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Rihanna: Katy Perry's Bachelorette Party in Vegas!

Rihanna: Katy Perry's Bachelorette Party in Vegas!

Rihanna treats her BFF Katy Perry (in Dolce & Gabbana paired with Jimmy Choo shoes) to the gravity-defying production of “Ka” by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino on Saturday (September 18) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The twosome went backstage after the show and met all of the performers. Looks like a blast — good choice, Ri!!!

The party continued afterward as Katy tweeted, “Signing up for a liver transplant now…” She will soon tie the knot with British comedian Russell Brand.

FYI: Ri has already been spotted back in Cali. She dined at Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica with friends!

15+ pictures inside of Katy Perry‘s bachelorette party organized by Rihanna

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rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 01
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 02
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 03
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 04
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 05
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 06
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 07
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 08
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 09
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 10
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 11
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 12
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 13
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 14
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 15
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 16
rihanna cirque du soleil ka katy perry 17

Credit: David Becker; Photos: Getty
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  • ma’am

    They both look gorgeous.

  • kelso

    Rihanna looks like a clown.

  • Wild

    The red wig gets bigger each week.

  • bettie

    I don’t like Katy, she is a slut

  • Vincennes

    American perfection doesn’t get much purer than Katy Perry. Which is a shame because she is about as beautiful and voluptuous as she is misguided with her lousy taste in men. She deserves better than ugly Russell Brand. I can’t believe that she had her bachelorette party in Las Vegas while he is still in prison after being arrested.

  • christine

    Vincennes: Russell is not in prison! Duhhh..

  • jjj

    Rihanna looks gorgeous… sexy girl!
    Katy looks nice as well.

  • cute

    Cute girls.
    Bad stylist for Rihanna.

  • Wow!

    Wow RiRi looks old!

  • blonde lover

    Rihanna looks better with her natural hair.

  • who?


  • LA

    Rihanna has on almost as much makeup as the Cirque performers.

  • tweety

    Katy is adorable.

  • sixx

    katy perry is a cutie pie.
    rihanna has seen better days.

  • jess

    Is Rihanna done filming Battleship?


    @justjared thanx for this but can u get pics of Rihannas Matt kemp
    we dont care about this Katy perry we want to see how lon she can keep a man I doubt if they are still 2gether she is a WHORE she changes men like undies hope Matt KEmp will realise this soon be4 she infested him with HERPES

  • Kaz

    But im more

  • Kaz

    Im sexies of the sexy!

  • Kaz

    Hollywood fake

  • Slig

    if u sexit of the sexy im what ???

  • Slig

    But im more hot than u kaz

  • Slig

    I hate 2 crap





  • Tim

    Who is that with Katy Perry?
    Dionne Warwick?

  • NICK


    You need to mind your own business even if Rihanna and Matt are no longer together,Matt is still not going to want you , he chose Rih for a reason.Rihanna had Chirs brown for 2 years , they were friends for 5yrs how does that make her a person that can’t keep a man? Stop judging others by rumors, most of those blogs are all lies and as for Drake well all know when a woman refuses a man that really wants her , what happens and that’s exactly what she did to Drake she turn him down.He thought he would have gotten her and she refuse him , hence like a scorn man he talking about she use him for a track. When Defjam pays for Rih’s music even so she makes more money than most and can pay for her own music. If that was the case then people need to ask themsleves why Rihanna never use the song he wrote.Drake is a punk just like his buddy Chris brown, cause Rih chose not to be witheither of them they both started bashing her in the public to make her look bad.If Matt has any brains he would stick with his Girlfriend,especially if she is really a nice person, which she seems to be and from what people that really know her and are close to her say all the time she is a very sweet ,fun & loving peron.Even Matt himself says she really a sweet person and he’s glad to have her in his life. Leave Rihanna alone ,there are many other celebs who do worst than her and you people don’t bash them .Let her life her life and this is coming from a non fan.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Rihanna: so pretty. Her body is amazing! They look like very close friends. Are they really BFF’s? I thought Rihanna’s Assistant was her BFF.

  • Slig

    Metal to change

  • GotchaBad

    STAY MAD YALL she’s on the top right now i know right what yall are feeling !lol





  • tal

    stunning RIRI !!!!!!

  • bajan


  • DarkEmpress

    They both look gorgeous! Where are all their other girlfriends, its a bachelorette party! Were they the only ones allowed backstage while everyone else who wasnt a star had to wait without them!?

  • Status Quo

    Hate it or Love it , but I LOVE the red hair. It’s so different. Goes great with her complexion. Sorry, I don’t think she looks like a clown. Plus, I’m pretty sure its a wig guys lol. She’s filming Battleship with SHORT BLACK hair.

  • Status Quo


    …Honey, must we use all caps? Can we please write coherently? I honestly lost you after the first 4 words. Anywho, from what I could decipher, Herpes is extremely common nowadays. It’s a sad reality. So is HPV. Granted you have people like Paris Hilton who sleep with anything breathing, a lot of people become infected with Herpes or HPV while having “protected” sex and have had a limited number of partners. There is no correlation between being promiscuity and Herpes or HPV. It’s just so easy to get regardless of having protected sex. It’s all about “luck”.

    If Rihanna has indeed slept around then that’s just sad. However, until I know the facts ie. hear it from her mouth, I will just stick to listening to her music (when its decent enough).

  • Buzzie

    @Vincennes: Didn’t she say he got arrested protecting her? Doesn’t sound like a bad guy to me.

  • Buzzie

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: She can’t have more than one friend? haha

  • Violet
  • kud7723
  • Both gorgeous ladies

    They are both unquestionably beautiful. I think if you say either one of them are ugly, you must either have poor eyesight or jealous.

  • .

    I fkn HATE Katy Perry. Disgusting obnoxious hypocrite.

  • iamAWESOME

    Jared you guys try so hard to make us like that girl rihanna… like give up.

  • Jokergurl

    I think these two gals should do a song together.

  • rahdirahdirah

    @Status Quo: Wasn’t the whole Rihanna has herpes rumor started after she was photographed with coldsores? Which is an extremely common affliction that has been contracted by much of society. It’s not subjective. Anyway the herpes virus that causes coldsores is a different virus to the one that causes gen!tal herpes, so unless anyone here has slept with Rihanna or seen close up pics of her bits with evidence of herpes, then the whole Rihanna has herpes (in the gen!tal sense, as is often implied or said outright) is bullsh*t.

    Humans are so gullible and will believe anything. However I have seen pics of her with coldsores, which would indicate herpes1 virus(?)-not the gen!tal kind. And it is likely that probably almost 50% of posters here also have this virus and the coldsore affliction. You may not necessarliy pick this virus up in a sexu@l act, it could be anything from kissing to sharing utensils, lip glosses etc-you may have even picked it up off a parent as a child (or from other children in school).

    People need to stop with their bullsh*t.

    Anything for some gossip, including a harmless coldsore. Most of the western world is bored sh*tless, has nothing better to do and wouldn’t know common sense if it bit them on the butt.

  • kassy

    @ Steph
    As long as she didn’t sleep with you, she’s ok. You sound like a miserable lonely douche bag who can’t get a woman as beautiful as Rihanna…I don’t get the hate for this girl…I honestly don’t know who she’s slept with and don’t care…and as for Chris Brown…who knows how many women he has slept with even while he was with Rihanna…it is a double standard for women though. And as for herpes, she had herpes simplex 1 on her lip…which you can get from touching a handle on a subway and then touching your lip, so get a life asshole!

  • kassy

    Dionne Warwick wished she looked this good. The girl is smoking!

  • jen

    pretty girls but they have such trashy style. Big shame since they have the money to not dress so horrendously and cheap.

  • skorstensstillads

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