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Zac Efron: 'Charlie St. Cloud' in Sydney!

Zac Efron: 'Charlie St. Cloud' in Sydney!

Zac Efron arrives down under at the premiere of his film, Charlie St. Cloud, on Sunday (September 19) in Sydney, Australia.

The 22-year-old actor has been traveling around the world in support of the film – Zac made stops in Madrid, Munich and London last week!

Zac told the Australian Associated Press that his new facial hair won’t be a permanent change. “I would never keep this forever – it’s too itchy!” he said, adding, “the girlfriend isn’t a fan.” Ha!!

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Credit: Brendon Thorne; Photos: Getty
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  • Yolanda

    Zacs BEARD doesn’t like BEARDS LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZanessaFanForever

    i loveee zac efron <333
    & awwww he talked about vanessa :)
    zanessa forever :)

  • :*

    HOTNESS !!

  • Kara

    I’m finally finding him hot!

  • Kaz

    Hi Zac shave your hair and the beard alhlq let it grow – vanessa and your friend will love and will love alot

  • lauren

    the girlfriend doesnt like it? how bout saying um vanessa doesnt like it?

  • Eric Shinn

    @lauren: B’coz he is referring to Sterling Knight not Vanessa

  • Vale

    Is just me, or the beard makes him look like he has gained weight?, because his face looks much rounded

  • Slig

    He going bald

  • Slig

    Im handsom boy come

  • lakta

    His hair looks dirty!!!

  • hah

    LOL he acts like they’re a married couple ya know ‘oh the wife back home is the boss har har’ sounds like a middle aged man…. hahaha!

  • Eeee

    Oh this is sad. A tragedy. The “man” can barely grow hair on his pretty face. It has not even got a little bit thicker and it’s not gonna get any thicker. For a real beard google Robert pattinson facial hair. Robert looks like a foot but he can grow some gnarly face fuzz and it doesn’t look scraggily or rough… It looks soft and fuzzy wuzzy.I am a fan of rpatz beard. I don’t think a pretty face like zac the bearded womans is supposed to have hair

  • ………


  • Eeee

    And the hair on his head? Ug is he trying to go back to the floppy Justin beiber do he’s was rocking when he was a teen? Sad

  • Guest

    Hey Zac! are u trying to look like your idol? i mean Leo Dicaprio? ;-)

  • Malia

    Hope the movie does well in Australia.

    When asked if Vanessa liked the facial hair:

    “She’s getting used to the beard but she says it itches,” Efron told The Daily Telegraph last night.

  • Malia

    Here’s a video of him saying that. It’s around .37.

  • kami


    are you graciemarie?

  • Emma Efron

    I’m glad he won’t keep it forever!!!! Thank god u said that Zac.

  • Tiptoes

    He looks good despite the hectic schedule. And he has pretty confirmed that the facial hair maybe for his role as Logan in TLO. He can’t wait to shave it or get a haircut after its done.

    In this video, Zac is asked about Vanessa and how they love Australia
    around 2:47 – thanks to my good friend -

  • RANK

    He looks fkn terrible.

  • amy

    he looks really hot.

  • ew..

    Yuk. WASH YOUR HAIR !!

  • Ben

    LMFAO. It’s so patchy it looks hilarious. Dude you need to wait a couple years yet.

  • Soni

    This is the first time I will make a negative comment about Zac, and that is: Zac, the girlfriend has a name, it is Vanessa. You should never refer to your girlfriend, with the name “girlfriend” She is your girlfriend, correct, but.she has a name.

  • sefy

    alleluja!!! he finally gonna remove this shit

  • Deed

    He’s looks greasy AND he has pubes on his face. Not such a great combo.

  • Rose

    Cant wait to see this! Im not even a huge Efron fan, but my heart swoons whenever i see the trailer for this movie! But that beard needs to go, pronto!!

  • Shy

    Wasn’t Charlie total flop in US? And he made a world tour promoting it? Studio probably spent more money on his and his entourage hotel bills then movie will make.

  • Karen

    Actually when you hear someone say “the wife”—and we have heard some very nice actors refer to their wives in this way as well as friends, etc—it is said as an endearment and usually meaning “she’s the boss” and what she says I jump to it. I think Zac’s term of “the girlfriend” is saying the same thing and it sounds to me like the term has come up during conversations with friends. I can see one of their friends teasing Zac by saying “the girlfriend ” has spoken and they probably started teasing about it and now it is an inside joke. I also have a feeling IF Vanessa did not like it we wouldn’t hear him saying it. Everyone should give that a thought. I mean he loves mentioning her. He is not going to turn around an say something demeaning. It seems to me that some females really want to find something wrong. i doubt the men in some of these women’s lives treat them as well as Zac treats Vanessa. I also fear that some women want to keep Zac in some Prince Charming mode where everyone lives on dreams and fantasies. Zac and Vanessa are like you and me and are real flesh and blood people who say things that aren’t always to everyone’s liking. They are real.

  • kyle

    Thanks Malia and Tiptoes for the link of the interviews.

    Zac looks dapper on his black suit.

  • mickey

    That “I’m a SERIOUS actor beard” is so lame.

  • Tiptoes

    He does Kyle – the beard is growing on me. TLO filming in about 3 weeks so we should know if the facial hair will still be there or not.

    And what is the big deal of Zac saying the girlfriend…we obviously know who he is referring to, no need to fire the gun on him. If you have watched the entire red carpet video, you would have note the big crowd, the number of interviews he had to do and the people just jostling all over the guy. so don’t jump on the guy for every word that he should say or not say…it was pretty insane during that red carpet event. I think we get what he is trying to say… so no need to over-analyze his every word and statement.

  • Tiptoes


    Your lame….duh… its for next movie, The Lucky One- the filming starts in about 3 weeks. If given a choice, he said he wants to have a haircut already.

  • Ashlee

    Zac is a very mature young man. He is so well spoken in all of his interviews. I’m proud to be a fan.

    I see that same person is posting under different names on this thread and some fan sites about Zac saying “the girlfriend.” Seriously, that little girl has a lot to learn about life and especially how couples talk about each other. She is clueless.

  • pita

    Actually me all my friends waiting this film Charlie ST,Clouds to be release in the theater for long time at last October 8 is showing here in the UK I can’t wait.
    And so many jealous people here get a life and grow up.

  • pop86


    since everyone knows he talking about Vanessa, he doesn’t have to mentioned her name and it should be a issue. Do you get upset when the people in your personal life do the same time in relation to their boyfrends or girlfriends or husbands and wives.

    As someone said earlier, Zac and Vanesa are real people and their lives are not for your amusement.

  • GagaFan

    No, just no.

    Having a beard doesn’t make you look like a man Zac. and stop trying to copy Robert Pattinson.

  • A Fan

    He is not copying Robert Pattison. He said he is growing it for the new movie. Why would he wanna be Robert Pattison? He is way hotter than Robert Pattison will be!

  • Emma Efron

    @A Fan: Ya he’s not being like Robert Pattinson and Zac is way hotter than Robert and Zac washes his hair unlike Robert.

  • http://bieberbbyxo Sara


  • http://bieberbbyxo Sara


  • Nellie

    @Emma Efron:

    Can you actually see his hair in this picture? Does it look washed to you?

    Efron is trying to pull of the Pattinson, and it just isn´t working!

  • Nellie

    @Emma Efron:

    Can you actually see his hair in this picture? Does it look washed to you?

    Efron is trying to pull of the Pattinson, and it just isn´t working!

  • A Fan

    So if I don’t wash my hair and go outside then I’m pulling a Robert Pattison? Lmao Seriously, maybe he is just too lazy to wash his hair. He have been travelling a lot so he is probably tired.

  • Karen

    Some of you people have no sense. Zac’s hair is not greasy. It DOES however have a bunch of “product” stuff in it used by those people who get Zac ready for these events. He has talked about it in the past when asked about his hair. He has said how some lady comes in and puts stuff in his hair and whatever they do then that’s the way it is. When someone is going to go out on the carpet they have people who do this. It is the same for the female celebrities as they have hair and makeup people come in to get them ready for their premieres. SOOOO, it isn’t like someone is slovenly. AND I bet it is the same with RobPatz too with the hair.

    Furthermore, a trend starts in Hollywood how someone does their hair and it isn’t just ONE person who does this, MANY males or females with go after that same trend. It doesn’t belong to ONE person. They don’t have a patent on the look. A few years ago female celebs started wearing bangs—many did it as it was the new “fashion” look—and yet every time Vanessa did it people accused her of trying to look like some other actor… People just want to hate on Zac and Vanessa.

  • Brittany

    um is it just me or is he starting to look the same in every photo, you know like his facial expression and his pose lol. a random thing I just noticed.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!