiful women on film ever. but she looks past it and shes only what 35?

  • Hey hey hey :)

    @neer: not sure how she intimidates anyone with looking the way she does now. Maybe 4-5 years ago but now at that sad weight? Yikes is the first word that comes to mind when I look at her these days ! So saddening ! Please be real here …. She looks Bad . Not in a good way.

  • passby

    Can’t wait to see the movie…love them both.

  • dawne

    Looks sizzling……..Brad will have to deep breathe thru the hot scenes I’m sure…..even tho he is a pro it must still be tough to see the one you adore being touched by another good looking man of substance.

    This movie reminds me of the genre of films forty-fifty years ago with great beauties looking elegant amid gorgeous backdrops with overtones of intrigue. Grant and Kelly, Grant and Hepburn……real eye candy.

    The trolls must be mainlining xanax at this point. What a losing game hating on the huge star that is Angelina Jolie! Rather like an ant attacking an elephant.

  • mona

    yeah! cause she is a slutt!!!!

  • joblow

    and by past it i dont mean she looks rough cos she is still beautiful, but i mean like she shouldnt have aged that much in so few years. hard to believe mr and mrs is only like 6 years old.

  • olga

    so sad that she was the chosen actress to be this character… however, I wanna see it!!

  • Hey hey hey :)

    @dawne: there are no hot scenes. They share at most two lame kisses yawn maybe timothy Dalton and Paul bettany have some hot scenes? That’s a sure way to save this movie. Haha have a lovely day, mates. Crosses fingers angelina eats today

  • Agreed

    @joblow: Jen A was so much younger than Angelina when she was 35….

  • Deep Depp Lover

    OMG! Johnny looks stunning!!! He is sooooo handsome, charming and cute!!! Love love love love him!!!! HE IS THE BEST!!!