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Rachel Bilson: Tailwaggers Dog Stop!

Rachel Bilson: Tailwaggers Dog Stop!

Rachel Bilson picks up her pet pooch from Tailwaggers on Saturday (September 18) in Hollywood, Calif.

Tailwaggers has a complete full service grooming salon and Self Wash called Tailwash, which features great groomers and all natural and organic shampoos and grooming products.

The 29-year-old newly single actress sure knows how to pamper her pets!

Rachel and pal Chace Crawford recently shared a dinner with friends in NYC.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s dog stop at Tailwaggers

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 01
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 02
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 03
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 04
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 05
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 06
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 07
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 08
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 09
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 10
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 11
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 12
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 13
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 14
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 15
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 16
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 17
rachel bilson tailwaggers dog 18

Photos: AKMImages
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  • Yolanda

    Jared how much is Rachel’s publicist paying you to keep posting about her **YAWN** “life” !!??!!

  • mattchew

    Yolanda beat me to my comment!!!

  • elle

    The HORROR strikes again

  • Lila

    No offense ment but Rachel needs to start wearing a bra.

    Otherwise its just” hang low sweet chariots “with her if you know what I mean . Yikes!!!!!! Just because she has almost no chest doesnt mean they wont sag like all hell.

    Oh god why is her hair getting so frizzy again, its nice that she took her dog or whatever to get its hair done, but maybe she should of had them do hers as well. Its not a good thing when your dogs hair looks healthier than your own.
    Pull it together Rachel, put on a bra and get a better conditioner.

  • PETA

    The dog looks miserable.Poor thing was probably happy to be away from her.
    Doesnt look too happy about being ” pampered” just so she can call the paps, presswhore it and get a post.
    Rachel looks happy though and isnt that what really counts to any animal lover ? That your happy not your pet you pimp in pictures.
    ( Insert sarcasm here please)
    Poor dog though looks like it wants to just run into traffic to get away.

  • becca

    is that penny lane? hope adam and rachel are getting back together!

  • jane

    becca, Adam and Rachel have been over for years. They have moved on. I suggest you move on as well.

  • Summer’sOverSadly

    @becca: Adam has a long term girlfriend he loves!!!! Adam and Rachel back together?
    That isnt going to happen, He seems to have completely written Rachel out of his life and even Ben McKenzie doesnt talk to Rachel anymore because of it but still talks to Adam.
    Adam’s current and REAL love this time is a successful writer and when actually be able to help Adam’s career.
    Something Rachel cant do for him.She would just start to ruin his career again and drag him down all over again. Its what she does. I use to like her when she was on the OC but as the years have gone by I see what she is now.
    :( Rachel bites but Summer rocked!!!!!!!!!!!! That being said….

    Adam isnt Seth and Rachel isnt Summer …….. the old. OC freaks need to realize that.
    Those were fictional characters and not their real relationship or real personalities together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • David

    Thanks Jared!!! I love her, she’s so cute!!!

    I can’t get enough of her.

    Keep up the good work :)


    @Summer’sOverSadly: You are Scum.

    Go to hell.

  • ida

    how many dogs does she have?
    i thought she had one of those tiny-short ones…
    i bet that when her dog gets on his\her two feet is taller than her.. :P

  • Summer’sOverSadly

    @HALES: You first psycho

  • revaine


  • lexy hates bilson

    Is Rachel so busy “acting” that she can’t wash her own dog?? JJ how many times are you going to mention this dinner that Chace attended?? Were there NO other guests??? Also make sure to send an email with the link to this dog groomer place…they will appreciate you’re free advertisement of their services.

  • annie

    smelly bilson drags everyones career down because she has none as we all know.a DOG picking up a DOG. couldnot resist. adam and hayden in the end smartened up.

  • Kaz

    Woman wried

  • jess

    It’s funny how Just Jared mentions Chace in every post about Rachel, there’s nothing else to talk about RB besides shopping and shopping. This girl is a useless and her career sucks.

  • JC

    See look. She’s plenty busy. Too much going on to accept any acting offers from producers.

  • zzzz

    Okay, I believe it. A couple of people have said that Rachel earns money through stuff like this “ad” deal with JJ . After reading JJ’s little plug about the services the groomer offers I’m sure of it. It’s really annoying, and yes, that dog’s sad face (and hideous haircut) say it all!

  • bettie

    what a life, peaked on the OC

  • Fugly dog!

    EIww, ugly dog, it looks like some expensive purebred. Why not adopt a shelter cutie?

  • raena

    a lot of people really dislike her on this site. i don’t know why yet. fill me in please

  • Brightside

    Is this an ad for Tailwaggers? Half a post taken up with dog grooming services and the other half with old news! If that’s all that JJ can come up with then why bother! Why not just run an ad for the dog groomers, ditch the old news and leave Rachel Bilson’s name out of it. It amounts to nothing whichever way you turn it.

  • sea

    Boooooring ….. uff .. this chick every single day!

  • padme

    In every post of this bimbo, JJ mentions that she is “newly single”…didn’t she become single this past spring? IDK but it sounds like JJ is trying to get dates for Rachel by announcing that she is “newly single” in every freakin’ post.

  • the truth

    @David: She will cute when she get a job a stop messing with different guys all the time.Cute is when you have a good personality and don’t be nasty . And tell the true about who yo’re realy dating.@padme: You’re right about that. Her and hayden probably been earlier than that like Feb. And trying to make people think that she just became single a month gao.When people like you and me know better. Rachl probably dating someone right now and just not telling anyone about it. She does things like that. How long her and Hayden supposely broke -up? Like may. She has someone already!?

  • Viper

    Maybe Bilson thinks that JJ is the new onlined version of EHarmony. What is with borrowing ppls’ dogs to take to the groomers this isn’t her original dog this is more horse compared to her. Is she looking to be the face of Petsmart now.

  • Shy

    Oh it’s another post about our favorite Nobody. I wonder where she takes money to pay Just Jared since she doesn’t have a work.

    And it’s a very bad example. Because now when other D-listers and Nobody’s will see that you can pay famous site to keep your name relevant and stay in public eye – they all may rush to do the same. And i stopped visiting Perez Hilton mainly because he was posting too much about all those Z-listers that I don’t even know who they are. And other info was the same as on other sites. And i think he lost many readers because of that.

    Same could happen to Just Jared if he’ll continue to take money from Z-listers and post their pictures twice a day. I sincerely hope that it will not happen.

  • juniper

    I’m seeing 2 DOGS at this site.

  • janey

    Hales can’t handle the truth and so ends up bashing whoever says something he doesn’t like about Rachel.

    If there is anybody crazier than a Hayden fan or a Rachel fan, it’s a Rachel and Adam fan who still thinks they’ll get back together. Nobody can top their level of crazy.

  • max

    who are her pr people? how do they allow this to happen? This is keeping her relevant or helping her towards a role…

  • juniper

    Her PR people is/are just as ret@rded as her.

  • Summer’sOverSadly

    @max: Her pr people know all too well what they are doing Max. The point is they are behind the constant coverage of her .
    Celebitchy said it best when Rachel was put on Peoples top 10 best dressed list. Celebitchy said ” Her people must be working over time!!!” lol
    Her people know she isnt going to get any major gigs anytime soon and no pay check from such a gig either…so they keep her talked about so they continue to get paid as well. I think her pr people gave up a long time ago on Rachel being a real ” star” in the industry and are just trying to keep her afloat in a rather pathetic way.

  • @13

    LOL @ that FLAT TIRE t*its too!

  • juju

    She is overexposed and at the same time barely employed as an actress. What a weird combination. She doesn’t act. instead, she hawks goods and services. And her fans are proud of her and get mad at anyone who criticizes her?

    What next? Rachel gets a pedicure and the website, address and special rates of the salon are mentioned?
    Rachel goes to the car wash? The website, address and special offers of the car wash place are listed.
    And on and on.

  • M


    Actually Ben McKenzie did an interview to ‘Good Day LA’ lately (to promote his new play “The Glass Menagerie”) and when he was asked about who he keeps in touch with, he said; Adam, Peter AND Rachel! You can watch it here:

    Or on youtube:

  • carly

    Rachel Bilson and Annalynne McCord get special mention here.
    Definitely worth reading.

    You can also read up on the other things Enty has to say about Rachel.

  • atM

    Ben and Rachel do bump into each other at events but that doesn’t mean they keep in regular touch with each other. The last time they saw each other was October last year , at an Invisible Children event hosted by Guess and Vanity Fair.

    The ones Ben is closest to is Adam and Peter. Ben and Adam were spotted together two weeks ago. Ben also worked on the movie Sin Bin, which was written by Adam’s close friend Chris Storer.

  • Brightside

    Enty doesn’t have any empathy for the fame wh*re d-listers of celebrity culture and when it comes to remarks about Rachel Bilson, he cuts really close to the knuckle. No pulling the wool over his eyes, he knows exactly what she is! It’s always refreshing to read a celebrity gossip blog that is not blinkered by sycophantic adulation…instead of the usual culprits who like to play celebrity suck up.

  • lexy hates bilson

    How old is that quote? Why doesn’t Rachel know that she’s so close to Ben? Why didn’t she go see his play when his FRIENDS were out supporting him recently (JJ had a post about it). I think he just said that to be nice.
    Her PR people better find some other way to keep her relevant b/c wondering the streets of LA isn’t going to bring in a pay check. Instead of these bogus rumors about her dating A-listers or tv pretty boys. There’s Spencer, K-Fed and even that Scott Disicks…she should try to get “in” with these guys! Much more her speed and much more believable.

  • Hmm…

    I’ve always seen a lot of comments from people saying Stop posting pics of here! Why are her pics on here all the time?!

    And i thought…pfft..its not too many. But I finally agree. There are excessive amounts of pictures of Rachel posted on here. Its not doing her any favours, seems like it could be killing her acting career, the majority of pics are of her just walking her dog, dining out with friends or shopping. Doesnt look good.

  • henri

    ‘Its not doing her any favours, seems like it could be killing her acting career”

    I completely agree.

  • laura

    why this site is so obsessed by her??

  • Rachel is Fugly

    She has been pressing out her mundane life and whomever she’s linked to for the last 3 years. The showmance with Hayden was never real, they weren’t even good friends. The pictures she was constantly calling the papparazzi told the story. Hayden looked like the poor black dog in these pictures: didn’t want to be there and can’t wait to get away from her. Its good he got off her leash but she is now such a liability to a serious professional thanks to her endless presswh07ing that no one with a career wants her. She is like a shorter brunette Kate Gosslin but Kate at least has boobs. Rachel seems to favor very tight pants that show off her short legs and saddlebags and low cut tops that show off her small saggy boobs. How she can be named a best dressed female at anything but the Great Mall of America I have no idea. She just another short dumpy girl with bad hair and a flat chest who thinks she’s all that.

  • me

    So well said, finally.

  • Foaming At The Mouth

    I see the same haters are back foaming at the mouth again. My guess is U are crazy and sound insanely jealous but please do go on. I love seeing you make a total a$$ out of yourselves. Most the one’s that are bashing anyway are probably fat and unattractive. =)

  • MissAnthropica

    @Foaming At The Mouth: By your reasoning if only ugly girls dislike Rachel
    and any girl that adores Rachel is pretty…….
    then how come she has almost no fan base anymore and they have all sadly ( for her) moved onto the girls from GossipGirl?
    Or are there only ugly girls in the world left and thats why Rachel has no fans?
    Yeah that makes perfect sense thats why Rachel has almost no fans its the worlds fault and all the ugly girls in it not Rachels

    You cant assume everyone that doesnt like Rachel is
    A: female
    or B: ugly.
    Just saying.

    I dont love her and I dont hate her so I dont care either way but I got to point that out to you.

  • ATLqueen

    Mostly everyone posting (hating) on her in here are HC fans (sad to say). Her fan base disappeared because she isn’t the star of the most popular teen television show (90210, Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, even Glee) anymore. Those days are over for her. Time to move on to a grown up roles in HW. But if she doesn’t get her act together she won’t make it. Just saying.
    And everyone that seems to dislike the girl so strongly the way they do in here THEY HAVE TO BE GIRLS. Either girls or girlie guys hating on her. I don’t know a single guy that would waste so much time on a site like this debating on someone like her. Definitely a girl’s work. Or you know, the other. I don’t however agree with that ugly thing………

  • Rachel has no Fans

    …because Rachel has no talent. Period. She was horrible in her first and only big budget flick and has not only not done anything good since but has barely done anything at all. Her fashion line, which she begged to be allowed to do, failed and no wonder. She brought things from her own closet that other more talented people did and still couldn’t combine them into anything interesting. She can’t draw and she can’t sew and she can’t memorize lines and she can’t either find her marks or correctly read her cue cards. Ask anyone who’s been on set with her. Why would anyone hire that moron to do anything that didn’t owe a favor to the half of Hollywood she’s related to? This girl works at all only because of nepotism, casting couch and friends doing her favors. She is dead on average in every way and not one thing about her is exceptional– except she’s been papped on JJ scooping up dog poop and picking up her dry cleaning. She is no better than the Octomom and her only value is freakshow value: what’s wrong with Hollyweird photographed every other day.

    She is the most useless person I’ve ever seen in popular media.

  • ATL Drag Queen?

    So you’re saying that people claiming Rachel is a fugly loser are bad not because it isn’t true but because they are girls or gay guys? What planet do you live on?