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Russell Brand: Citizen's Arrest at LAX

Russell Brand: Citizen's Arrest at LAX

Russell Brand rides in the back of a patrol car after getting into a scuffle with a photographer at LAX airport on Friday (September 17).

The 35-year-old actor and his fiancee, Katy Perry, were going through security when he pushed and struck a photographer, TMZ reports.

The photographer reportedly made the citizen’s arrest with the assistance of LAX cops at the airport; police told TMZ that Russell is being booked for battery.

Katy, 25, took to her Twitter to speak out about the arrest. “If you cross the line & try an put a lens up my dress, my fiancĂ© will do his job & protect me,” she wrote.

FYI: Russell is wearing Kill City jeans.

15+ pictures of Russell Brand and Katy Perry at LAX…

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Credit: Clint Brewer, WENN, Flynet, Ivan Nikolov; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Adora

    good to hear that! some of the celebrities think they can get away with anything!

  • T Pain

    Does he ever close his mouth?? EWH.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…


  • Carol

    When are the laws going to change? Good on him for giving them what they deserve.

  • springs_qween

    Some celebrities think they can get away with everything. Some are just trying to go about their “own” business. Paps are the ones who are crossing the lines just to get that photo. Celebrities who are told get out of this type of business are cool with their fans coming up to them….it’s the invasion of the paparazzi who like to get too close and invade personal space. Let’s not forget they will “chase” these people and endanger anyone who gets in their way.

  • http://xo_amanda_xo Amanda

    Katy just tweeted that a photog was trying to stick a lens up her dress….Russell was defending her.

  • Jess


    Good. That guy should have been punched not just pushed… Russell was just being a good fiancee.

  • G

    I think the new paparazzi law says they can now get arrested for interfering with traffic and their targets’ vehicles. But what do you do about an obnoxious a$$shole who sticks a camera up your dress? I don’t blame Russell for this, I would’ve attacked that guy too. That photographer wasn’t exercising his freedom of speech, he was assaulting Katy.

  • G

    Woops, by freedom of speech I mean press freedom. I bet that pap is going to say he was just doing his job, but a line has to be drawn somewhere.

  • G

    Paparazzi should be kept out of airports. Why isn’t this standard practice yet??? Judging from that Kate Moss video and incidents like this one with Russell and Katy, the chaos they create is dangerous not just to the celebrities they stalk, but to everyone else in the building. At the very least they’re a big distraction for the guards and personnel. Doesn’t this make them a threat to national security?

  • varya

    Why wasn’t the paparazzo arrested for trying to stick his f*cking camera up Katy’s dress? And “citizens arrest”… really? That photog is just a d**che bag!

  • Isaac

    Lambert did it better. And didn’t get arrested lmao.

  • Shontelle


  • ETown

    99% of Paparazzi are uneducated, money hungry, trespassing scum of the earth.

  • lol

    @Isaac: I was gonna say first Adam, then Miley and now Russell? Paps better beware.

  • MIA

    I wish a celeb would snap and beat the cr*p out of a paparazzi just once.
    They make me sick.


    Stalkerazzi like this are nothing more than money-desperate PERVERTS!

    WTF kind of laws are these???! If they weren’t ‘photographers’,THEY would be thrown in JAIL!!! A strange man shoving a camera up a woman’s skirt! NO FKN WAY WOULD THEY GET AWAY WITH IT IF THEY WERE JUST A RANDOM DUDE WITH A CAMERA. They follow you for hours, they will hide if they have to, they will WALL you in, shout anything and I mean ANYthing no matter how racist, derogatory, offensive, sexist……wtv it is…….they act like a pack of WOLVES….just to get 1 reaction from you so they can get their shady photo.

    How do these people fkn sleep at night doing this as their job?

  • Rockstar

    Kudos to Russell! Sounds like that pap was a perv. I know some say it’s stupid for us celebrity gossip lovers to hate on the paparazzi, but I don’t want to see pictures of people’s privates. Why can’t they just take pictures from a few yards away and call it a day? I don’t understand why some of them insist on crossing the line, like taking pictures up girls’ clothing, and making it impossible for celebrities to drive, etc. It’s ridiculous! None of us condone that behavior!

  • wow

    i’m not a fan of katy or russell but i’m definitely on their side here.
    there’s only so much someone can take. you never see what the papz do to provoke and they never pay for it. how come?

    this guy defends his fiance and is arrested? i’m sorry but that’s so messed up.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Sems to me Katy Perry should sue the potographer/papparazzi for sexual assault.
    Taking a picture,as one did to Jessica Simpson, is NOT freedom of speech or a photo just taking a pic of a public who is out in public and taking a pic in a non intrusive way like from a few feet away with a long lense.

    Russell shouldsue to forsomething.

    these so-called photographers have to be stopped cold at some point.

  • Darren

    @lol: Miley….?

  • Monelle


  • http://www. V

    @Darren: She got really angry at them (it was yesterday I think) there’s a vid of it out there…

  • Ellie

    Wth is Citizen’s Arrest anyway?

  • Mel

    At first I laughed but then I saw KP’s tweet.

    I really really really hate these scumbags. I’m not a fan of JGL but I thought what he did was really cool:

  • Ashlee

    Paps should not be allowed inside airports. Period.

  • : /

    @Darren: Miley got really upset with them flashing nonstop in her face when all she wanted to do was go home. They wouldn’t stop. Papz have no boundaries. No sense of what’s crossing the line because they’ve crossed it so much to notice anymore. GAH I HATE THEM

  • N

    I think Katy and Russell are disgusting.

  • anon

    These paparazzis are asses!!! The same thing happened to Kristen Stewart, but she chose to flip the finger instead.

  • Sarah

    @Ashlee: Just Airports? They shouldn’t be allowed to cross a certain personal line regardless of where they are. They shouldn’t be allowed to shove their lens up peoples’ skirts but they do without any shame. They shouldn’t be in peoples’ driveways like rodents but they still trespass. They shouldn’t be allowed to hide in trees & bushes like reta*ds but they still do. They shouldn’t be on peoples’ holidays perving over halfnaked people but they still do without any shame. They’re complete scum and act like little bullies. They could get their photos without harassment or behaving like imbeciles but they choose the nasty way.

  • CanadaGirl

    As much as we say we hate the paps, guess what gang, we are contributing to the problem. Coming on this site and others creates a market and demand for photos and video. Often times, it comes at the expense of the dignity of those being “papped”.
    Of course, I realize the irony and hypocrisy of that statement as I am here and commenting. It’s a double edged sword for me. I like reading “light” news, but I know that it intrudes on other peoples lives. *guilt*

  • true story

    lol at all the people attacking paparazzi. You know you’re on a gossip blog looking at the photos that the paparazzi take right? You love these photos, don’t lie.

  • DarkEmpress

    I think that everyone should be entitled to an arms length of personal space. You should be able to extend your arms without another person touching you. He had to push the photog as far as I am concerned he had to make way so he could walk without being blocked It doesnt matter who it is, a celebrity or a normal person- when someone is that close to you, especially a horde of people, you naturally feel threatened.

  • Casey

    Team Brand here…….he’s a very sincere guy. They must of pushed his buttons badly.

  • gross.

    @true story: Yeah I just LOVE seeing photos of peoples’ and seeing my favorite celebrities upset. Don’t be a frkn douche! There’s a Right & Wrong way: you can get safe gossip and pics without being complete d**heads. Paps that STALK people for HOURS, car-chase them through red lights and violate their privacy, personal space and bodies (like shoving their camera UP a skirt) are disgusting and if you think any of that is ok, you’re in the exact same filthy cheap boat as them.

  • XOXO

    lol citizen’s arrest

  • pinkie

    @G: I agree with you completely. I’ve always wondered about that especially in our post 9/11 world. These Papz are a hindrance to,not only the celebrities, but other passengers, in addition to the airport staff who have to use their already limited manpower to police these situations and escort celebs in and out of the airports. What time does that give them to make sure that everyone else is safe. This is complete and utter nonsense.

  • lmao.

    Russell Brand? Who’s he gonna harm? He’s so skinny and is all about Zen, Yoga, Peace and Hare Krishna. All he did was try to stop the idiot moving by placing his hands on his shoulders. Lol Citizen’s Arrest. I bet it was some old woman who’s just not a Russell Brand fan or some deluded fan in love with Katy Perry (she has legit stalkers god knows why I think she’s gross too).

  • lovelydee

    Ughhh Paps are so
    annoying. I know they’re
    doing their job and everything
    but they have to keep it to a certain

  • disgustedaussie

    This stuff isn’t cool! Not from Russel, from the Paparazzi. How does a celeb have less rights than the average joe? If I was being stalked by someone, they’d be arrested. Yet Russel and Katy have no rights?

    In my opinion, if a Paparazzi (or I sincerely see them as stalkers) is close enough to be smacked, they’re too close and THEY should be arrested. ITS STALKING! there’s something wrong with a society and people who think that that invasion of space is okay. 3m minimum at all times between paparazzi and stars, and NO CHASING THEM DOWN THE STREET. If paparazzi breach this, THEY SHOULD BE ARRESTED!

  • Me


    Well said!!!

    People, you are feeding the beast, you don’t like paparazzi . But you are here. I don’t get it?

  • I Agree

    @true story:

    You’re right. Unfortunately, people don’t like to hear the truth.
    Some people here hope that someday a celebrity appears at their doors and thank them for their nice comments.

  • Noname

    Er….protect what? Katy is more than naked in her videos.
    Don’t get me wrong, the pap should have got his face punched out.

  • mery

    The photographers deserve are arrested every day.

  • Jen

    People ask for new threads on Jared all the time. Now where do they come from? Anyway celebs want to be in the spotlight when it’s convenient for them.They call the papps and want attention when it suits them, right? Some celebs just chose to stay away from the spotlight all the time and it is working for them. Like Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep and other good actors.They are not calling the papps when it suits them cause they are not media ho’s.Why should the media ho’s control the media? Papps should not create danger by chasing people in traffic and such and they are like the rest of us bound to follow the traffic and other rules.

  • Adora

    Russel trying to showoff to KP..

  • mimi78

    Thumbs up for both Adam Lambert and Russell Brand. Paps are disgusting and show business is making way too much money on them so lawmakers can’t touch them.

  • kevin

    You all say you hate the paparazzi yet you all read gossip blogs who pay for pap photos!
    it works both ways…there are plenty of celebs that go out and about and are not papped. others even call pap agencies to follow them around so they get publicity.

    also apparently there i a video on youtube that shows that the photographer was not trying to look up katy’s skirt and thats why russell was arrested as he lahed out without being provoked.

  • Nikki

    Good on him for doing the right thing trying to stick a lens up a woman’s dress is Wrong!!.
    And my husband had read this post and said he would have done the same “If it was me there is a line that the papz should not cross and he went over it!”.
    So I am glad I have a man who will defend my honour and protect me because what that photographer tried to do is rupulsive and and a form of assault in its own right!.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Where was LAX security??? Why were they letting the paps run wild??
    Terrorists take note – LAX is the place to be b/c security is “lax” they are too busy arresting celebs than protecting those in the airport!
    I hope Russell’s lawyer sues them!!! Maybe then they’ll stop letting the paps run wild around LAX!!