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LeAnn Rimes Fires Back at Wendy Williams!

LeAnn Rimes Fires Back at Wendy Williams!

LeAnn Rimes isn’t happy with Wendy Williams and she’s letting the talk show host have a piece of her mind!

On her syndicated show Thursday, Wendy called LeAnn‘s relationship with Eddie Cibrian “sloppy” and said the country singer, 28, shouldn’t call Eddie‘s sons her own boys since they “have a mother, and her name is Brandi [Glanville].”

LeAnn took to her Twitter to speak out. “All I know is Wendy Williams done pissed my mamma off! I don’t wanna be in her path. To say, ‘I’ve reserved myself a place in hell?!’ I’m incredibly disappointed to see someone with that kind of platform use it for such negativity and could be so mean and judgmental about a situation they know nothing about…I don’t like how it happened either, said it a million times, but this is out of control,” she wrote (via UsWeekly).

Wendy then later responded on her Twitter page saying there “may be a misunderstanding. I’ll be talking about it all on Monday.”

DO YOU THINK Wendy was too harsh on LeAnn?

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  • RodC

    Leann deserves it. She’s now the certified TRASHIEST AND SKANKIEST COUNTRY STAR ever!

  • rainy

    Sh-t happens, BUT they conducted a VERY PUBLIC affair and hurt those closest to them not only privately, but publicly. If they were in love, then telling their significant others and starting divorce proceedings–especially since EC has kids–first would have been the decent thing to do.

  • Joyce

    LeAnn deserves everything Wendy said and more. She just need to go away. People are tired of her whinning. She had this very public affair and get upset when people call her on it. Especially with her dealing with Brandi’s kids. She is not a step-mom she is only the kids father paramour. She has not right to keep anything from the kids mom. Brandi is the mother of those kids, not LeAnn. She should stay in her place, because any decisions concerning the kids should be made by Eddie & Brandi. LeAnn needs to butt out.

  • gwen

    Well JJ the first thing you got wrong was that Leann was not responding to the sloppy comments Wendy made. Leann was responded to the comment about how she was going to hell. It’s in her statement, just read it.

    Now here is the kicker, it wasn’t Wendy who said that about Leann going to hell. That came from the show that AJ hammers host.

    Secondly Leann has been handling this thing inappropriately and JJ YOU have all of her tweets and photos to show for this. Do you really think it’s approriate that Leann tweets about another woman’s kids AFTER BG told her to stop and many of her fans even told her to stop it.

    Funny how Leann condemns Wendy, yet she does not condemn those “fans” that call BG ****** and *******.

    If Leann was so concerned about people being negative perhaps she should start by not tweeting about BG and EC kids and then encouraging sites like you to pat her on the back when she acts disrespectful towards BG.

  • Lynn

    LeAnn is a homewrecking lying poor excuse for a human being. Eddie Cibrian is even worst especially as a father.

  • shallow hal

    LeAnn, you ARE going to hell

  • springs_qween

    LeAnn and Eddie cheated…ok. Old news. But why is it Wendy Williams’ business? Oh because she’s getting viewers and cashing in on this old headline too. So she’s also contributing to the whole thing and keeping it brewing when we should all just let it be now. The damage was done and now we move on and learn from it.

  • YvetteW

    So let’s all f@ck whoever/ whenever we want and then take a high moral ground on others ‘being judgemental’. Do I have it right Leann?

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Wendy Williams. I met her once. She was so mean! She is such a diva. Wendy, just downright mean.

  • Kate

    I agree with Wendy in terms of LeAnn shouldn’t call those boys her own. Although Eddie is the main person to blame, she still helped split up a family with children and those boys have a mother who is taking care of them. LeAnn should be more respectful of the mother of these boys since she and Eddie have inflicted more than enough pain on Brandi.

  • Alaia

    LeAnn is kind of like the female Tiger Woods. Both had clean reputations before respective marital trysts!

  • hal

    @Kate: Eddie would totally be the one to blame if this affair were not
    made EXTREMELY public by Leann… why doesn’t she just keep quiet about this whole situation if she is truly sorry and ashamed.
    can u imagine the lives of eddies ex wife, her family and the kids life when Leann s been glamorizing this affair, saying how happy she is after she ruined a family, and calling these kids her own?? she doesn’t love them… if she did she wouldn’t have ripped their families apart. I feel so sorry for the kids

  • gwen lives for Leann and Eddie

    How very sad when someone loves for trashing a couple whenever a thread appears about them. Hating hurts the hater rather than the one being hated on.

  • Just tripping

    Is it just the view from my phone Or do they really look like they could be sisters from another mister? I swear on my screen they resemble each other

  • wen

    Wendy never said she was going to hell. She just called her sloppy and said the boys already have a mother.

  • Just tripping

    They both look like Falcor but Falcor was cuter

  • Brooke

    Leann is nothing but complete trash in my opinion. She seems like she has no remorse for what she’s put her and Eddie’s (ex) spouses through. The way she prances around the paparazzi with Eddie makes me sick. It’s like she’s rubbing it in. She should be ashamed to show her face in public. I wish she would get out of the spotlight. She doesn’t deserve the fame she has What a classless little homewrecker…..

  • rubyc

    Leann USING YOUR MOTHER doesn’t help your cause. It’s an irony that for someone who sidesteps and disrespects the mother of the kids of her lover, you are crawling back to your mother for cover. STOP USING YOUR MOTHER TO GAIN SYMPATHY.
    Your past actions show that you don’t understand how a mother feels not to know about her son being in the emergency room. You relish the idea of taunting a mother, not content that you have already stolen her husband and broken their family.
    You could have helped your cause if you did not WILLINGLY BRING ATTENTION TO YOUR INFIDELITY BY TWITTERING EVERY LITTLE NUISANCES THAT YOU AND CHEATING EDDIE DO. And you were shameless in dragging a mother’s kids to your propaganda in spite of her appeal to stop talking about them. Next time, before you do stupid things and THINK ABOUT YOUR MOTHER, then maybe she will be spared from the wrath that your negativity brings!

  • ALEX

    First of all people, there is no such thing as heaven or hell. Grow up! This is the real world. Second, whatever LeAnn Rimes did is her business. Whatever Wendy’s personal issues with LeAnn are she had no right to voice them on her talk show.

    Besides I don’t know why people treat LeAnn like she is a slut. Angelina Jolie did the same and every one is under the misguided impression that she is the most talented and beautiful woman in the states.

  • gw

    I always thought that leanne rimes kind of looked like a man…

  • gwen

    @gwen lives for Leann and Eddie:

    Hey Leann,

    it is very sad when you and Darrel Brown sit on twitter and post as allison j and 3 horses just to trash BG no matter what she says. BG could be talking about how nice the day is and then you and Darrel Brown jump on twitter and call her ****** and ******. What is that all about?

    Who more than you would know about how hating hurts the hater? You tried to hate on BG by excluding her from her son’s accident and look where it got you. A bunch of backlash. And then you tried to hate on Wendy W and look where that got you? More backlash because it wasn’t even Wendy who said that you needed to go to hell?

    And why are you still posting under all these different names? Oh that is right, no one likes you. Another day and Leann takes on yet another name to compensate for her lack of fans.

    1) “LeAnn and Eddie cheated…ok. Old news. But why is it Wendy Williams’ business? ”

    Are you serious? Wendy wasn’t the only one talking about EC and LR affair this week. Showbiz spy. Celebrity Bitchy. x17. Joy B. E. Huffington post. INO. SS. And why do you suppose that was so? Could it be because Leann gave an interview where she tried to justify her affair with EC and then her tweets about the ER visit became public because she just woundn’t stop talking about the kids.

    2)”Oh because she’s getting viewers and cashing in on this old headline too. ”

    What? Wendy doesn’t need to use YOU to get viewers and casting. In case you hadn’t noticed. Seriously Leann has about 70,000 follower while Wendy has over 200,000. So that kinda dispels your theory that Wendy has to use Leann to get hits doesn’t it?

    3)”So she’s also contributing to the whole thing and keeping it brewing when we should all just let it be now. ”

    No dear. When YOU made that comment about Wendy when she wasn’t even the one who said that about you, YOU contributed to the whole thing. Even the people on Showbiz tonight said that you should have kept quiet and that Wendy was right about you.

    4)”The damage was done and now we move on and learn from it.”

    But are you really learning? I mean you are still posting under different names and boo hooing about how people are being unfair to you. I mean you are still telling EVERYONE all of your business and then you just can’t understand why people judge you the way they do.

  • Lynn

    Why shouldn’t LeAnn & Eddie get ttrashed. LeAnn & her followers trash poor Brandi all the time and she and her boys are the victims in this sorry mess. LeAnn & Eddie created this by being very public with their affair so suffer consequences. Other consequences are going to come in to play, because what goes around comes around. So Gwen lives for LeAnn and Eddie why is it sad when this is of their own making. LeAnn & Eddie are two of the most selfish people with no concern for the hurt feelings of others. I hope they both pay big time (like the lost of their careers)

  • DarkEmpress

    Ok Wendy Williams is a miserable cow who criticizes everyone else bc she is insecure since she looks like a drag queen. Eddie an Leann both cheated and were both wrong. Leeann has been under the radar before any of this scandal now i read about her everywhere. Who cares? This is turning into John Edwards and Rielle Hunter. He was a politician and was expected to uphold a high moral standard. These are hillbillies and I couldnt be less interested in their life decisions.

  • gwen


    Wow Leann, now what did I tell you about coming here and posting under all these different names? You are just telling us that things are really bad for you and might even get worse.

    So now you picked up yet another name, that is THREE names in just one thread.

    1) First of all people, there is no such thing as heaven or hell.”

    Keep thinking that, Leann.

    2)”Grow up! This is the real world.”

    Oh Leann, the world that JJ, x17, DailyMail, and People mag create for you is not REAL.

    3)” Second, whatever LeAnn Rimes did is her business.”

    Not when you sit on twitter and tell millions of strangers EVERY detail of your life. Oh and then tip off the paps every sec of the day so that they can see you humping on EC when his divorce isn’t even final.

    4)”Whatever Wendy’s personal issues with LeAnn are she had no right to voice them on her talk show. ”

    Are you serious? So by your own logic Leann doesn’t have any right to voice her personal issues about BG on her twitter account, right?

    BTW, why are you singling out Wendy because she was not the only person who took offense at Leann and her interview and tweets.

    This is the type of attention that YOU invited because you thought that you were above the consequences of your actions.

    5)”Besides I don’t know why people treat LeAnn like she is a ****. Angelina Jolie did the same and every one is under the misguided impression that she is the most talented and beautiful woman in the states.”

    Not really. Just like JJ manipulates the votes for YOU, he has been known to ban anti posters( those who don’t like AJ and BP) for very minor things.

    What are you talking about? So because we don’t trash AJ in a LEANN thread it means that we condone AJ behavior?

  • tromba

    Wendy Williams is a trash media whore doing what trash media whores do.

    Who gave this uppity bitch the authority to judge other people?

    All of you people who are ranting about how awful LeAnn is will be singing a different tune in a year or two when Dean Sheremet comes out of the closet. I will promise you that she is falling on a sword for him.

  • gwen


    Don’t you just love how Leann spends every waking moment posting on JJ and then she wants to argue that anyone who dare criticizes “lives to bash her and EC”? I find it extremely funny how no matter what time of day it is, Leann (using various names) will immediately show up and make a post. Did you see that here, there was no Leann and the next thing you know about 2-3 of them come out of nowhere. Perhaps WEWE should focus on her ticket sales instead of spending all of her time here on JJ boo hooing about how “we live for her” just because we don’t sugarcoat her attention seeking the way JJ does.

  • offtheproperty

    I know this is a women’s thing about stealing someone else’s man. And I agree that any of that is not good and even worse when there are kids involved. But LeAnn didn’t take Eddie away from his wife without Eddie’s consent. In fact you have to assume it was all Eddie’s doing and LeAnn, who was unhappy in her marriage anyway and was only a matter of time away from leaving Dean, obviously just fell in love with Eddie. Plenty of heartbreaks to go around. I just hope LeAnn and Eddie get married and stay that way for a long time. Because I have seen them together and I think they are really truly deeply in love. I wish them well. Most of all I wish all these angry women would please cease the relentless hate posts on LeAnn because it seems like it’s in the category of serious cyber-bullying that can really do a lot of harm. LeAnn is really a good person and she did what she did for love. Please give her a break and go easy on the hate.

  • gwen


    Wow, WEWE, another name? What’s the matter you don’t have the support that you need? You did have to cancel that concert didn’t you?

    Oh Leann and you just can’t understand why no one likes you.

    So now you think that you can redeem yourself by trashing Wendy W? Be caredful LR because Wendy is not one to take any of your mess.

    Are you serious? Why do you seem to think that DS sexual oriention justify you cheating on DS? You didn’t cheat because DS is gay, you cheated because you are a selfish person.

    Blaming DS and WW is not going to help your cause. You are just going to burn yet another bridge.

  • Suzie



  • gillian


    hey leann fans, did angelina ever flaunt her relationship with brad RIGHT after the brad/jen divorce??? did she tweet about EVERY SINGLE FREAKING THING that they do as a couple??? did she ever jump at every photo op she gets???

    DONT U DARE compare leann to angelina… yes, angelina was probably played a part in brad/jen’s divorce, but she did not sneak around with him, being caught by resteraunt cameras, and DENY the relationship, then go FULL ON PUBLIC AFFAIR right after the divorces.
    angelina IS beautiful, leann is UGLY.

    to be honest, i’d rather see a billion posts of HEIDI + SPENCER on here than that LEANN … (wow i can’t believe i said that… speidi is unbearable)

  • offtheproperty

    LeAnn would never say something as stupid and insolent as: “There is no such thing as Heaven or Hell.” It’s fine to have doubts about things like that especially when you’re young but to state flatly and positively that, “There is no such thing as Heaven or Hell” is actually a mild kind of sin and completely un-Christian. Just FYI.

  • evathediva

    I watched that particular show, and Wendy was not harsh to Leann, she just simply said that Leanne had no right to have those kids call her mother. Wendy is absolutely right. She said or did nothing mean. If Leann feels guilty its her damn problem. Going public and saying something about it, only makes Leann and Eddie look worse. Maybe for once it will wipe that smug look off Leann’s face, of course until
    the next woman comes along and Eddie Leann leaves her. Her Mom is no better if she condones this type of behavior from her daughter. My daughter’s stepmom and I are civil, she would never ever dream of having my daughter call her Mom, and like I said we are civil. So Leann why do you think those kids whose home you busted up should call you MOM! What gives yout he right? What nerve!!!

  • gwen


    Oh Leann. Another name?

    Since you are tweeting about another woman’s kids, you are the one who is all too familiar with being an angry woman, right?

    If you were a good person, why did you keep tweeting about BG kids AFTER she asked you to stop? A good woman would have called BG and told her about her kids accident, not tweet about it to complete strangers.

    Are you seriously trying to tell us that LOVE justifies what Leann did to FOUR innocent people? It doesn’t. Have you not learned anything from what has happened in the last few days?

    Allsion is calling BG ***** and ****** and Leann condones it. Now how can you say that Leann is a good person when she does not even bother to instruct her fans on their conduct against a woman who LEANN wronged?

    Of course you hope that EC marries you, isn’t that why you were calling yourself Mrs Cibrian?

    Leann what do you know about love? You think that you were America’s Sweetheart, so we know that you are very delusional.

    So now many different names are you going to use today?

    People will give you a break when you stop being so inappropriate. Like how you are now hitting every site and boo hooing at the other posters for daring to comment on you.

    Are you serious? So now it was ALL EC fault that YOU cheated on YOUR husband and slept with another woman’s husband? Leann just stop because nothing you say is going to justofy what YOU did.

  • Jt

    Is it fair to say some of the comments are from brandy the ex of ec? Listen, liann should get shiit for doing why she did to her husband but IMO ec is far worse for what he’s done to his children. When you have children you should wait a longtime to introduce the new lady/man into their lives. Look at how Many men Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon has brought into her kids lives…can u imagine how many
    StepMoms and step dads these children are going to claim by the time they are teens? Also what do u want from liann? She says she knows she was wrong. Is ending her relationship with ec the only thing that will make u happy? I that happens I doubt he’s gonna go back to his ex and even if he does he’s a crappy cheatig husband . Why does she want him? This is all so interesting

  • Samm

    I’m sorry but isn’t this kinda old news? Affairs happen, this talk show person (who I’ve never heard of) is trying to get a rise. None of us know the details of this situation-it’s none of my business. I like LeAnn Rimes music, not gonna stop listening to it because some shit happened in her personal life that I don’t know the details about

  • offtheproperty

    Of course Angelina did everything very discretely when she stole another woman’s man and came out looking like the perfect angel. Because Angelina is Satan. Did you see her wearing those nasty head scarves?

  • Double standards

    Two wrongs doesn’t make a right.
    What she did was wrong, what did Eddie was even wronger. he had kids too.
    That however doesn’t give anyone stranger to that to use her/his public status to launch a witch huint. If this was anyone anonymous, you could even sue that person.
    When a society as a whole think that going after famous cheating people like they are public ennemies numero uno,when they wouldn’t do it to their own neighbour because they KNOW it is wrong for them to do so and they could actuelly get sued for it, there i somekind of hypocricy. Not to mention the typical machism and the sticking their nose to problems of the privilledge ones aking it a national problem while being indeferent to real criminals, real crimes that actually influence their life, their society. That society so much more obsessssd by Hollywood divorces/affairs more than aids in their country, crimes is going downhill.
    Wendy Williams was wrong because she exploited her public image to do wrong to people who did wrong. Just because they did it it doesn’t justify that, she has that right and is immune to criticism either. She is no judge, no party and she will can be also accountable for her own deeds, including this one.

  • gwen


    How do you know that Leann wouldn’t say a thing like that? Because YOU are Leann?

    Oh Leann,

    you are sleeping with a married man and then you have the nerve to say “God Bless”.

    You are taunting a mother with her own kids and then you have the nerve to talk about forgiveness and juding others.

    So based on your record, Leann would be dumb enough to say such a thing.

  • Ish

    I say F*** them both!

  • New Yorker too

    Leann is delusional, desperate, conniving, manipulative, homewrecking WH-RE! Hell seems like more decent for someone like you!

  • Jt

    @offtheproperty: Actually , jolie still gets shittt for being with brad
    Pitt and it’s been half a decade. No matter what it’s alway the men who come out clean and looking like the saints because the women haters would sleep with them if they had the chance. Trust me , most of the people hating Luanne would have multiple sexual encounter with ec if given the chance. Same with the less attractive bottoxed brad Pitt (yes hes less attractive than ec) and all
    Of the other cheating husbands. It’s just a fact!

  • gwen

    Wow, Leann is working hard to convince everyone that she is the victim in all of this.

    Wendy didn’t do anything wrong, like the rest of us and all the other media outlets that commented on LR affair she was responding to the info that LEANN put out there.

    It was Leann who tweeted about EC kids and it was Leann who gave that interview to Shape mag.

    What was Leann thinking? That everyone wa going to fawn over this the way that JJ and x17 fawn over her bad behavior? This is the reality of it and now that WEWE has been hit with a big dose of reality she can’t take it.

    The bad part is the comment that WEWE is attributing to BG, wasn’t even said by Wendy.

    If WEWE doesn’t want people to comment on her life, then she needs to get off of twitter and stop the photo-ops. As long as WEWE continues to force feed us her farce with EC, she is going to get this type of reaction EVERYTIME.

    Are you seriously threatening Wendy now? See the monster that JJ has created. So now anyone who doesn’t write fluff for Leann is going to be stalked and harassed? JJ you really do need to do something about Leann (aka RACY, cbme) because who knows what trouble she is going to get in once she starts stalking and harassing WW the way she has done BG, other posters, and those posters from Popsugar.

  • yo mutha

    @ruby c: YOU ARE CORRECT! LeAnn is using her mother to divert attention and get sympathy. She is also dragging Angelina. THIS IS OLD PR GIMMICK!
    LeAnn you are sick! YOU CAUSED YOUR MOTHER PAIN WHEN YOU CHEATED AND RUN AFTER A MARRIED MAN. You caused all this to yourself.

  • gwen


    Leann, Leann, Leann.

    The major flaw in your logic is that EVERY talk show that covered your story SLAMMED you. So stop acting like you are the victim.

    Leann why do you keep telling us that we don’t know the details or that it’s none of our business when YOU are constantly tweeting about it and giving interviews about it. If you don’t want people in your business, then stop tweeting.

    Unfortunately the public doesn’t like your music and has stopped listening to you. Didn’t your concerts have to be canceled? So Leann stop making excuses, blaming WW, and tweeting about BG kids. You are just going to make things worse for yourself.

  • rubyc

    Leann is making a scapegoat out of Wendy Williams. She is playing a victim, but shameless enough to drag her own mother!
    People are wiser to even fall for this.
    What kind of message you bring as an artist? THAT IT IS OK TO CHEAT AND GET AWAY WITH IT!
    YOU DESERVE NO SYMPATHY. AS IT IS, you are still desperately trying TO FOOL FANS through your publicity machine.

  • Wuteva LeAnn

    LeAnn: your are not sweet and you don’t have a heart. The nerve to name yourself America’s Sweetheart. You are a disgrace to COUNTRY MUSIC in particular and it’s efforts to focus on goodness, family, and love.
    When CMT featured your article, fans started pouring in and posted their disgust towards you. When everybody in Country Music promotes commitment and love through their songs like Carrie Underwood, you were cheating on your husband and then wrecking a home! When artists lend selflessly to good cause you selfishly promote your infidelity and indiscretion on Twitter!
    Country Music fans have the right to stop supporting artists like you. Your message is negative. Your message is to break homes and family. I hope there is a twitter page calling fans not to support you, the same Twitter that you use incessantly to display your shameful doings.

  • gwen

    WEWE is losing it. If you haven’t been to x17 please go and take a look.

  • Wendy Williams Sucks

    Not ready to jump on the Leanne band wag’n even though I know Brandi is just a huge B I T C H !! No wonder he left but he was a ass in how he did it!!! Should still show more respect for the mother of his children. No better than Baltazar.
    Anyhow this Wendy Williams has a big mouth AND is looking for ratings because her show sucks!!

  • Wendy Williams Sucks

    @rubyc: How is it infidelity if they are divorced??????
    And why is everything Leanne ‘s fault??
    Good grief some of you people sure think in black and white terms. Sheesh!

  • rubyc

    @WW Sucks (who is Racy, offtheproperty):
    Stop playing games. You are trying to fool the fans and the public. LeAnn cheated and chased a married man. She hurt her husband and she broke a family. She lied about the cause of their divorce. She justifies her actions of being with a married man. She will blame anything and anyone except herself. She continues to make excuses for her actions. LeAnn is at fault. She believes her lies!
    You cannot fool the public. LeAnn is not the victim here. I will keep pointing that out. People know better.