Lindsay Lohan Chooses AA Meeting Over Clubbing

Lindsay Lohan Chooses AA Meeting Over Clubbing

Lindsay Lohan is all smiles as she attends an AA meeting in West Hollywood on Saturday (September 18).

Last week, the 22-year-old actress failed two court-ordered drug and alcohol tests.

Her latest probation violations could see the actress back in prison.

Lindsay recently spent two weeks in prison and 23 days in rehab after violating the terms of an earlier probation stemming from a 2007 DUI conviction.

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • no place

    Gross person! If you ever can rate this!

  • S

    Small correction: she is 24 years old.
    Good luck, Lindsay!

  • JM

    Isn’t AA supposed to be annonymous? I hope she gets the help she needs but this screams PR move to avoid jail.

  • AEP

    As a member of AA, I can say it only works if your HONEST and you WORK IT. Not because your lawyer tells you to go and you need a good photo op to spare yourself some jail time.

  • mesh

    goo lindsay hope u ger well cuz we love u so much team lindsay 4ever

  • ck

    “Lindsay Lohan Chooses AA Meeting Over Clubbing”

    Her publicist couldn’t have written that better him/herself. Good that the paps were there. Coming Next:

    “Lindsay Lohan Chooses Church Over Cocaine”

  • MissLizzy

    GOOD FOR YOU LINDSAY!!! She looks sooo gorgeous in the close-up pic too! Back on form!! YAYY!!

  • Kaz

    It deos not matter

  • Slig

    Im moust importan person than bad girl

  • Slig

    Kkkkkk go piss

  • Kaz

    @slig nude and handle

  • minnesotametoden godkänd

    Good for her. Hope she tries to get her life back together.

  • Lisa

    Very Good Lindsay!!!!

  • luke

    oh please,this is clearly a pr stunt

  • Fruttel

    What was right :

    -Miss Lohan went to AA.

    What was suspicious:

    -The fact Miss Lohan apparently mentioned that she COULD have
    gone to clubbing instead.
    -The fact the papparazzi were there.

    What was wrong:

    -The fact miss Lohan apparently did nót ask the pappazzi to solely
    photograph hér, and nót someone from the public.
    Afterall, she went to a meeting of which nót everyone is as publicitygeil
    as shé is : look at the man walking in 2 of the pics, hé MAY not have
    apreciated all those photographers there.
    -The fact the papparazzi did NOT cut the man’s posture out of their
    pictures before they posted them.

    My conclusion (and do I hópe I’m wrong!!) is :

    -This was a publicity stunt, meant to show the judge whát a good girl
    she was. (and of course meant to keep herself in the “news”)

  • facts

    If she was serious about cleaning up her act, she wouldn’t be laughing.

  • em

    Her place is in jail, end of the topic. Worthless piece of s.hit.

  • MissAnthropica

    Wow how tacky can she get?
    I feel sorry for the other people there at the AA meeting and her dragging them into it with a freaking smile on her face to while doing it.
    She is completely trash now and has no soul to use other recovering addicts, real ones who are actually trying to stop using( unlike her druggiewhore a$$) just to get some good publicity.
    Who wont she exploit these days? The answer is… NOONE.
    Thats it I am off Team LIndsay for life.
    Couldnt care if she recovers or dies you just cant keep supporting someone that doesnt even care about the world around her or anyone else in the world but herself and her next fix.
    So why whould anyone want to support this hollywood brats little career?
    I currently no longer do.
    I would hope she gets well and off that crud but I know she wont.
    Because shes a junkie and you cant put any trust in a junkie.
    They are hopeless.

  • Rosco

    If her primary problem is drugs, why not join NA instead of AA for a bit more anonymity? AA is obviously too mainstream — they have photographers lurking about taking photos of the participants.

  • Do_Freebird

    Last time I looked AA was for alchoholics. She failed for cocain and if anything should have gone to a NA {Narcotics Anonymous} meeting. Just more BS from the crack head.

  • Jeez

    I think it’s a bit rude of the paparazzi to photograph or write about her trip to AA. It’s suppose to be a confidential and respectful thing and they are making it a joke, no matter how much Lindsay is serious about it or not. Other people are attending AA there as well and it’s sad that the media just doesn’t respect their privacy enough. Don’t you guys photograph her every move? Let her have some peace so she can actually recover.

  • kud7723

    :-) She already confessed her mistakes:

  • Helena

    I really hope she gets back on track but this doesn’t look like the right path… It’s great the she went to the AA meeting and all, and she does have a disease, but… I don’t know, it’s suspicious that she isn’t trying to deal with it out of the public eye, isn’t it?

    Anyway, if it’s for the best… i hope she turns out ok. it was really getting out of hand

  • bette

    Of course she´ll pick AA meeting, she have only two choices, Club fun or Jail. Next time she makes mistakes, she will serve the whole 3 months in jail without all her priviledges. The judges and lawyers are getting tired of her. She´s a hopeless case!

  • annabelle

    i thought she was 24..

  • luke

    People stop hating on this girl! This is NOT a PR stunt or anything similar. Part of Lindsays programe ordered by the Court was to attend AA at least 4 times per week and she has been doing that, she just hasn’t been photographed as its supposed to be PRIVATE! . They only took pics this time because of her recent drugs fail. KNOW THE FACTS BEFORE YOU COMMENT!

  • Dennis

    @Do_Freebird: It’s 99% the same thing. Either would be just as good for her but doesn’t much matter since this is an obvious publicity stunt.

    I’m sure if she had the chance she told some sad sob story in hopes someone there would leak it.

  • em

    @luke: I know only one fact – she still should be in jail, she deserves that, but shes celebrity so what do we have? Special treatment again! Maybe i should become an actress? If i ever break the law, i can be sure ill not take any responsability :)

  • Alex

    Check your info guys, Linds is 24, not 22!

  • Seth Lesser

    I think she will be change her attitude now.

  • missy

    she is stuck on stupid. really its time to move on and leave trainwreak to her demons. she will live or die depending on HERSELF. really its time to back away from her.

  • DogShit

    She never went to prison. She went to jail. Big Dif.

  • James C. L’Angelle

    Leave the kids alone already! They are growing up in a rough world and it is easy to make mistakes. Most of their shenanigans pale in comparison to the Sixties and they are far more clean cut, show a great deal of energy and ambition and know where they are headed. We all need to encourage any positive gestures on their part, not look on them with jaded, cynical eyes.

  • charlie

    Lindsay Lohans biggest problem is Lindsay Lohan

  • Dumbassjared

    She is 24 not 22 idiots.

  • The VP

    Am I really supposed to believe that she willfully “chose” AA over clubbing? This reporter can’t even get her age correct. Apparently anyone can come up articles (both favorable and unfavorable)… depending on how much they are paid, of course

  • Haters will hateeeeeeee

    This is obviously just for publicity. Her PR probably called a few paparazzi to say ‘Hey, lindsay is going to the AA meeting instead of clubbing, go take some pictures’….
    But she does look great in those pics. I guess I haven’t seen her looking this good in aaaaaaaaaa long time…

  • rockstar

    I feel bad for lindsay. I have been in aa for 5 years after i had a heart attack at 34 and was found in possession of 1/2 a pound of blow. Sobriety sucks. there was no better time in my life than drinking druggin and bangin hos right and left. now my life consists of sitting in meetings with a bunch of losers crying about how alcohol and drugs ruined their life. except for the heart attack and prison term alcohol and drugs made my life nothing but hella fun.

  • wellhungblackman

    damnnnnn lindsay look hella good, I would love to bend her over and just rat tat tat dat lil white azz with my big black throbbing d!ck.

  • mr. iteman

    @ wellhungblackman: why are n!ggers like you always talking about their d!cks. i mean come on brutha–just because your d!ck size is bigger than your IQ doesnt mean you have to talk about it all the time. God i hate n!ggers and just wish they would go away.

  • anonymous

    if it is anonymous why is the press breaking traditions, get some time and abide by what you are supposed to be walking and talking.

  • Karen L.

    I think it’s a shame that photographers are hanging around taking pictures of her going into/out of an AA meeting, so other people are allowed their anonymity, but not celebrities? Shame, shame, shame on the papparazzi. I wish her well, too bad everyone doesn’t . . .

  • murerstillads

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