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Glee: Season Premiere Songs Released!!!

Glee: Season Premiere Songs Released!!!

The five songs featured in the second season premiere episode of Glee have been released for streaming on!

Glee returns to television on Tuesday (September 21) with an all new episode featuring new cast members Charice and Chord Overstreet, as well as all your favorite Gleeks.

JJ got an advance look at the episode and loved it. FOX even sent over the box in the picture which was filled with a giant tub of Will Schuester’s hair gel. Hilarious!!!

Click here to listen to the new songs at Z100. Look behind the cut to find out what songs are featured in the episode!

1. “Empire State of Mind” (originally by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys) – Full Cast
2. “Telephone” (originally by Lady Gaga and Beyonce) – Charice and Lea Michele
3. “Billionaire” (originally by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars) – Chord Overstreet, Kevin McHale and the guys
4. “Listen” (originally by Beyonce from the movie Dreamgirls) – Charice
5. “What I Did For Love” (originally from the Broadway show A Chorus Line) – Lea Michele

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  • Raphael Deed

    The lovely Dianna Agron is the best thing about Glee. However, are they going to do a cover of every song ever? Are they ever going to write an original song?

  • Me

    I agree with you Raphael!

  • Brandon Hilton


  • Brandon Hilton

    I should be on this show!!!!! I can sing all of the songs and act and I’d be a great personality, Kurt needs another gay!

  • Joanne

    @Raphael Deed: @Raphael Deed:
    are you kidding? she’s the worst singer of them all. she can’t even really sing. her acting is pretty mediocre compared to the other main girls. All her character does is cry and keep herself from crying

  • L

    <333333333333 so excited!

  • Brandon Hilton

    I should be on this show! I can sing all of the songs AND act! Kurt needs another gay!

  • ant

    @Raphael Deed:

    yes! in an interview ryan murphy said he wants to do an episode where they write and sing their own songs

  • http://Jb Slig

    Who’s care!

  • Kaz

    Many celebrities i dont know . Because i like him i dont care about them

  • Kaz

    Im handsom and pretty boy in the world

  • Kaz

    Many celebrities i dont know . Because i dont like him i dont care about them

  • Kaz

    Im pretty boy

  • Tyler

    Please get charice off this fantastic show.

  • legendcha

    Charice is amazing!

  • Dee

    Chord Overstreet has a great voice! I’m behind on my Glee spoilers cause I don’t even know who the hell he’s playing on the show lol but damn! I loved the ‘Billionaire’ cover and Charice has an amazing voice I don’t get why people really dislike her? Lea Michele with WIDFL O-M-G! Amazing as always I know people complain that she gets too many solos but there is a reason she blows everything out of the water! I don’t know if I can say the same for everyone else her songs are always the ones I enjoy the most so…can’t wait! I’m crossing my fingers for a Puckleberry duet season 2!! Come on Ryan Murphy! Even if they aren’t together romantically this season they would sound amazing together!

  • shaniqua


    how dumb…I guess you know more than Ryan Murphy? Just shut yo face!

  • shaniqua


    cuz Charice is not a blonde, tall, big-boobed starlet…she is just average-looking at best and they can’t stand somebody like her succeeding and making it in the industry.

    It’s just your typical jealous bitches who believe THEY should be the one in her place…

  • RKB;

    @Raphael Deed
    They are doing original songs, in the episode called Original Song.

  • whatever

    Oh ffs, does Lea Michaele need to get a solo in EVERY FRAKKING EPISODE?

  • craig

    ^^ I mean you can’t even spell her name right. and yes, she DESERVES a solo every episode. she’s clearly the best singer.

  • panday’s_wife

    GO CHARICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben

    HOL CRAP !! Lea Michele !!! OMG u r amazing….. i got goosebumps while listening to what i did for love……amazing talent right there….

  • Adora

    hate the annoying cast!!

  • Ben

    HOLY CRAP !! Lea Michele…..u r amazing. i got goosebumps while listening to What I Did For Love……. u never cease to amaze us…..!

  • Krista0

    Go Charice! LoveLoveLove that awesome soulful voice. Listen indeed!

  • Josie

    OMG Lea Michele is amazing. I got shivers listening to her song.

  • lovelydee

    Yay, I cannot wait.
    It’s almost here!!!

  • hellodawg

    Charice is in-friggin-credible! She can SANG!!! I love her rendition of Listen. The best from the episode for me and my personal favorite. <3

  • Emily

    yes there apparently will be an episode dedicated to original songs :)

  • Marianne

    They’re Glee club. Glee clubs don’t write orginal songs.

  • Zeek

    @Raphael Deed: I believe that there will be an episode where the members get an assignment from Mr Shue to write their own song but this is only a rumour so its not definite YET :)

  • Rose

    cant wait to see the Boys’ rendition of Billionaire! Definitely one of my favourite songs of the year :)

  • Celia

    Lea Michele is amazing. That song is going to steal the show. The rest sound fine, but WIDFL was something special.

  • smart_Alek

    Charice’s recored singing voice on “Listen” doesn’t give her justice. You have to hear her sing live to really appreciate her:

  • erika

    I liked the songs they were ok not amazing but one was amazing, my favorite was “what I did for love” , I had never listen this song before but I loved it.
    I would like to listen mercedez and rachel in telephone, charice in other music.

  • Kelly

    Telephone!!!! YESSS ♥


    I was in d martin luther king celebration last year and till now I have goosebumps for this sweet gurl, charice…
    She sang the god bless america & i heard a lot of artist & singers sung it & i never feel the way charice sings that song, i was stunned.
    So, whoeva will say that charice is in the same league of those kiddos in GLEE, are stupid & crazy ( shes in the league of the great singers )im sorry for mha words, but truth hurts.
    I never ever feel a singer like charice did to me, so shes the best singer for me ( live or record )
    So, stop those lame excuses & just accept the fact that this gurl has 10 octave voice with angels touching you everytime she sings…
    God bless you all…

  • patriotrevolution

    This show would be so much better if there wasn’t a friggin faggot homo in it!!!!

  • http://charicepenpengco marinethmacadangdang

    me i see your viodeo for song listen