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Kingston Rossdale: Multi-Colored Fingernails!

Kingston Rossdale: Multi-Colored Fingernails!

Kingston Rossdale sits on his dad Gavin Rossdale‘s lap while supporting his mom Gwen Stefeni at her L.A.M.B. Spring 2011 fashion show during NY Fashion Week at Lincoln Center’s The Theater on Thursday (September 16).

The 4-year-old cutie wore red tartan pants, a cool pair of faux leather boots, and matching motorcycle jacket. Kingston also boldy sported multi-colored fingernails — blue, orange and silver. What an interesting combination!!!

“LAMB show was incredible,” Gavin tweeted after the show. “Really.”

At the L.A.M.B. after-party, Gavin explained why Kingston was wearing glasses at the Edun fashion show earlier in the week.

“He chose them himself, believe it or not,” Gavin told Just Jared. “We went to Urban Outfitters one day and he picked them out himself!”

Style icon in the making!!!

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kingston rossdale multi colored finger nails 01
kingston rossdale multi colored finger nails 02
kingston rossdale multi colored finger nails 03
kingston rossdale multi colored finger nails 04
kingston rossdale multi colored finger nails 05
kingston rossdale multi colored finger nails 06
kingston rossdale multi colored finger nails 07
kingston rossdale multi colored finger nails 08

Credit: John Parra, Frazer Harrison, Kevin Mazur; Photos: Getty, Wireimage
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  • teri

    I think little Kingston rocks, he’s so adorable.

  • S@n

    “a little metrosexual”

  • anna

    Who does this to their SON?! He isn’t a little girl gwen! Are they trying to make him gay?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    ….ahahahahahahaha `he’s a little rockstar. `look, it’s the same colors as his moms jacket, so obviously he’s just trying to show some support. ahahahahaha.

  • Kaz

    Yeah kingston rock

  • Kaz

    Where photo dannielynn birkhead??? Jared

  • John Hopkirk

    Cute kid, but why the nail varnish? There are already too many gays in Hollywood without adding another.

  • Jaycee

    Is it any wonder that Hollywood kids are so screwed up when they are older? Everyone seems to adore Gwen but she is so narcissistic and seems to think Kingston needs nail polish, bleached hair and other cosmetic changes to “improve” his looks or give him a certain image that she wants to portray. What a sad, pathetic thing to do to a child. He should be unconditionally loved for who and what he is not for what the mother wants him to be.

  • kaleigh

    oh shut up anna! there’s nothing wrong with little boys having their nails painted. who says it’s for girls only? welcome to 2010, they can do whatever their hearts desire. and hearing shittt like ‘ oh gosh, that boy is playing a barbie doll, he must be gay!’ is getting really really old. I fully support and encourage kids exploring every possibility. it’s good for them! with that being said, I think kingston is gonna grow up to be a badass! love it!

  • N.

    Seriously, you’re giving a fashion rundown on a 4-year-old, JJ? lol

  • lululu

    Her clothes are garbage.

  • boston61

    Kingston is gay just like his Dad. Sorry Gwen the joke is on you.



  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    @kaleigh: …i’m all for kids being kids and having fun, but you think little boys should start wearing nail polish.. and hair scrunchies to school?!? …let`em wear lip-stick and dresses, or “whatever their hearts desire”? ahahahahahahahaaa.. yeaaaa, each is own.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    @KARLA: …`there’s a difference between a rockstar little boy wearing nail polish one night to support his moms line.. it’s a whole nothing thing for a little girl to cut off her hair, dress, live, and think she’s a little boy.
    a lot of little girls were tomboys growing up, but they don’t didn’t go that far (because their parents – parented). that’s like a 2-5+ little boy growing his hair long, wearing pink dresses and shoes, and playing w/ barbies.. it’s ridiculous.

  • rainy

    @ anna and John Hopkirk

    You can’t make anyone gay. You are either born gay or not born gay. If you bothered to read the scientific literature there is a gene that determines your sexual orientation.

    So, if he is wearing nail polish it has nothing to do with anyone forcing him to be gay.

    He lives in a fashion forward household. So what if you don’t agree with the choices.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Oh please, what are you all, escapees from the 12th century?! The fact is, almost everything we consider typically male and female are societal constructs that are imposed on us when we are kids. We are brought up and hear – this is what boys do, this is what girls do, this is how a real man acts, this is how a real woman acts – and on and on and on. Once you stop imposing all this societal bs on them, they are left to explore their own selves and yes, it will be different from the ‘standard’ and the ‘normal’. Lucky us, humans are finally beginning to figure out that ‘normal’ is just bs and that different is all right. We are who we are and why force people into moulds for f..k sake?! What do you get except unhappiness?! So yes, let him have nail polish and dolls and whatever he wants. He’ll be happier that you bitter lot that are oh so ‘normal’!

  • winaGRAMMYnotaVMAthenwellsee

    @Iffy Miffy: Couldnt agree more with ya. let kids be kids

  • kaleigh

    @Iffy Miffy:


  • kaleigh

    I stand by every word I typed. if boys want to paint their nails, play dolls, and play dress up, I will support all of that to the fullest extent. of course I don’t want boys wearing dresses and hair scrunchies to school. there’s a line somewhere where it has to be drawn. when they become adults, they can do whatever they want. for your information, in my city, there are tons and tons of STRAIGHT men ( as if that’s important to type, men are men, gay or straight ) that wear MAKE UP. yes, MAKE UP!!! they take great pride in looking good. I have dated a couple of metrosexual men that wax their eye brows, wear make up, get their hair done to perfection, and get their nails done. I think they look much more attractive and I personally wish all men were like that. I just love it ’cause they want to take good care of themselves. I’m just a new york city girl, nothing phases me. I have seen it all, from guys having sex in alleyways to guys wearing mini skirts ( commando ) skipping down canal street. again, it’s 2010, anything is possible.

  • kaleigh

    I meant to give you a thumb up, instead I accidentally clicked on the thumb down, I apologize. A BIG THUMB UP FOR YOUR POST

  • Anastacia

    do they want their son to be GAY or what??
    I’m not against homosexuality… BUT:
    sry, I think this kinda stuff forces a child in one specific direction..

  • rainy


    As I said in an earlier post. Being gay is genetic. You either are or you are not. Wearing nail polish is not going to change your sexual orientation. Read post #17. She says it well.

  • sea

    I guess this is not HIS choice, the varnish is perfect so it’s not just a child’s play..

  • Anny

    Oh Gwen please don’t paint your son’s fingernails. He’s going to be as gay as Elton John.

  • Ihateph

    i don’t mind the black polish on guys if they can pull it off but those colors are girlie.. i never liked that trend with guys in pink either

  • Carla

    He is absolutely adorable :)

  • rhonda

    i ususally love Gwen, but raising your son to be a girl is not cool, IMO

  • Jokergurl

    He’s only 4, he’s a cutie, leave the kid alone.

  • Raven

    Kingston get his nail painted all the time not just for one night there are photos of Gwen and Kingston come out of a salon and his has both hand and feet nails painted. So before you try school someone learn your fakes.


    SERIOUSLY?! some of you people need to stop nit picking someone else’s parenting skills. People are not influenced to be gay, you are born that way, same goes for if you were born straight … no one is influenced to be gay lol …so saying that gwen and gavin are bringing up kingston to be gay is STUPID and un-educated to say. Kingston is a 4 year old kid, that has parents who are open minded, accepting people that may have kids who want to get invovlived with stuff they are doing …. I’m just so sick of how some people in society are just bred to think that gay is just this bad thing , or if a little boy is doing anything remotely not masculine, hes gay and they as parents should stop the way they are doing things , shut up!!! live your life, the way you want to, raise your kids the way you want to, but dont critique an innocent little boys interest in what his mom does, it’s stupid! STEP OUTSIDE YOUR BOX!

  • Mihay


    I agree with you 100%!


    WHEN IS GAVIN ROSSDALE AKA MRS. STEFANI GOING TO FINALLY GET A JOB?! He’s so lazy, selfish and pathetic. Isn’t he tired of being a kept man?

  • Bad Parents

    Their boys are cute but they seem spoiled and bratty, I don’t think Gavin and Gwen are very good parents. I think these kids are going to grow up to be very narcissistic, shallow and self-entitled. Kids need some kind of balance which these 2 boys don’t seem to have at all!

  • Tina

    Gavin has an evil face that looks like he’s planning something bad and I agree that he seems like a very selfish man. Gwen looks like a demented diva. They’re both kooky. Poor kids.


    It’s ironic how they portray Gavin as a great dad when HE REFUSED TO SPEAK TO HIS OWN DAUGHTER, Daisy Lowe!! Daisy is a young woman now and she’s a product of Gavin’s whoriness. After DNA tests confirmed she was his, Gwen got very upset and since Gavin is spineless and unemployed he obeys her every command. He refused Daisy and broke off all communication with the poor girl who hadn’t even done anything wrong!

    The he started feeling embarrassed that the media was picking up on this and what a horrific person he truly is so he “allows” Daisy the “privilege” of spending time with his bratty sons so that the paps can take pictures and Gavin can seem like a good dad. So that it could seem like all is nice now even though he doesn’t really have a relationship with Daisy. He just lends out his kids so they can be papped with Daisy and help his own image.


  • Anna

    @boston61: “Kingston is gay just like his Dad. Sorry Gwen the joke is on you.”

    HAHAHA I couldn’t agree more. Gavin and his receding hairline and unfortunate looking. Too bad that kid looks just like him.

  • He looka like a girl

    Kingston looks like a little girl with the longish hair and the painted nails. I’m all for equal rights, but I think this is excessive. I honestly thought he was a little girl when I first saw this pic.

  • Mike R.

    @Anastacia: “I’m not against homosexuality… BUT: sry, I think this kinda stuff forces a child in one specific dire”

    MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. It’s like they’re trying to guide him in that direction, or something? Celebutards like Gwen & Gavin are so weird.


    I can’t believe people have the nerve to critize Brangelina’s little girl just cuz she wears pants and likes to play. So what if here hair is short? It’s less maintenance and keeps you cool. It’s a comfort that all little girls should get to enjoy!! But it’s ok for this ugly brat to paint his nails in very colorful and outlandish colors and to have gay hair?!


    Gavin: GET A JOB YOU LOSER! So your solo career tanked because your not good enough on your own? Well try something else. Try to restart your old band. Do something – anything! Just stop mooching off your diva wife, you pathetic old british version of Kevin Federline.

  • Better off without them

    I honestly think Daisy Lowe is better off without Gavin and Gwen in her life. I hope she only sees them and their annoying brats once in a blue moon. Daisy’s modeling career has taken off and she’s a lovely young woman. She doesn’t need these two celebutards!

  • Gwen is Stepmom from Hell


    1)First she tells Gavin he must disown his own flesh and blood (Daisy) or she will leave him, take the kids, the house and the cars which she pays for, and he will be left penniless and in the poor house since he has no source of income.

    2) Then after the spineless lazy deadbeat obeys her refuses Daisy’s calls and tells her not to contact him. That he wants nothing to do with her. I can’t imagine how horrific and depressing this must have been for that girl.

    3) Then when the British tabloids starts writing about this baby daddy drama Gavin and Gwen realize it’s making them look bad.

    4) So they contact poor Daisy who’s a fool and just wants to be loved and they tell her she can spend time with her obnoxious little half brothers. They make sure they go out to public places and they call the paps so that Daisy could be seen with bratty Kingston.

    5) The pics appear in the tabloids and Gwen and Gavin breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their stupid fans and the stupid public will easily swallow all of their lies.

    SO SAD!