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Rachel Bilson 'Not Dating' Chace Crawford

Rachel Bilson 'Not Dating' Chace Crawford

Rachel Bilson makes a quick trip to the doctor’s office on Thursday (September 16) in Beverly Hills.

The 29-year-old newly single actress was spotted sitting next to Chace Crawford while dining with a group of friends at NYC’s The Lion last Friday.

However, Rachel “is not dating” Chace Crawford, her rep told “She’s friends with his manager and has known Chace for a while,” her rep explained. “The dinner was with a bunch of people, and it was simply a friendly dinner. I can say with 100 percent certainty they are not dating.”

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  • Carmen Vergara

    I thought that it was odd that Rachel Bilson would be looking for a toyboy. I’m sure that she is looking for a husband who is a older guy at her age and after end of her last relationship where she was engaged. I’m sure that Chace Crawford isn’t looking for a wife or a serious relationship right now.

  • Yolanda

    Maybe she is getting her head checked – trying to figure out why she beards for so many guys in Hollywood LOL!!!!!

  • the truth

    @Carmen Vergara: Didn’t they just say it wasn’t true?This all for atention anyway. Really don’t know who she’s dating.And we didn’t get this much attention about Jake Gyllenhaal which Jared didn’t want to mention here. I think its jake she’s dating.


    @Carmen Vergara: All she did is go out to lunch with him, the rumor was shot. It’s not true.


    @Yolanda: chace crawford is no where near ‘gay’.


    Where is Lexy Hates Bilson and her aliases such as Brightside?


    @the truth: Actually Rachel and Jake dating rumor got more attention by the media than this one.

  • whodie

    So FUGLY at that close-up pic – no wonder NO actor wants her anymore LOL

  • What a Sour Face

    She looks like the rich entitled daddy’s girl who always had everything given to her that she is. I wonder if she’s seeing a doctor about boob implants. She definitely needs to do something about those small sad and saggy bosums. You have to have a load of talent to compensate for zero boobs in HW and she has no talent at all except for constantly pressing herself doing the most mundane things. No way is she getting work without a boob job. Of course she could also be getting her colon vacuumed to stay thin. A lot of stars do that. It keeps the body from absorbing all the calories from food they eat. As a rich self-obsessed HW daddy’s girl who doesn’t exercise, that would be something she would do.

    No wonder she looks so sour. She isn’t looking forward to having a tube shoved up her anus and her guts vacuumed.

  • Really?

    The Doctor? Jared? The Dr.? Really?

  • mona

    she makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leimore

    Her bedraggled hair looks like that it got DOG FLEAS all over it – yeeesh!

  • jess

    Rachel needs a psychologist.

  • Viper

    Ok this is the same rep that says he never comments on her private life. Also she claimed not to be dating Christensen, or engaged when she came back she was. I’m sure Crawford is too young for her age wise but, she is not a 29 yr old intelligence she is more he 20 yr old so actually they might balance out emotionally. Who knows I would never trust what this rep has to say.

  • Ganymede

    Who knew Rachel and I had so much in common?

  • ATLqueen

    You don’t know her. You don’t know what her intelligence level is.

  • MissAnthropica

    Those jeans arent very flattering for Rach they look like the mom jeans Jessica Simpson famously sported once.

    Not a good look to be seen in right after retrurning from fashion week.

    The rest of her outfit is good but those jeans just kill the whole look and not in a good way/

    I am not sure that they needed to post that Rach and Chace arent together.
    Considering that on the last post they updated it on the site and said she isnt dating him.

    Come on ……..this is just an excuse to give her yet another post.
    The DR’s office?
    OH boy breaking news with this one huh?
    So they mention the rumor AGAIN that was already set clear in another post.
    Obvious much.

    Anyways those jeans on her most unflattering she should burn them unless she wants to be compared to Jessica Simpson and NO ONE wants that lol

  • what?
  • Brightside

    She’s always making a trip to the doctor’s, usually with her mummy in tow! What the heck is wrong with her? My doctor hasn’t seen me for 3 years! Actually I’ve never seen the doctor I’m registered with because the last time I went she was on holiday and she hadn’t started there the time before that. Five years and I don’t know what she looks like! Rachel Bilson must be one of life’s hypochondriacs!

  • Brightside

    Oh so true about Rachel Bilson…what an incredibly true and unblinkered assessment of her!

  • Viper

    @ ATI

    Let see, we can tell her intelligence by the way she speaks, (which is a dead giveaway of her IQ), and the way she performs. If she has some hidden intelligence she never uses it. I don’t have to know her, Do you know Christensen No? but, you teater on love/ hate on the man when he was dating Bilson.


    I think that is some parody b/c we all know her only style is a copycat kind. If she actually had to learn how to sew, design or color coordinate it would a tragedy.

  • ShameShameonRayRAy

    She is probably trying to start those pregnancy rumors up again… because of all the talk of Jake and Chace. A tactic she has used for attention before. Wearing bad jeans to look ” bigger” and suddenly tongues start wagging that she is at a Dr’s office and has a “pooch” and suddenly people wonder if she is preggers again. Shamless tactic RayRay.
    Most likely the reason she is at the Dr’s office since they never said what kind it was, is for her monthly injections of botox or lip plumpers.
    Or based on how those jeans are not fitting her for her monthly cleanse.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I was thinking the same thing…she’s probably upset that her people denied the Chace rumors before she had a chance to go to the doctor! She was probably hoping to get the preggers rumors started. If she put this much effort into her “craft” she’d be winning Oscars and Emmys.
    Viper you are right on…I said that in another thread how NOW her reps are suddenly talking about her personal life…as if ANYONE believed she was dating Jake G. or Ryan G.

  • Summer’sOverSadly

    Does she ever wash her hair? Ugh. Maybe it is just dead at this point from the really horrid bleach jobb someone did on it?
    She looks a mess most days like she barely even trys anymore. She can clean up decently but when she doesn’t it aint’ pretty.
    I saw some pictures of her from when she was back on TheOC and I know people keep saying she looks the same and hasn’t aged. Actually she has aged alottttttt. I was shocked she looks like she could play summer’s( her character from the OC) mother now She isn’t as flithy look as Mischa Barton yet but the girl is well on her way.
    I will bet you anything before the year of 2010 is up Mischa and Rachel will be seen hanging out again, trying to use their former OC connections to get them both talked about.
    Mark my words it will happen. Both of their PR reps are becoming so easy to predict.

  • ATLqueen

    I never teatered on a love/hate relationship with HC. You’ve got the wrong girl. And you can justify it all you want, you still don’t know this girl point blank. None of us do. By the way, I would love to see your IQ.

  • Shy

    Oh great. Another useless post about this idiot. Does she has her own photographer? And then she is sending her own “candids” to Just Jared. I wonder if she writes her own descriptions to those co called candids. Or this job is included in Just Jareds contract.

  • The Real Truth

    @the truth: I was glad that Jared was one of the few sites that didn’t reprint that Jake G. garbage. The whole Jake rumor started because another website said that she was at the same gym as him. I guess I must be secretly dating everybody at work because I work in the same building as them. Jared, thanks for having journalistic integrity and reporting the facts.

  • Foaming At The Mouth

    I love her jeans! The whole outfit is actually very cool! =)

  • Foaming At The Mouth

    Right on ATLqueen! How intelligent are the regulars coming in and posting the same sh** all the time? That really takes a lot of IQ. LOL!

  • LMAO

    On the Daily 10 today on E they talked about the Chace Crawford Kelly Osbourne rumor and the Chace Crawford Rachel rumor.
    When talking about the Chace and Rachel rumor they called him the ” gossip guy” mentioning the show Gossip Girl he is currently on,but when they mentioned Rachel they just called her ” Hayden Christensen’s ex” and didnt even call her an actress or mention The OC at all.
    They didnt even mention Rachel’s fashion career ambitions or “fashionista” title she loves. So all she best known as now is
    ” Hayden Christensen’s ex” lol

  • Viper

    @ 25

    You have always supported this woman for years from Imdb board to this one. Then on HC Imdb went in a different direction dissing her my guess to make nice to the witches coven over there. Then when these two broke off you came back to supporting them again. Pick a side will you either you like them or not.

    My guess is that your IQ is equal to the amount time you spend on this woman or HC.

  • ATLqueen

    No boo boo you got it all wrong. I didn’t go anywhere doing anything. I support HC therefore when they were together I supported THEM. I was under the impression they going to marry. What kind of fan am I if I can’t accept his wife?? Don’t get it twisted. I’m not a hater. I’m too grown to be pickin on people. I simply said you don’t know her. I SIMPLY SAID NONE OF US DO. I don’t play sides. Not a fan of hers but I don’t hate her either. I have no reason to. It’s as simple as that. That hateration crap is ya’lls game not mine.
    And FYI, I still don’t understand why we are still talking about what’s in the past. THEY ARE OVER……….

  • ATLqueen

    And another thing……. I’m not saying anything to please anyone anywhere. They know how I feel about R Bils. Some of them don’t agree. I don’t need to suck up to anyone. Besides, we all agree on one thing over there. We support HC. I don’t agree with some of things that are said over there. I voice my opinion but we still get along. It’s just called being an ADULT. Viper I want you to quote one thing I said over at IMDb that I haven’t said here especially about RB. I’m not even a fan of hers. I’m not a bitter ex fan of hers either. To me she just is. I just don’t see a reason to genuinely dislike the girl.

  • Brightside

    I think the reason why a lot of people don’t like Rachel Bilson has nothing to do with her being Adam Brody’s ex or Hayden Christensen’s ex or anybody’s ex for that matter. They don’t like her because she’s an aimless, untalented sponger of celebrity culture who’s only claim to fame was being in a dumb teen soap opera that only lasted four seasons and was a load of horse manure. Now she’s America’s version of the English phenomena known as WAG wannabees. Girls desperate for fame and riches who seek romances with those more famous than themselves in the hope that it will rub off. I would say that her star faded long ago but she never had a star to fade!

  • Judy

    thank god!
    i love rachel <3

  • crazy

    @whodie: you do realize she was leaving the doctors office right? your crazy dude cuz shes the cutest women in hollywood

  • Foaming At The Mouth

    I mean some sound if they know Rachel Bilson. Have some actually met her? Why the hate when we really don’t know the girl? It is not like she went and jacked your car or killed your dog.

    Why keep on bashing the girl then? It makes no SENSE TO ME WHEN HAYDEN AND RACHEL ARE SO OVER! Rachel is still getting ripped a part. I’m not a Rachel crazied fan either. I just don’t see why bash the ex still? She now is his ex. She is outta the picture. I do happen to like Rachel’s style and her particular look. I get it. That is the problem. She looks that good and some are so jealous they cannot stand it. LOL!

  • austine

    If this ageing-twink is still continously turned down by her prospects(prospective to be bff’s) why not try “Sam Ronson – he-she’s also single right LOL

  • yes

    @mona: THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE B——

  • yes


  • yes

    @ATLqueen: hahahahahaha dont worry its a single digit not much to see love your comment

  • @6

    dont worry theyre all here all her voices cant you see her posting every few seconds RB fans let them talk and keep posting gives rb more and more posts she looks gorgeous as always BRIGHTSIDE why arnt you at coney island? is it getting to cold?

  • @6

    @24 yes she does wash her hair cant you see how shiny it is and not nappy and she can also put a brush through it can you? hahahahahaha

  • yo mommaaaaaaaa


  • yo mommaaaaaaaa


  • yo mommaaaaaaaa

    @What a Sour Face: U A BITCH!!!!!!

  • MissAnthropica

    @yes: @yes: @yes: @@6: @@6: @yo mommaaaaaaaa: @yo mommaaaaaaaa: @yo mommaaaaaaaa:
    @ 39-46
    If you are going to be a cyber troll atleast try to be less obvious.
    All posted seconds apart from eachother over and over and over.
    I swear some Rachel fans are as bad as the dumb haters on here.

    You know what you have in common ” Rachel Fan Troll” with the haters?
    You are both trolls.
    Pick a screenname stick with it and have your opinion but dont be a sad little troll and hide.
    And if you are going to defend Rachel from her haters atleast use complete sentences and dont repeat yourself over and over.

    If you are a Rachel supporter why be a troll and hide?
    Why be so ashamed that you troll on here and hide to attack others and defend her?

    Be a Rachel fan be proud of it atleast and pick a screen name and stick with it.
    And stop your lamea$$ trolling and cussing it makes you sound dumb.

  • @44 45 46 yo mommmaaa

    rb fans have no idea who you are and its BRIGHTSIDE acting up again so dont pay any attention rb fans shes talking to herself again let her rant on just jealous of rachel

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ MissAnthropica – Rachel’s 2 or 3 fans really don’t DEFEND her. They are more obsessed with me and Brightside. I’m quite flattered. They are really our fans and not Rachel’s. They know NOTHING about Rachel and they don’t say anything about her b/c there’s nothing to say. You don’t see posts about Rachel’s talent or her work b/c there’s nothing to say about these things.
    FYI – if Rachel fans are having problems posting I suggest they contact the JJ web admin or their internet provider. Or better yet, post of one of her fan sites…oh wait there really aren’t any…

  • ty

    @ lexy hates bilson You must have the biggest head of any internet user I have ever come across! How old are you, 15? Who but a middle or high schooler comes up with a name like “lexy hates bilson”, and then starts saying they have more fans than Rachel, pretty much saying you are the Queen of JJ posters? If you are trying to be funny, you have not done a very good job of it. Rachel has plenty of fan sites, and no I am not a big fan, just someone looking at posts this morning. Your declaration of internet supremacy on a comment board is quite ridiculous, to say the least. I would not include this other person Brightside in your kingdom of fans, unless you ask her first. Her head may not be as big as yours is.