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Gabourey Sidibe & Nikki Blonsky: Front Row Fashion!

Gabourey Sidibe & Nikki Blonsky: Front Row Fashion!

Gabourey Sidibe and Nikki Blonsky are all smiles as they arrive at the fashion show at Fashion Week held at Lincoln Center in New York City on Wednesday (September 15).

The 27-year-old Big C actress and Nikki, 21, took in the fashion from the front row!

Earlier this month, Gab shared some exciting news on her Facebook page: “Hi! I just filled out my Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences(Oscar) paperwork!” she shared. “I’m officially an Academy member! That means i can vote!!!!! Exciting stuff!”

“I’m feeling very proud and grateful for all of my fans and the complete wonderment of this last year. Not bad for the daughter of a street performer and a cab driver,” Gab continued.

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Credit: Astrid Stawiarz ; Photos: Getty
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  • Lex

    That’s middle America for you.
    People complain all the time about skinny actresses/celebs being bad role models for young people especially but noone mentions morbidly obese ones such as these two. I don’t understand why with Sidibe especially people try and act like she’s a great role model because she is comfortable with her body. They’re both unhealthy and dangerously obese- how is that setting a good example for youth instead of eating moderately and regularly exercising?
    Blonksy is only 21, I mean come on… look after yourself, have some self respect & self control.

  • http://Jcta Slig

    Monster here aaaaa help me

  • Kaz

    I can’t belive these 2 girls famous , they are like server only

  • Ayesha

    @Lex HARSH! But totally right! I completely agree with on you.

  • Tim

    I know, right. It’s so wrong to put these two up there as public figures, and paint the picture that they are good role models just because they aren’t skinny- no, they are morbidly obese. I don’t care what kind of people they are, I just don’t think people should just pick on one side of the weight issue and leave the other unsaid. It’s almost like Gabourey has reaches stardom through sympathy. People criticize overly skinny women for painting an unrealistic image for women, because it is unrealistic to think you can have a figure like that. Maybe that’s why fat people don’t get criticized, we all know how realistic it is that one can become fat, just visit your local fast food joint and drink your favourite soft drink and voile’ – another role model is born.

  • alexpeneva

    these two need a row of their own…

  • elle

    Dear Gabourey and Nikki, have some self respect and self control for god’s sake. It’s not about starving but about eating wisely.

  • Lex

    So true, Tim. It’s like reverse racism- Celeb sites & media can easily call someone annorexic and “dangerously thin” and when a usually thin starlet puts on weight everyone’s quick to label them as “Curvy” and “Gained some pounds” like it’s so scandalous. But when you have morbidly obese celebs everyone pats them on the back and says well done, what fantastic role models they are being “fuller figured”….It’s like it’s too politically incorrect to publically acknowledge they’re obese.
    It just baffles me.

  • Alaia

    It seems that Nikki has lost a lot of weight. She looks very healthy.

  • kate

    It’s like “Where’s that fat? I don’t see any fat… they look fine to me, let’s tailor make film roles for them. “

  • Tim


    Are you serious? You think she looks healthy? On what planet is she a picture of health?

  • bkay

    oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, terrible-terrible-terrible!
    these girls have every option of losing weight available with the money they can pay and they obviously JUST DONT CARE about looking good

    the worst thing is there still are people who support their position

  • Jade

    It’s very plain and simply, neither of these two are healthy. They are both young adults and both are morbidly obese, since when is that okay? They are both at risk of heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer, osteoarthritis etc. But for some reason, us, the general public are not allowed to make any judgment on these two girls, because Lord behold we may hurt their feelings.
    Like girls who are dangerously skinny however, we should never, ever glorify obesity and truthfully, I am disgusted that Elle magazine has decided to put Gabby on their cover. We should be promoting health!

  • F.

    Great discussions going on in here. Thanks for the reads Lex & Tim. ITAWY.

    These women are not role models. It’s great that they’re confident, but for children or anybody to look at them and think that’s a healthy lifestyle, is so wrong. These women, whether you like it or not, ARE sick and if they don’t control themselves and try to lose the weight, they WILL be putting themselves in grave danger. Obesity opens doors to many other medical problems.

  • F.

    Jade, I also agree with your post. Hollywood should not be promoting this type of image. It IS dangerous.

  • josh78

    not skinny not obese both are not normal ..just the midddle.

  • French Girl

    I think Gabourey & Nikki couldn’t care less about your advice or comments. No matter what you think, they are famous and rich more than you could be one day. So my point is Why are you still talking about their weight ? It’s their body and no one could tell her how to live and deal with that.
    By the way, people will always criticize skinny girl or fat woman, because they love that, they are just jealous.

  • phew

    phew glad I didn’t come in here seeing tons of admiration posts (like a few times) girls love to call these types gorgeous, but all the beautiful actresses and models here get called every ugly name in the book. (go figure) lmao what a relief!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…


  • Kate

    Totally agree with you F. I feel sorry for obese people who DO want to do something about their weight but don’t have the money to support their medical needs. These girls obviously can afford it but clearly don’t see it as a priority. I think that’s pretty ignorant. I’m not saying anything negative about their personalities because I don’t know them but I don’t think it’s right the media plays on the “role model” angle when publicising Gabourey or Nicky.

  • F.

    @ French Girl: Very mature of you. Yes, we’re allll just “jealous”. That’s exactly what it is. [/sarcasm]

    Lastly, I believe people on this forum are discussing their weight because that’s what the Comments section is for. Don’t like it, don’t read it. Simple solutions to simple problems. :)

  • Kate

    Amen @F.!

  • F.

    Kate, I believe these women don’t do anything about their weight because they’re told there’s nothing wrong with them. They are banking on their obesity. They’re also made to believe they’re being role models for ‘average’ women in America and around the world who aren’t stick skinny like Victoria Secret models. Confidence is a great thing, but they should not promote this as a healthy lifestyle. Men and women who are this overweight, will suffer from many other medical problems. That’s a fact.

  • xoxo

    weight watchers next two future stars…

  • Kate

    Well said, F. It’s such a tender topic that anyone who admits to even noticing these girls are obese is labelled as cruel, when really it’s cruel to NOT mention it, given the fact that their health is at risk. I hope someone close to these girls- friends, family, managers etc has enough sense to encourage them to shed some pounds. I for one would never encourage my daughters to let it get to that point- there’s a difference between loving and accepting yourself and the self abuse of over-eating, not exercising and putting yourself at serious risk of heart disease/failure among so many other risks. It is our business to have an opinion of these girls when they’re being targeted to teens such as on Elle magazine.

  • wraith

    In my opinion this two should lose some weight because being over weight will make you get all kind of diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesteral etc…

  • Jade

    @French Girl:

    Ah yes, I forgot that I am massively jealous of two morbidly obese women who run the risk of various diseases…*rolls eyes*. I fail to see the correlation between discussing healthy lifestyles and being ‘jealous’ because these two happen to be famous and have a little bit more money then me. But whatever.
    Fact is, no matter which way you turn it, these two girls ARE morbidly obese and are unhealthy role models. End of.

  • the weather girls

    Two Tons of Fun

  • Joanne

    haha why is the same person responding to their own comments. get a life

  • Tina

    @French Girl:

    another typical stupid response. So it’s all about money huh? Haven’t you ever heard the expression “more money, more problems?” These two are way overweight and so youngg wtf? It used to be that a “middle aged spread” happens after a woman has and a few children, men drinking their fair share of beer in life and both generally getting bigger due to slowing metabolism. That usually is around age 40 and is usually only about 20 pounds more than they weighed as teenagers. These two has not only passed middle aged spread when they were teens, they passed overweight, passed obese and are now at morbidly obese. No a good look

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Women are harsh on each other, it’s true. Men are harsh on women too. This is a tough post because there are young girls. I will say this though, in Hollywood, no one tells a starlet the truth. Same with Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie when she was too skinny and certainly these two girls too. I don’t want to attack their body weight because who knows how they got that size but I will say this: they are both examples of severe health problems of Americans. We eat terrible fast food, have little time for exercise and eat processed things. We have an obesity problem in our country. It is interesting that it is ok to criticize anorexia but not the other extreme. Maybe we should be less attacking and just focus on health. Any young woman under 30 or even above 30 is not in good health if her weight is like this. That is a Medical fact. I hope they are encouraged to get healthy. America Ferrara and Jennifer Hudson are at very healthy and good weights for their age and body types. These two women can get there too with a lot of work. How’s that for diplomacy? :)

  • Dance In The Dark


    Seriously though, i’m all for plus sized fashion, but there is ‘plus sized’ and then there is just fat. It’s a health risk, not to mention horrible to look at.

  • so&so

    This female filled out more than just paperwork

  • Jen

    this is down right scary

  • mika

    big girls you are beautiful!! :) I ove them.

  • lmao

    Was Jenny Craig there?

  • Nymph

    Fat people look miserable and uncomfortable, especially in the summer time, all that weight on you. Good lord, I think god that I have a fast metabolism, I’ll be sexy no matter what.

  • Masoud

    Ew..why is Precious still in the spotlight….oh that’s right, they can’t move her outta there.

  • flower

    I am like oh my god! What have we done to all be so stupid! It’s like oh well… Those are freaking real news man!

  • Foaming At The Mouth

    Damn!! Two fatty patty’s.

  • ??

    Double standard at work. ‘Skinny’ women are constantly criticized for being ‘skinny.’ “fat’ plus-sizers (over size 16) are now PRAISED as being good role models where weight is concerned? Sick, sad U.S. of A.

  • Ashlee

    I would say they both fit in the morbid obesity category.

    “Morbid obesity” means that a person is either 50%-100% over normal weight, more than 100 pounds over normal weight, has a BMI of 40 or higher, or is sufficiently overweight to severely interfere with health or normal function.

  • Alaia

    @Tim: Maybe I was exaggerating with healthy, but she looks a lot HEALTHIER.

  • Double standards

    Skinny girls are more often and SO EASILY insulted with the ‘Skeletor’, ‘sack of bones’ ‘anorexia’ comments while the ‘too skinny’ adjective is rarelly used. They are ORDERED to eat something quick and their feminity and degree of attraction is ALWAYS questioned, while their mate iare belittled and mocked for being with such a sack of bones, a woman whose womanhood is questioned.
    But then when those types above are presented to us, even the simple adjective that just caractarized them : ‘fat’ IS PERCEIVED as insulted, mean, degrading. No ‘Sack of Grease’ there, ‘no ‘beast’, no ‘pig’ there, just ‘fat’ and people freak out ?
    Notice that their feminity is NOT questioned there, NEVER. Neither, their potential man are mocked for being with them, au contraire they are praised being with such volupteous REAL women (sracsam).

    Though it is statistically a fact that more poeple are ill and die from those type that the other way around.
    That double standard is just disgusting and the insultes thrown to skinny women is just so disproportional to the acceptance of overweight ones.
    Those women are FAT period. And contrary to the skeletor so loosly stamped on skinny woman, that is not an insult. It’s a fact. THEY ARE FAT and should do their best to shed the excess of weight, just like poeple order skinny women to eat, and they use less gracious words to do so….because hey, skinny women are for them like subwomen who don’t deserve the minimum of respect for their figures, the one other women, fat ones included are given to.

  • Lex

    Exactly right. @Double Standards.

  • callmewhatever

    BLAH BLAH BLAH people! I will be the one person on here thats not a sheep and just say im sure THEY BOTH KNOW THEY ARE OBESE AND KNOW THE MEDICAL RISKS!!!! How many times are people gonna beat a dead horse??? It doesnt mean they think its a good thing to be obese. Maybe they just have accepted that this is the way they look at least right now so might as well see the beauty in it when they look in the mirror. Im a size 6 and never been above a size 9 but from the obese people I know, it isnt that easy just to lose weight and it doesnt mean they dont care about themselves or their health. Not everyone wants to have gastric bypass.


    Not everyone is thin! Big shocker to all the thin and normal sized people, I know. Thanks for all nasty comments from the ugly thin people.

  • Just Interested

    this somehow reminds me of fat princess.. google it if you don’t know it LOL it’s a video game :P

  • Bela

    @Tim: and LEX, while I agree with you, you have to understand that fat girls are not glamorizes the way skinny girls are. Fat ppl are shunned and poke fun of while skinny ppl are put on magazine covers and held as the epitome of feminine beauty (models).

    If ppl attack skinny girls it’s because skinny girls are pushed down the throats of ppl and ppl are told she should aspire to be skinny all the time. This is not the case with fat girls.

  • ***

    Two morbidly obese women in the same pictures gives me a heart attack just by happening to glance at them.