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Report: Lindsay Lohan Fails Court Mandated Drug Test

Report: Lindsay Lohan Fails Court Mandated Drug Test

Lindsay Lohan carries a bowler hat with her as she arrives at a recording studio on Friday (September 17) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress’ legal troubles are reportedly far from over – TMZ reports that Lindsay failed a drug test last week.

“According to the terms of Lindsay‘s probation, she will get 30 days in jail for a positive drug test,” TMZ notes, adding that the drug Lindsay tested positive for was cocaine.

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • All The Gays

    We love U, Linds!!!!

  • Arwen


  • Cheery

    Of course this dumb wh0re did, but will she actually go back to jail? No. She’ll be out f-cking around until she kills someone.

  • Dubya Bush

    Relapse is a part of recovery. Any addict will tell you that. It’s to be expected. The real damage here is to her career. She was just starting to get the “Comeback” ball rolling.

  • JC

    This is why serving two weeks or whatever it was of a 90 day sentence then going to a country club rehab center was a joke. I can sympathize with her having to deal with her own addiction, but she’s the type of oblivious spoiled brat that is going to wind up hurting an innocent bystander with her reckless behavior. I hope she gets the 30 days and that is enough to really scare her this time. If she violated her probation last week with a failed test I don’t know why she hasn’t been locked back up yet. All these enablers she has around her, including her parents, is going to make her a hard soul to save. She’ll probably spend the rest of her life going in and out of jail until she dies too young somewhere after everybody has forgotten about her.

  • ted

    @All The Gays:

    Hey, speak for yourself.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    We must all say a prayer for her. I know she squandered all her good luck but this is going down a bad road. She cannot become another statistic. Lindsay, seriously all joke aside, please get help. You could do so much in life. Hang in there and stay off drugs. This is getting sad now. I laughed a while back now I think it is just sad. You can make a difference in some drug addicted teen’s life by setting an example. You can do it. Stay off hte drugs! Stay away from the bad influences. It is not worth it.

  • Caitlyn

    She hasn’t leaned has she

  • Kelly

    jesus ..get your sh*t together lindsay

  • jen

    why isn’t she back in jail??? she and the system PISS me off

  • KC

    I was really hoping Lindsay would find a way to turn herself around but it doesn’t seem likely that will happen any time soon.

  • mesh

    this is silly!!!! come on she is being so good these days she it not that dumb!! come on TMZ shut up

  • JJ

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: who let this barf freak out the barn?!?!

  • JJ

    @JJ: BARF F*ckerilli Freak!!


    @ted: Hi I also love Lindsay.


    @JJ: Who let JJ aka the scum, out of the trash?

    You’re mocking someone who’s praying another human being is saved from this malicious world.

  • Ace

    Wow, she’s really milking this troubled starlet thing. I wish she’d do the world a favor and OD, so in a few years…Elle Fanning can win her first academy award for portraying her tragic a$$.

  • Maddy

    She has officially ruined her own life. She will always and forever the butt of jokes until the day she dies. Sad but true.

  • Maddy

    BTW Rehab and jail time is proven not effective with her anymore..its all about community service!! Put on your hard hat lindsay, I’ll see you and wave on the freeway while you pick up trash!!

  • springs_qween

    Too bad she doesn’t have the Hilton money to buy her a plea bargain.

  • JC

    A recovering addict will find out that quitting drugs is the easy part. She did her brief jail stint and her stay in rehab, and as soon as she gets out her main focus is on trying to get her career back. Her main focus should be on herself, and learning how to deal with life on life’s own terms. It takes a long, long time to understand enough about yourself to know what your triggers are. If she goes right back to hanging out with the same people and doing the things she did before she got locked up, it is only a matter of time before she relapses. I speak from experience and they used to say to us in rehab that if you hang around a barber shop, you’re going to wind up getting a haircut. A successful recovery means you have to change everything about yourself, and work a vigorous program the rest of your life. She needs to be around people who live life clean right now. It doesn’t seem like she has many people around her that are looking out for her best interests. She is accountable for her own actions in the end though. It is impossible to help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. She’s going to need to hit rock bottom first, and unfortunately for her that rock bottom could be worse than anyone ever imagined.

  • offtheproperty

    Let the girl SING!
    Sing Lindsay, Sing!
    Like you singed on A Prairie Home Companion!
    Sing your pretty little, ever-lovin’ heart out and never, never stop!

  • kraken

    if this is true…. then ive lost all faith in her

  • calli

    is anyone really surprised??? 23 days in rehab is not enough , she needs 6mths minimum .

  • mesh

    i hope it’s not true cuz she is making an good Effort these days!! so it can’t happen!

  • tami j love

    she need to …go on a long vacation to the Caribbean…………and rest her self and try to get back her life an track.that lesbian bitch is massing up her life wake up girl and smell the coffee.she is sending to wreck!!!

  • kelle quayle

    Ok…..if this is true then why is she not in custody??? She would have been in court the next day. Im not sure that this is really happened. it just does not add up.

  • Dieter

    Those liars try to break her – they won’t !!!

  • carouser

    The only question at this point is will authorities issue her an orange jump suit for her return visit to jail or a custom made rope to hang herself in?

    Either way the public has long stopped caring about this mutilated soul, and apart from being bait meat for the likes of TMZ the real question remains why did Lilo give up on Lilo?

  • http://JustJared Jan

    Hit bottom? Again? She has been a bottom dweller for years and she has made her priorities clear. She gets waaaaaaay more attention than she’s earned. She also looks 40.


    SHHHITTTTT this sucks! Lindsay please stop doing drugs.

  • retrobanana

    this girl is a joke…..she has to hit rockbottom thats the only way she will recover but her rockbottom is so much lower than the average person because she is allowed so many second chances…so i really fear the worst for her….but at the same time i really dont whatever fate she beholds so be it..she is a mess and i see no end in site.