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Katy Perry & Rihanna: Bachelorette Pool Party!

Katy Perry & Rihanna: Bachelorette Pool Party!

Katy Perry and Rihanna slip into their swimsuits to lounge poolside at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Saturday (September 18) in Las Vegas.

The two singers, along with a few pals, sipped some cool drinks, ordered food, and held court inside a private cabana at the HRH Beach Club.

The bachelorette festivities continued at Ago where Katy, 25, and Ri, 22, took pictures throughout their meal. The group then headed up to a suite in the Casino Tower where Katy was presented an erotic-themed cake that said “C–t Gratulations”. Ha!

Later that night, they caught Cirque Du Soleil’s KA, hit up XS nightclub and dropped by Sapphire strip club.

FYI: Katy is wearing a diNeila bikini!

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  • west

    Rihanna is only 22?

  • west

    She looks a lot older.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Nice of Riri to do this.

  • Who??


  • Belac

    Rihanna needs to get rid of the wig with the headband.

    Katy and Russel won’t last.

  • pr guy

    This was probably paid for by some tabloid.
    Hence the 24/7 photo-op.

  • JJ

    Rihanna needs Hair Club for Women.

  • uh oh

    Why does rihanna keep wearing clown hair?

  • dumb***

    SO fkn SICK of katy perry


    DEAR @MattKemp can u convience @Rihanna to get rid of tha UGLIEEEEEEEST WIG. she does have moeny to get a better WIG or maybe you can buy her one

  • :)

    Rihanna looks gorgeous. <3

  • http://www. MiaK

    Love Riri.

  • geez

    This girl again?

  • LMAO.

    These don’t look like your usual pervy Pap pics. It looks so paid for.

    Katy Perry wh0ring herself out as usual. Why is Rihanna friends with her again?

  • berger

    The hair is distracting.

  • disgusting?

    how is she disgusting?im not clicking the link.

  • XOXO

    love rihanna’s headband and bathing suit

  • perfect couple

    @LMAO.: Two famewhores. A perfect match.

  • ty


  • perfect couple

    Their publicists probably fight over who gets to call the paps.

  • Leila

    Rihanna looks lovely.



  • girlcrush

    rihanna’s so cute and sexy. if she had a better voice she’d be perfection.

  • groce.

    I hate Katy even more for sucking all life and humor out of Russell Brand.
    She looks like the stuck up hillbilly she is here.

  • GR..OSS


  • TT

    @west:Rihanna looks her age. Her accent is adorable as well. Katy on the other hand…..I have never heard a more annoying speaking voice in my LIFE. She looks 35 at the very LEAST. rofl.

  • saggy

    Katy has terrible posture.

  • jojo

    Uh… Isn’t Russell Brand sitting in jail?
    So why is Katy out partying? Why doesn’t she go bail him out?

  • twisted

    @TT: Rihanna looks like a 35 year old housewife in drag.

    Katy Perry looks 25-30.

  • LOL, ok.

    @twisted: Rihanna looks 25 max. SMH at you using ‘drag’ as a derogatory term, gtfo with that. Katy looks 30+ The smoking & booze has already caught up with her.

  • LOL, OK

    @twisted Rihanna looks 25 max. SMH at you using ‘drag’ as a derogatory term, gtfo with that. Katy looks 30+ The smoking & booze has already caught up with her.

  • Ben

    @twisted: i hope my future housewife looks like that

  • tal

    love you rihannnaaa

  • Tia

    ITA…Rihanna looks like a 35 year old housewife in drag.

  • bettie

    Katy is an ugly vvhore

  • Erika

    Looks like they had alot of fun!

  • weirdd

    Weird that Katy Perry has only been famous for a few years so probably hasnt even known rihanna that long but rihanna is the one planning the bachelorette party. isnt that job generally reserved for the maid of honor or a life long friend or a sister? just shows how fake this friendship is, both attention whores and shows how few real friends katy actually has.

  • Lara

    Rihanna should get rid of that awful hair asap. Makes her look like a tranny.

  • Marcus

    @nadria: Why wouldn’t we know them when their entire lives are deemed newsworthy by sites like this?We’re sick of pretentious,arrogant,
    no-talent, fakes.Just shut up and sing.Oh that’s right,they can’t.

  • http://@MrAbzMan MrAbzMan

    why didn’t they invite me

  • GagaFan

    I hate Katy Perry and her “preppy” little attitude.
    I don’t know what it is about her, but I wanna punch her in the face everytime I see a picture.
    Gosh, and people call Gaga horrible names? Gaga can sing and write her own music and play instruments…Katy Perry is terrible live too! Just Youtube it!
    Warning: May make your ears bleed.

  • Too Damn Bad…

    There is no way that red dish mop wig wearing girl is 22…no way. Her friend is lying right with her, both are on the right side of 30. Too damn bad the nuptials may be postponed, since dude caught a case! Ha!

  • bajan


  • duru

    is this a party? they look miserable lol

  • čččččč

    beautiful Rihanna!!!

  • SayWhat?!

    I have come to the conclusion that all the negative hating comments thats posted @ this site are unfortunately the best way u guyz could show love 4 ur idols. U must not know any better thus ur immature teeny boppers who dont have a life, would like one but just dont know how to get one.
    Anywho, whichever way u choose to show love for Katy and Rih. Its like whatever. I guess u keep on lovin them in ur own hating ways and feed their popularity. lol.

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  • Angel

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