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Balthazar Getty Opens Up About Affair with Sienna Miller

Balthazar Getty Opens Up About Affair with Sienna Miller

Balthazar Getty sets the record straight on his affair with Sienna Miller back in 2008 in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, featuring cover girl Drew Barrymore!

Here’s what the 35-year-old actor had to share:

On moving on from the experience: “Here’s the bottom line: It was a very challenging time for everybody involved, but I loved and missed my family too much not to make it work. Rosetta is understanding enough and spiritual enough to let us try. In a way it – I don’t know …I feel like we’re better than we’ve ever been.”

On his new philosophy: “You can do two things in life when an obstacle comes your way: You can tackle it, or you can allow it to break you down.”

Rosetta, on speaking openly about the situation: “I’m open to talking about it because I believe we go through things in a public way to help other people get through it. I’d love to talk about it more with people when I’m clearer about it. I’m going to have to explain this to my daughters one day. I chose not to act from ego because I just felt like it would be too crushing for my children.”

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60 Responses to “Balthazar Getty Opens Up About Affair with Sienna Miller”

  1. 1
    Paris Jade Says:

    I had no idea that they were back together. This is very inspiring and I think that they are setting a good example of how couples can make their relationships work in spite of infidelity. There doesn’t appear to be any reason to call Sienna Miller a home-wrecker anymore and she is now back with Jude Law. Everybody’s happy. I like that.

  2. 2
    Greta Says:

    Dear Rosetta
    I wish you all the best. Bravo to you for putting your children first and I hope you and your husband find an even better love again.
    It does happen.
    Shame on Sienna for falling for a married man.

  3. 3

    ALWAYS A CHEATER. Just a PR ploy to get back in the public eye. Poor poor Rosetta.

  4. 4
    yuk Says:

    Who didn’t bonk Sienna Miller?
    He cheated right after rosetta was giving birth and even on fathers day he was away with her, he gives nothing about rosetta or his children.
    He was still seeing sienna last winter and still would if she were not with Jude.

  5. 5
    Michelle Says:

    What an as*hole, but it doesn’t matter what I think. He’ll have to answer to his daughters one day. and if their anything like me then good luck to him.

  6. 6
    tinky Says:

    Shame on Sienna for falling for a married man – PULEEZ – Shame on Getty for falling out on his family!! He would have been with Sienna had his wife signed the divorce papers. But she refused….

  7. 7
    L.O.V.E Says:

    well, what was going to do his wife with four children and no career?? He’s doing whatever he wants and I agree with you, in my opinion he’ll cheat again

  8. 8
    Kate Says:

    Getty is to blame for all this pain he’s caused his family. Shame on him and bravo to Rosetta for putting the kids first, unlike their cheating father. Is he really sorry? Somehow I doubt it. Definitely anyone who can hurt his family this much is a dirtbag.

    As for Sienna, she should have been mature and responsible enough to say no to sleeping with a married man, who has four small chilren, or at least keep her mouth shut while doing it and saving his family from more pain and embarrassment. But the way she behaved during their affair showed she’s nobody who I can respect.

  9. 9
    salma Says:

    that woman has no self respect. thats why she took him back……….. both are losers…….

  10. 10
    tinky Says:

    Shhhh the Getty’s have a open marriage just like most of their friends such as Demi/Ashton, C.Cox and David Arquette, Eva Mendez and her boyfriend. Only this time, Getty fell hard for Sienna and she for him and Rosetta hell to the NO!

  11. 11
    GoodGirl Says:

    He has publicly humiliated her when he was with that Slutienna, but she take him back & wants to give it a try?!

    WOOOW…what a women!!

    Hope that this DOUCHEBAG know how lucky he is!!!

  12. 12
    Zoe Says:

    BS Balty. Your career is in the toilet, your mistress has moved on to sweeter meat so going back to your wife & family is your last attempt at more publicity. I don’t believe you for a minute.
    One a cheater always a cheater and Sienna wasn’t the 1st time was it? Your a pig and a poor example of a father to your children.

  13. 13
    Michelle Says:

    Well I blame sienna just as much as I blame getty. She needs to close her legs to married men as he needs keep his d*ck in his marrige. But sienna is dating Jude, so she’ll get hers one day. I never seen a guy stray as much as jude does lol.

  14. 14
    ha Says:

    he’s only back with his wife because being with sienna had him taken off of a hit show AND well sienna didn’t want anything more to do with him. if sienna was single now totally different story.

  15. 15
    ha Says:

    also how would balthazar feel if rosetta dropped the family & had an affair with a younger man? yeah, this was a one way male mid-life crisis BS moment. it will happen again

  16. 16
    Jokergurl Says:

    Balthazar is a Getty, as in John Paul Getty, he doesn’t really have that much to worry about, and if they were to divorce, she gets half, that’s a lot of money.

  17. 17
    WhatGoesAround.... Says:

    What goes around comes around Sienna will get her’s in the end from karma.
    Oh wait Karma already has started to…. she lost out on several big roles in films around the same time of the affair. Then she rubbed Jerry Bruckheimer the wrong way by showing up with Getty to a business lunch they had in LA. Jerry didnt look happy she was there at all. Getty didnt get the part in his next project and Sienna has only managed small supporting roles since.

    She messed up when she did this just for a little press that a “scandal” would bring and it is going to cost her any “real “career ever.

    People will never get behind Sienna again like they did after Jude was caught cheating on her. Really to be honest that was what made her famous and why she was suddenly being offered parts and she played the part of jilted brokenhearted girl well for a couple of years.
    But after the Getty scandal broke people on a whole became jaded towards her because if anyone should of known to not ” help” a married man cheat it was HER. He may have been the married man that cheated and that is revolting and vile on his part for sure but SHE had to go along with it for him to cheat.
    It takes TWO willing people even if only one is the married person in the affair. A decent human being would of told Getty NO but Sienna didnt. Guess she isnt even a decent human being because actions speak louder then any words she can ever spin out of her mouth.

    She liked the idea he was a GETTY and all the money and connections and press that would come with it.
    Problem though for Sienna with that idea and her BIG plans she had for Getty.
    What she didnt know was that he had been on bad terms with his famous family for years and that his own family favors Rosetta over him. lol I know right, even his own family is tired of him

    He doesnt have the inheritance coming to him Sienna thought he would that money as many people in the LA scene know is going to his kids and the mother of his children.
    So HE needed to stay with Rosetta or be cut off for good. Thats the real reason he went back to his wife and no other reason.

    His family didnt use their famous connections to save him from being axed from Brothers and Sisters and the second Sienna saw she bet on the wrong horse and there was nothing be gained from being with Getty.
    She ran like hell right back to Jude Law the very man that made her famous to begin with.
    She is probably hoping Jude will cheat again so she can play the part of the ” victim ” all over again

    So expect cheating rumors about Jude sometime within the next six months or so.
    Doesnt matter though damage done, most people cant name a single film she was in except for maybe G.I Joe not exactly something careers are built on.
    But they can tell you she was cheated on by Jude Law and then she had an affair with a married man Balthazar Getty and that she gets talked about in tabloids alot.
    That is about it , that is all she is now because of the little stunt she tryed to pull with Getty and she knows it.
    So she will get desperate and pull some stunt with Jude sometime in the near future.
    Should be interesting to see what it is but it wont save her from being anymore then a tabloid princess but never a respected actress not now not ever.

    Like I said what goes around comes around.
    For Sienna and for Getty.
    Karma is a b*tch.

  18. 18
    Beeezwax Says:

    @ONCE A CHEATER: yep. She stays for the kids and he stays to keep his money and to try to get another television show. Not buying it. Didn’t he get the boot from the show during his affair?

  19. 19
    KellStar Says:

    In my humble opinion, it’s good for the parents to stay amicable through a split but to stay with a dirty cheater does not set a good standard of female empowerment.

  20. 20
    meh Says:

    bullsh*t, if sienna hadn’t dumped him he’d still be with her, he doesn’t care about other people. what a douche.

  21. 21
    Joanna Says:

    I love Sienna….

  22. 22
    so sick Says:

    not everyone can be Angelina….

  23. 23
    Anon Says:

    The things people do for money…. and the audacity to say it’s for “the kids”! ugh, ugh, ugh! In my opinion, the kids would benefit more from a mother who shows a bit of self respect and chose to raise the children in a single parent household with love – rather than a two parent household which lacks character, mutual respect and sincere love. It is pretty much a given that they will not stay together! He didn’t respect her when he cheated and he damn sure does not respect her now!

  24. 24
    Marieme Says:

    Wow. That’s actually a very grounded and smart comment by Rosetta. She’s a bigger person than I because I don’t know if I could move on from such a public pain and humiliation. Getty was openly flaunting this affair wet-weasel-style (Leann Rhimes that’s you). I mean how hurtful can you be?

  25. 25
    Jojo Says:

    @Michelle: Really, never seen a guy stray as much as Jude? When and with whom?

  26. 26
    Penelope Says:

    Why are they talking about it? That’s wierd. Well anyway, forgiving a person who steps outside the marriage isn’t a sign of weakness, it can be a sign of the strength that comes from love – love of the person, love of your family, love of yourself. Rosetta has choices and power, she’s not being a doormat, and nobody should think of her as weak or wrong for taking him back. Getty is the one who carries the burden of his dishonesty, and he’ll have to work it out for himself.

  27. 27
    Michelle Says:


    Hahah what rock have you been living under. You do know Jude was married with 3 kids and then cheated on his wife with the baby sister. And their has been countless number of women who came out and said they’ve had an affair with jude. Not to mention he had a “baby scare” with some unknown chick (who knows if the kid was his). And I could of sworn I heard him stray from sienna before and that’s why they broke up. Jude is a total *****, all men who cheat on their wives are ******.

  28. 28
    jessemosslover Says:

    As soon as his affair became public I stopped watching his show “brothers and sisters”. And I havent watched it since.

  29. 29
    ka-blamo Says:

    He’s a gross pig. She better check herself for the HERPS!!

  30. 30
    Anon Says:

    Keep in mind that Rosetta took the high road and never called Sienna out for the homewrecking stupid ho bag that she is. That’s total class. Sienna is still a ***** compared to her. Thank god her career is over, unless she puts up with that balding nanny-tapper long enough for him to find her work.

    But Balthazar is still the dregs of humanity.

  31. 31
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    His wife did take the highroad.
    Good luck and best to her. Trust is something so hard to overcome. Ican’t say she is dumb or smart.Forgiving or not.
    Best to her. Maybe they can make it work.Maybe is really going to do it right and be right and they stay together and will celebrate their 50th and beyond .
    It is personal why people stay and others leave.
    Best to her. Best luck.
    One thing that is true and everyone can say and foretell the future on is that BGetty is lucky to have herstay with him and that they have a wonderful family there of kids.
    He is blessed. Maybe he knows and maybe he does not. Time will tell.

  32. 32
    GWEN IS NUTS!! Says:

    @Go Ask Alice: Gwen is at it again! Nutso lady.

  33. 33
    GWEN IS NUTS!! Says:

    @WhatGoesAround….: Another essay on fidelity from Gwen.
    Hey crazy lady we get it!! Go get a life! Go on! Shoo, shoo….

  34. 34
    Ria Says:

    Do you people know that Balthazar is well known for picking up women at the Chateau Marmont with his friends? And Rosetta is well aware of it. The only reason she took exception to Sienna was because it was very public.

    So boo-hoo to her.

  35. 35
    Simone Says:

    @Ria: I have heard that about him. Apparently she does turn a blind eye to his affairs, except for this time. Why she would wait around for crumbs from him is beyond me? I see her as a weak woman, not a strong one. A strong one would have said “no more” long ago and walked away for the good of herself and children.

  36. 36
    Getty is pathetic Says:

    He probably can’t make the rent and his family won’t give him any money as he is an embarrassment to them so he has to go make up with his wife. I’m sure he’s learned his lesson. Be more discreet about his affairs in the future!!! Like he will ever change?

  37. 37
    poyer Says:

    First of all his family the Getty’s have probably BILLIONS, don’t you think the FAMILY lawyers would have made him sign a prenup? HELLO!!! She would get some but hardly anything. All of his family money is iron-clad. She benefits by staying in the marriage. Not a stupid woman.

  38. 38
    mery Says:

    Why are they talking about it?
    I don´t know. The people sell their life, poor or rich and I don´t understand their taste for naked their stories.
    Class? Rossetta haven´t class. I don´t know nothing abourt her, but this is enough.
    Intimacy, privacity are great things but this pair have forget this.

  39. 39
    carmen Says:

    Photos of Sienna and Getty all over one another in ….3, 2, 1

  40. 40
    Leann is stalking GWEN Says:

    @GWEN IS NUTS!!:

    Wow, you came to a Sienna and Getty thread just to talk about GWEN?

    Just admit it, you have a crush on her, don’t you?

    That must be nice, seeJJ, you really need to do something about these pr people you allow to post on your site.

  41. 41
    Leann is stalking GWEN Says:

    @GWEN IS NUTS!!:

    Wow, you are stalking GWEN just like you stalked Eddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. 42
    No reep reeps Says:


    Honey, stay positive and work hard and you’ll succeed at your career and life. Doing a reep reep won’t get you anywhere because you’re putting negative energy out there, so that’s what will come back to you too.

    Why the negativity?

  43. 43
    London Fog Says:

    @Paris Jade:

    Paris Jade…that’s a nice name. I think this was written by someone who sympathizes and doesn’t judge. That’s cool, but I think one of the reasons for that is that you may be a cheater yourself.

    You can cheat and maybe you have valid reasons for doing so, but you can’t take it for granted that you can go back to what you might have had before hand. You can fix a crack in the sidewalk but it will always be there and when the weather gets extreme, it may split again.

    In other words, sooner or later the thing that made you cheat in the first place will come back so either you need to change the way you deal with problems or split.

    Very easy to create a fantasy world where you have the illusion that everything is easy and perfect (like an affair)….no responsibility, no committment and the one being cheated on is left holding the bag.

    There may be valid reasons to seek comfort elsewhere and sometimes marriages survive it, but if there’s no kids, maybe the best thing is to break up especially if it was a bad relationship to start with.

  44. 44
    London Fog Says:

    Give up on me then. I’ve given up on having a relationship with you. I wish you’d just take me at my word that that is the case and move on with me so we can both get on to some more positive place.

  45. 45
    London Fog Says:

    The woman is right only if she is or was your wife/life partner. You were never either. You know that’s just an attempt to cling until you get your pay dirt. You’re afraid some other woman will start to have an influence and you will lose yours.

    You don’t have to worry, I’m very aware you’re quite capable and willing to screw me over again.

  46. 46
    London Fog Says:

    God, you’re stuborn. :)

    You are right. That is something that is a universal given, correct? (even when you might be wrong).

  47. 47
    London Fog Says:

    I wasn’t giving you the best of my love.
    I am capable of giving quite a bit more…only I’m not interested in giving it to you THAT way. I’ll give my best to you long distance and my best to someone else close up.

    Just like you’ve been doing. ;)

  48. 48
    London Fog Says:

    It’s only fair, babe. :)

  49. 49
    Pink's Hairdresser Says:

    I don’t want us to hurt each other anymore. I just want this to be over.
    You know I love you. I am just an abusive funt.

    If I don’t love someone else, ironically I’ll probably treat them better.

    Stay with him then. You seem to like him don’t you?
    You never gave your best to me either. So let’s leave it.

  50. 50
    poo Says:

    who wants a 40+ yr old woman with 5 kids and no money?… that’s why she stayed with balthy. once they hit that 10yr married mark, he has to support her for life BUT he hasn’t received his inheritance yet so she’s out of luck if they’re divorced now.

  51. 51
    Pink's Hairdresser Says:

    poo…you’re so predictable and an insane cntl freak, but totally full of shi+. :)

  52. 52
    Pink's Hairdresser Says:

    I am totally justified to sleep with someone else.

  53. 53
    Pink's Hairdresser Says:

    Drew Barrymore = boo on more than one level.

    Join the ‘I Am No Longer a Fan of Drew Barrymore’ club @

  54. 54
    Pink's Hairdresser Says:

    So make a good frigging movie again if you don’t like that.

    I’m certainly not the only one who feels that way. Kiss my bum.

  55. 55
    Pink's Hairdresser Says:

    Leave me alone. You’re an albatross around my neck!

  56. 56
    Mea Culpa Says:

    To quote Jodie Foster (who unlike certain other fair weather friends – I can’t believe her and Whoopi Goldberg are the only friends the dude ever had in Hollywood) “…you don’t abandon a friend when they are struggling…”

    You don’t sink them to save your own ass either. I’m not abandoning you, but I can’t swim with you cutting off my air supply. That’s why I’m going elsewhere, because you’re under the misapprehension that you are entitled to do just that. Stay away from me. I obviously can’t be decent to you and we aren’t friends.

  57. 57
    jazz Says:

    How dumb to put a picture of your family with this sort of interview. I guess he must be desperate.

    @Michelle: You’re way off.

  58. 58
    Crazy Person Says:

    Gwen’s god nuts here again. All the people in her head are talking on these boards now!! Crazy…………

  59. 59
    Leann Rimes is stalking GWEN Says:

    @Crazy Person:

    Really Leann, you need to get over your obsession with Gwen.

    You are bringing your drama with Gwen from the Leann threads to other threads, now how bad does that make you look?

    Crazy is being so obsessed with Gwen that you go to other threads just to post about her.

    You are crushing on GWEN hard, I won’t be surprised if you have her name tattooed somewhere on your body.

    And JJ why do you allow Leann to cause so many problems? Is this a fansite or a place where Leann Rimes tries to redeem herself by stalking others?

  60. 60
    Noelle Says:

    WhatGoesAround – I completely agree about Karma. Sienna is after one thing!! Attention and publicity. I hope karma does come back to bite Sienna is a**. She’s a complete user!! Why else would she go back to Jude, who is the 1 man that cheated on her. She has not self respect for herself.
    Getty got back together with his wife for the $$ or until he gets his inheritance.
    I think the reason why Sienna hasn’t thrown him under the bus, is because she wants to keep him as a friend. As soon as he gets the inheritance, divorces his wife. She’ll go back running to Getty.

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