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Taylor Momsen: 'Make Me Wanna Die' Music Video Premiere

Taylor Momsen: 'Make Me Wanna Die' Music Video Premiere

Taylor Momsen and her band, The Pretty Reckless, have just released the music video for their single “Make Me Wanna Die.”

The video, directed by Meiert Avis who previously worked with U2 and Alanis Morissette, shows the 17-year-old Gossip Girl star stripping down and playing with fire!

Earlier this week, Taylor brought a busy street in Paris to a standstill while performing in the French capital. She was in town to launch John Galliano‘s new fragrance, Parlez-moi d’Amour (Tell Me About Love), which she’s the face of.

The Pretty Reckless – Make Me Wanna Die
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  • Paris Jade

    I hope that Taylor Momsen does more mainstream movies from now on.

  • Liv

    She sounds pretty old for her age. No offense.

  • ajh


  • Lilakoi Moon

    Epitome of desperate.

  • kay

    rip off lyrics from a Garbage song that was in Romeo & Juliet
    and rip off look from Courtney love
    rip off period.

  • Allie

    Taylor’s voice used to be so different before she started smoking cigarettes. Now it’s all deep and raspy and scratchy. I guess that’s supposed to help her music career.
    She looks like she hasn’t showered in weeks and those extensions need to go. This video tries WAY too hard and from it you can tell Tim Gunn was right in what he said about her: she is a little brat.

  • So… hot.

    You can hate her, but you can’t deny her music. Suck on that.


  • Mindphucker

    That was actually REALLY good, how bizarre is that?

  • Laki

    Oh common it’s a good song.
    It’s not great but it’s good.
    Util she releases a sex tape or goes to rehab I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt.

  • hmm

    Is it weird that I actually like this song?

  • Rogger



  • demented

    I dont care about this girl sick songs and I dont feel sorry for her. I’ll go on with my life doing my stuff. Id only feel sorry if my bf left me lol and Im not a selfish person

  • eyeh8twilight

    Don’t hate me, but I actually like this song. Everytime it comes on Music Choice, I turn the volume up. There’s something about the song, I just like it.

  • ida

    i ve seen this video on mtv about a month now….

  • Drane

    Goodness gracious she makes ME want to die *gag*

  • mailey

    it’s a good song.

  • Sadie

    wait.. wasnt there a music video already?…

  • lisa


  • D

    I thought the last supper video was the music video for this song?

  • Lia

    can someone explain why there is so many negatives opinions ? If you don’t like it just go away ! That is not a reason to ( thumb down ) those who actually like the video . Anyway

    This clip is really good ! Good job !!

  • SugarMagnolia

    I’ve always wanted to watch Taylor burn. The song’s not bad, but you can’t even see her bandmates in the video. Also, you can see she’s trying really hard to be ‘hard core’. Call it a phase?

  • Amanda

    Stop putting down the pretty reckless. here’s an idea if you don’t have anything nice to day DON’T SAY IT AT ALL. And if you don’t like them WHY ARE YOU HERE. I love this band they have talent they have style the album is amazing!!!!!! I agree she has got to tone down the make-up and wear a bit more clothes and there really wasn’t any need to show her underwear but still GREAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kikm

    she tries way too hard to be different.. song i give it a 2.5.. video a 0


    well, i can tell you this much… love the song but she sucks at lip sinking.

  • Alison

    Idk why she is stripping in the video, but i really like the song.

  • Kate

    she’s a dirty little whore. end of story. her band sucks, her songs suck, her acting sucks. i feel sorry for anyone who is deficient enough to enjoy that music, their ears or brains must have something wrong with them.

  • T

    Amazing voice.

  • Poppy

    Her music isn’t horrible. I know I may get alot of thumbs down for that but so be it. I’m not praising the girl she is REALLY annoying, a wannabe, can’t keep her damn mouth shut, raccoon eyed.. shall I go on? Yes her personality is hurrendous but she does make decent music for a 17 year old. It’s better listen to that Cyrus chick.

  • Poppy

    Her music isn’t horrible. I know I may get alot of thumbs down for that but so be it. I’m not praising the girl she is REALLY annoying, a wannabe, can’t keep her damn mouth shut, raccoon eyed.. shall I go on? Yes her personality is hurrendous but she does make decent music for a 17 year old. It’s better than listening to that Cyrus chick.

  • Ginger

    She has a good voice but must she strip down? Aren’t you supposed to be 18 to be a stripper? If Miley Cyrus does this, she will get a boat load of haters and it will be all over the internet.

  • elrkjsljlsj

    Her whole persona seems like the type of character they’d have on her show as a very dramatic exaggeration of a mess. Unfortunately this is all real and not good, even if she were old enough to wear/do anything she does.

  • 2yen

    i love taylorm and her band tpr. she have a awesome voice… and the song ist so adorable! i love this video too, but… i don’t like the part when she is stripping… :’D

  • Anonymous

    OH MY GOD! Please tell me that her parents still allows her to do like this? Her parents are the worst parents in the whole wide world seriously! If only there’s a way to get rid of her parents or change her parents no offense really, but she has gone way too far. If only her parents are religious and God fearing they would not allow their child to become a prostitute even if their child is famous and earns a lot of money. It’s about how people would look at her as a good example and not being so wild/trashy/bad attitude she has, people might lose respect to her.

    I’m not against her music: Actually I love her songs because the tunes are so catchy for emo goth girl like me but the way she brings up herself through the camera and on reality became worst.

    She actually adopts her role on Gossip Girl to the real life and Am I the only one who was annoyed by her role in Gossip Girl? I hate hate her attitude and I can’t believe a lot of Teenagers are following the bad example like her, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and etc… I mean come on?

    If you know they are showing bad example why would you follow them?

    There are a lot of former teen stars like Hilary Duff, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Rayven Simone and etc are setting GOOD EXAMPLES TO EVERYONE. I mean why not them instead of Taylor?

    I know I’m not suppose to butt in to other people’s lives but if you could just think about what’s going in the world today? What you seen in the news, what you’ve heard on the radio and what you have seen on the internet/newspaper a lot of teens are getting unexpected pregnancy its all because of what children follow now a days like you’ve seen on movies/ music videos and one example is this video.

    WAKE UP! teens like Taylor should have discipline and for her to be mature, she should wear proper clothes and not getting almost naked in the video while she’s underage. She needs to be supervised and needs to be controlled by their parents whether the kids like it or not. It’s for their own Good!

    Based on my experience, I’m also getting sick from my parents not allowing me to do anything I want to do. But for some reasons I go deeper, and I think about what my parents decision why they do this to me even if I’m already 21. I tried to look for both sides, my side and their side. I realized that they are doing this for me because they love me and they want to raise me in the right way and be protected.

    The lesson here is that having a strict parents should not make you feel bad or what so ever in whatever your thinking that they are ruining your life, NO that should not be it.

    You should learn from your mistakes and try to be a responsible starting with yourself and for others. And life would be different and you may lead yourself to the right path.

  • Krisitna

    This girl reminds me of a little girl who is tall for her age…….I mean what is wrong with her voice, her hair, her looks, and her freakin make up……seriously idc about her at all and if she was saved and had Jesus in her heart that would be a merical and i don’t like her

  • http://google Lilly

    I think she SUCKS! and she tries way to hard to look “cool” my sister has a better voice! (and that’s saying something) and whats with the stripping? I agree with lisa “GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL”

  • ilovetaylormomsenandswift

    hey leave her alone! you’re just jealous of her!

  • ilovetaylormomsenandswift

    @demented: Hahaha yourself! I hope your boyfriend leaves you. He’s probably thinking of a nice way to break up with you! You’re just jealous of Taylor!!!

  • Courtney

    This is a good song, what are you people tripping on xD
    I don’t think she’s bad.

  • Alex Chapman

    check this brand new UNCENSORED interview with TAYLOR MOMSEN: